QFC35 - Wind in my hair (RESULTS!)

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Friedhain am meer, Hetvesia, May of 2020

It is quite clear now - the virus is going to kill all the fun you can have for this summer. Or… All the fun?

Anke Schwarz is 42 years old, and running a hairdressers bussiness in Friedhain am meer, Hetvesia, because we are totally not going for stereotypes here. Not only is her bussiness a bit…struggling…due to the current circumstances, so she is not running it at full time at the moment. Oh well, the bussiness will survive, it is quite financially stable, but now she has lots of spare time when she can’t do all that much since, well… there is not much going on anymore.

But the summer is coming close and one way to enjoy it without any unnecessary spreading of diseases is some good old open top motoring all by yourself. Feeling the warm breeze, enjoying some nice tunes through the speakers. Yeah. That’s something she always have wanted to do, so, she feels that it is now or never.

Sitting down, thinking about what she wants, she finds out that she is actually not sure. It can be old, it can be new. A sports car, just a regular car in convertible form, even an offroader even though she have no ambitions taking it offroad… She just wants something standing out from the crowd, where you can put down the roof. And…

…not too expensive. Even if the bussiness is financially stable and probably will survive this, it would be insane to put too much money into this at the moment. So, can you offer what she is looking for?


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Aesthetics: She wants something that stands out a bit from the crowd, though she is not sure what she wants, most important is that it is suitable for the type of car it is. Sporty, cute, rugged… just not bland and nothing that clashes with the kind of car that it is supposed to be.

Purchase price: Well, cheap wind in the hair is what it’s all about. This will be adjusted for the trim year of the car, though, a depreciation table will be found further down.

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Reliability: What fun will this be if it is standing in the shop the whole summer?

Driveability: Being a struggle to drive will also eat too much of the fun.

Sportiness: Being a blast to drive, however, will add to the fun instead.

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Fuel economy: Not that it will cover too many miles, but still worth having in mind.

Comfort: It’s not the vehicle she will use for long trips, but that doesn’t mean that she wants wooden benches for seats and spring ratios that will make the car bounce to the moon.

Service costs: Shouldn’t be astronomical, but she is hardly going to use this for long distance commuting so it will probably take some time to reach the service intervals.

Safety: Well, Automation tends to punish convertibles rather hard there (maybe even more than IRL), but it will probably mostly be used at smaller roads at relatively slow speeds. Just don’t cheese it away.

Performance: It should be able to keep up with traffic and not be a total slug, but that’s really all that’s needed.



  • 2020 - 15000
  • 2019 - 16700
  • 2018 - 18800
  • 2016-17 - 21400
  • 2013-15 - 25000
  • 2010-12 - 27800
  • 2005-09 - 30000
  • 1990-04 - 33300
  • 1980-89 - 30000
  • 1970-79 - 27800
  • 1960-69 - 23100
  • 1946-59 - 20000
  • Automation should classify the body as a convertible. I don’t care if you use soft top, hard top, manual, automatic, etc. - but as an example, negataping the roof on a closed top car is a bin.
  • Legacy bodies are allowed - but used at your own risk, if the car imports messed up for me, tough luck on your part.
  • Regular fuel. Has to be unleaded from 1985 on. Unleaded will always be at an advantage, though, since fiddling with additives is after all a small struggle.
  • The car has to fulfill the emissions regulations for Hetvesia for its current trim year. Now, if you do this by using cats or in any other creative way, I don’t care.
  • Any model year, any trim year. Engine family and variant year should not be newer than the trim year of the car.
  • Default +5 techpool all around.
  • Maximum purchase price as stated in the list above.
  • Safety can at most be a decade older than the trim year. For example, a car from the 70s at least needs to use some form of 60s safety.
  • No race parts or semi slicks.
  • No CVTs as they seems to give weird stats at the moment.
  • I won’t have too detailed of a ruleset for realism but still use common sense. To, for example, have ESC in a modern car, radial tyres on anything that’s not an outright classic and ABS in anything from at least the 2000s should be a no brainer. Also, the car should of course appear street legal with lights, mirrors, wipers etc.
  • No size regulations downwards, she will accept very small cars. No hard limits upwards, but she doesn’t want a boat like a 70s Pontiac Grand Ville so try to keep it sane in that direction. Look at the inspirations.
  • It should have at least 2 full seats (no limit how many). +2 or +3 seats are OK if going for more than 2 seats.
  • Open Beta version of the game
  • Interiors not needed, you can send in the car with blackout windows and the top up if you want to.
  • ATS should be used in moderation and only for things that could not be achieved with engineering.
  • Naming convention the usual one. "QFC35 - Username" for model and family, name of car and engine for trim and variant.


SUBMISSIONS OPENING: Wednesday the 8th of november, 5 PM CET
SUBMISSIONS CLOSING: Friday the 17th of november, 5 PM CET

I want an ad in the thread and a DM with the .car file before that.


Maybe I’ll redo my Barbie QFC entry for this…

Nope, nothing like that, an interiors in such task should be simply mandatory. You shall also include their in the assessment.

No, I am not going to mandate interiors in a QFC, it takes away too much of the quick from quick fire.


Okay, that’s the correct thing

Pre-1985 cars may use regular leaded (92 RON) fuel; anything newer than that must use regular unleaded (91 RON) fuel.

Exactly. I synced it with Hetvesia going from WES4 to WES6 in 1985, felt somewhat right.


What are Anke’s preferences for exterior colors, by the way? Especially considering she’s in her early 40s by the time this QFC takes place.

I won’t take colours too much into consideration. Just use what you think fits the car.

And how many seats will Anke need? Two full-sized ones would suffice at the very least, although a four-seater (even if it’s actually a 2+2) could impress her if done right.

A couple of the inspirations are 2 seaters, and it will also be enough in this case. Practicality will not be judged (as well as utility or offroad that’s also irrelevant stats).

hey who wants to collab I can engineer

What type(s) of license plate fixtures can we use? In any case, I suspect they must be unscaled (all measurements set to 1.00).

Unscaled, “euro” size. If you browse a little among textures, there even is a Hetvesian plate one if you really want to get it right (but I won’t be that picky with them).

I’ll join you if you’d want to😀

Any chance “American-origin” cars can use US-format Hetvesian plates, at least in the rear?

Sure, go ahead. Since it is a QFC I won’t be too picky about plates anyway as long as they are there (and unscaled).

Another problem with CVTs is that they impose a lower power limit when fitted to a particular trim, which makes them unsuitable for high-performance applications.

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Kudos on knowing how big a Pontiac Grand Ville is lol. My dad has a 1975.


I’ve been making several cars privately but I’ve never tried any of these community competitions. I think its time to enter the ring even though I’ve never done a convertible before.