QFC38 - Wheels Down Under (Submissions Closed)

QFC38 - Wheels Down Under

Co-hosted by @GetWrekt01 and @Falling_Comet

It’s the year 2014. The Backdrop is the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne. A city where heaps of diverse cultures converge. And in the midst of all that, two immigrant students from two different countries find themselves navigating the hellish depths of university life.

Let’s call them by their fictional online handles: @camryshapedcomet and @angrycock.

Their friendship went from sharing the same class, to talking about their video games of interest, to going out to lunches in between classes, to sharing an abode together as housemates. They are broke, they work at customer service, uni-life drains them of their energy and there is fuck-all time to do anything else at all.

What they definitely did not need on top of all this, was Melbourne’s erratic and unreliable public transport. The trams are often late, the buses have inconsistent schedule, and the metro lines see railwork every weekend. They both eventually find themselves at their tipping points. The final straw came when one of them missed their final presentation day due to the service.

Tired of the lackluster service quality and exorbitant costs of the public transport, and realizing the need for autonomy and a reliable commute method in their lives, they both agreed to invest in a car that they would share together. Of course, they can’t outright afford to buy a brand-new car, so they’ll be financing it with the bank.

This is your job for this round. Build a car for two broke university students who want a reliable, easy to drive, comfy to ride, efficient enough and still can provide a fun enough ride if needed.

Rules and Regulations

Car Model Year: 2009+

Car Trim and Engine Variant Year: 2014

Body Type: Any, go wild. As long as it matches the brief. If you can make the case for a van, go for it but I can’t say how competitive you’ll be.

Door Count: At least 2.

Gearbox: For the sake of simplicity, let’s say both can drive manual. However, an automatic would be slightly more appreciated.

Seat Count & Body type: At least 2/+2. However, A sedan/coupe that seats at least 4 people comfortably is preferred. Priorities are slightly split where person 1 prefers the former and person 2 prefers the latter.

Safety: Standard 10s or better.

Fuel Type: 91, 95 and 98 RON are good to go. It’s 2014, fuel prices are still OK. Of course, the lower the better.

Emissions Standard: WES 11

No V16s, No Racing Parts, Cat. Converter is required, Muffler(s) is/are required (This line is strictly for abg7)

Approximate Cost: $27,500

Techpool: $50M Total Costs

As seen from here:

credit to @tf2merch from discord

On a more serious note lmao


No Negative Techpool and Quality.

Hold Up, Wait a Minute!

pls read this is important

Because this is a certified VicRoads Moment!!!

The very intelligent policymakers at VicRoads believe that there should be a probationary/restricted license for drivers between their learners and actual full licenses for “safety” purposes.

Due to being in a certain age group, both our college students fall under something called P-Plates, aka the probationary license.

What does that mean?

Not much.

  • Your car CANNOT have any more than 182 horsepower per 1000 KG.
  • Turbocharging is fine according to the new rules and so are V8s, as long as the power to weight ratio is low enough as stated above.
  • Workhorses like HD trucks and vans require special licenses that CAN be obtained but are a hassle. So if you’re making any of those, be wary.

We’re sticking to the lesser restricted rules of the current year instead of the 2014 ones, because digging through them is pain and they were a lot more restrictive.


Other things to keep in mind:

The car is being financed through a bank over the next 4-5 years. How fast and/or unsafe the car is sort of dictates both the interest rate when getting it from the dealer AND ALSO the insurance costs. Fuck insurance costs. You get the idea.

It should be pretty obvious without any saying that stuff like Safety and Loudness should be well within what’s acceptable. Did you build your car with fiberglass body, ladder chassis and standard 10s safety? Probably too unsafe unless your number suggests otherwise. Did you throw in one muffler and that muffler is straight through? Way too loud probably. Use common sense.

Inspirations, pls don't outright copy or stay limited to these


Submission Methods and Deadlines

Submissions Open: 04/01/2024 12:00 AM UTC

Submissions Close: 12/1/2024 11:59 PM UTC

Extensions: In case of entry droughts or delays caused by late deliberation or update patches, there will be extensions provided as necessary.

Naming Convention: QFC38 - [forum username] as the Engine Family and Car Model name.
Engine Variant and Car Trim are free.

Submission Method: Message your .car file to either me or @Falling_Comet on this forum; Make a reply on this forum post with at least one advert of the car.

Resubmissions: Unlimited until the deadline, provided the same DM thread is used.


I’m assuming this refers to the combined sum of total costs for both engine and trim.

Indeed, I’ll clarify that with a screenshot

Edit: Done

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Gonna troll alot In this one, because its from australia

Submission close in 2023???

You’ll still be asked "2 way? 3 way? high flow? "


How many people are going to be in the car at most times?

Also is it only the two named peope driving? And I take it they are sharing the driving to school split evenly?

There’s been a slight change to accommodate for situations where they might have to carry more than 2 people. But mostly it’s just the two of them.

Yeah basically the usage is split between them for uni and work commute and some other things.


I just started making test mules and discovered that a 320-bhp car (as my first mule is) would need to weigh at least 1760kg to qualify. Then again, it’s got four doors and five seats… Some of the cars listed as inspiration don’t have either of these features, though, and that’s true of my second test mule - a 240bhp two-seater weighing 1320kg. It, too, barely squeaks in under the 182bhp/ton cutoff; in fact, both mules have an identical power-to-weight ratio of 181.818 bhp/ton (on regular unleaded!), but the second mule costs $19k - $6k less than my first test build, which, unlike my second mule, has a full premium interior and infotainment system to compensate.

Now imagine the pain me and comet are going through trying to find cars IRL that:

  • We like
  • are in budget
  • are legal
  • are in good condition

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Some of the cars listed as inspiration don’t have either of these features, though.

Yeah on another note, that’s the other thing. If it balances everything out, then you’re good.
One of my shortlist cars rn to buy is an E39 540i, pretty heavy car for how much power it has but that’s still a powerful enough car at the end for me that’s also very nice on the inside.


Why no negative quality? It already has rapidly diminishing returns and stat penalties associated. I can think of some appropriate cars with negative quality, cough cough civic quarter panels cough cough

One reason being hosting simplifications for both of us, and also simplifying the building process for the designers. We had a whole lot of ideas planned out but decided it gets out of the scope of QFC very quickly.

That is one of the reasons. The other reason being… well, at that budget and techpool range we simply don’t expect negative quality parts.


How detailed are you expecting the interior to be, I’m quite bad at interiors…hence the question :face_in_clouds:

None. Interiors are never required in QFC since the time frame is so small. You can do a very basic one if you want so it looks good on photos but either way it’s totally fine.

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Can you give us some clarity on the body trim and engine variant year, the latest body available in the game is 2011.

You can use any body you like just set the “model” on the chassis screen to 2009-2014 and the “trim” year needs to be 2014

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What Martin said. Lock your body year filter to 2014 on the upper limit, choose any body between those years, then make sure the engine variant years and trim years are set to 2014 and no less.

Very polarising design for a sedan, while being comfortable and drivable and can be sporty enough when pedal is dumped.

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Oh I didn’t realise that was actually the rule? It just reads like you have to set the in game model year to 2009 or newer.

So it’s specifically “body in the game must say 2009 or newer”?

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