QFC39 - Speedster Showcase [Finals Out]

Speedster Showcase

The Idea
A Supercar needs to drive from Bonneville Salt Flats to Pebble Beach. After setting a top speed run, the car will be presented at the show in Pebble Beach the next day.



It’s a show at Pebble Beach, the cars need to be stunning.

The cars need to be controllable for the roads and on the salt flats at top speed.

These cars won’t be very manouverable, instead I’ll look at 0-60s, top speeds and 1km times. This doesn’t mean build a literal drag car.

A given if you’re building a supercar

Trying to do nonsensical things in a car means that it should be safe for the participants.


The car has to be at the show the next day, it’ll only make it in time if it’s driven, rather than loaded on a trailer (it’s 11hours by car)

Having just mentioned it’s an 11 hour drive to the show, don’t make the participants miss the show by having to spend it in hospital.


Ones that really really don’t matter


Fuel Economy

Consider this a restriction, rather than aiming to be far below the max

Service Costs


2005 Trim year

2 door, 2 seat coupe - Can be convertible

$120,000 Max Price - Bugatti lost money on each Veyron they sold. Don’t make the same mistake

No race parts - This includes Turbo and N/A Race headers, Race intake and race tyres.
EXCLUDES Semislicks (this means they are allowed)

Fuel - 100Ron Unleaded

Must pass WES 9

Techpool default +5 all round for engine AND trim

No limits on Quality

I do have the V16 pack, discussion about if it’s fair to use it, if others don’t have it would be appreciated.
The cost cap cuts into this quite hard already.

You will get one resubmission before the deadline

Naming Scheme and Deadlines
Model and Family name: QFC39 – [your forum name]
Trim and Variant name: Free

Rules deliberation will be until Saturday 27th Jan 20:00 GMT
Entries will close Sunday 4th Feb 23:59 GMT

Other notes about rules

An Interior is recommended (Seat, Dashboard and Steering wheel counts)


Pagani Zonda F

Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4

Koenigsegg CCX

Ford GT

Ferrari Enzo

Saleen S7

Porsche Carrera GT

Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640

Things I don't want

Hennesey Venom GT - I don’t want a shitbox with a bodykit and a supercharged V8 swap.

Ultima GTR - Again, kit cars, prototype styled cars do not belong in a group of supercar / near hypercar level of prestigious event.

RUF RT12S (and R) - This is borderline kitcar upgrades, yes it’s got great performance but I already included inspiration with the Carrera GT which has more supercar spirit than this I’d argue. This comes from a car that still has 2 (unusable) seats in the rear

Previous QFC

Get in the mood here

Jeremy races a Bugatti against James and Hammond in a plane

Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon

120k max price instead of 100k
WES9 instead of WES11

Written with the help of ChatGPT, any resemblence to the dreams of real people is entirely unintended, I hate spreadsheets, I still need to redo it, unless someone wants to help judge?

Royal we, a.k.a me.

Luckily it is 2005 and not 2024 so none of the inspirations are too intricately designed (comparatively anyway)


Does a coupe made to look like a convertible count as the latter?

Is this an absolute maximum octane rating, or are we required to use 100 RON exclusively?

As things stand, most engines will struggle to be compatible with WES 11 if fitted with long tubular headers (which are themselves incompatible with a pre-cat setup) on the exhaust, unless using direct injection and with a sizable amount of positive quality points assigned to the exhaust tab.

No it does not count

No advantage to using different fuel so I recommend you use the full 100 available.

Ha I already have something for this. Gotta get it re-tuned but other wise ready.

are interiors required?

You will gain a few extra points for having an interior, doesn’t have to be great, just has to be there.

I’d advise against. This is a QFC.


With what I’ve listed, a seat, dashboard and steering wheel should take no more than 5mins, with aesthetic being a top priority also, a few points (with totals around 100 for everything together) shouldn’t make much difference at all. Just the difference between a good design and a great design.

In 2000, concepts began of the craziest car the world had ever seen. The Capital Motors 7000i was made to break records, specifically, those set by the McLaren F1 of the '90s. Going on sale in 2005, the 7000i very briefly held the title of the world’s fastest and most powerful production car, until these honours were taken away later that year by the infamous Bugatti Veyron. Boasting a 750-horsepower, naturally aspirated 7.0 litre (6,969cc for those interested) V8 engine, a top speed in excess of 400 kph (250mph), and a 0-100 kph time of 3.2 seconds, the Capital Motors 7000i was truly a beast of a car. Even up to 2024, the car still holds multiple world records. Due to its unique powertrain and unbroken world records, 7000is still command an astonishing value, having appreciated massively since 2020.

Does the car need a windshield? I was thinking of submitting something like this:

I’m going to say yes it does need a windscreen, it doesn’t have to be full size though.

I mean, sure, but then what you’re saying is “I will give you bonus points for slamming a dashboard into the car”. It’s your challenge, but if you were to ask me it’s a weird take.

Also, petition to let us adhere to WES 9 or something. We’re building hypercars here, ones that were properly skirting or paying their way around regulations already - and yeah, if you build a vanilla DOHC engine you can get WES 11 no problem, but that’s boring.

Changed to WES 9
Agreed, WES9 is Dalluha for 05 so I’ll go with it.

how big does it need to be? big enough to just cover the drivers head?

The glass has to go from one side to the other, just don’t give me nothing


Downgrading the minimum emissions standard to WES 9 is indeed justified, considering that a pre-cat and regular 3-way catalytic converter are required for WES 11 compatibility, which is not entirely necessary (or desirable) for low-volume hypercars such as the ones we’re building for this QFC.

does wheelbase matter to you?

the car im building has like a normal 2.6 m wheelbase but i might shorten it and it isnt gonna change the stats but it will change it visually

2004 Avian Aves.

Avian, Known for their dated and odd design choices cane out with an extremely rare 1/25 Super Car known as the Aves. The reason only 25 were made was because Avian went Bankrupt in 2004, and Had to make this limited car for only one generation. The car makes 656 Horsepower with a Naturally Aspirated v12.

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