QFC7 - A vantastic fleet

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QFC7 - A van-tastic fleet

2005, Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man postal service is looking at replacing their older delivery vehicles and all eyes in the purchasing department are scouring through brochures from various manufacturers to find a small/medium sized van to use for delivery on the island.


  • Engine variant set to 2005
  • Engine must use 95 Ron fuel
  • 3 way catalytic converter
  • engine emissions below 400
  • Body trim set at 2005
  • Must use van body
  • minimum load capacity 750kg
  • max cost $20,000
  • safety above 35

Look at real vans for design and technical ideas, no fake diesels please. A turbo charged awd van with an advanced auto probably isn’t going to be right for this type of van and market so be sensible. Any problems just ask.

No changing of advanced trim menu, other than hiding the engine or chassis if needed or moving the engine position. Leave wheels and suspension well alone.


:star: :star: :star:

  • reliability
  • fuel economy (kinda broken, but look at the engine efficiency as well.)
  • service costs
  • utility. (This includes brake fade and load capacity in it’s calculations, but i will look at the raw numbers too)

:star: :star:

  • practicality
  • environmental resistance
  • cost (the whole price is available, however any savings without penalty to the ability are welcome)


  • comfort (will be used by solo drivers as well as pairs occasionally)
  • performance (doesn’t need to be fast, but does need to travel at higher speeds through some country roads and also perform while fully laden)
  • driveability
  • safety
  • design

Doesn’t matter

  • sportiness (it’s a van. End of)
  • offroad (as long as the van can drive down a dryr dirt road that’s fine, it will not be delivering to any hard to reach properties. These will be serviced by quad bike or the one converted off road vehicle.
  • prestige





Submission rules

  • Entries to be made in the 4.27 opt in alpha

  • name model and family “qfc7 - forum username”

  • Round opens 5 August 1200 Zulu time

  • Round ends 12 August 1200 Zulu time

  • Rules open for now in case anything looks suspicious, subject to change until the round opens

Countdown timer

Edit 1:

  • More inspirations uploaded
  • Included notes about advanced trim
  • Added some extra priorities and notes to them.

Shouldn’t utility be a priority as well?

Is offroad ability important since they might need to go on dirt roads to deliver mail? Also how slow is too slow? And is Light Truck Monocoque unrealistic for this, as some vans might use it.

Also, is there an ET or PU limit? Lastly is there a displacement tax that would affect judging?

Oh yeah may I suggest adding the Mercedes Vito and Toyota Granvia HiAce to the inspiration list, as they’re about the same size but RWD?

I’ve seen some people confused by the time zone, so I’ll clear it up: 1200 Zulu Time is effectively another way of saying “Noon, UTC”. It comes from the military, where the time zone at 0° Longitude was labelled as zone Z. For clearer communications, the military uses the phonetic alphabet, so it’s said as “Zulu”.


@Texaslav I will look at what stats utility is using for its scoring, but I will probably add that into the 3 or 2 star priorities.

@RN99 off-road wouldn’t be massively important, as long as the can can drive down an unpaved road it’ll be fine, any properties inaccessible by normal vehicle will be serviced by quad bike.
ET and PU limits shouldn’t be needed with the low price but I will give it a look to make sure they can’t be massively abused.
The hiace and Vito are a little bigger than I wanted, the mk1 despatch/jumpy is really on the higher end of size and is a bit smaller than those vans.
I didn’t even think about light truck monocoque tbh, it’s more of a chassis cab/pickup kind of thing so unless you had a pickup with a bed cover on it I don’t think it would make sense. I believe all the vans shown are monocoque anyway, body on frame being for the largest size vans.

@AMuteCrypt Is right, I didn’t want to use anything with a time zone, since we are in British summer time in the UK now it might make people get the exact hour wrong since time zones are referenced from 0000.

The tuned fuel type should also be 95 RON - no more, no less.

Specifically, the less utility brake fade, the better.

I have a test build n the Land Rover chassis, and it does appear that Land Rover used it for the Disco III. So would it still be a realism bin?

And sorry for pestering you with so many questions, but is environmental resistance a priority in the UK?

Will there be any safety requirements (i.e. minimum safety, etc)?

i’ve edited the first post now with some extra priorities and clarifications.

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I shall assume people are happy with the rules, either that or no one cares about vans. Either way the round opened an hour ago so get at it.

I’ll add a timer shortly


I unfortunately won’t be able to join in the Van fun, but I am sure it will be a super fun challenge, good luck everyone!

Princess Cordelia Royal Motors presents:

Cordelia Jess 1.9 RM

The kids'll love ya. And this thing never runs out of petrol. It has a comfy front bench (middle seat is for your cat) and a noice stereo. You know what tune you'll be blasting on your morning route. Yes, that one. The rest is pure high definition cargo space. 1080p? Try 1080 kgs of mail in the back. That's literally more than a ton. More than the weight of the van itself too. The spare tyre has to live outside, but it doesn't mind. What's that? Not modern looking? It's called timeless. 18,900 quiddos a pop. Not quite priceless. Quite princess. Cordelia.

Is this in stable or opt in alpha?

FMC Casso 1.7

The versatile Casso is a RWD van, equipped with traditional leaf springs in back and a solid rear axle, to allow for safe transport of heavy cargo - up to 2453 lbs.

Performance? Not important!

What is important? Maybe some torque! The flat-4 engine is undersquare, with 116lb-ft of torque, and 103HP.

With ~39mpg, it makes the most out of every dollar spent to haul goods around.

Yours for 19,500


2005 Walsh Minuteman 1.2vs

1.2L inline 4, FWD, 120kmh limited top speed, load-cap of 1000kg*, and modern stylings.

Yours for $19,990 per vehicle.

*Value rounded for convenience.


Yeah I never even thought to add that, but it’s the 4.27 alpha. I’ll add it to the rules

Thanks for clarifying, I’ll start working my van now !! :slight_smile:


edit: van now in HD




It is feel the masters hand.

For cost, which stat should I use? The max cost $20,000 looks like it’s in the body trim rules, so does the engine count too? And do I material cost or approximate cost?