Quick Fire Challenge 2

QFC Rules and previous challenge

QFC2: 70s Luxury

The inaugural QFC was for the cliche of 90s light sports cars. This challenge will be for the equally cliche 70s hulking luxobarges. Year range is 73-75 for trim and engine variant, name format is “QFC2 - <your forum name>”, if your car model isn’t named this it probably won’t be seen. Interiors will not be judged.


  • The car must be a sedan, coupe, or convertible.
  • Must have a catalytic converter. Yes, this means you’re restricted to 91 RON (86 AKI) unleaded fuel.
  • Your car must have no more than 5000 trim emissions. Otherwise the EPA will close down your factories.
  • You must have at least Basic 60s safety and four full seats.
  • Your car must be at least 5.33m long (209.7 inches, 17.5 ft).
  • No V16s.
  • Anyone using a mod body: please tell me which one you’re using when you submit, so if I don’t have it I can download it without nuking my PC downloading everything.

Judging Criteria

Three Star

Comfort: This is a 70s luxobarge. If the car doesn’t make American roads feel like German roads, you’ve messed up somewhere.

Two Star

Drivability: It may be more than 17ft long, but it shouldn’t require actual effort to drive.
Price: The range is $45k-55k. Obviously spending less money is an advantage, but it won’t matter if your car isn’t any good.
Safety: Strong car good. Tin can car bad. Steering column to the chest very bad.

One Star

Reliability: This isn’t a segment of cars you can push start.
Performance: This is the Malaise Era, so you’re not getting much speed, but the car must get out its own way.

Due Date: I live in Australia, so setting it to my time would be an effective Saturday due date. Instead, the deadline will be 11:59pm Hawaiian time (UTC -10) on Sunday 29th of May, because I can.

Mood Board

From America

From Europe

(Okay, not quite as expensive as a 600 Grosser, but the size is there.)


You have a due time but not a date?


QFC closes by default on the first Sunday 7 days after the challenge opens, which is the 29th of May; that should be spelled out explicitly though.


Apologies, edited


You seem to have forgotten about a minimum wheelbase limit. I think it should be set at 2.8m or more.

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No minimum wheelbase limit was ever envisaged for this challenge; AFAIK no body with a wheelbase under 2.9m can reach 5.3m overall length anyway. If someone finds such a body and uses it, props to them.


Oh, a note on the post - the forums interprets <your forum name> as some malformed HTML tag due to the angled brackets and just ignores it. You need to add a \ before the opening bracket to show that it’s not HTML, so \<your forum name> is rendered as <your forum name>.

This works for any other piece of forum formatting, such as if I want to write x=comfort*prestige*footprint and have it render properly, I write x=comfort\*prestige\*footprint. Not including the backslashes renders it as x=comfortprestigefootprint. And, in the most ridiculous one, to get the backslashes to render in this post, I have to put a backslash in front of a backslash then a backslash in front of the asterisks - so it looks like x=comfort\\\*prestige\\\*footprint. Don’t ask how many backslashes that last one took.

Edit: Also, is fuel economy a judged or considered stat? Fuel eco is a major part of late malaise but only a minor part of this phase of malaise.


Sounds like a task for a Bricksley Grand Warden. I think I can expand the trunk enough.

If we’re making an american spec euro car, or american spec american car (funny, i know…), do we have to follow US regulations?
As in, non-conforming brick headlights, 5 mph bumpers, etc…?

1975 Bricksley Grand Warden

It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s comfortable, and you can fit 8 bodies in the trunk if you need to.


427ci (7.0L) pushrod V8 with dual 4-Barrel carburetors.
209 HP @ 3700 RPM
331.3 lb-ft of torque @ 2200 RPM
A very-overbuilt 3-speed automatic transmission powering the rear wheels.
Double Wishbone / Solid Axle Coil suspension.
1/4 Mile in 18.31 seconds.
0-60 in 11.6 seconds.
Top Speed: 128 MPH.
Four-speaker AM/FM/8-Track radio.
5 seats in a wood-trimmed interior.

All yours for $46,000.


Whew, we got a supercar over here.
I love it, what-in-the-malaise-era’s-name is this?, no idea
but I still love it haha.


Some larger “euro” type bodies with long wheelbases don’t reach this length due to shorter overhangs, while the same wheelbase “'murican” counterparts do reach the minimum length. So my question is, would it be allowed to extend the body with 3D? There is now a handy measuring tool/fixture, so we can make sure it’s the appropriate length.

That is what happens when you put a big-block V8 in a land yacht, apparently, and then have budget to spare. Plus, I did go for a little performance, so she’s got dual-quads.

are liftbacks fair game or only traditional three-box designs?

I think the only problem with that would be whether Automation counts the extra weight of 3d fixtures. If not, someone could feasibly take a compact car and extend the bumpers for miles (it would look stupid af, but it might cheese certain stats). Not something I would do… I’m more concerned with looks than anything.

it doesn’t, but the smaller base car has other effects to the point at which balance is not the issue
(namely lower volumes, thus less comfort, among other things)


Just to clarify, I was not talking about taking a mini and making it into a barge. I mean more along the lines of adding extra thick bumpers or extending a trunk by like 5 cm for bodies that are ever so close but just short of 5.33 m. It would allow a larger body selection including some large European saloons that are currently excluded, so we don’t end up with just the American barges.

Edit: this is what I mean, just as an example from IRL - the Merc 116 (from Wiki):

2,865 mm (112.8 in)
2,965 mm (116.7 in) (SEL)

4,960 mm (195.3 in)
5,060 mm (199.2 in) (SEL)
5,220 mm (205.5 in) (SE US bumpers)
5,334 mm (210.0 in) (SEL US bumpers) <<< would be legal, but I don’t think the similar body in the game allows morphs to reach this length and would need a little help with 3D bumpers.


I understand that. I just tend to look for ways that someone might cheese rules (the first challenge I hosted must’ve scarred me lol). I’ll wait for the host to chime in, but hopefully the result is the inclusion of as many different body styles as possible.


If it is going to be necessary to pick up the metering tool on all the bodies, the question is if we are already starting to stray away from Quick Fire by then?


The Yinzer Emperor. 340HP v12. Double wishbone suspension. Luxury 8 Track.