Quick-Fire Challenge 5 (QFC5)

Bonjour tout le monde !

So let’s go with QFC5 (as it is my first hosting experience, feel free to enlighten me).

For this round, we’ll go to Europe, where you will try to fit in the C-Segment.
Yeah, that’s quite the downsize from previous QFCs.
But I want you to propose top of the line models,
with a budget ranging from, but no limited to, 45K to 55K.
(No instabin while going over-budget, but there will be penalty points).
So basically, that’s premium compact cars from 2022.
So yeah, welcome to Europe, where the (not so distant) ban from (new) ICE is starting to weigh in.
We don’t have hybrid tech here or electric engine, so we’ll do with what we’ve got.
I wont be restricting engine size, but bear in mind that all cars from this segment are powered by 3 or 4 bangers with sizes ranging from 1.0L to 2.0L, and theses sizes are decreasing. (inspiration gallery)
I don’t mind 5+ bangers, if you can make it work, then go for it, that will be interesting, even more if they really compete with the previous ones (hmm maybe not 8+ cylinders).
Also go as you want with engine placement, but still, most competitors (inspiration gallery), place their engine up front longitudinally.
Try to comply as much with realism, as unrealistic choices will penalize you.

Interior will not be judged. I will be focused on exterior design and numbers.


Interiors will get an unofficial competition for later in this thread, with maybe a beam competition

What you are up against :

Inspiration gallery

Peugeot 308 1.6L I4 225hp (168kW) Hybrid
Renault Megane
Renault Megane E-Tech 1.6L I4 160hp (116kW) Hybrid
Citroen ë-C4
Citroën ë-C4 136hp (100kW) Electric

DS 4 1.6L I4 225hp (168kW) Hybrid

Audi A3 2.0L I4 190hp (140kW) Gasoline

BMW Series 1 2.0L I4 265hp (195kW) Gasoline

Mercedes-Benz A Series 1.4L I4 218hp (160kW) Hybrid

Opel Astra 1.6L I4 180hp (110kW) Hybrid

VW Golf 1.4L I4 250hp (186kW) Hybrid
Cupra Leon
Cupra Leon 1.4L I4 245hp (183 kW) Hybrid

Mazda 3 2.0L I4 186hp (138kW) Gasoline

Toyota Corolla 2.0L I4 184hp (137kW) Hybrid

Hyundai i30 1.0L I3 120hp (86kW) Hybrid

Kia Ceed 1.6L I4 204hp (252kW) Gasoline
Honda Civic
Honda Civic 2.0L I4 184hp (137kW) Hybrid

That was the “introduction” speech, now, let’s get some stats:

car length between 4.2M to 4.6M
Doors : 5
Seats : 5
Both front and rear plates, or at least, plates holder.

No race parts/semi slicks/V16

Engine : 2020

Loudness - 35
Fuel - Unleaded 95 RON (90 AKI)
Emissions - 65
ET - 150 

Trim : 2020

Interior: As it is a premium car, i would recommend premium interior.
You can go up beyond this point (Sport, Luxury, even hand made if you want ^^)
Safety : 50 (Minimum)
Fuel Economy : 8.0L/100 km ( 29.6 US MPG / 35.5 UK MPG )
ET - 180
Emissions - 40

Reminder, those previous figures are not hard limits, but overpassing them will get you penalty points)

:star: :star: :star:

Major Priorities

Engine size (less is better)

:star: :star:

Moderate Priorities

Env Resistance
Service Costs


Minor Priorities


Naming convention: Model and Family: QFC5-{Forum Username} : Trim and Variant [your choice !]

Submissions open (11th of july)
Deadline is on the 20th of july at 18 : 00 UTC+2

Previous QFCs :
QFC1 (The original)


07 July 2022 - 01:32 UTC+2 Initial Post
07 July 2022 - 20:37 UTC+2 Raised Engine Emission standard to 65, added pics and description in the gallery
09 July 2022 - 10:35 UTC+2 Specified some minimums, added plates/plate holder specs
11 July 2022 - 00:55 UTC+2 Wagons added to bodies styles. Rules final
12 July 2022 - 19:32 UTC+2 Extended deadline.


The engine emissions standard here is very harsh. Not very attainable in natural aspiration. I have a similar gripe with the three star priority on engines being smaller; There is no glory and no advancement in ‘lol look how far I boosted my 1.0L 3-banger’ like Audi does.


For a car of the size class that’s the focus of this QFC, 5 doors means either hatchback or estate (wagon) - a liftback saloon (sedan) could fit the bill, but it may be a stretch given that hatchbacks are the body style of choice in this segment.


I mean, the C-segment still has everything. Mazda3, for instance, is a sedan you can buy in the C-segment; So is the Jetta. So afaik liftbacks are totally above ground


Completely unimportant correction: the cars in the inspiration gallery all have transversely mounted engines


Ok I get that. I’ve been wanting to try something. What if I remove the separate emissions standard and we’ll go with a vcombined (engine + trim) of, let’s say 150 ?

Yeah I agree, I could go with 4-5 doors, to allow more bodies entries, but than can also give too much width to this challenge. (Or I can allow sedans-that-looks-like-fastbacks)

Yeah, you got me :joy:. But what if BMW still made their 1- series with a front longitudinal engine ? I’ll try to rework that sentence. (edit) I forgot also about the subaru impreza, which has a front longitudinal mounted engine, and also classifies in this segment.

How harsh are the “Penalties” for exceeding limits. Is it more a gradual “The further, the harsher” or are the penalties harsh from the out?

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Trim emissions are a direct effect of engine emissions, so no point in adding them IMO. Also, “smaller engine better” seems like a specifically French approach I think :thinking:

@Texaslav Jetta no longer exists in Europe, and Audi is not even close to setting the record in boosting a 1-litre (their one is very much standard in that regard) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: On to my main point though - 50 emissions is tricky to get N/A, but entirely possible. I’ve just got it with a quick engine build - focused on that, true… but remember it’s 2022 Europe, with harsh emission standards that caused most N/A engines to disappear. But I agree that 50 is a bit too low - 60 maybe? That would allow engines like those most basic N/A I3s from small city cars with some tinkering (just tested too).

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Trim emissions are affected by engine emissions, but they’re also affected by fuel economy (which is affected by mass, aero drag, and rolling resistance). IMO trim emissions are more important than engine emissions, since it’s what is emitted in actual driving.


Yeah globally, the further, the harsher. IMO, when I will look for a car, I do have a given budget. That budget can stretch a bit if the reason is valid and solid.

Well I didn’t test i3’s and I have quite no ideas on the emissions (except the lower the better :joy:), so yeah that figure will go up (I’ll do the changes by the end of the day, so if it needs to go up even more, make your point, I’m listening).
(In an overkill french accent) Yeah basically, the smaller engine the better (But I can be wrong, so if you can make a bigger engine work, be my guest :+1:)

AFAIK there are no harsh displacement taxation rules in Europe anymore, so I guess leaving it as “whatever works best for emissions and efficiency” would be fine.

@SheikhMansour Yeah, that makes more sense. I meant summing trim+engine, unnecessary IMO if using trim emissions already.


Front plate required in this location or nah?


Yup, forgot about it. I’ll add it in the rules !

So, does any rule needs to be tweaked ? there is 3h30 left before this round start.

Some clarification on body types maybe? Wagons, sedans, liftbacks, maybe crossover SUVs allowed? Also does the design need to look Euro or is something Japanese or American fine?

I have a wagon more or less ready to be submitted , think there are still some European wagons left in the market irl

Alright wagons allowed ! and as for the look, do as you wish, I think that anything, if designed correctly, could fit. I’m open to anything !

Submissions are opened ! (Feel free to ask any questions)