Quick-Fire Challenge 5 (QFC5)

IKIGAI Estate Luxury (EL190)

A tidy transverse I5 sits up front, powered in AWD or FWD (this one is FWD), and this EL variant has all the luxury goods, like a panoramic sunroof, and a THETA-designed Dolby Atmos surround audio package, as well as premium leather seating, and so much more.

Turbo-shmurbo… IKIGAI, FMC’s brand of balance, shows what modern tech can do with a 1.9L engine - with VVL and a lean-burn high-compression design, torque is a flat plateau through the powerband. It gets 44MPG when paired with low rolling resistance tires and the standard dual-clutch 7 speed transmission.

IKIGAI - Find the balance within!


I’ve extended the deadline to July the 20th, I won’t be able to start reviews before…

2022 Murray Fugitive 1.9T Wagonback

A world family car for the driving enthusiast.

Starting at $34,990
(version pictured priced at $49,800).

Press release from 2021 Paris Motor Show

We at Murray Automotive are committed towards carrying forward our driver focused heritage into the modern times. With that said, we understand that the market is changing and that demand for traditional sedans and hatchbacks pales in comparison to demand for sports utility vehicles and crossovers. Thus, we have opted to condense our line of family cars into a model which will serve both the European C and D segment simultaneously.

This model is the all new for 2022 Fugitive, aiming to deliver an experience typically expected from a midsize family sports sedan; in the package of a compact and practical wagon or hatchback. The Fugitive will fill the role as Murray Automotive’s premier family car as the company looks to transition into an era likely dominated by electric vehicles.


2022 Régal C2 Sport

When getting around from point A to point B is not enough

Régal is proud to release its new 2022 edition of the C2 - now on a brand new platform.

This C-segment is offered with the Sport liftback (C2 S) trim at 170hp and while far from being a sport car, it is still exciting to drive around. With good fuel economy, this is a smooth and comfortable FWD drive thanks to the 7-speed automatic transmission and multilink rear suspension.

With a full premium interior, advanced security features and amenities, it does not come cheap but is worth every penny.

Bring one home today, it is the perfect city car and commuter.



THE ALL NEW 2022 Apache Spack

Equipped with a 1.6 L4 Turbo engine and trans power to the groud through a 7-speed DCT. It’s really fun to drive


The Axxus A5 Touring




The Axxus A5


2020 Mara Kavaler 1.6 HLX

With the release of the 4th generation Mara Kavaler in the early 2010s, Mara was a bit put off by some countries’ decisions to classify the car in the C-segment instead of the D-segment.

While the overall car length had indeed shrunk by several centimetres to 4.6m (except for the wagon) compared to the previous generation, the wheelbase and effective interior space was slightly larger (or at least the same) than before. The main difference, however, was saved space at the front due to the switch to a transverse drivetrain architecture and FWD instead of RWD as the base option. Despite this, AWD and a V8 still remained available choices.

The new base engine was a turbocharged 1.6 litre 4-cylinder, putting out around 125 hp. While rarely the case in practice, it was entirely possible to order a combination of the base engine, the liftback body shape (H) and the top equipment trim (LX).

And it's the same base car as my crossover event submission; just that this one here is entirely on this side of sanity...

How do i send my .car file?
Btw my car has a inline 3 with 170hp, 4.8l/100km
edit: do i need to build multiple trims?

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You send your .car file to @Bbestdu28 via DM.

And, no, just one trim will suffice.

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Yup, exactly as he said ^^ thanks by the way !

Just a quick recap, I have received 7 entries so far from:
I’ve made a quick peek at your cars, to make sure I can review them properly
(I’m waiting for @lztd15, and others who knows ?)
Thanks anyway for contributing I’m looking forward to review it all !


2020 Swanson 317FP 51.900

While we do offer a 1.2 for value models, it can’t beat the good old^ 1.7 for efficient performance, even with a turbo. Especially with the weight of top-class comfort & safety features in the 2020 Premium package. Including a glass cockpit with a HUD, TCAS, semi-sentient interactive AI, 12 airbags, 7-speed DCT. If 0-100 in 9.2 seconds and 4,3l/100km sounds good to you, give your local dealer a call!
^refined over 70 years of service in cars, generators and light aircraft

Sunday ride with Grandma



Introducing the top of the line model of the all new Saarland Kosmos, the 1.6 Turbo.

Test drive at your Saarland dealer now.


2020 PEÖNE Artique 1.3


Hey everyone. So here’s another recap:
I have received new entries from
Since the game has gotten a new update, you are free to resubmit your entry. I’ve taken a quick peek to all entries and nothing seems broken. If you need me to extend the deadline due to this update (4.2.19), let me know, we’ll try to work something out.


Submissions are officially closed, I’m starting the reviews !


From @DuceTheTruth100

11th place - Axxus A5 Touring

A solid design. An engine underpowered for its size, but it's safe, reliable. Also it's uncomfortable and is the less drivable.

from @Lanson

10th place - Ikigai EL190

A very blending car. It is the most prestigious but also the less reliable, and that's a shame. With less service costs, would've been up.

from @BannedByAndroid

9th place - ZKF 180ts

Terrific look ! Has some good points like power, weight, and env resistance. But it's the less safe, expensive to buy and to maintain.

from @RN99

8th place - Murray Fugitive 1.9T Wagon

Nice design. Globally in the average, stands out as it is the torquiest, but it is the less practical.

from @Knugcab

7th place - Saarland Kosmos 1.6 Turbo

An effective design. The most practical. One of the less comfortable, and the less prestigious. Could have used more budget.

from @AndiD

6th place - Mara Kavaler 1.6 HLX

Most comfortable. But came last in several categories. Rough design. Needs a more powerful and fuel efficient engine. Budget left.

from @xianxian2

5th place - Apache Spack

A very refined look, best braking distance, one of the most expensive, but worth it's price, and an interesting engineering decision.

from @lztd15

4th place - AW 3 150

A good all rounder, a decent entry car in this segment, that's how it looks to me. Try to work more on the look, it sells better !

from @ChemaTheMexican

3rd place - Peöne Artique 1.3

Very good contestant, a very nice design, besides being the smaller of them all. Intriguing transmission choice.

from @karhgath

2nd place - Régal C2 Sport

Despite having the bigger engine, you can trust the marketing team on this one ! And boy does it looks good !

from @Ludvig

1rst place - Swanson 317FP

Man that was a very, very good contestant. And a great design, nicely mixing modernity and legacy ! Congratulations !

Nice work everyone and congratulations to everyone! I really liked this round. If you feel that I could have been better on certain points, please let me know !
So @Ludvig, do you confirm on hosting the next QFC ?
And as for the “unofficial” challenge I’ll contact you via private messages to let you know what I have in mind.


Grats to the winner, that was a close one despite my choice of going I5!

BTW @Bbestdu28, @ mentions in headers usually do not work, so no one got notifications for this one, you might want to edit your post.


Oh shoot thanks for the heads up ! And there were two I5, and they did really good ! Yours is big, but economical, so it did help a lot ^^ !