RIGEL MOTOR - Spanish brand

Hello everyone! I’ve been in this game for many years and I want to share my creations with all of you.

The beginnings of RIGEL MOTOR

a Spanish company that revolutionized the automotive industry in Europe.

In 1985, the Spanish company RIGEL took its first steps as an independent from CEAL and began to manufacture cars for Europe and other regions of the world. A year earlier, in 1982, the CEAL presidency changed its members and a new stage began. Several members of CEAL who had been attached to the brand since its inception decide that they do not want to continue operations and consider a friendly exit. Thus, in 1984 the company Aceros y Hierros Ortega e Hijos left the consortium and dragged various engineers and designers from Rigel. Supported by rural savings banks and with strong interest from the Spanish government, Rigel was created, the new company that will start its actions alone and under the old facilities in Seville. With its innovative vision and commitment to quality, RIGEL left a lasting mark on the automotive industry and became a benchmark for other companies in the sector.

The starting point begins in 1985, the commercialization of the first independent vehicle is decided, it will be called Pizarro and it will be a 4x4 focused on the rural world. Rigel’s first car created a difference between the leadership and the small investors. All these early doubts were resolved with the later models, which bet for a majority and urban public. In 1992 the Rigel Tinto was launched and became a bestseller, for the brand and the European markets it was a success in sales and recognition.

RIGEL was not satisfied with the Spanish market and sought to expand internationally. In the 1990s, the company began exporting its vehicles to countries in Europe and beyond. With an effective marketing strategy and a solid reputation, RIGEL was able to penetrate new markets and compete with established brands. Today, RIGEL cars are sold in more than 30 countries, generating significant benefits for the Spanish economy and strengthening the brand’s image abroad.

RIGEL’s independence from CEAL not only had a positive impact on the automotive industry, but also on the Spanish economy in general. As the company grew, so did the demand for employment. RIGEL became one of the main employers in the Spanish automotive industry, offering job opportunities to thousands of people and improving the standard of living in the communities where it operated. In addition, the company contributed significantly to the generation of wealth in Spain through taxes and exports. In the international context, several design centers were founded as well as new factories, we can highlight the Rigel factories in Kansas since 1994 and factories in Europe as well as in the mega complex in Poland.

By the beginning of the two thousand, Rigel presented a wide catalog of vehicles of diverse nature and presence in much of the world. As its current president says “Rigel is a brand committed to people from all over the world, therefore design must help and innovation advance in creating new transport solutions, but above all it must be an art that excites and motivates to continue”. Finally, highlight the character of the entire human team and the continuous effort behind each defeat to get up and behind each praise to continue working, but always under the motto “cars for families at family prices”, which suggests its commitment to price and the real needs of people.

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Rigel Pizarro

In the late 1980s, the European market began to create 4x4 models that combined the comfort of a sedan and the 4x4 performance of an old Land Rover. Thus creating for many great model brands that were sold by the thousands in Europe and other parts of the world.Rigel wanted to bring together in a single car the best of a city car and the best of an SUV, so the Pizarro was born in 1994 and soon became a bestseller together with other models such as the Nissan Patrol / Terrano 2, Ford Maverick, Opel Frontera, Jeep Cherokee, Suzuki Vitara, etc…

This is the first model is three doors and with a hard top. It mounts a 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine of 140CV and 230NM, disconnectable total traction, open differential and reduction gear. I’ve tested it on BeamNG and it has great off-track capabilities.


Sport Dune : The average finish of the model is designed for the European market, specifically Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc… Removable hard top, manual sunroof, front projection bar, black and gray fabric interior. The characteristics of this model can be the driver’s airbag, ABS, high beams on the grill, 16¨ rims, off-road tires, metallic paint, extra spare wheel, towing hook…

Trip: The Trip model is the 5-door model of the Pizarro. It is 0.4 m longer allowing a greater capacity in its trunk and as is the car in the photo (Trip Plus +7) the possibility as an option of placing a double row of seats in its trunk. For the most familiar and casual model, a simple but robust 2.2L 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel Intercooler engine with 105 horsepower has been chosen. It offers the possibility of a roof box and a new interior in wood and British green fabric.


Rigel Tinto

The 4 meter model of the range is called TINTO, it is a compact utility vehicle that was born in 1992. Its mission is to compete with Youngtimer cars such as the 306, Escort, 146, Astra/Kadett, Ibiza… Focused on the European market with some versions that are sold in more parts of the world. Family, compact, with gasoline and diesel engines, 5/door versions, sports, family, convertible, the vertical column of RIGEL MOTOR.

TINTO 5 door

Young: The most basic on the market, access model with a 70 hp 1.4 gasoline engine, basic interior, little security, only thinking about low cost. Perfect for low budgets or young people with their first car.

Bussiness: The most medium of the model with a 120 hp 1.9 turbo diesel intercooler gasoline engine, standard interior with AM/F radio and cassette, 1990 standard security, ABS, power steering. Correct car with a great price / performance balance, ideal for families, company cars, taxis, renting…

Auto-Matiq: High-end finish, the name comes from placing a 5-speed automatic gearbox and the best interior qualities with cream leather. This finish mounts 15¨ alloy wheels and a premium interior with a sunroof, automatic windows and more premium features. Perfect for someone who wants a great car without having a big budget.

Royalty UK (English export model): An example of the right-hand drive Tinto can be the “Royalty”. This model is exclusive to the UK. It offers a medium equipment with ABS, driver’s airbag, central locking, fabric interiors and can mount 3 gasoline and 2 Diesel engines. In the example, mount the most basic 1.4 of 72 horsepower. A good model for James May! ( top gear vibes)

TINTO 3 door

Málaga: To attract the young public in the summer of 1993 we launched the Tinto MALAGA, a nice three-door compact. Mounts the new 90cv 1.7 gasoline engine, the first of the brand to mount an electronic injection system. Average equipment for day to day, ABS, manual sunroof, Asian steering and an interior with touches of blue exclusive to the model.

TINTO wagon

We always think of families, for them a family vehicle / wagon cannot be missing from this range of cars. The familiar tinto is called tinto QBACK in reference to the American Football Quarterback.

Magallanes: Just like magallanes and El cano that went around the world, this version with a 1.9 turbo diesel intercooler engine is prepared for the whole family and to be able to enjoy off-road in a responsible way. Interior in green and dark wood. Large size of the trunk and rear seats.


I love this! Your interiors are gorgeous! Welcome to the forums.


Thank you very much for your comment! :hugs::muscle:


Honestly, not bad for someone who just joined the forums. Keep up the good work.


The Tinto line looks so convincing inside and out that it deserves a dedicated performance model - one that should at least be competitive during the contemporary hot hatch wars.

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Hi! thanks for your comment! I am working on a sporty three-door version that can compete with cars like the astra F GSI. A 16v motor and maybe all wheel drive. Greetings and thanks for the opinion!

Hi!! I just Update the TINTO interior, I hope you like it!!

This car is the TINTO ¨Malaga¨ 3 door a good first car for new drivers in the 90’s


Hi! The new Pizarro finish has arrived on the market! In 1994 the “Trip” is presented, the family model with 5 doors and 7 seats! See the post to know more about the car. Thank you !


I really like your attention to detail, I have rarely seen a better 90s SUV than the Pizarro for example


Thanks so much! Positive comments help me a lot to continue my work. Regards my friend!

So uh
90s stuff is vintage at this point?

Oh dear

Youngtimer is the most corret term. I just change this, thanks!

Hello everyone! I have expanded the TINTO range with a new exclusive UK model called ¨Royalty¨, I hope you like it. Thank you! :smiley:


Rigel Trës MK2

Rigel in 1991 launched its first urban model, a 3.3-meter vehicle and a three-cylinder engine, called “Trës”. This denomination due to its 3-cylinder propellant and the Spanish word “tres” which means three the total number of cylinders.

Now in the fall of 1994, the second generation of the Trës is launched. These are the new keys to success:

Size: The car has increased its length by 10 centimeters, creating a more spacious cabin for its occupants. In total, its 3.4 meters make it a perfect urban car, easy to park and light.

Engine: Since its creation, the range has only had an innovative three-cylinder engine, thus reducing its weight, its fuel consumption and being more respectful of the environment. We can choose gasoline varieties from 50 to 80 horsepower and a single 70 horsepower diesel.

Changes: The new front and rear optics are more adapted to a segment A market and have been made observing the work of the Japanese designer Hideo Kodama (creator of the Corsa B, Micra 2, Mazda 121). This gives the car an oriental touch that the brand seeks to open new markets such as Japan. Finally the total redesign of its dashboard, placing the odometer in a central position above the center console, a design exercise.

Driver: The most urban, access engine to the range with 50 hp and all the essential comforts for day to day. Its two-tone rims and its distinctive blue along the bumpers indicate that we are dealing with the Driver, the most economical of the range, for those who want to enjoy driving around the city and forget about the rest. 1.2 Three-cylinder carburetor gasoline engine with 50 hp and a 4-speed manual gearbox.

Diesel: Diesel doesn’t have to be boring, combine it with a wide variety of colors and gobble up miles! With all the comforts you need, air conditioning, central locking, ABS, driver’s airbag and rear headrest among its standard equipment. Robust 1.4 Diesel three-cylinder injection engine with 70 hp and a 5-speed manual gearbox

Sport: Comfort and sportiness come together in the Sport model. Dominate the city in a big way and enjoy its extra equipment such as its metallic paint, low-weight tires, canvas roof and its 76 hp 1.5 gasoline injection engine. Everything you’re looking for in a small jar.


I like how these cars are Japanese and French inspired, but have nevertheless a slight spanish vibe in them. Your vehicles are actually believable.


Rigel Tinto - 1994 Update

After 2 years in the European market, the Tinto is updated with a tuning that brings new details to the vehicle, new engines and features for BeamNG. The brand continues to bet on its 4-meter compact, the aesthetic renovation is simple but necessary to continue sales. Its interior now more mature and with greater detail. Finally, its new Wagon version is released, which will be available at the end of 1993 and beginning of 1994 (I will upload it soon)

Details: New interiors with improvements to the roof and added details. More mature and realistic exterior finishes.

Engines: Added two EFI gasoline engines and a new diesel.

BeamNG: Corrected lights and added turn signals in the speedometer, handbrake signals, etc…

TINTO 5 door Versions

Young: The most basic on the market, access model with a 70 hp 1.4 gasoline engine, basic interior, little security, only thinking about low cost. Perfect for low budgets or young people with their first car.

Business: Mid-range model with gasoline and diesel engines, the unit in the photo mounts a 90 hp 1.9 turbo diesel intercooler, standard interior with AM/FM radio and cassette, standard 1990 security, ABS, power steering. Correct car with a great price/performance balance, ideal for families, company cars, taxis, renting…

Auto-Matiq: High-end finish, the name comes from placing a 5-speed automatic gearbox and the best interior qualities with cream leather. This finish mounts 15¨ alloy wheels and a premium interior with a sunroof, automatic windows and more premium features. Perfect for someone who wants a great car without having a big budget.

In 1994, two electronic injection gasoline engines were added for the medium versions and a 2.2-liter diesel for the high-end versions.

In a few days it will be available for download on my BeamNG mods profile


Interior roof and especially pillars are really a pain in the a… in Automation. As I use my cars in Beam, I do really detailed interiors but above the gauges I become lazy. Sun visors, mirror and maybe lamps have to be enough.


Hi, thanks for the comment! You are right, the creation of the interior is tedious and there is little to choose from, thank goodness some mods to create greater realism. Let’s hope that some things inside will improve soon, Regards!