SGTV '16 Hockenheimring GP Endurance Race results


It is time after more than 4 months of planning for the SGTV ‘16 to become a reality for me. If you didn’t know I did drop a small teaser in the AMWEC ’15 for it but no-one could guess what SGTV ‘16 actually meant. Well now I can finally tell you that what you have been waiting for is the Super Gran Touring Vans 2016 World championship. That’s right you heard me correctly, Vans. So there will be 30 races but only at 15 tracks. Two at each track, a sprint race and an endurance race. The sprint races will be 30 minutes or so and the endurances will be anywhere from six hours to 12 hours. I have also planned a mid-season re-tune so when mid season comes, things could change =)


I tried to minimise the amount of rules for a less restrictive competition:

  1. Max Total Cost: $20000
  2. Van Body must be: (246.8 KB) (credit to thecarlover for making this Racing version of his first van)
  3. Max Power to Weight ratio (Hp and Kg): 0.50 (Weight/2 or Hp*2)
  4. Aero: Must have 1 lip, Must have 1 wing.
  5. Safety: 50<
  6. Cooling: Minimum Required
  7. Tyre Types: Soft: Semi Slick +8, Medium: Semi Slick +5, Hard: Semi Slick +2
  8. Differential: No Electric LSD
  9. Tyre width: Max: 385mm
  10. Fuel Tank Size: 102.5L
  11. Driving aids: None
  12. 2 entries allowed per team
  13. 2 entries allowed per user
  14. 1 team entry allowed per user
  15. Mods: Anything and everything on the steam workshop is allow aswell as the racing van body

Track list:

Sochi Autodrom-10hr
Albert Park-7hr
Hockenheimring GP-8hr
Trial Mountain-10.5hr
Autodromo Nazionale Monza-9hr
Imola Circuit-9hr
Silverstone Circuit-6hr
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps-7hr
Red Bull Ring-11hr
Bahrain International Circuit-6hr
Grand Valley Speedway-10hr
Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona-8hr
Circuit de Monaco-12hr
Yas Marina-12hr
Download: Dropbox - File Deleted
(credit to Sillyworld for making the flying lap tracks)


Download: Dropbox - File Deleted
(credit to Sillyworld for modifying the AMWEC ’15 spreadsheet)

Points system:


  1. 1

Sprint Races:
Fastest Lap: 1

  1. 10
  2. 9
  3. 8
  4. 7
  5. 6
  6. 5
  7. 4
  8. 3
  9. 2
  10. 1

Fastest Lap: 1

  1. 30
  2. 27
  3. 24
  4. 21
  5. 18
  6. 15
  7. 12
  8. 9
  9. 6
  10. 3

Entry list: (Format: User/s / Team / Van 1 / Van 2)

  1. HighOctaneLove / Moldovan Speedstars / Bogliq Cargostar Maverick / Bogliq Cargostar Ungoliant
  2. Madrias / Storm Automotive / Van 1 / Van 2
  3. DeusExMackia / ErinSport / Formula Van
  4. Vri404 / ECV-Kaspian Racing / ECV Rune MkII ECV-R Racing Edition / Kaspian Racing KR Custom.
  5. strop / Pulse Couriers / Pulsar GT Spec
  6. TR8R / Chuckles / Chuckless-Schuckles
  7. one85db / OMG / Surge
  8. koolkei / KSR (Komodo Speed Research) / UnFin-1
  9. AirJordan / Smooth Racing / Smooth Yomama / Smooth Classic Mini

How to Submit:

Sending me a pm with your car exported with the naming format:
First tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Model name)-(Model)
Second tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Trim name)-(Trim)
Third tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Engine name)-(Engine)
Fourth tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Variant name)-(Variant)

Also in the pm:
Team name:
Users if more than one


18th May 6:00pm or 18:00 NZT

Please post any questions and suggestions down below.



Wait. Which body is it again?

It’s the race variant of my 70s van body, which has slightly less lift and drag, no chrome bumpers, and the option for a mid engine. It’s not on steam, just the standalone download on the first post here or in my mod thread.

I did put a download link for it

so just so I am doing the right thing by power to weight do you mean if a van is 1000kg it can have a max of 250 hp. so if my van weighs 1614 I can have 403.5hp or am I way off?

Double those values. 1000 kg can have 500 hp, 1614 kg can have 807 hp.

also with this is that one wing and one lip is this saying if I have a rear wing I cannot have a front lip?

And is there a limit to entries ie. can i race a two vehicle team or will it be limited to just one van each?

This is where I am at currently with a 1.7l 385hp v8

I meant must have 1 wing and 1 lip not anymore, not anyless. I will clarifi that.

Edit: Fixed

This. Sounds. Awesome!

Would you mind clarifying the naming scheme? I am a little confused about what you want us to do.

It feels as if 30000 is too much money. Everything besides that is pretty rad :wink:

Just thought of something. Is 30000 total cost or estimated market price?

I’d be up for running in this! Finally, a mid engine challenge I may actually be able to handle the build for.

This looks actually rather fun.

I take it the spreadsheet is to help with determining whether our vans will survive the upcoming hell we’re going to drive through?

I think i made it pretty clear that I was talking total cost :smile:

The naming format will be fixed in a minute and the spreadsheet is there so you guys know the calculations that will be used and if it wasn’t there I would be willing to bet that people would ask for it.

Edit:[quote=“UMGaming, post:1, topic:15904”]
Sending me a pm with your car exported with the naming format:First tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Model name)-(Model)Second tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Trim name name)-(Trim)Third tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Engine name)-(Engine)Fourth tab: SGTV16-(Forum username)-(Team name)-(Variant name)-(Variant)

This should be more clear

May I ask for someone to link (or give) a tutorial on how to install mods outside of steam?

The problem with that is that reaching that 30000 is pretty much impossible (as in, builds are actually way too cheap) and some improvements performance-wise actually reduce the cost. Something with the new stable version and the factories that were introduced in it, I guess.

Edit: Never mind, only seems to happen with some engine quality sliders. Block quality and stuff.

Find your Automation folder in your program files or program files 86, open it and open the gamedata folder. Put your downloaded mods here. The Camso folder contains vanilla content

I will make a poll in a minute for the total cost


Any driveline limitations, or am I able to use AWD if I want?

any driveline, if its not in the rules, its allowed

Any Steam mods allowed, or keep it vanilla only?

all steam mods allowed, Ill make that more clear in the op