[SIDE QUEST] The Big Balls Run ('84 Edition) AUTOBEAM

Hello everyone! Before i start with everything, let me welcome you to the second Side Quest!
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Also, all links + example cars at the bottom of the post for convenience.

The Big Balls Run: 1984 edition and how to enter

The big balls run, the most dangerous race in the world. Many question how this race can be held, and if it is legal. Well no, this race is in fact not legal.
The daredevils out there might be thinking, ‘how do i enter?’ well, we have the answer(s) for you right here!

The format of the Big Balls run

The big balls run is similarly formatted to a rally, where all cars drive on (illegally) closed public roads to set the fastest times they can.
(Almost) Everything goes in this race. This will more properly be explained in the rules section.

We are still looking for how we will block off the roads and if the location has to changed, but for now we are going across the entierity of the USA. (District R, the Indianapolis Car Show for styling penalties, Utah and West Coast USA.)
Also, another thing to keep in mind is that the goal is maybe not entirely to win, but to have fun!

1 minute in this challenge is 10 hours. If every track is between 1:00 and 1:30, the average should be about 40 hours for the fastest cars. This will be fully explained later.

Rules of the big balls run

Before the rules start, something very important has to be explained.
This challenge will use a “multiclass” type system with 3 classes.

The 3 classes are:

Modified standard cars aka ‘Small Balls’ (SB)
Sports cars (Modified or not) aka ‘Medium Balls’ (MB)
Supercars, heavily modified cars and detuned race cars aka ‘Big Balls’ (BB)

When entering your car, you must put the class of your car at the beginning of its name (MB - Example Example). I will decide if your car fits into this class or not. If it does, it will stay like you made it, and if it does not i will negotiate with you.

As said before, almost anything goes, but this still means that not everything is allowed. In this section, we we will note down everything you will need to do to your car for it to be enterable in this event.

RULE 1: We will be using version 4.2 for this challenge. If you need help accessing it, ask me for help.
RULE 2: Your car must be from 1984. (You can make your car from a much older year visually, but you must still use this year mechanically.)
RULE 3: All car bodies are allowed except open wheelers (An exception is kit cars).
RULE 4: Your car must have at least 2 full seats.
RULE 5: Your car must have at least standard 70s safety, at least standard 8 track and at least standard seats.
RULE 6: The price limit is 50k. To stop messing around too much, the minimum quality is -1 and the max is +4.
RULE 7: Your car must use 91 ron fuel.
RULE 8: Your car must have at least 1 muffler (Baffled or Reverse flow).

Please do not push rule 6 too much if you are competing in SB or MB. I myself suggest limiting yourself to 25k on SB and 35k on MB, so you have a better chance of joining the group that you want to join.

As one driver will be driving all the cars on the same route, we have decided to make a order of what cars will go first. We will start with the Small Balls, head to the Medium Balls and end off with the Big Balls.

You are allowed to enter a car for each class, but you dont have to. (One car for SB, one car for MB and one car for BB is the max.)

Who will win, and how?

Ever thought of how needlessly complicated points systems can be? Well, none of that here.
The car with the shortest time wins. Easy as that.
But, the looks of a car do matter. This is why we will be going to the Indianapolis Car Show underway. The better the car looks, the higher score it will be given, and the smaller the penalty is.

How much hours will be given? Look under for that.

1 - 2 = 5.5 hours aka 41.2 seconds (Your car has to be atrocious)
3 - 4 = 5 hours aka 37.5 seconds (Your car has to be really bad or mediocre)
5 - 6 = 4.5 hours aka 33.7 seconds (Your car has to be mediocre or a little mediocre)
7 - 8 = 4 hours aka 30.0 seconds (Your car has to be good or pretty good)
9 - 10 = 3.5 hours aka 26.2 seconds (Your car has to be very good or amazing)

As you can see, you really need to put in some time in your car, as a bad car will lose a lot of time.


1: There are 4 ways to go in the design route in this challenge (in my opinion). Flashy and standing out, under the radar, vintage or full-on race car. Go for something unique that fits well in any of these or multiple, and there is a good chance that you get a high score in styling.
2: Keep in mind that we will only be on the road, and wont be on the race track. Tune your suspension well.

Stream time, files and deadline

The deadline for this challenge is the 3rd of June at 4 pm PST. You have more than enough time to make your car, so use that time to make something competitive and good-looking.

You have to send me the car(s) you are entering privately in a private forum post, a Discord DM or you can post it in the bradleegarage discord in the showroom channel. (All links at the bottom of the post.)
Keep in mind that i am Djadania, i am not the same person as Bradlee.

Believe it or not, this event will actually be broadcasted on tv!.. Twitch that is.
Come to Twitch to watch your car(s) compete on the 5th of June at 2pm PST, 12th of June at 2pm PST and on the 19th of June at 2pm pst. (All links at the bottom of the post.) Remember. SB first, MB second, BB last. Should be one stream per class, if not i will notify everyone. There will also be a stream on the saturday before the first stream to set everything up, but no results will be counted that day.

Ok, I’m back. I know that was a lot of reading, but there is a little bit more info. Its not super important though, so that’s why its not in the magazine.

First thing i will add is to look up some info on the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining Sea Memorial
Trophy Dash if you can. It might help you to do better in especially the styling department.

Second thing i will add is cops. Use that info in your own way.

Third thing is V16s. You know who you are if you are reading this. If anyone wants to enter a V16, message me privately so we can discuss.

That’s all i have to say. I’m on the run from the cops, they found out that my ambulance was fake.
Thanks for reading, and have the links!

Home (Better version/Text version, good for copy-pasting info.)
Twitch (Bradleegarage Twitch link)
Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash - Wikipedia
Brad Lee Garage (Bradleegarage Discord, you can find me here.)
SB_-DAW-_L380.car|attachment (31.1 KB) (Very basic SB Example)
MB_-Vizmo-_R4.car|attachment (26.0 KB) (Very Basic MB Example)
BB_-Don__-_Trenne_R.car (24.6 KB) (Very Basic BB Example)

NOTE: Side quests are organized by me personally.


Images seem to be slightly broken. Give me a bit to fix them.
EDIT: I think its a good idea to go to the website for the proper experience, im going to use a slightly different version in the post for now.

Just to clarify, is Bradlee himself driving, or is an AI doing the driving?


Bradlee himself is driving. Ai is too experimental right now for this kind of stuff.
Also, i decided to just use the text for now. I highly suggest using the website though.


this will be in BeamNG then?


Thanks. Also, I’m not really sure what the “hours” are, and how they play into this. Is that just the name of this challenge’s point system?

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Yes to beamng.
Hours will just be to make it a little more realistic. Its just me not wanting a whole drive across the US taking 3 mins. Its just gonna be whoever has the fastest time wins.

Sorry, im back. Had to do something which took way longer than expected, i’ll improve the post a bit since i kind of panicked and just copy-pasted everything.

Okay! 1984 is great, I can design not-shit-looking cars for that.

And we get to put forward 3 cars for this? I may take full advantage of that. I have a back-of-the-mind idea for the BB car… I’ve threatened this on many occasions…


91 RON is Regular Unleaded, right? Have to ask.


Yep, we are on the road so we need the basicest of basic fuels. Regular Unleaded.


If this challenge took place at least 5-10 years later we would be allowed to use 95 RON premium unleaded - but I’ll accept the 91 RON requirement, because it is still possible to make decent amounts of power with it even in 1984, given that multi-point EFI is available by then.

As an aside, speaking of 1984, that’s the year the One Lap of America debuted as an open road rally, but it did not adopt its current, safer format of time trials on permanent circuits until 1992.

Does this mean that the only the trim year has to be set to 1984, or that both the trim and model years must be 1984? In any case it should also look period-correct.

Also, given the requirement for 91 RON unleaded, is the use of a catalytic converter mandatory, and if so, must it be a three-way unit of some sort?

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To the year, if possible yes. If a car isnt, just tell me and we can discuss.
To cats, not required. We are rebels! I do suggest it for especially SB though.

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Will there be any PU/ET limits for engine and/or trim in any of the classes? If not, why not?

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What are PU/ET limits? Sorry, im still learning stuff. Btw, im going to sleep in a bit, so this’ll be my last answer for the night, so for if anyone have to ask anything, it’ll take some time.
EDIT: Im sleeping.

Kinda preliminary at this point, but I’m having too much fun not to share.

WIP, so, expect terrible, extremely low-quality image.

So, a little context: RoadBurners has been my “Automationverse real-life-Hot-Wheels” company. They make one-off customs that are wild. This is the Sidekicker. Two people sit inline on one side, a V12 sits on the other.


I would like to propose a revision to the naming scheme, with a CSR-style system as follows:

Model and family names: (car class) - (username)
Trim name: (your car’s name)
Variant name: (your engine’s name)

I actually prefer this to the original naming scheme because we will know exactly who sent what, and where it will be classified.

By the way, PU and ET are short for production units and engineering time, respectively. I am, however, in favor of a complete absence of any upper limits for either (not just for the engine, but also for the trim).


I dont think the username is necessary in a car name. We always have excel to use, and there the usernames are always in front of the car names.
For the limits for classes, its balls to the wall baby!
In all seriousness, they aren’t there because they just don’t have to be. I already explained in the post which cars probably will go where, and ive given some basic example cars, so if people just behave everything should go fine with the classes. Btw, if not enough cars enter a class we merge classes.


Also, a note i have to add is that i prefer to have the name in for stuff exactly as a put it. Why?
So we can filter them out in beamng without searching. If we search the game becomes unplayable half the time. If we just have for example S be the first letter of all SB cars, it’ll be much easier to find. Putting a username or the challenge name first would make that a lot harder.
So for example SB - Example Example, SB Example Example or SB - Username Example Example.
Any way you do it, please put your class as the first 2 letters (if possible).


The rule set for the Big Balls Run definitely has my interest piqued. Right now I have made two test cars for this challenge - one for the flagship Big Balls class that costs $50k exactly, and another that fits into the mid-range Medium Balls class due to its ~$30k price tag. Both are front-engined, but I’m running a 5.0L all-alloy V12 in the former (in fact, the engine took up most of my BB budget) and an iron-block, alloy-head V8 of identical displacement in the latter.