So, I think I went overboard making variants of these two engine families

Now if I could get it to sort alphabetically…

As opposed to sorting by reliabilty?

I’m not sure what it is sorting by. Could be by which variants were cloned from others, but I would appreciate the list more if it went in ascending order of the size.

Click on the heading. That are sorting categories. It is currently sorted by reliability within family.

…I remade the variants of the A.A Engine lineup. And corrected a slight error on my part that means everything is spaced out ‘properly’ (i.e: every 25 CI). And I figured out how to get it to sort it in default, because it sorted by newest made first.

If you don’t mind me asking, what was the error? And are you now just sorting by newest and making sure you make variants in correct size order? For I’ve also come to be a little annoyed at how it sorts and was getting my hopes up you may have had a solution for me.

Also, I’m curious as to why such a detune on your engines, 310 V8 had 180 hp, now 140 hp and from what I’ve looked up, 180 hp is much closer to what the others were doing, though admittedly that was for the mid 60’s onwards, a bit later perhaps than yours.

If you’re interested, I can share my small block V8 engines with you sometime soon, they include a 264 ci making 151 hp intended for 1954, 353 ci making 201 hp intended for 1966. There’s also an abandoned 301 ci making 182 hp which I’ll want to update first to the newer 5L bore and stroke making 303 ci before share if I’m even going to do so, I’ve sofar only updated the 251 hp sport version of my now 303 ci V8, both intended for 1966, start of Trans-Am.

So, first off, the error I had was that when I made these all the first time, instead of having the even spacing of 25 CI between each variant, I accidently made the ones that were meant to be ending in ‘85’ (185 CI, 285 CI, 385 CI) 10 CI larger. So there was a 35 CI jump from the X60 CI displacement and only a 15 CI difference to the x10 CI ones. Hopefully that explains it well enough.

As for the sorting, in the default sorting it seems to go by order of creation from the newest to the oldest. So I would create a new variant, close and open the engine designer back up and the clone would be above the original.

And the detuning of them is mainly to have them all be there, and if I made a car to use them in future I can either use whichever one I need to and retune it or make a clone to use depending if I use it in multiple cars.

You’re welcome to share your engines if you wish, these are all remade from my ‘official’ brand really: Ascot Automotive

Yeah, that’s the conclusion I reached also as far as sorting, that it goes by time of creation.

So that’s what the A.A stood for! Nice to know.

Your explanation of the error was very clear, a minor math mistake you didn’t quite catch in time, are you likely to share here those engine again with more finalised tunes?

As you don’t seem overly interested in my V8s, I perhaps wont share them here. But I did view your other thread on turbos and have finished working on a revised version of an existing 3 litre pushrod inline 3 to post there, so hopefully you’ll look forward to seeing that tomorrow or whenever I can get around to posting that.

Not likely to share the other ones since I have gotten a new computer between making the old ones and these ones.

And I don’t mind you sharing the V8s you have, I’m happy to have a look at them

Oh, well that’s a bit of a shame, are there others you are likely to share instead?

Well, alrighty, here’s the 264:

Check my thread for the 353 and 303 (performance version): Ray_V0lut10n's engines thread - #5 by Ray_V0lut10n

Hey again xsneakyxsimx, I’d like to start by saying thanks for liking my turbo post in your other thread.

I also came across these:

I wonder if the Comet would have faired better with this cut in half Buick V8!

It’s got the bore of the 215 and the stroke of the 300 Buick V8s, “(92 Advanced)” meaning 92 RON with advanced ignition timing, the latter both in terms of more than I’d like for reliability purposes as well as actually on the advanced side of zero, needed to support the high compression of the 215’s pistons.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen my thread in the car sharing forum on doing a colab, so especially if you haven’t do know I like the idea of working with you. The idea is I do the engine and whoever else the actual car, particularly the exterior, I’m not fussed if they’d want me to do the car’s tuning or not and yeah I’ve seen some of your designs and think they pretty good, so what do you think?

I’m expecting whoever to want me to make some engines solely to their specifications before they start doing any exteriors to mine, if true for you, have any engines you want me to try for you? Like maybe redo these 110-460 ci engines since you lost them during the hardware switch?