Suggest Names for AI Car Companies!

I know it’s a early, but let’s help the devs by suggesting names for the AI car companies that will be added later on!
Here are a few of mine, inspired by real-world car companies, but altered to prevent copyright issues :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Boehms (Germany) Benz + BMW ]
  • Hirsch (Germany) Audi (Audi is latin for German “Horch”, which was the family name of Audi’s founder :smiley: ]
  • Renoit (France) Renault ]
  • Caën / Citoyen (France) [Citroën]
  • Calvari (Italy) [Ferrari]
  • Siat (Spain) [Seat]
  • Ashville / Alton (UK) [Aston Martin]
  • Courette / Courgette (USA) [Corvette]
  • Duke (USA) [Dodge]
  • Kreisler (USA) [Chrysler]

Feel welcome to suggest more! :smiley:

Baden-Württembergisch Motorenbau (BWM) - Germany

Insane Engine Productions Ltd or IEP - Woking, England

Why? will we not be able to call to our companies as we want?
I want to call it BMW, and take the same models names…
And if finally we can get some branch use names like Ferrari, and more…

Anyhow, already there was another similar post:

Ahh, they’re thinking for AI car companies, as in non-player companies in singleplayer, or AI companies added to pad out a multiplayer game.

Ups, that´s true, sorry

Daffy why dont you name it after what ever is lying around your desk that your doing ALL that development on xD

Kogda - Honda
Ibaru - Subaru
Layota - Toyota

can’t really think on how to name Nissan :smiley:

Kissass, perhaps?

Nissan could be Ssanni

Or how about some alternative readings of the Kanji?:

Toyota = Yutakada
Honda = Motota
Nissan = Kamusu
Mitsubishi = Sanryo
Fuji (Subaru) = Tomushi

Whats about making it modable? So we can use companynames from real life.

Nissan can be… (Mind booting)… (Turbo Boosting my CPU)… Skysan? :unamused:

Vauxhall = Scheiße


Lamborghini = YellowBull :smiley:

And some suggestions from my country :slight_smile:

Vovlo = volvo
saabba = saab/abba :stuck_out_tongue:
kungsägg = koenigsegg (king + egg in swedish)

Saabba is the best :smiley:

Land Rover - Rant Lover

Uranus=Saturn (sorry the pun was too tempting)