TGRG Top Gear Role Game (Discontinued)


Here a new version. TOP GEAR CHALLENGE

To make a long story short: i’m a fan of Role Games (like D&D) and cars, i’m watching an “old” Top Gear episode and readin the “Roll 2 Dodge” thread, than i came up with an idea:

TGRG Top Gear Role Game

I play as the Game Master (aka The Production), you play as the Conductors.

How it works: I set a theme and than you build a car in Automation that fit the theme, then i give you 2 or 3 challenges and you must list some modifications (you can leave it stock if you want).
When all the partecipants have listed his mods i will evaluate it (+ the standard capabilities of the car) and i’ll assign points for that.

Timing: Every round will be about a week long (3 days to build the cars, 2 days to list the car, and 1 day to made the final classification)

Partecipants: Max 6 partecipants per round, when there was 6 cars submitted the challenge start (or when the submission time end)

How to submit: Post here a car, than all you need to do is replay to my post with the challenges.

Modifications: Like every other Role Game the players must role play to make awensome the gaming experience, so, don’t list the modification like: “i modify the cam profile to 64 and change the A/R ratio to 0.75”, i haven’t seen any top gear host (exept James May) do it; be fool, do silly stuff, you can have a bigger bonus on challenge. p.s the modification are comulative, if you change something for the first challenge, it will remain for every other.

Chance: Like every Role Game there there is the possibility of something going wrong or veery well, i will throw a 20 sided dice to see how your car do.


This is still in beta testing, i can modify the rules at any times (under your feedback)

Round 1

Theme: 1985 Light sport car
Rules: Street legal, max year 1985 for everything, max 20.000$ on suggested price (before the factories tab, for who run the open beta)
Timing: 3 days to send your cars (06/04/2016 23:59 GMT), or the first 6 submissions, than i comunicate you the challenges ASAP

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

What mods are allowed? And I’m assuming that this is going to be running on open beta, correct?

All the steam mods are allowed. I’m running the open beta, but i think the “normal” version exports are compatible, so you can use what version you want (this challenge don’t need any new feature)

I was thinking about making this! Great minds think alike! :smiley:

EDIT: Can we have crazy challenges like the amphibious car challenge that Jeremy, James, and Richard did too?

ANOTHER EDIT: What if we made it more like TG and made it so we had to search other people’s cars, buy them, and enter into the competition with them?

Crazy challenge: maybe, it will be fun but pretty hard do layout, but if you have something in mind send me a PM, in a future round we can do silly stuff.

Other people cars: The spirit is that, in teory you buy an used car for a little amount of money, then you compete in some challenge, but is not so easy to find other people cars, if you find a car that fit the theme you can use it, I highly encourage you to do that, but if you can’t find you are free to build your own (i’ve setted 1985 for this reason, to simulate used cars)

You could just say what kind of car that fits the competition, and then set a price and year in which it has to be under instead of a single year. And remember, some cars don’t have to always fit completely with the theme. That happened a lot of times in top gear.

Yes, [quote=“F17Francesco, post:2, topic:15632”]
Theme: 1985 Light sport carRules: Street legal, max year 1985 for everything, max 20.000$ on suggested price (before the factories tab, for who run the open beta)Timing: 3 days to send your cars (06/04/2016 23:59 GMT), or the first 6 submissions, than i comunicate you the challenges ASAP

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.
every year before 1985 (max year 1985)
with “Light sport” i’m giving you a hint of what kind of challenges i’m going to submit, you can came up with a 1977 sedan if you want

Okay I get it now. :slight_smile: I will probably try to participate (SEARCHING INTENSIFIES).

But how will the file sending work? If we use someone else’s car will they send you the files or will we get them to give us the files and then send them to you that way?

i prefer if the files are posted here (or linked) and everyone can see

Super leaded fuel allowed? If not, are cats required?

Only the cutest cats are allowed!

Super Leaded: Allowed but remember, i’m the GM, i make the rules and in this type of game i’m a simil god, so be aware to choose an OP car, i will try to balance it.

P.S. this is an advice: only regular or super!!

Cats: allowed but only if they have racing stripes on

P.P.S. many light sport cars owner tuning their cars (a simple mod is change the exaust) so…

Here’s Atarashi’s entry, the 1985 Atarashi Ozora. The latest in technology and driving fun, the Ozora delivers stellar performance with no drawbacks. In this T-Top variant, the Ozora allows for open-top fun as well.

titleguy1 - 1985 Atarashi (100.4 KB)

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Do you want to specify a minimum amount of markup? I can get some pretty serious performance numbers at $20000 with 5% markup…

No, no minimum markup, but if you save a bit it can be an advantage later :wink:

EDIT titleguy1 in; 5 entries remaining

Can I reserve a spot? :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s good to know :slight_smile:

Presenting the 1985 Adenine Mist Super Sport V6. The lightweight, mid-engined Mist provides tremendous value for its low price of $16275. A custom tuned variant of the 3.1L V6 - the same V6 powering Adenine’s Valence family sedan - produces an incredible 331hp and accelerates the Mist to 62mph in just under 4 seconds. Light weight and sharply tuned suspension allow it to corner at over 1.1gs. While the interior is quite basic, it’s not of low quality, and the Mist provides the latest in safety technology. With the Adenine Mist Super Sport, you’ll be able to compete with the Porsches and Ferraris of the world - without breaking the bank.

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Welcome to First Order Automotive’s Imp Pocket Rocket.

It’s pretty light at 844kg

And it’s got a 3L V6 engine pushing 174 horsies to the back wheels just to make things interesting!!

0-60 in a respectable 6.9 seconds amd 23mpg.

We also think it also looks quite nice.

At less than $13000, we also think it’s easy on the wallet too!

If this is the start of the super mini era then you don’t get more mini than this (yet)!

First Order TR8R - (97.7 KB)

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