The Automation Endurance Challenge II [RACE 1 Results]

and are there no restriction on body types?

No restrictions on body types, but if you are using mods please read the rules. I need a link to the mod, and if you link me to a website that isn’t trustworthy I might refuse that entry.

Also, can we dig into our chassis/trim budget with our engine, if it is over the engine budget?

There is a budget for the engine, and you may not build an engine that is over the engine budget, and same with the car.

Ok so i will need to change a few things chassis wise… am i the only person running n/a crossplane v8?

The am tuned engine has a 7200 rpm redline. The pro one is 7800 rpm

It is not a traditional race car engine for sure.

Traxx Racing is proud to present the first details about their 2016 GT-AM car for the Automation Endurance Challenge II. We saw Traxx Racing in all three classes in the first Automation Endurance Challenge were their best result was a 3rd place in the GT2 class. When the GT-AM car were revealed Traxx Racing stated that they believe this car is going to be competing for the top positions. Traxx Racing feel very confident about using this car for the GT-AM class. The Titan16 GT-AM is not based on any road going Traxx cars, but Traxx stated that they are working together with Traxx Racing to develop this racing model. You might see a road version of this car soon.

The Titan16 is a brand new platform from Traxx Racing. The version used in the Automation Endurance Challenge II is the GT-AM version. The Titan16 could be a very competitive platform for ‘budget’ racing. It is not designed to compete with GT1 or Prototype cars. The rumors say this racing model is using a N/A 2.6 liter inline 6. We’ll find out how well that works in the race!

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I am proud to present first car of FSD Racing - the FSD Racer AM.

. Powered by turbocharged economical inline 4 engine and having race suspension, it is a great choice for long distance races. The car is sold in green colour, which makes drivers relaxed, therefore the car is easier to drive.

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hahaha managed to fit in a v8 in the GT-AM class. 30% economy is easy, but 30% under that rules are not. but 30.64% can’t lie

Yeah it actually is. With a big engine it is easier to make more power, which you then can sacrifice for economy. But making a small engine with good economy and hp can be more challenging. I don’t know how big you V8 is though. With the current rules I would say that you dont need a small engine because of the minimum weight rule.

Frankenstein Racing has entered the challenge with 2 trims of the Frankenstein Sabertooth coupe

Coming in Frankenstein Racing Green, both cars are using a 3.4L V6. The GT-PRO car (the one with the bigger heck spoiler, obviously) has DFI and a turbo equipped to generate the extra power.

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I hope there will be a spot left after the weekend because I can’t work on it until than.

1450 kg for the GT-PRO is very heavy. Especially when I look at real LM-GTE with 1245 kg.

GT-AM at $25k…is that “Total cost” or retail?

That is the total cost in the “Overview” tab.

I don’t think that will be a problem! :slight_smile:

Still haven’t had my question answered on why limit downforce numbers?

I wanted this race series to be for cheaper cars, and not high budget GTE cars that you would for example see in 24 hours of Le Mans. That means slower cars, and with high downforce you could have a really good handling car that is very fast through the corners. If you look at real race series, I believe restrictions on downforce isn’t uncommon, as it is for example used to slow down the cars (they can’t take the corners at such a high speed with less downforce) so if they crash they will be driving slower and therefore not take a huge impact. It might not be necessary to limit it, but I used the rules and restrictions from the first Automation Endurance Challenge as a guideline for this race series.

Well I like the 1450kg rule ad the minimum down force allows for more touring car spec race cars I am struggling with the 25% eco rule for a gtam car but i have only had automation for two weeks and I am still learning

Efficiency is no challenge for the engineers at Adenine and Inline Designs… we think we’ve got a good chance at this :smiley:

Here are the Bogliq Automotive contenders…

Fully prepped by Leeroy Racing for 24hr eco racing, Bogliq Automotive have entered both the GT-AM and GT-PRO classes with their iconic Kitten and Bastion models.

GT-AM Bogliq Kitten GT200

GT-PRO Bogliq Bastion GT350

Looking forward to the competition and best of luck to all who join me in this most auspicious of ventures!

Buy better, buy Bogliq

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