The Hunt For A Star Car! [FINISHED]


I am Mark J. Marcus-Johnson, Director for Movies Such as “Red Muscles”, “New Dawns”, and “Operation: Iron” and I am here today, to Look for a car for my new movie “Run The Dawn.”

So, What exactly is the point of this? Well, I am going to run your cars through 6 or so different challenges, each testing the prowess and abilities of each.

So, What are the Challenges? That’s a secret, My secret. But I can tell you what I’m going to need for a base line. It needs to

A) Look Good from EVERY Angle
B) Be Street Legal
C) Be Sporty
D) Represent YOUR Company.

So, How Old Do you want? Well, The Movie is set in 2018, So, from 2014 - 2018. But, it’s modern times! 2017, My Man/Woman. So, Concepts may be better set, for publicity, and all.

Basically, you send me a car, and a driver. I’ll put your cars through some tests, and I’ll take the top 3 into my movie, with Number One, becoming the Star Car!

Now, I have a budget of 100,000 per car. Of course, we’ll be buying it from you, so, no need for any added price.

So, I hope You have some fun.

M. Marcus-Johnson

Out of Mark-mode, Here’s the Rules!


  • Model Year 2014-2018
  • Max price of 100,000 w/ 0% markup
  • No Race Parts & Semi-Slicks
  • Safety > 40


  • High Driveabilty & Sportiness for Chase Scenes
  • High Prestige to Wow the Crowd
  • High Reliablity to Withstand beatings
  • Low-ish running costs so we don’t have to go overboard with (the eventual) repairs.


Model: HSC - Username
Trim: Open
Engine: HSC - Username
Variant: Open.

DEADLINE: 18/19 JAN 2017.


Oh f…k yes this is awesome


This was going to be my CSR round, but as I would never win one, and it would work better with challenges, I thought it would be a good idea to run it as it’s own thing.


I’d join. This looks like it’d be fun. Could probably come up with something wicked.


Dsd 2018 Saratoga coming up


100K at 0% mark up or final sale price?

100k at 0 Markup

That is one seriously expensive car

This looks totally awesome. Cannot wait to send in an entry!

Thats more than my Entropy in it’s most expensive trim.

i may or may not have a 3 tonne truck that fits the bill…

The rule-set is quite open. Looking for any particular performance benchmarks?

EX: Must hit 160mph for high-speed chase scenes?
Need a 0-62mph in under 5 seconds?
Does it need to have a manual for the hero to be seen shifting?

F&F much?


Movies, huh, I guess OAM has to make a new Chevalier then…


Mr Marcus-Johnson

Would you be able to tell me what the film is about?

I’m sure that FOA and FOE can provide a vehicle for your appraisal.

Prestige is something that “the crowd” won’t see as it’s all under the cover. I don’t understand the need for the car to be judged on prestige. Neither panel nor rim material has any effect on how the car looks on film but has an impact on how “prestigious” the car is to a buyer.

Therefore, could you clarify this point please?

Many Thanks

First Order Automotive

P.s.I love this idea…reminds me of the Top Gear Challenge and the American Road Trip.

What is the general plot for this movie? Is our hero a cop, a secret agent, a vigilante? Depending on what the movie calls for there could be several right or wrong answers. We at Petoskey Motors would be happy to provide a vehicle for your consideration. (Possibly a sweet ride for the villain)

100k at 0% markup? That’s twice the price of Lilith… And therefore very well in reach of GG to debut the gap in their lineup: the all-rounder track-destroying God of Street…

Should I also mention that, for example, 007: Quantum Solace, tallied up 23 totalled Aston Martins at the hands of Phil Collins a.k.a the Stig? That’s a pretty big budget…

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The General Plot is 3 people stealing 3 cars, and racing from LA to Miami.

So, Criminals?

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that sound an awful lot like NFS the run.


I was gonna say, sounds like a hint of Gumball Rally meets Grand Theft Auto.