TheAgathaNakai's Automation UE4 Creations 2010s

Welcome to TheAgathaNakai’s Automation UE4 Creations Thread!

On this thread, you will see all of my Automation UE4 creations. My cars are mostly performance vehicles, either they have serious intentions or just being cute, wacky, weird, etc. So, without blabbering too much nonsense, here are some of the cars I’ve done and posted for the first year UE4:


2019 Cellia Fidelia (BX) GRS (just click the hidden detail if you want to see it)
2019 Serena S6 Concept
2019 Cellia Miriel GT Prestige
2020 RWD Koneko
2016 Margaret Ageratha
2020 Cellia Novia GRS
1981 Serena S6 GTS
2015 Serena S6 Reiko Walker Designs (LIMITED EDITION)
2015 Margaret Abigail REV
2018 Margaret Ageratha (LIMITED EDITION)
2017 Margaret Abigail REV GTR (LIMITED EDITION)
2019 Enricord Bromo 4x4
2020 Leonora x RWD Rayquaza TMX (LIMITED EDITION)
2016 Enricord Saguaro GT 5.9
2018 Serena S6 3.8s
2005 EIRS GTS (tanexp Exclusive)
2018 Ainsworth Astoria (tanexp Exclusive)
2017 RWD Japari Bug (tanexp Exclusive)
2019 Cellia Fidelia (IX) GRS (Revisited)


2020 RWD Hitokage Superkart (tanexp Exclusive)
20XX Lentera Tracer Type-A (tanexp Exclusive)
2020 Cellia Miriel GRS “Thermal” (LIMITED EDITION)
2020 Popura Sans Superkart (tanexp Exclusive (HALLOWEEN SPECIALS))
2020 Popura Lolita Superkart (tanexp Exclusive (HALLOWEEN SPECIALS))


Hello again, folks!

First of all, I want to express my gratitude how happy I really am when I heard the news about one of the best collaboration in automotive gaming history (for me, at least). It is unbelievable, and I give ULTIMATE THOUSANDS OF KUDOS to the devs to make all of this happen.

Let’s get to the point. The new Automation update made me think about coming back to this forum and share my creation for all of you to see. But this time, I will just build what I want/feel like to build (the reason I’m doing this because it seems that I’m kind of inconsistent with brands (and that should explain why I haven’t posted anything in Enricord Motors despite I’ve made some cars, however I’m planning to bring some of the cars back soon), and I still can’t think of the good enough background story), and I will post it on this thread so I won’t make it one brand thread like most of these folks on this forum do. In short, this thread will contain all of my creations regardless of the brand.

And most of these cars I will post on this thread, will be available as a car mod in BeamNG to try out. I always wanted to know how does the others think, good or bad, it should help me to create/design better cars in the future.

So to start this thread, let me introduce you, 2019 Cellia Fidelia GRS.

Cellia Fidelia GRS is a 4-door, 5-seater family sports car made by Cellia Motor Corporation, a Japanese car company. The main inspiration of the car is Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

Quick Specs:

  • Engine: Cellia FB24 (Boxer-4 2.4L) - 380T producing 380 HP @7500RPM and 373 Nm of Torque @6900 RPM
  • Transmission: Cellia Sport 6-Speed Viscous LSD Manual Transmission
  • Suspension: Standard Springs - Gas Mono Tube Dampers - Semi Active Sway Bars
  • Tyres: 235F/245R Medium Compound Tyres
  • Interior: 5-Seat (2F 3R) - Standard Infotainment
  • Driving Assists: ABS, TC, ESC
  • Weight: 1569 Kg
  • MSRP: Between 28k - 38k (with markup)

Quick Performance Figures:

  • Top Speed 164 Mp/h
  • 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds
  • Radius Cornering 20m: 1.09g
  • Radius Cornering 200m: 1.08g
  • Roll Angle: 4.8 degrees
  • Weight Distribution: 53F/47R
  • Automation Test Track: 2:17.89
  • Top Gear Test Track: 1:23.25

tanexp Exclusive: You can download the .car file only on this thread.
LIMITED EDITION: Not everyone can have the car, but they have the chance to win one. You either ask me via DM to receive the objectives needed in order to win the car.
Revisited: An updated version of one of my existing cars.


Yes, it does remind me of a WRX STI, but I reckon it would be even better with dedicated high-performance rubber and a mechanical LSD, plus launch control. As it is, though, it’s still a highly competitive sport compact. Anyway, I can’t wait to see more of your UE4 cars… whatever they may be.


Thank you so much for your feedback! I’ll upload more as soon as I have time!

Awesome looking car, love it! Look forward to seeing more.

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

The car looks so good. In fact, better than your cars in KEE. Your potential is very high. Can’t wait to see more of your cars!

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate it! I will upload more as soon as I have time.

Absolutely top notch this.

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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

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For the 2nd car, I’m going to share one of my concepts. If I can remember correctly, I’ve posted this one on Discord months ago, and posted on steam artwork so some of you may recognize this car. Let me introduce you, 2019 Serena S6 Concept!

Note: The following images have been edited for aesthetic purpose.

Serena S6 is a 2-door 2+2 seater sports car made by Serena Automobile. The design is inspired from one of the best sports car in the world, Porsche 911 and Porsche Mission E (which later on to be revealed as Porsche Taican).

The following specs written here won’t be as detailed since it’s a concept, but here’s a quick and short one: The drivetrain is similar with base model 991, Rear-Engined Rear Wheel Drive. Instead of using Boxer-6, Serena S6 comes with 3.8L V6.


Nice porsche-ish Car! it looks delicious.

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

Hello again, folks! It’s been a while… again.
The third car that will fill the slot on this thread, 2019 Cellia Miriel GT Prestige.

Cellia Miriel GT is a 2-door, 2+2 seater rand tourer made by Cellia Motor Corporation. Yes it’s another Cellia, and it’s kind of inspired from Bentley Continental GT (not the exterior design wise though) and some other previous similar creations of mine before I come here.

Quick Specs (Automation):

  • Engine: Cellia MR638 - 400TT, producing 406 HP @6400 rpm and 550 Nm of torque @3000 rpm
  • Drivetrain: All-Wheel-Drive
  • Transmission: Cellia 7-Speed Viscous LSD DCT
  • Suspension: Standard Springs - Adaptive Dampers - Semi Active Sway Bars
  • Tyres: 255F/275R Medium Compound Tyres
  • Interior: 2+2 Cellia Prestige Premium Seater - Cellia Prestige Infotainment
  • Driving Assists: ABS, TC, ESC
  • Weight: 1754 Kg
  • MSRP: Between 40k - 49k (with markup)

Quick Performance Figures (Automation):

  • Top Speed: 174 Mp/h
  • 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds
  • Radius Cornering 20m: 1.07g
  • Radius Cornering 200m: 1.02g
  • Roll Angle: 5.5 degrees
  • Weight Distribution: 55F/45R
  • Automation Test Track: 2:16.82
  • Top Gear Test Track: 1:22.42

It’s definitely got 400 horsepower under its hood, but what engine configuration did you use to develop that figure?

Other suggestions:

  • The Miriel looks like it can accommodate a pair of full-sized seats in the back, instead of the current 2+2 arrangement.

  • Grand tourers are designed for comfortable long-distance cruising, and as such, progressive springs are preferable to standard items for such applications.

  • With 400 horsepower on tap, it would make sense to offer the option of true high-performance tires.

Even so, as it is, the Miriel is a solid entrant in the grand tourer segment, where style, comfort and speed are priorities.

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Thank you for the reply.

I use a DOHC 24v 3.8L Twin Turbo V6 engine. And all your suggestions are appreciated and has been noted. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

I like real …and your design could be mass produced, I love that.
I would like to see this car in its original form renamed into the 2019 Cellia Miriel 2+2 Prestige.
Then, a second model based on this one but with two full seats in the rear and named this cars original name …the folks in marketing are drooling!

As far as how it drives, I like the handling on my keyboard control. It does twitch a little at the upper end but that is to be expected I think. I can image cruising the town to impress behind the wheel of this car in real life.

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Cellia Miriel GT Prestige Review

Today i got to test drive the new Miriel GT Prestige. Its a nice looking car with 400 horses and pretty quick too!. It got Some nice thin headlights and a modern look.


Pretty big car if you ask me. Its AWD with a V6. 400+ Horses going to all the four wheels pushing and pulling this beast to 60 in 4.2 Seconds… Puts me back in the seat when launced

Tires and Brakes

Up front the Miriel got Some big and wide tires and brakes, 255 In the front and 275 in the rear. Thats bigger than some super cars if u ask me. Grips the ground well, since the rear is so wide this result in more under steer when trying to go fast, or spin out proof. Brakes are huge as well. 14 inches in the front that are ventilated disks so is the rear which is 13 inches big.


The new Miriel GT looks Stunning. Nice color as well as a modern look. In the rear here, you got some little exhaust and a lip. Can the air come out or is the exhaust fake??. If your driving behind one of these. youll say “dang them tires are wide, what car is that?”


Here is where the downside of the Mirel GT is. Its more understeery at highspeeds and more over sterry at low speeds. I almost hit a square doing this. Dont go too fast because the car is really quick. Braking wise, its pretty good, Front Dives alot though. If you brake and dodge something, try your best of trying not and spin out, Likes to slide while braking and turning.


This is a really comfortable car in my opinion. Brake feel is nice, Smooth DCT Transmission as well is a sport mode. Interior is nice with premium feel as well is nice seats. This is a 2+2 seater. Should be enough room in the back, look how long it is! You get good gas mileage as well With its V6. 28MPG for this! thats awesome!

Steering And Suspension

As i said earlier, its a nice driving car, brakes are nice so is riding over bumps. But while braking, nose dive in too much. Dont step on the gas pedal too much cause this is quick. V6 sounds nice too, quiet while riding. Noise insulation is good too. You will get a lot of attention driving this


Nice big windows and mirrors. I dont lmow if it has a rear camera, or sensors if you are about to hit something. Pull up at home with this and ur kids will be saying “nice car can we ride in it?”

Track Use

As i said earlier, more understeery at high speeds and oversterry at low. i dont think this is made for track because of how the suspension is, more of a cruiser. Brakes are strong though so is the engine. Car is a bargain at 30k (or is it not that price?)

Nice car @TheAgathaNakai


Hello again, everyone! Just finished my mid-term test and I think it’s time to upload my latest creation. This time, it’s not another latest Cellia that I’ve planned to upload, but this…

Does it have a name? Yep. It’s RWD Koneko, a 3-Door city car made by RWD (Reiko Walker Designs). The design itself based on a famous Japanese robot cat, Doraemon. The original idea of this car is to be an electric city budget car with a cute look inspired from the mentioned robot cat. But since you can’t build an electric car, I’ll use a small and economic engine.

Does it have a specs? Well, it’s a concept so I won’t give much details about this thing. But here’s a quick and short one: Turbocharged Inline-3, Advanced Automatic, and front wheel drive.


love it

It certainly resembles a kitten (with a lowercase k) to be honest - and a cute one at that.