TMCC18 - Taksi Online

Previous round: TMCC17- The Courier (submissions closed)

Premise: TV and Movie Car Challenge

TMCC18: Taksi Online

Taksi Online is an upcoming series being produced by Houshou Studio’s Indonesian division for their new streaming platform. The show centres around an online taxi driver, known only as “the Driver”, and his night-time online taxi job. The story focuses on his interactions with his passengers, as well as bits of the Driver’s daily life. The studio isn’t looking for anything special. They just want a car that a typical online taxi driver would use, such as the Driver. Because these cars are both their daily drivers and work vehicles, the car has to be reliable, practical, and economical. The car doesn’t have to be fancy, but should be comfortable enough for the Driver to do his job in. In other words, the studio wants a no-nonsense basic car for both personal and passenger-ferrying duties.



  • Model year ≤2019
  • Trim year 2019
  • Max price: $19,000
  • Max trim ET: 95
  • Min. wheelbase: 2.40m (hard lower limit)
  • Max. wheelbase: 2.70m (hard upper limit)
  • Min. safety: Basic 10s
  • No semi slick tyres
  • Must have at least 5 seats
  • Must have at least five doors
  • Must be a hatchback/wagon/MPV. Liftbacks are not allowed.


  • Family year ≤2019
  • Variant year 2019
  • Max engine ET: 110
  • Maximum loudness: 35
  • At least one muffler required
  • Catalytic converter required
  • Unleaded fuel only
  • 92 RON maximum. You can achieve this by adjusting the “Tuned Fuel Type”. You can obviously run on lower octane but it gives you no competitive advantage.
  • No V16s

Naming Convention

  • Model/engine family name: TMCC18-(your forum username)
  • Trim name: name of your car
  • Variant name: name of your engine




The lower the better, but make sure that you don’t compromise too much and still provide a good package overall.


These cars are supposed to offer good bang for buck. The studio rather buy a slightly more expensive car with better value than a cheaper car that offers next to nothing, and vice versa.

Running costs

The car must be fuel-efficient, have low service costs, and be reliable. What else is there to say?


The Driver is just your average Joe, driving his little car to put food on the table. He doesn’t want his shitbox to spin out while taking a corner at 20km/h.


The car isn’t going to win hearts but nobody would want to be seen driving something repulsive. The car shouldn’t be too flashy and should reflect the Driver’s humble personality. As such, the colours should not be flashy either. Typical colours include white, grey, silver, and black. But anything can work as long as it doesn’t stand out too much. The car shouldn’t look too fancy either, as this round involves rather shitspec cars.



Nobody really expects much from a car in this segment but don’t make it an absolute nightmare to ride in for both the driver and passengers.


These cars may be small but being able to carry passengers and a decent amount of cargo is always a plus.


Little cars like these aren’t exactly the safest but do try to at least make the driver feel safe in their own car.



The city is too gridlocked for any kind of spirited driving, so there is no point in making a sporty car.

Notes (Please Read)

  • Interior designs are not mandatory and will not be judged. Still, I encourage all of you to at least give it a shot as it essentially unlocks a new dimension in making Automation cars. I will comment on interiors when judging but again, it won’t affect the results.

  • CSR realism is expected. If anything is too min-maxxed or out of the scope, it will be binned.

But what exactly counts as realistic? Being in Southeast Asia, cars in Indonesia can get away with a lot of things that are normally unacceptable in more developed nations. Traction control? None. Safety? As long as you drive carefully, you’ll be fine. LEDs? No need! Infotainment? As long as it has radio and bluetooth, it’s good!

In other words, you can lower your standards a little here. But still, look at the cars in the inspirations section and do some research, see what’s realistic for the segment and what isn’t. Meme cars that go “haha third world country mean no safety and everything cheap and deliberately bad!!!” will be binned.

That said, most taxis (online or not) are manuals. In addition, the smaller hatchbacks normally have engines between 1.0L and 1.2L to comply with LCGC regulations which reduced the car’s tax obligations. The larger MPVs, meanwhile, tend to have engines between 1.0 and 1.5L. So yeah do what you want with that information.

  • Value is important. If a $17,000 car is as good as a $19,000 car, the production team will obviously go for the cheaper car.

  • This round will be run on the LCV4.2 open alpha



Daihatsu Ayla/Toyota Agya/Perodua Axia

Honda Brio

Suzuki Karimun Wagon R

Datsun Go

Datsun Go+

Toyota Cayla/Daihatsu Sigra

Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia

Honda Mobilio

Wuling Confero

Suzuki Ertiga

Dacia Sandero

Volkswagen Gol

Fiat Argo

Some music to get you in the mood:


  • Added Dacia Sandero, Volkswagen Gol, and Fiat Argo to Inspirations

  • Clarified that liftbacks are not allowed

  • Added more information about design and engineering

  • Budget decreased to $19,000

  • Labelled cars in Inspirations

  • New deadline


  • Submissions will open on Sunday, 8th May at 23.00 SGT (UTC+8). The rules will be open to deliberation and subject to change until then.

  • Submissions will close on Sunday, 29th May at 23.59 SGT (UTC+8).

  • Due to the unstable state of 4.2, resubmissions will be allowed should there be an update that tampers with the cars’ stats and/or design. If no such updates happen, however, there will be no resubmissions.

Good luck, have fun, and may the best car win.

Countdown Timer


Maybe it is time for the successor to the pink brick to enter the scene… :thinking:

BTW, wheelbase limits = game numbers or actual numbers?


The wheelbase limits are actual numbers, so you can’t have a 2.39m or 2.71m wheelbase


I’ll accept that on the condition that our client may not want a car whose family and/or model years are too old relative to the setting.

That said, a car that’s too slow won’t cut much ice with our client, either.

2019 Mitsushita Zevol 1.5 J Automatic

This right here is the brand new 2019 Mitsushita Zevol. The new Mitsushita Mini MPV. The new Zevol features the new monocoque platform, McPherson strut front and Torsion Beam rear suspension. Developed and assembled by Indonesian branch of Mitsushita.

It has lean burn 1.3 or 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine with the 1.5 producing 97hp coupled with 4-speed Automatic transmission or 5-speed manual. There are quite a few equipment levels. The one I’m submitting is the 1.5 J with optional Automatic transmission. The J being the lowest equipped on the range.

Even though it is the “base”, it still has goodies such as 4-speaker stereo with CD Player, AUX, Bluetooth and USB capability. It also comes with a pair of airbags.


I mean, I figured those two would be mutually exclusive anyway, but you can never have too much information.


Would a cosmetic sports package look good to the buyer? Much like those cosmetic AMG packages on lower-level Mercedes, but on third-world specification cars?

No. The buyer wants an average city car/MPV for use as a taxi, so the sports package won’t really do them any favours. A slightly aggressive or edgy design is fine (because that’s just how cars are in the late 2010s and especially now) but yeah, nothing that outright screams “sports car” or “boy racer”.

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I have a question about the design in relation to the inspirations. Do the cars have to look south east Asian/ Chinese or would something European be ok?

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European cars are okay, but the thing is that many of them look far too expensive compared to the cars in the inspirations.

The small hatchbacks (Daihatsu Ayla, Honda Brio, Suzuki Karimun, etc.) cost less than 10k USD (around 7.5-8k) irl. Meanwhile, the larger MPVs (Toyota Avanza, Honda Brio, Suzuki Ertiga, etc.) cost about 14k and much like the hatchbacks they certainly do look the price.

The closest European car to what I’m looking for is the Volkswagen Gol, but I don’t know much else since I’m not very well-versed with European cars. Either way I will update the inspirations section as I find more cars that fit the brief.

Sounds like maybe a Dacia is the only mainline European brand with a similar price range.

Great news!

The Dacia Sandero is now in the inspirations tab (along with the VW Gol and Fiat Argo)! More cars may be added in the coming days/hours, along with other changes if necessary.


The pictures I find of Indonesian taxis are almost exclusively light blue metallic. Is that some standard colour on them?


Most regular taxis are operated by Blue Bird, a taxi and bus company, hence the blue colour. Other taxi companies use different colours.

This time however, it’s an online taxi. So it’s a personally-owned car used for Uber or any other equivalent services. Therefore they don’t follow any corporate colour schemes.

As for colours, most cars in Indonesia are painted black, white, silver, or grey. This is also true for cars used as online taxis.


But what if we want our cars in color rather than greyscale? :pleading_face:

I take it as freedom of choice when it comes to colour. “Most common” does not mean “all of them”. I was just wondering if that shade of blue was some official colour, it would have felt better to send in a car in that shade then.

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So to avoid getting burned like I did on CSR141, asking right off the bat: Do steel panels mean “Just like Partial Alu but without the Alu: Acceptable, minimally rustproofed steel” or do they mean “Literally as bad as British Leyland and Fiat, binned and dead, fuck you”?

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Just clarifying- this is a-segment, right?

I would’ve thought the 2019 suzuki celerio (More like the maruti cars, which are Asian and cheap after all) would be suitable, technicaly EUDM stuff


Nah, B or cheapo C. The whole point of a taxi car is to prioritize interior and luggage space, so a total city car isn’t the best choice here.