UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list

Oh, cool, a way to pre-crash cars! (Yeah, I understand, body bug, but I had to say it.)


Winga Dinga body has an unusual length calculations from an exhaust below, which resulted in length of 5.33 m in all variants regardless of 2.5, 2.7 or 2.95 m wheelbases.

Additionally, the 2.95 m wheelbase 2 and 4-door (4-window) sedan has shorter engine compartment than other variants (which has previously been reported, but yet to be fixed in 4.2.17).


The 2.8m wheelbase variant of the Stylish_SUV_90 has a considerably smaller engine bay than the smaller 2.6m brother.

(V8 transversely mounted)

(The difference is substantial enough that a 4L DOHC (instead of SOHC) 90 degrees V8 won’t fit at all transversely in the larger 2.8m wheelbase body, but it does fit in the 2.6m wheelbase body.)

The 3.0m variant hardly shows any fill factor for these engines, further indicating that the engine bay size progression for the 2.8m wheelbase body is out of whack.


And now that the campaign is out, this one

produces cars with a hefty safety penalty for key markets at the time unless you go for advanced safety (which is kinda not the point for cheap city runabouts…)

There aren’t that many alternatives at the time for ultra-short wheelbase cars either…

(See also the post I replied to for more issues)


this body enjoys resetting this morph


5 door variant listed as 3 door


This one here

is about 200kg heavier than this one, despite being of similar vintage, wheelbase and length (4.16m vs 4.1m).

Example with identical equipment (cloned and changed body)

Bit of a pity really, I find the looks to be quite neat but several important stats are just not competitive…


Two things with the new Egg:

  • The 3-door version shows as 5 doors in-game
  • You can place the engine to the front, rear and mid but it the tooltip shows max zero seats for mid and rear engine position. (Actually, you can have all regular seats in these layouts at the moment, so it’s either just a display bug or None doesn’t actually work…)

And if the Egg has 3/3 seating, shouldn’t this one with a longer wheelbase

have 3/3 seating as well instead of 3/+2?


The width is more, so it weighs more. 1.33m vs 1.55m


Likely an issue with bounds on the 1.55m body, as it shouldn’t be that much wider than a comparably sized body


Bounds are no longer within the modelling process, they are automatically calculated by the game now, so it will be to do with the sizing of the car such as Lanson says

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Not a bug, but I have a suggestion for 76_EU body paint slots (with images and hex codes) as I couldn’t replicate special edition two-tone paints in the game.

Primary Car, Bonnet/Hood and Pillar Trim: #006B99 and 50% Flake
Secondary Paint, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper and Paint Misc 1 (edited): #D8D8D8 and 50% Flake

Primary Car, Bonnet/Hood and Pillar Trim: #6A3500 and 50% Flake
Secondary Paint, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper and Paint Misc 1 (edited): #FFD458 and 50% Flake

Primary Car, Bonnet/Hood, Pillar Trim and Secondary Paint: #FF5900
Front Bumper, Rear Bumper and Paint Misc 1 (edited): #464646

Real-life images as a reference.
Mk1 Bravo and Sandpiper special editions.

Mk2 XR2 and Ghia (essentially a major facelift of the Mk1, rather than an all-new car).

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The 3-door version of this one has +2 rear seats, whereas the 5-door has regular 3 rear seats. For a 2.36m wb car, I’d say regular 3 seats for all is fair, esp. since there is an even smaller sibling with +2 seats already.


This body above has the same small engine bay size as the one below:

Unlike in 4.1, the largest V12 I could fit into it was quite small, at 4.0L, but it could somehow still hold a 6.0L V8:

Oddly, in 4.1 the longer of these two bodies had a much larger engine bay - enough to hold a V12 displacing 6.0L or more. I think the LWB version should have its engine bay enlarged back to its former size.



Body shown has weird tire problems which I can’t have any tire diameter (for both tires) above or below 650.


Asymmetrical UVs, as tested with the vanilla round cutout patch (original fixture on left, mirror on right).