UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list

Seam bug is present in a 3-door fastback variant of 2.54 m wheelbase 1985 Juliet (85_EU_Fastback_3door_M).

Other variants and wheelbases are unaffected, such as a 3-door fastback variant of 2.68 m wheelbase 1985 Juliet (85_EU_Fastback_3door_L pictured below).

I’m here just to notify that the current update has yet to fix this issue.


78_US_sedan_alt_XL (3.0m wheelbase)

The game thinks that this is a L-FWD layout. I disagree.

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white wheel wells
can’t paint em black (the color they usually are, I think some sort of plastic material)


You see a red car and you want to paint bits black?