UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list

Another issue with the Commoner body sets (across all sizes) is that when morphing is enabled, you can’t highlight the rear wheel arch morphing zone via mouseover, even though that particular zone is already shown in the morphing UI.


The new Death 1990 body (90_jp_hatchback_5door_alt_M shown, may affect other variants as well) has an issue of bottoming out even at “normal” ride height conditions.


Something might be a tad misaligned on this body.


Right Rear Arch

Left Rear Arch

Front Left Arch

Front Right Arch


The maximum front and rear tire diameter for the '87 405/E36-esque body sets (especially the four largest ones) should be increased by 10-30mm for each set.

For the 2.8m and 2.7m wheelbase variants (the former of which is shown above), the maximum tire diameter is only 640mm; for the 2.4m and 2.58m wheelbase variants, the maximum tire diameter is even less, at just 620mm. The upshot is that I can’t make the tire profile as high as it should be for certain applications without resorting to changing wheel and tire diameters via advanced trim settings, and those won’t affect a car’s stats in any way.

On top of that, all of those body sets should also have a pair of additional morphing zones - one each for the front and rear wheel arch openings.


I’m afraid you’ll need to explain in words what we’re looking at here…

Sorry, do you mean as in enlarging the arches for bigger wheels?


The use of fixtures to remove elements of the body around the fenders do not cut equally on either side of the body.


Not to allow the fitment of bigger wheels and tires, but to make them more visible.

Also, at present, there is another issue with the Koenigsegg-like body sets: there should be an intermediate-sized option between the existing sizes (2.34m and 2.66m wheelbases) with a wheelbase of ~2.5m.

On the subject of body set sizes, the Freon body set could be expanded to include smaller and larger variants, with wheelbases of ~2.5m and ~2.9m respectively. However, even the one we have has many shortcomings: it needs a longer engine bay (to accommodate longer engines, especially straight-sixes and V12s) and more body styles (2-door coupe and convertible, ute, etc. Both of those should apply to all sizes of the Freon set, not just the 2.64m wheelbase variant we already have.

As for morphing zones, there should be an additional zone for the lower rear corner of the rear side window in the 4-door version (if only to give more glass area), and a wider range of adjustments for the front and rear bumper morphs (listed as FRONTBAR and REARBAR, respectively, in the morphing UI), so that they can be pushed further inward for a more flush look. Moreover, the B-pillar morphing zone should be split into upper and lower zones.

Finally, the maximum tire width for the Freon body set (2.64m wheelbase) is very narrow, at only 205mm front and rear, when using dual wishbone front/multilink rear suspension but without adjusting the wheel arch flare morphs.

Considering the size of the body, an increase in maximum tire width by 30-50mm at both axles would make perfect sense in my view.


Looks more like a 3 door to me?


Basing my opinion on the real world car the body is based on and the name, I think the “08_US” models are being introduced earlier than expected. Is my own opinion though so if the devs disagree, then disregard.


The coupe and convertible variants of two smallest sizes of the Edgy 00s body sets (2.44 and 2.55m wheelbases) can only accommodate a +2 rear seat each, even though they look big enough to hold a full-sized rear seat (either 2 or 4 full seats) just like the larger sizes can.

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Car bodies are usually unlocked a few years before their IRL counterparts to account for in-game development time. In the case of this specific body family, though, this is compounded by the existence of the similarly retro 2003 Ford Mustang GT Concept. (Ironically, the closest body to that car unlocks in 2005.)


Correction: that body set is unlocked in 2004.

Speaking of which, although it has a front bumper morphing zone, it lacks a rear bumper morphing zone - if it had one, we could push the rear bumper further in or out, with the former potentially giving a more flush look. Also, it deserves to have a B-pillar morphing zone - specifically, we should be able to move the base and top of that pillar independently. Another problem is that the maximum tire size (without morphs) is quite low - with a DW front/multilink rear suspension, front and rear tires are limited to a maximum width of 255mm each, with a minimum diameter of 680mm, but this body set looks like it can have a maximum default tire width of 265mm front/285mm rear with the suspension configuration I just mentioned. Oh, and the minimum tire diameter should be lowered by 20-30mm as well.

I also wish this body set came in multiple sizes in addition to the one we already have (which has a 2.84m wheelbase) - I could imagine it being available in several other wheelbases (2.54m, 2.69m, 2.99m) as well. Moreover, all of these sizes should be able to accommodate 2 or 3 full-size rear seats in the rearmost row, not just a +2 as the above screenshot shows. Finally, it would not make sense for any of these body sets to support a mid-engined configuration - they still look front-engined no matter how hard I try to give them typical mid-engined proportions.

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I’d forgotten about the 4.2 unlock year tweaks. Still a bit late, though…


Stylish_SUV_09_ELWB_C5 (may or may not affect other similar bodies)

I hope no kid will attempt to put fixtures at the corners of this vehicle, since it will give them nightmares.


This front-engined body set (in all sizes) lacks the convertible body style option its mid-engined counterparts have:

In fact, those body sets (11 EU Super Longnose) should have two convertible body style options each - one with a soft top, and another with a hard top. Additionally, they should all have provision for a +2 rear row (with small rear seats).

Also, the Charites body sets shown above could come in a few more sizes - a larger one with a 2.8m wheelbase would be nice, as would a smaller one with a 2.2m wheelbase; the latter would slot in nicely between the smallest size (2.0m wheelbase) and the next smallest one (2.36m wheelbase).


months later, the issue is still here, on the other wheelbases too

Devs, come on- this is the only decent “normal” 1950s car body, the closest alternative, Cortina, has a rear that is basically impossible to design on due to it’s extremely unique shapes.

The issue was reported almost half a year ago…