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2019 New York International Auto Show



Akarui - Kamakiri R38

So you think super cars are for the elite? Not any more.

Built to conquer the tightest of roads the Kamakiri is nimble and responsive with pushrod suspension all round you get a comfortable yet agile drive.

Whilst the 2000cc V10 might not be the largest displacement it really packs a punch, delivering 400 hp and 265lb-ft of torque you won’t be left disappointed.

Engine Specifications
Engine Model K19-20P
Layout V10 90°
Materials AlSI block and head, Billet steel crank shaft, Lightweight forged conrods and pistons
Valvetrain 40 valve, variable valve lift and timing
Dimensions 66.7mm x 57.3mm
Displacement 2000cc
Aspiration Turbo Charged
Compression 10:1
Boost Pressure 1.10 bar
Output 400hp
Redline 10200rpm

Model Specifications
Model Kamakiri - R38
Drivetrain Mid engine, all wheel drive
Seating 2
Chassis and body Aluminium panels and Glued aluminium monocoque
Suspension Pushrod front and rear
Gearbox 7 speed dual clutch transmission
Brakes 290mm 2 piston carbon ceramic disk front, 355mm 1 piston carbon ceramic disk rear
Curb weight 1480kg
Weight distribution 46/54
0-62mph 3.6 seconds
62-0 braking distance 31m
Fuel economy 53.2mpg urban, 32.2mpg extra urban, 45.7mpg combined
List price $46,053

If you wish to take a test drive: Akarui - Kamakiri - R38.car (131.9 KB)


Axuma at the New York International Auto Show

The pinnacle of a car manufacturer’s lineup is an important spot to fill. The flagship sedan, the tippity top of the totem pole. In a market of an ever-growing love for crossovers, why would we reveal sedans first?

A luxury sedan is unmatched in the eyes of consumers. You think of Rolls-Royce, boom, there’s a Phantom. Mercedes-Benz? The S-Class springs to mind. By unveiling the SJ as our most luxurious model, we’re establishing a brand identity unmatched to anyone else. The usability and the stylishness of the best from Germany, and the build quality, materials, and fit and finish from the best of our home country, Japan.

We are Axuma, and this is what we can do. Be your own inspiration.

Unmatched Style

When we set out to design our most prestigious, most expensive model, we took into consideration what it means to be “upper class.” An imposing road presence is achieved with a wide grille, and enhanced with the signature chromed wing vents which flank each side of the car’s face. Classiness is dealt with by using tasteful chrome accents along each side of the car, and by curving the body to our advantage. 19” to 21” wheels can be optioned, depending on the engine choice.

The windowline extends and follows the C-pillar to make the car look longer and more spacious, which gives the effect of a more sporting presence and more luxurious taste. The side of the car is sculpted to be conservative while remaining classy and intriguing to look at.

At the back, the Axuma style has been applied here in a new style but is still familiar. Full LED taillights curve around each corner and meld gracefully into the license plate surround and the chrome bar that runs from each end, right underneath the AXUMA lettering.

Premium Performance

The engine is the heart and soul of a car. When you buy a luxury car, you want it all. A smooth, powerful, and efficient engine. Not too loud, not too complicated, and not too crazy. That’s why we offer two engines in the Axuma SJ. The 3.0L twin-turbo unit is there, which has been well received so far, making over 330 silky smooth horsepower while being responsive and efficient.

However, the big news is that we’ve developed an entirely new engine for the job. We wanted something powerful, smooth, efficient and rock solid, and so we skipped the turbos on this one. Yes that’s right, a brand new engine without the advantage of modern turbocharging. However using our knowledge of excellent engine design and some of the most well proven new technologies, we’ve rolled out the RT-series V8.

It’s made entirely of aluminum-silicon and employs dual-overhead cams and dual injection to make 420 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. The impressive thing is that we’ve tuned this to be the smoothest engine on sale today, and it makes 90% of its torque from 1600 to 6100 RPM, meaning you’ll have a jet-like pull whenever you use your right foot. The best part? You can still get fuel economy that’s class competitive. Power is sent to the rear wheels, or optionally all four through the Farox 8-speed automatic we all know and love.

Interior Fit for a King

Inside sits 4 or 5 seats, with a traditional analog gauge cluster and analog clock gracing the center stack. Like the rest of Axuma, our goal is traditional luxury, with a modern flare - it still offers all the modern safety and convenience tech you’d find in the competitors. It has an 8-inch screen between the silver-backed gauges, and a 10.8 inch AxuMedia screen laying landscape in the dashboard. Real, high quality buttons are used for your HVAC and climatized seats. Keep yourself comfortable with heated and cooled seats, which can adjust in 16 different ways and massage you. Rear passengers can even recline if they like. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard across the range, as is Bluetooth connectivity. The car even comes with a 1-year subscription to SiriusXM radio. Blind spot monitoring, 360-degree camera, parking sensors, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, you name it. If it’s a feature to keep your car on the road and as safe as possible, it’s here in your Axuma.


Pricing and Options

The SJ6 will start at $50,990, while the SJ8 moves the price up to $53,590. Adding AWD will increase each by $1,790.

Premium Package $5,000 • Rear Seat Package $1,700 • Warmth & Comfort Package $2,600 • SAFE+ Rear Seat Package $1,300 • Executive Rear Seat Package $3,500 • Executive Rear Seat Package II $1,950

Axuma Automotive - SF Executive Sedan *Reboot*

The New T90 by MRP


The New Montes T90 it changes the approach: it wants to be the best sports luxury sedan from the market, thanks to a powerful engine, a fined-tuned suspension, and a quick, precise and good feedback steering.

The engine is the same PO50 5.1L twinturbo V8, found on the older gen T90 and current Excelsior, but thanks to the MRP tuning, instead developing 487hp at 7600 RPM, now it develops 584hp at 7700 RPM, without sacrificing smoothness, response or increasing the turbolag (the turbo is fully charged at 2400 RPM), providing an exceptional performance (0-100km/h in 4.0s and a top speed of 334km/h) as well an incredible fuel efficiency (7.8L/100km AVG and a CO2 emissions of 50g/km using the WTLP standard).

The transmission is the 7MDEA2 (7-speed DCT), developed by MRP, and transfers the power to the four wheels with a 50/50 ratio in normal conditions (it could send, depending the conditions, the 100% to only one axle, and one wheel if it’s necessary), and you can select five modes: confort, normal, sport, MRP, and RWD.

And thanks to it’s adaptative air suspension (thanks to a radar, it adjusts the height of each wheel, as well the hardness, according with the road surface, steering and throttle and brake position), you won’t believe that are you driving a 1.9-ton saloon: on a 20m-radius corner, the car produces 1.10g before loosing grip, and 1.08g on a 200m-radius corner.

The new T90 580 MRP is available from $56.841. Soon, a less powerful T90 400 MRP it will be available. If someone want to test the car on BeamNG, send me a PM.


TORÉER AUTOMOBILE in association with AXUMA

present the


As an homage to the Hokuto Levara Toréer, 1000 units of this iconic sports sedan will be produced. Enjoy blasting past contemporary sports cars with an extra 241 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque over stock, as well as a rear biased AWD system and a lightning-quick 7 speed dual clutch. Rocket from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds on to a top speed of 197 miles per hour while maintaining 21 MPG city and 33 MPG highway (US). Pull a maximum of 1.18 g, and go around the Top Gear Test Track faster than the new Honda NSX. Outpace supers all day, every day, stop at the pump less often than them, and enjoy a higher level of luxury than them, all for a competitive MSRP of $75,000. The ownership of an SJ Toréer is a privilege. Get yours before they’re gone.

Toréer Automobile et Réglage SARL (Axuma SJ Toreer)

AL Autos at The 2019 New York International Auto Show (2/2)


Hello one and all! Welcome to the AL Autos booth here at the 2019 New York International Auto Show in wonderful New York City!! With us today, we have second car we brought with us to NYIAS 2019. Allow me to introduce you to our new fun to drive crossover!

The AL Autos Via: Practicality combined with style!

RGS Shown in AL Sky Blue

After some substantial testing, the all new AL Autos Via is ready for the public! The Via is one of the results of our mission to create affordable, comfortable, practical vehicles that are still fun to drive and striking to look at. To achieve this, we’ve applied new techniques we’ve acquired from experience (and some help) as well as put some nifty technology that we’ve developed into the Via. All of the trims made for the Via come with our AL Comfort Suspension setups with integrated pothole detection and adaptive technology as standard. This allows for a subtle ride protecting the occupants from discomfort and protecting the wheels from misalignment. The Via comes with a choice of two powertrains (for now): a 2.0 L Turbo 4-cylinder producing 254.2 BHP, 192.9 lb-ft torque, and gets 30.2 MPG (available on the RGLE and RGXLE), and a 2.3 L Turbo 4-cylidner producing 346.8 BHP, 248.2 lb-ft torque, and gets 28.5 MPG (available on the RGS). All trims of the Via also come with AWD as standard for optimized handling and power delivery. All of these fun goodies are wrapped in a striking body with some new design elements.

RGLE shown in AL Crimson Red

The Via currently has 3 interior trims which come in a variety of welcoming color schemes. The RGLE comes with our ALStandard Comfort automatic multi-point adjustment cloth seats. The RGXLE comes with our ALPremium Comfort automatic multi-point adjustment leather seats. The RGS comes with our ALRoadSport automatic multi-point adjustment leather bucket seats. Every interior trim provides astounding comfort and support to any occupants which enter the vehicle. For some extra goodies, the RGXLE and RGS come with a 12” infotainment screen loaded with the newly revamped ALAutos-Infotainment System. The safety of all who drive our vehicles is very important to us, so we included, as standard, ALSafeShield, our comprehensive safety suite, is standard on all Via trims. No matter where you look, you will find the results of our mission to improve the quality of our cars while providing the public with fun to drive, practical, and striking vehicles.

RGXLE shown in AL Dark Green

Prices for the (Model) are as follows (Prices include a 20% Markup):
RGLE: $26,787
RGXLE: $30,982
RGS: $39,292

Want to see more?

An in-depth spec sheet will be posted on our official website soon!

That’s all for now! Thank you for joining us here at the 2019 New York International Auto Show! If you still have the energy for it, look out for another release at Auto Shanghai 2019! Have a wonderful rest of the day and enjoy the show!


Martlet, Satsunai, and Aeros at NYIAS 2019

Martlet Cormorant

Powered by a 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V6 returning 213 horsepower at 6100 RPM, 228 lb-ft of torque at 2800 RPM, and 25.4 average MPG, Martlet’s new Cormorant takes personal luxury to new levels of fuel efficiency for its size while still being able to deliver a reasonable 0-60 time of under nine seconds.
yeah it’s pretty much a car for old people

Satsunai Biei

Named for a scenic town in Satsunai’s native Hokkaido known for its lush rolling hills, the Satsunai Biei is a grand tourer designed to eat up miles in comfort and speed. Its 6.0L naturally aspirated V8 delivers 468 horsepower at 6700 RPM and 418 lb-ft of torque at 4900 RPM, dispatching 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and going on to a governed top speed of 186 MPH. However, the Biei still gets 26.1 average MPG at cruising speeds.

Aeros Antioch

Aeros’ newly redesigned crossover uses a variant of their 3L I5 that has been in production since 2011. Nevertheless, it produces a respectable 237 horsepower at 5500 RPM and 279 lb-ft of torque from 2300-4200 RPM. Thanks to its 7-speed automatic it is able to return 29.7 mixed MPG and tow 3500 pounds with this engine, though Aeros plans to make adjustments to improve the 9.66-second 0-60 time before the 2020 Antioch goes on sale this fall.


Leviathan Motor Company


The all-new Maladus has arrived. Now more powerful than ever, the M350 generation is equipped with a new 5.5L V8, starting at 618 hp and 432 lb-ft. Let the awe-inspiring note of a years-refined naturally aspirated V8 soaring over 9000 rpm envelope you as you feel its immense power under your control.

Every inch of the new styling was sculpted with intent to create a meeting of elegance and flair perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Aerodynamics were carefully planned for maximum efficiency in the use of lips and vents without interfering with the lines of the body. Inside boats signature flowing aluminum lines with carbon fiber and leather upholstery as well as the new HUD system.

The M350 sends all of its power to the rear wheels. It utilizes a 7-speed DCT and fully active suspension to tackle any situation. The base model boasts a 200+ mph top speed and can achieve 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds without the assistance of its launch control system. 60 years of the iconic Maladus have brought us to the ultimate drivers car.

Coming later this year

Click here to explore the LMC heritage.


This could get messy…


Ursula AG: sends cease and desist letter and copyright claim to Oldman Motors


Turf war!!! :rage::rage::rage:


Zenshi at the 2019 NYIAS

Zenshi makes an appearance once more in the New York International Auto Show with it’s current lineup, ranging from the Nimessa to the Gundan. One very special model, however, makes it’s appearance in the center of Zenshi’s booth.

2020 Karis (2nd Generation, XGK56)

200S model shown in Frosty White

Replacing the Kamata in Zenshi’s compact sports spot in the lineup, the Karis serves to not only be a successor to the Kamata, but also a successor to it’s previous generation, which first made it’s appearance in 1969.

When it comes to creating a compact and affordable sports car, Zenshi made sure that the Karis prioritized agility and lightness. Weighing just shy of 1,200 kg, the Karis can either have the 180 HP 1.2L RapidAct turbocharged I4, or the 225 HP 20-Valve QZ20-GDA 2.0L I4. Both transmissions can either be mated to a 6-Speed Manual or a 7-Speed AvanTec transmission.

Inside, The Karis follows suit of how the previous generation was, sporty yet comfortable. In a 2+2 layout, the Karis’s dash is, in a traditional Zenshi manner, focused towards the driver. the AIGCS utilized on the Karis is that of a hybrid digital-analog gauge cluster that pays homage to the first generation, allowing for improved ease of use with infotainment functions, vehicle functions, and so forth.

So then, what is presented here is what Zenshi believes is a proper successor to the Karis, an embodiment of spirited driving at a more affordable scale, combining classic styling with modern styling seamlessly to give a design that will surely stand out from the competition.

More info to come later…

Out of the Shadows

One of the most anticipated cars of 2019 arrives in full force.

A name etched into the annals of history.

A racing pedigree unchallenged by any other automaker.

The Viva Brooklands has landed.

A historic name from the beginning of British Motorsport, in order to get their new marque on the map, Bramhall went to one of the most prestigious and successful sports car developers to aid in their quest. Brooklands took what was a basic, ordinary four door saloon and gave it the heartbeat of a purebred racer.

The 1964 Bramhall Viva Brooklands was born.

Taking lessons learned from over 65 years of motor racing experience, Bramhall have returned the Brooklands name to the iconic sports hatchback. The VSi has be used as a baseline, however, the 2 litre turbocharged Rochdale engine has been swapped for a 3.2 litre, twin turbocharged V6 powerhouse, with over 390 brake horsepower and a top speed edging over 170 miles per hour. 0 to 60 is done in less than 5 seconds and it will complete a lap of the Nurburgring in less than 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Bramhalls patented ADTS all-wheel drive system ensures that even at maximum power the car remains planted and stuck to the ground through all sorts of terrain. An Aida infotainment system is included as standard, as well as the all new Bramhall Stability Technology with Launch Mode.

On sale from the 23rd April 2019
Be part of the revolution

4 Year Warranty
MSRP $45,500.00
Excessive use of Launch Mode may void warranty, check at your local dealer for details

Marketing Material available to all auto magazines

All images available through Bramhall dealerships and during the New York International Auto Show, all rights reserved


The New Kazume 7-Seat Crossover

“With an ever-growing market of crossovers around the world, manufactures have to adapt to the times. We at Kazume have made SUVs before, but never big enough for bigger storage space, families, and bigger futures.”

“And to support these futures, we made the KX7.”

The KX7 is engineered and equipped to set the bar for affordable 7-passenger SUVs. Our legacy of leadership means that KX7 includes benchmarks like the Xenia and the Azura. And our new SUV is eager to lead your family anywhere in bold and brilliant style, from its LED lighting, to wheels from 18 to 21 inches, to a body that’s at once muscular and aerodynamic.

This is our bigger future.

Suave Style

Designed to turn heads, on-road or off, KX7 features a muscular stance, rugged design touches, and enough luxurious features inside to make any expedition feel like a day at the spa. A rugged design greets you from every angle, while the signature character lines flow low on the body, providing a spacious interior filled with light. Strategically located spoilers and deflectors help improve KX7’s aerodynamic performance.

Premium Seating, for Your Whole Family

Consider it your base camp for big adventures. KX7 offers a premium, spacious interior with available navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Bose Premium Audio System coming through an 8.8-inch touchscreen display. KX7 provides its premium touch with the use of leather-appointed seats, available wood-tone trim to metallic accents - the signs of a high-quality, crafted interior are on full display. The available Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof allows for a room with a view, whichever seat you choose. It stretches over all three rows of seats. Whether you’re in the city, on the highway, or cruising through the mountains, everyone can enjoy the scenery.
Capability goes way beyond taking on rugged conditions, it’s conquering the real world you face every day. That’s why KX7 offers seating for up to 8 with impressive amounts of leg room, and a reclining third row for added comfort. It boasts a best-in-class 7 USB ports, and 19 available cup holders.

Not the Subaru Ascent shown

Unbeatable Durability

To power all of your adventures, you need a rock solid powertrain. KX7 offers a host of proven and efficient engines to get you through wherever you go without breaking a sweat. A standard 3.6L boxer 6-cylinder from our recent HR-engine line makes an impressive 308 horsepower, while being frugal enough to score 24 combined MPG(US). If you’d like, you can also opt for a torquier and more fuel efficient 2.5L turbocharged boxer 4-cylinder that can reach up to the brst in its class 29 combined MPG(US).
All engines are paired to an 8-speed automatic and front or all wheel drive.

A Bigger Future for All

The KX7 will start from $21,850 for a 2.5L turbo, and $26,050 for a 3.6L model.

250T FWD - $26,800 - 25/36/29 MPG
250T AWD - $29,250 - 24/35/28 MPG
300 FWD - $30,250 - 22/32/26 MPG
300 AWD - $32,500 - 21/31/25 MPG

Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirror with Approach Light, $241.00 · Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass and HomeLink, $365.00 · Fog Light Kit, $439.00 · Remote Engine Start, $446.00 · Bose Audio, $549.00 · KazuMedia Entertainment, $970.00 · Sunshade - 2nd Row, $299.95 · Sunshade - 3rd Row, $52.00 · USB Charging Ports, $230.00


posts car right after entrees close


Uh no, not really. Move along please.






  • 450 HP TWIN TURBO 3L B6
  • 2180 LBS WEIGHT (988 KG)
  • 0-60 MPH IN 2.7 SECONDS
  • 650 LBS OF DOWNFORCE (294 KG)


Owl Motors at NYIAS 2019

The new Owl Divo. Producing 800hp and 664 lb-ft of torque, this new supercar isn’t one to be messed with.

0-100 km/h takes just 2.6 seconds and will go on to 187mph. You won’t feel like it’s a deathtrap either. With a luxurious interior with many standard features such as a 10" touch screen display with Apple CarPlay. As this car is not on sale as of yet, prices are not official, but expect to pay less than $130,000.

The 2020 Owl GranTurismo Coupe. The ultimate GT car. With 633hp, this car is perfect for those crazy cross-country rallys. With comfort, power and style, this is one of the best in a growing market.

The GranTurismo has a luxurious interior like the Divo, but with more of a luxury bias whereas the Divo has a more sporty interior. The 5.0L V10 propels the car to 100km/h in 4 seconds and can reach 1.18g on 20m radius cornering pad. Pricing starts at $77,000.

For those who want the speed of the GranTurismo but with 2 more doors and a larger trunk, there’s the GranTurismo Sedan. Built on the same platform as the GranTurismo Coupe, the GranTurismo Sedan can carry 5 passengers in comfort while traveling at it’s top speed of 188mph.

Using the same 5.0L V10 the GranTurismo Sedan makes 595hp and 501 lb-ft of torque. The engine is slightly detuned because the same power as the coupe is simply not needed. The Coupe is perfect to cruise to Leguna Seca, set an astonishingly fast lap, then cruise back home. The Sedan is perfect as a fast, practical and stylish daily driver. Pricing will start from $67,000.

Anyways, that’s all from us at Owl Motors! Feel free to ask us any questions you have about these models and we hope to see you guys soon! Also if you would like to test drive any of the cars PM me.


Aaaand Just like that, it’s all over folks! If you’re a lazy fuck like me and just want the good stuff. Well here’s what went down this lovely year!

Cardinal Tuning GmbH Released a tuned version of a Shromet Dragon with 800Hp. Now I’ve never really been one for the Dragon myself but I think I could be persuaded by that kind of performance. At least in a different color. Those photos are really bright and eye searing.

Atlas is showing off a V12 hypercar which is apparently a spiritual successor to some sort of other race car they made awhile ago.

Blaire and Gremlin Have just up and yeeted themselves out of the show entirely. Well that’s not a very confidence inspiring move… If I were an investor I’d be looking elsewhere with my money to be honest.

Module’s crossover is here. The XR-20, and it’s got also got a 5L V8, but with 400hp! And apparently it’s RWD! It looks awesome, and jerking off to the 80s is what all the cool hipsters are into these days, so I see that spreading like wildfire.

EVGENIS is unveiling their next generation Typhon, and they’re all Mild Hybrids now, with PHEV and EV models set to drop in the future. No more V8s, even in the ES models. Oh well, such is the times. I do quite like the look of that but I can’t help but feel that D segment sedans have been regulated to a celebratory role these days. Like being the President of Ireland.

RMC are saying goodbye to the PST6 with a performance version with adaptive suspension, and 540Hp. That’s all well and good but I wouldn’t pay nearly double the price of a standard one, especially when the new model is just around the corner. Looks pretty good though I must admit.

YOSEMITE has a couple of different things to show… And the first one is… A Ford Explorer. There’s no other way around it. They’ve just shown an older Ford Explorer.
Next is a compact Crossover called the Cinto, and it’s… admittedly alright. Wouldn’t exactly call it a standout but it fills the gap in the market just fine I suppose.
And lastly the Wildcat, which was already shown in Europe. I’m really not a fan of this one, when there are so many better looking roadsters for less than 40 grand.

Murasaki is dead. A moment of Silence? Didn’t think so. It’s alright though because they have some sort of spiritual successor, who’s promising all sorts of Crossovers and city cars. No actual photos of these cars, obviously… I’d hold onto your checkbooks if I were you. They’re a successor of a brand that just went under and they’re asking for money without proof of a product. Yea that’s a hard no from me dawg.

AL Autos is showing the Aranea… again. But this time they’re really really gonna do it for super realsies this time guys. They pinky promise.

Ursula is Showing the FX1, a compact crossover. With an electric version coming sometime. But Christ it costs 34,000$! and it looks… like that! I would have guessing sub 20 with a 0,60 time of 9.3 seconds. And it just doesn’t look premium.

Huangdou is showing off multiple crossovers. Firstly they have a 7 or 8 seater chonker known as the Baolei, which despite being a V6 8 seater, still boasts up to 35MPG. I can only assume they way they’ve achieved this, as well as the incredibly competitive price of 26,000$ is by making the interior out of chopsticks and chewing gum.
They’ve also got a very enticing EV model. One of the few 7 seater Evs on the market. Now this is much more enticing indeed.
They’ve also revived the CC name to put on a compact crossover, which I’d normally protest fervently because tarnishing an old name by putting it on a crossover is just wrong on all levels. But this time I’m going to protest it because the old CC was… well, China in the 90s.
Tuk Tuks were advanced transportation back then. Best not to remind us of that time, things are much better now, with a… rather interesting crossover convertible option, as well as an EV option, with “Big Ass Electric Motors.” Sadly however it seems that they’re so competitive on pricing that they’ve failed to notice one can purchase the EV Balolei, which is much bigger, for less than 10 grand more. So they’ve sort of obsoleted it before it even came out.

Yamanishi is showing the new Mulholland, a super GT car with over 700hp, and all the modern luxury goodies. It’s really steep competition though, espically with LMC turning out such good stuff these days, and plus it just doesn’t look like it costs 180,000$. Looks are everything, people.

Roamer has broken out their bibles and clung to the V8 like its the crucifix itself in what is apparently some sort of sports sedan. That’s cool and all, claiming superiority by displacement, but with just 300hp, I’m pretty sure my non V8, turbocharged Tauga could beat it in a race.
Also they’re claiming their police version with 374Hp is the fastest police car in the world? right…
The petrol is going to run out at some point guys. Just a reminder.

Saminda is here! and so is the C3! And it’s Blue! Very VERY blue! There will be a 1.8L N/A engine with 150 horsepower that nobody will want, and a 1.5L Turbo engine which everybody will. But enough with the minor differences per generation, sell me the heart and soul of this car! What makes it special?

Tanaka is showing off a new full size SUV, called the Okanawa. And it… has a V8 with nearly 400 horsepower. Christ, talk about making an entry. But in order to meet that price of 36,000 for the 5 seat version, it must use an interior sparcer than a Huangdou. Well, we’ll see…

Rigore has claimed to have turned the Caelum to a serious road racer. The 2.1L engine now makes 370Hp. It claims to be literally everything one could want in a compact luxury sedan, quick, thrilling, luxurious, dynamic, technologically advanced… I’d love to believe them at face value, but usually when a car tries to be all things to all people it ends up being none of them. But here’s to hoping at least?

Zenshi is also entering the highly coveted GT halo car market with the Hornet, except this one has a 2.4L 4 Cyllinder engine. That’s… interesting. It claims to be a showcase of technology, but I hope that will make up for the apparently lacking power supply. But apparently it’s a hybrid, and will be able to get from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. Again, fighting an uphill battle in the GT market, but this is certainly a more interesting one, and it has some semblance of style, so it’s at least worth a shortlist I think.

(Intermission because there’s so many damn reveals. I need a hot dog)


Correction, Hornet is a completely different manufacturer. :wink: