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Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)


Who said you’d be the one doing it? Send me the car and let me have my fun! :yum:


Oh OK, in that case I’ll definitely send you a copy! Would you like to try something similar on the Ungoliant as well?


Sure, I can do it.


Hey, im new here. could someone explain what all this generations stuff is? thanks in advance.


Here’s a shot of Prototype Two-B, the car that was later known as 841R USA-002, took during endurance tests of the new V6 twin-turbo engine at Garcia’s Motorway 1, linking the capital Juavos to the coast side. This car had several failures during testing and needed a complete revamp after the launch of the production model to be at “new car” standard again. It was brought by one of MV Design’s test drivers after becoming USA-002, that knew of its flaws, but enjoyed it for long years anyway.



D3 Mk II Series 1983 - 1993

1982 Bogliq Ungoliant

The prototype Mk2 alongside the famous Seattle ATF TV star car!

It was clear that in 1978 the Ungoliant was dated and underwhelming. Between the oil crisis and the catalytic converter installation, the Ungoliant had lost a little sheen from it’s halo…

Enter João “Joe” Dunha, Brasilian designer, who was completing the Buccanner 838SPV. The management at Bogliq SPV hired him to inject drama into the Ungoliant, and inject drama he then did! The prototype (Black car) was completed within six months and there was another prototype built, a white painted targa concept, loaned to the producers of “Seattle ATF” which debuted in their first season in 1982.

Bogliq was keen to race the Ungoliant in GT2 but never got beyond the prototype stage

There was a prototype GT2 racer completed in 1982, but the project was shelved due to budget constraints.

The Ungoliant remained the only genuine USDM supercar and hypercar!!!

Debuting in 1983, the D3M2 Ungoliant was an unprecedented success. The restyle done by Joe at MVD meant that buyers were again excited by the Ungoliant’s presence, with posters again adorning teenager’s room and the car was again doodled into the margins of schoolbooks around the world. The Ungoliant had received engine upgrades to ensure that the go matched the show and was the fastest pushrod engined Bogliq, edging out the equally wild Buccanneer 838SVP.

D3M2 Model Range

442S Road/Sport - $23,309 Driveaway, $1,129 p.a. servicing (2dr mid-engine coupe, 4.2L V8, 166Kw, 275Km/h, 7.62s 0-100, 20.5L/100) Reliability: 65
454S Road/Track - $24,169 Driveaway, $1,306 p.a. servicing (2dr mid-engine coupe, 5.4L V8, 204Kw, 273Km/h, 6.3s 0-100, 23.5L/100) Reliability: 64.9
469AE - $24,899 Driveaway, $1,355 p.a. servicing (2dr mid-engine coupe, 6.9L V8, 256Kw, 293Km/h, 5.34s 0-100, 25.4L/100) Reliability: 64.7

@Marcus_gt500 = João “Joe” Dunha

1986 Bogliq Ungoliant Mk 3

Subtle detail upgrades kept the Ungoliant fresh for another four year stint as Bogliq’s apex predator!

The Mk 2 Ungoliant was a design smash hit, so when the Mk 3 was conceived, careful attention to making visual improvements that would be both subtle and meaningful were undertaken in order to not spoil the original design. Performance was also improved over the Mk 2.

D3M3 Model Range

442S Road/Sport - $22,319 Driveaway, $1,213 p.a. servicing (2dr mid-engine coupe, 4.2L V8, 167Kw, 273Km/h, 7.14s 0-100, 20.0L/100) Reliability: 65.8
460S Road/Track - $24,129 Driveaway, $1,409 p.a. servicing (2dr mid-engine coupe, 6.0L V8, 221Kw, 287Km/h, 5.82s 0-100, 21.4L/100) Reliability: 64.3
469AE - $31,369 Driveaway, $2,140 p.a. servicing (2dr mid-engine coupe, 6.9L V8, 262Kw, 301Km/h, 5.11s 0-100, 24.3L/100) Reliability: 63.3

CSR 129v2 - The Midnight Courier

GA1 Series 1982 -

1982 Bogliq Highwayman

The finalised Highwayman prototype alonside the original FSO proof of concept mock-up

In 1978, just after the conclusion of the Soviet Garcian conflict, the Garcian chamber of commerce decided to hold a competition for Latin American companies to design a niche automotive product that could be used to lift productivity of Garcia via employment, local materials usage and local sales to sustain demand.

The winning entrant of this competition was little known design studio, FSO Hussar, headed by the talented Jan Sobieski. Their design for an ultra luxurious limousine was by far the best investment for financial return on offer, especially since big players like Bogliq would be unlikely to compete in this segment. Thus armed, the Garcian Commerce Guild approached Bogliq in order to secure supplies of their Boxer 4.

Bogliq made them a better offer. The unnamed limo would be sold to Bogliq and in return Bogliq would source the leather, wood inserts and steel to make the cars from Garcia. Bogliq then also finalised a deal with Garcian Steel LLC to cast the heads and blocks of the C Series inline 4 for use in future projects in Garcia and Latin America.

The main changes between the prototype and the production Highwayman were under the hood.

Bogliq USA engineers then proceeded to productionise the FSO prototype, adding compliant lighting, airflow and safety systems. It was at this stage that the engineers then decided to use the C Series engine in lieu of the G-One Boxer; this was because the inline four was cheaper to produce and required half the catalytic converters, mufflers and turbo’s than the boxer four did.

The result was a limo that was supremely comfortable, elegantly smooth and whisper quiet. The Highwayman would then be sold throughout the region as a hotel car service, corporate B team conveyance and wedding hire mainstay. Some were even imported to the USA (since they were legal) for private hire firms, who then used them as inexpensive fodder for prom nights, buck and hen’s nights and casino runs… Bogliq rolled the dice and, in this case, came up lucky sevens!

Highwayman Model Range

114CEO - $17,859 Driveaway, $447 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 1.4L I4T, 69Kw, 179Km/h, 16.5s 0-100, 14.3L/100) Reliability: 55.4

@B4nditOo = Jan Sobieski

1986 Bogliq Highwayman Mk 2

By 1986 the Highwayman was being built in Mexico and had spawned a taxi variant!

It was immediately clear that viable production of the Highwayman would not be possible in Garcia; GMI had the best sites, priority with local suppliers and substantial goodwill amongst their workers. It was also a bad time to be foreign since the Gargian national pride had been hurt due to having to beg the USA to expel the Russian invasion.

So Bogliq looked for an alternative location in the region and Tampico, Mexico, was chosen. There was a large factory available, the port was suitable and nearby and the local populace was lawful and stable. The Mk 1 Highwayman was produced there since 1981 (for 1982 release) and there was to be a second line added to the Tampino factory for another joint venture, this time with GMI, ready for production in 1985, but the Mk 2 Highwayman wasn’t forgotten.

The Mk 2 range was simplified and modernised, in order to make production easier, with a new variant developed to provide a taxi for fleet buyers. The Highwayman continued to prove a wise investment for Bogliq USA, especially with another niche market strung to it’s bow…

Highwayman Mk 2 Model Range

114CEO - $21,619 Driveaway, $506 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 1.4L I4T, 72Kw, 181Km/h, 16.7s 0-100, 14.1L/100) Reliability: 55.8
114TAXI - $8,129 Driveaway, $357 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 1.4L I4T, 72Kw, 176Km/h, 16.1s 0-100, 13.6L/100) Reliability: 62.3


Nice to see the FSO got updated. And your designing skills have improved significantly! Also, here’s a pair of high-resolution wallpapers from the GT2 Ungoliant I’ve made for myself but figured someone here could want, as it’s probably one of our best designs.


How the heck the sports model gets the better reliabitlity of the range? That’s gotta be the most unrealistic thing to ever be posted here :grin:


I think it’s time for Bogliq and GMI to have shared a city car platform in the 80’s… will pm you about it because we should outline a few design parameters for the engineering and lore behind it.


GA2 Series 1985 - 1992

1985 Bogliq Bosun

Bogliq USA saved a buck and license produced the new GMI ZX64, but installed Bogliq engines and drivetrains to ensure the Bogliq “feel” was retained.

The early 80’s was a time of upheaval for Bogliq USA. new market challenges were dovetailing with overseas opportunities and causing a perfect storm of cool niche products overshadowing failing core business. Bogliq USA knew that the F1 hatch wasn’t going to be competitive long term and the flat four was too niche to be of any value. An opportunity arose, however, when the Bogliq Garcian mission acquired the Highwayman project; GMI had been eying off that competition and wanted a piece of the action. Since GMI were halfway through developing a new small car, Bogliq agreed to work with them, sharing the FWD architecture inherited with the FSO deal.

The result was a small, inoffensive 3 door hatch designed to get Garcians back on track. Bogliq had no input into the GMI design, changing bumpers and miscellaneous trim, but their engineers worked alongside GMI’s engineers in order to ensure the final product would be cost effective and satisfying for Garcians to own. GMi offered to produce the Bosun in their Tantos factory (and indeed, the proof of concept and pre-production prototypes were built at Tantos) but Bogliq needed substantially more volume, so produced it in the Tampico factory instead.

Bogliq produced two variants; a base model and a family model. These were chosen to compete with GMI on the budget end while leaving room for GMi to make high profit models on the higher end of the scale. Indeed GMI produced a warm hatch initially and followed it up with a 4x4 variant later on…

Bosun Model Range

211B - $6,189 Driveaway, $203 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.1L I4, 32Kw, 161Km/h, 17.0s 0-100, 7.5L/100) Reliability: 67.4
241F - $7,329 Driveaway, $316 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.4L I4, 42Kw, 171Km/h, 15.8s 0-100, 9.8L/100) Reliability: 63.3

SPP series - GMI ZX64

GMI built a small hatch, the ZX64, to replace the GMI 221, ironically a RR hatch like the Bogliq Button, which would revitalise Garcia’s economy and GMI’s profitability by a substantial margin.

GMI is one of only two Garcian domestic marques, the other manufacturing light rigid trucks, and has a lineage even older than Bogliq’s! However they hit financial troubles in the early 60’s and were bought out by LLA, an English manufacturer. GMI thrived under their financial wing and continued to make models designed to do well in Garcia. But all good things come to an end and LLC themselves, struggling under he twin pressures of a pair of fuel crisis’s and Thatcher, had to reduce the financial support given to GMI. For this reason GMI were forced to reach out to Bogliq, formerly an arch rival, who was able to finish funding the ZX64.

GMI would only ever produce a single model of the SPP but would add variants as they were engineered. For example, the ZX64 TS4 was developed and released for 1990 because it proved to be an economical way to replace an older, ineffective legacy 4x4 being produced by GMI…

ZX64 Model Range

ZX64 - $6,840 RRP, $230 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.2L I3, 42Kw, 176Km/h, 12.1s 0-100, 6.5L/100) Reliability: 66.4
ZX64 Sport - $8,587 RRP, $428 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.5L I3, 74Kw, 209Km/h, 8.59s 0-100, 11.3L/100) Reliability: 63.8


ZX64 TS4 - $10,484 RRP, $404 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.4L I3, 59Kw, 187Km/h, 12.1s 0-100, 9.3L/100) Reliability: 64.2

@LinkLuke = GMI, LLC and Garcia



So it was a juicy hatch indeed.


Ohh yess, the base model GMI runs on pure Juice fuel…


A4 Series 1986 -

1986 Bogliq Buttress

A stylish family car for folks who wanted a traditional sedan or wagon in their driveway.

The first generation Buttress was an ugly duckling that matured into an inoffensive swan, so designers at Bogliq USA decided that they would skip that early phase and go straight to inoffensive beauty instead. The A4 otherwise was more of the same, but with niche models like the 2 door sports sedan dropped from the range, in order to save costs and simplify production.

More lore here!

Buttress Model Range

124B - $8,239 Driveaway, $297 p.a. servicing (5dr Wagon, 2.4L I4, 76Kw, 199Km/h, 13s, 11.4L/100Km) Reliability - 68
132C - $10,239 Driveaway, $376 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 3.2L V6, 102Kw, 218Km/h, 11.9s, 13.1L/100Km) Reliability - 64.3
132F - $10,239 Driveaway, $376 p.a. servicing (5dr Wagon, 3.2L V6, 102Kw, 214Km/h, 12.2s, 13.3L/100Km) Reliability - 64.3


B4 Series 1986 -

1986 Bogliq Baller

Avant-garde looks matched with Bogliq reliability equals a classy USDM alternative to unpatriotic imports!

As with the Buttress range, the new B4 Baller was a simplified, more streamlined product range in order to better target the majority of relevant buyers. Gone was the personal luxury sedan and V6 engined options; the Baller was now exclusively V8 engined and traditional three box shape sedans. The radical styling of the Baller was the result of an internal competition to design the Buttress; one design was too edgy for middle America but was too good to pass up and became the Baller instead!

Irregardless of which model you choose, the Baller is smooth, well equipped and will turn heads wherever you go, without bankrupting you every time you head to the pumps…

Baller Model Range

242P - $14,549 Driveaway, $464 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 4.2L V8, 132Kw, 245Km/h, 9.31s, 14.3L/100Km) Reliability - 62.2
250P - $15,539 Driveaway, $560 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 5.0L V8, 149Kw, 254Km/h, 8.94s, 15.3L/100Km) Reliability - 61.1
254L - $18,749 Driveaway, $598 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 5.4L V8, 163Kw, 260Km/h, 8.7s, 15.4L/100Km) Reliability - 59.2


C4 Series 1986 -

1986 Bogliq Haulstar

Commercial vehicles are boring to look at, boring to write about and vital for a car company’s survival!

Where the old C3 was box on wheels, the new C4 attempted to blow market conceptions apart using a sleeker, more aerodynamic, design. The result? Buyers bought them, profit was made, there’s still no peace in the Middle East…

The Haulstar lived up to it’s name, hauling lots of stuff (or people) efficiently and without fuss. Bogliq by Design apologises in advance if the Haulstar looks like the fictional Hi-Ace in those Japanese driftvan manga’s; It turns out to be really hard to make a box look different to other boxes, even if they’re fictional!

Haulstar Model Range

332C - $8,239 Driveaway, $344 p.a. servicing (5dr Utility Vehicle, 3.2L V6, 102Kw, 190Km/h, 10.5s, 14.2L/100Km) Reliability - 67.4
332F - $8,919 Driveaway, $330 p.a. servicing (5dr Utility Vehicle, 3.2L V6, 102Kw, 184Km/h, 12.9s, 14.9L/100Km) Reliability - 66.9


E4 Series 1986 - 1993

1986 Bogliq Beagle

Simple, reliable and ironically stylish; the E4 Beagle ticks all the small car boxes!

The E3 Bugle was an odd car; allowing gold bumpers was a travesty! The re-style helped but didn’t repair the damage done to the car’s image. So, for the new E4 model, the Bugle was silenced and the Beagle enthusiastically wiggled into its place. The base models were all about efficiency and economy. Buyers got what they needed and nothing else…

Beagle Base Model Range

518B - $6,549 Driveaway, $185 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.8L I4, 54Kw, 193Km/h, 12.1s, 7.3L/100Km) Reliability - 71.1
518B5 - $7,179 Driveaway, $260 p.a. servicing (5dr Hatch, 1.8L I4, 54Kw, 189Km/h, 13.7s, 8.4L/100Km) Reliability - 67.9
518C - $8,129 Driveaway, $312 p.a. servicing (4dr Sedan, 1.8L I4, 54Kw, 187Km/h, 14.9s, 9.1L/100Km) Reliability - 64.4
518F - $8,129 Driveaway, $312 p.a. servicing (5dr Hatch, 1.8L I4, 54Kw, 187Km/h, 14.9s, 9.2L/100Km) Reliability - 64.4

Want something a little different in a small package? Bogliq USA has you covered…

The E4 Beagle was also notable for Bogliq USA attempting to head Ardent off at the pass by introducing a small “lifestyle” offroader using the detuned engine from the sports coupe and a bespoke AWD system. The enthusiast market was also well covered with the “S” pack Beagle powering up with a unique bodystyle and a big-block 2.4L inline four…

More Highlander lore here!

@VicVictory = Ardent (Otherwise known as the EVIL empire, hahaha!!!)

Beagle Specialty Model Range

524S - $8,339 Driveaway, $307 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 2.4L I4, 81Kw, 207Km/h, 9.06s, 10.6L/100Km) Reliability - 67.7
524H - $9.049 Driveaway, $323 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 2.4L I4, 76Kw, 199Km/h, 11.2s, 10.3L/100Km) Reliability - 65.7

The Beagle also has a brace of DLH models. The DLH turbo and the DLHA AWD V6, twin turbo limited edition!!!

More DLH lore here!

The E4 range was guaranteed to get the DLH treatment. The Busker DLH was very popular and João “Joe” Dunha was commissioned to work his magic on the specialty variant of the Beagle. Since the 2.4L 524S was already near the peak of that engine’s power, Joe suggested bolting on a snail… He then had to spend three or four hours explaining to Bogliq’s engineers he was using street slang for turbocharging the engine, not literally bolting on a snail!

The result was a 130Kw RWD hatch that was optimised to be as fun to drive as humanly possible. The engineers loved working with Joe and decided to surprise him with an early birthday present. You see, Joe, while designing the DLH, mused that this car would be truly epic if the 841R engine was installed in it. The engineers knew that the special edition 841R engine was long discontinued, but the twin turbo 3.8L V6 from the 838SVP was still on the books…

Enter the DLHA, which stands for Drives Like Heavens Above. The 3.8L twin turbo was matched to the Highlander’s AWD system and aero was optimised for the new top speeds. The car would be a limited production run, since the 3.8L engine was slated for retirement, with 777 numbered cars being produced and subsequently sold. DLHA - 000 was stored in Bogliq’s Milestone museum and a special car, DLHA - JOE, was presented to Dr Dunha at the private launch ceremony commemorating the completion of the DLH design contract.

Beagle DLH Model Range

524DLH - $11,059 Driveaway, $510 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 2.4L I4T, 130Kw, 233Km/h, 7.14s, 11.7L/100Km) Reliability - 63.8
538DLHA - $20,609 Driveaway, $690 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 3.8L V6TT, 240Kw, 282Km/h, 5.47s, 16.6L/100Km) Reliability - 62.3

@Marcus_gt500 = Joe

MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio

Too bad when the E4 got to the pass, Ardent ran it over. :wink:


G2 Series 1986 -

1986 Bogliq Bushranger

The G2 Bushranger was Bogliq USA’s attempt to get serious in the light utility market segment

The G1 Bushranger was a toe in the water exercise for Bogliq USA; bespoke utility’s were simply not Bogliq’s “thing”. The market reacted somewhat favourably, especially to the quasi-sporty AT-X, so Bogliq USA doubled down on these traits for the new G2 range…

The usual trayback suspects were present, but Bogliq decided to include a “Lifestyle Sports” Utility variant to determine if the US buyers were interested in something more than just a truck… Also, before you go, the AT-X and AT-R were the first Bogliq utility’s to have a V8 engine installed! Now run along and have a great day…

Bushranger Model Range

724U - $7,029 Driveaway, $216 p.a. servicing (2dr Utility, 2.4L I4, 65Kw, 146Km/h, 13.6s, 12.8L/100Km) Reliability - 70
724AT - $7,029 Driveaway, $224 p.a. servicing (2dr Utility, 2.4L I4, 65Kw, 140Km/h, 15.4s, 13.8L/100Km) Reliability - 69.8
732AT - $8,399 Driveaway, $259 p.a. servicing (2dr Sports Utility, 3.2L V6, 102Kw, 185Km/h, 10.5s, 13.7L/100Km) Reliability - 71.3
750AT-X - $12,219 Driveaway, $524 p.a. servicing (2dr Utility, 5.0L V8, 153Kw, 197Km/h, 7.03s, 16.1L/100Km) Reliability - 68.4
750AT-R - $13,109 Driveaway, $530 p.a. servicing (2dr Sports Utility, 5.0L V8, 153Kw, 218Km/h, 7.51s, 15.9L/100Km) Reliability - 68.4


DLHA - Drives Like Heavens Above. And I’m pleased to have worked on it and came up with that corky name. Send me the final file, I’ll do Joe’s special car. We’re here for the next projects, you just hmu!