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Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)


I’ll have to look into it, although I fear my design skills aren’t up to the challenge! :worried:

I’ll put it on the list, hahaha!

I’m going to look into it, I’d just written down the numbers and didn’t realise just how bad that number was going to look… Maybe it’ll need a bigger engine? :thinking:

EDIT: It’s so slow because it’s setup with a focus on fuel economy. The engine isn’t aggressively tuned and the gearing isn’t optimised for sprinting. I’ve added an 818SP variant that’s usefully quicker, but the fuel economy takes a rather hard hit (for what it is, not overall).


Who said you’d be the one doing it? Send me the car and let me have my fun! :yum:


Oh OK, in that case I’ll definitely send you a copy! Would you like to try something similar on the Ungoliant as well?


Sure, I can do it.


Hey, im new here. could someone explain what all this generations stuff is? thanks in advance.