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CSR Ninety-Seven - NOYFB


amd plz don’t sue me

Pic dump!

inb4 r/ayymd “petition to make this car on the list of approved cars”


why not call it an R9 390 :joy:
Just taking a dig towards my graphics card

It’s Article 13 you need to worry about

LLA Sceptor C-SXT

Now with a better i6 Turbo - Behold the Lag




Is this for “Imeperator Furiosa”???


We have no idea who in the right mind would want an SUV like this in the first place.

And frankly, as long as it sells, we don’t really care.

2015 Kasai-GMBK Sativa V8. Delivering performance in the unlikeliest package since 2003.

More pics

Hah syke, there is no more picture because my PC keeps crashing when trying to take photos


I’m still working on it, but lets just say, we’re going to have a Blob of a V16


The Armor Valencia Super Comp, now with a huge moon roof that you can hang out of… for whatever reason you need


2015 Corsica Vienna CR

From @ElMenduko and @CorsicaUnknown

More pictures from an older version oops (also why is everyone doing this)


2015 SBA Crescendo Cr.20 “FQ5XX”

No question asked once you’ve driven it.


2015 Zorg ZV4 GTS

Our Maddest Sports Sedan Is Back.

Yours for $27989 (pre-markup) including on-road costs.


Introducing the KAG Jaju GT (MY 2015)

Only the best will do for KAG. That is why the Jaju GT offers a potent inline 6 producing 500 horsepower with exceptional driving dynamics. Who said Korea can’t make a good sports sedan?

So this is what the cool kids do nowadays, huh?


You must succ so much Oxygen :astonished:


So it appears as though we’ve had a bit of a hiccup with the game in relation to this CSR challenge. Apparently for the very fastest cars in this challenge, a bug has cropped up where the car actually brakes right before the finish line for no apparent reason - and it was determined that it was neither the fault of the car nor the track; rather, some combination of both is triggering a bug in the game itself. It’s not a significant effect; at most, it’s worth six or seven kilometres per hour of trap speed in a handful of cases, but most entrants are actually unaffected by it.

There will be a minor change in how the trap speed will be calculated, but it will not affect any of your entries in a negative way. I will let you all know what this change is, for the sake of transparency, after I’ve had a chance to test the solutions that have been floated.

In the meantime, please continue to work on your cars!


Centauri Comet CPV

Powered by a 755hp 6 liter twin turbo V8
Enough power it should be illegal, enough speed that it wouldn’t matter if it was, and enough fuel economy to get you where you’re going. And it’s all yours for $26,778
Centauri. The Stars are within your reach.


am i allowed to attempt to clear up the



None of your fucking business


Well damn, you don’t have to be so rude, he was just asking a question!


Looks like someone’s stolen a couple of your doors.

Requirements are 4/5…I’d assume it’s to get people into it quickly and drive away.


I totally missed that. Well dammit.


So an update on the track situation; with Der_Bayer’s help, I have a solution to the track issue. It turns out the driver “looks ahead” to the next few sectors to see if it needs to brake for a corner, even if the track isn’t a closed circuit like this. As a result, the fastest cars thought that the track had a bend ahead that they needed to brake for.

The solution is pretty simple; I will make a revised track with a slightly longer first sector. This shouldn’t have an effect on anything other than the cars that were negatively affected by this phenomenon - I will post the revised track sometime tomorrow once it’s done.