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CSR120: The Funky So And So [Finals Released]


I think I need to stretch this boy a bit.


Piloted by many a friendly old chain smoking mustached British cop in the late 60’s, the Empire Prefect made its way over to the States in 1970 to bring the UK cop experience across the pond. Only problem is, police departments didn’t take too kindly to its straight six-only powertrain options, its manual gearbox, its compact dimesnions compared to American landyachts and it’s relatively high $20k starting price

Engine: 4.5 inline six: cast iron block with forged internals. 230 hp

5 speed manual gearbox, automatic locker diff.

0-60 of 7.8 seconds, top speed of 125 mph

meets all the other requirements


Don’t post your submission here on this thread. PM it to Ryan93. Everyone can see how you built your car and use it to potentially build a better one, or use some of the same things you did to make their own.


My apologies, will do


1971 Bogliq Baroness 440-6

Big, thirsty and surprisingly fast… The Baroness four fourty six proves you CAN make a rhino disco dance!!! :rofl::confounded::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


1971 Armor Streethawk. A solid ride for heavy cats…:nauseated_face:

353 cid small-block V8, 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds, under $21,000

Other Pics


If you want to be realist, you have to know that round lamps were required until 1974 in the United States : 7 inch (178 mm) round (two headlamps per vehicle) and 5 3/4 inch (146 mm) round (four headlamps per vehicle).



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Thx for the info maybe next time :slight_smile:


1971 Sierra Durante GT

Head of engineering department: mcp928
Head of design: mat1476


come back soon for more pictures


1972 Morton Venery


Watson Corksweek


Okay, so here’s my entry, ladies and gentlemen: the 1971 Simetero Barge SS!

A stylish and fast roadboat ideal for ramming baddies out of the way. This SS trim features unique 5-spoke sport wheels, a 454 cui (7.4L) V8 with 287hp and enough torque to slow down the Earth’s rotation, a 5-speed manual transmission with a floor shifter equipped with a tricked differential for reduced wheelspin, a premium interior, quad exhausts that will make the most glorious noise to your request and an exclusiove vinyl top. Acceleration from a stand still to 60mph takes just 7.2 seconds. All that for just $24.000! That’s right: just 24K will buy you this piece of American pride!


small text as usual; discourse CSS doesn’t seem to like vertical pictures

1972 Quezon Laguna Marikina Special

more pics


Deer and Hunt SuperCoupe SuperRoad

The american icon

More :us:


Franklin Marshall Cuda 306


Turból Centurion Gladiator 420



Edelgard Wyvern GTS 426

Additional Images enclosed within


The 1970 Kaaiidesu Carnage Fuji

“Well, shit” Mark cursed as he leaned back in his leather office chair, his sweaty hands flipping through the April 1970 copy of Motor Trend magazine.

“What is it this time, Mark?” John fired back from across the room, in a rather annoyed tone. I wonder hat this moron is complaining about now. Is he ever satisfied?

“I can’t find what we’re looking for. Every muscle car on the market under 25 stacks handles like a goddamn shopping cart!” Mark exclaimed, as his boss’s frown grew by the second

“You mean to say you can’t find a single hunk of Detroit metal that’ll do the job?? Have you even seen the muscle cars out on the market? Are you fucking blind?” the tweed waistcoat wearing, well fed mob boss yelled

“Well, there are a couple of European cars out there which…”

“For the love of God Mark, I ain’t buying you a goddam Mercedes. Twenty five stacks, did I make myself clear” John’s face got redder and redder as the conversation went on

Mark said nothing for a good ten seconds as an awkward silence filled the room, until he flipped to the next page of his _Motor Trend_copy and he froze, his heart skipping a beat.

“Well…I guess a Japanese car would do?”

“You think a dinky lil’ sushi box is gonna do the job? Has your last screw come loose?”

Mark stammered, the words struggling to come out. “No no, it’s not a 240Z” It’s something bigger and better"

“Bigger and better? Well as far as I know, all them damn Japs make is shitty little takeout boxes for little Japanese people. Nothing like a big ol’ Murican car. We bombed dem fuckers twenty five years ago and you want one of their stupid lil’ cars now?”

Mark inched closer and turned his copy of Motor Trend to face his boss. “Look here” he pointed to the picture of the 1970 Kawaiidesu Carnage, with the caption *FIRST PLACE" underneath it.

John snatched the magazine. “What even is the comparison it’s winning?”

“Muscle cars”

“The goddamn Japs made a muscle car? You trying to play a joke on me, chum?”

“No, John. Kawaiidesu made the first ever Japanese muscle car. It’s beating every Ford, Chevy, and Plymouth on the market”.

“Kawaiidesu? The company that makes those stupid little rev happy turds all da kids are buying up these days?”

“Well, they have a larger sedan in the Carnage and they put a big straight six in it and…”

“Straight six? Get outta here, it’s gotta be a V8 for you to outrun the cops in their Plymouth 440s”

“It’s a 4.8 liter straight six”

“What’s that in 'Murican?”


“That’s weak as hell, what kinda power is it making”

“It says 275 net here? Since we’re American that’s what, 350 gross hp?”

"Three fifty? Ain’t too bad, Mark, what’s the 0-60 on this thing?

“6.9. It only weights thirty-two hundred pounds”.

“Well…I’ll be damned. It corners like a bat out of hell or what?”

"1 g, sir. "

“Well that sure as hell is better than all the big ol’ beasts Detroit is popping out. How much does it cost?”

“Twenty four seven hundred”

“Goddamn, Mark. You really are gonna spend all 25 stacks I give you?”

Mark froze for a second before John pulled out his checkbook and began scribbling away

“Tell you what, Mark. Get this check to Jones by tomorrow morning and he’s getting you all sorted out. There’s a Kwaiidesu dealer that opened up in town so it won’t be too much of a hassle.” John finished writing the check, ripped it out of the checkbook and handed it to a grateful Mark, who slowly walked out of the room, ready for this new advanture.