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2018 SEMA Show

Atlas Automotive appears at SEMA with the Velocity performance parts division. Included is a special edition created specifically for the show using the latest Atlas Stealth S.

Atlas Stealth VPP(Velocity performance parts) edition concept

The VPP edition is basically a Stealth S with parts taken directly from the Atlas Velocity Performance Parts catalogue. These parts(also shown next to the vehicle, some on a wall and an engine on a stand) include updated performance suspension, Carbon fiber titanium hybrid retro style rims, modified exhaust and intake systems, aero parts(including a wing, canards, and front clip), and a VX35 DE motor. Several of the parts shown were put into the VPP edition concept car.


Engine: 3.5L FSI V8 DOHC Transmission: F8 Sequential Paddleshift
Horsepower: 462 hp @ 8500rpm Torque: 323 lb-ft @ 7000rpm
Weight: 3417 lb Skidpad: 1.21g
0-60(mph): 3.9s Top speed: 186 mph(drag limited by aero)
1/4 mile: 12.1s MPG: 13.2 mpg

Stealth(V2) - VPP edition.car (35.4 KB)

The rest of the Atlas Stealth models shown at SEMA 2018:

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November 1st,The Revival


Passetto Da Corse performance

(an italian performance division and transmission supplier.)

We present the 2012 Atlas Stealth 4S:

Some guys at Atlas wanted us to make a more “exclusive” and more “pushing” version of their entry level of their known Lineup called "Stealth", the Atlas Stealth S.

We had decided that instead of making a “Hardcore Turbocharged Hillclimb monster” we made a fun, Everyday use and very easy to drive Road car. Which is not very expensive, So everyone can enjoy a decently tuned car.

That’s how the "Stealth 4S" was born as a Un-official trim for the Stealth lineup which you can buy.

On the Aesthetic side, We have a Gosso-Sport bodykit, Giving it a more consistent design ( Which is very notable on the rear end). an Active wing (Which is hold open here so everyone can see it) carbon fibre painted stripe which connects the front with the rear. “4S” badging on the rear end and sides of the car.

this car is sitting on 19’ TRU RS Dual 5 Spoke Forged rims.

Extra features:
4S: Features a Bored and stroked 3.2L 440HP Flat-Plane Aluminum V8 (The normal Stealth S featured a 390HP 3.0L V8), Sport-Street Suspension Setup, Forged 19’ TRU Dual 5 spoke rims, Wasco 4 piston brakes, Recaro 4 harness Bucket seats, Glass sunroof, Custom hand-made Race Exhaust, Gosso-Sport body kit, Active Aerodinamics.

Despite being a Rear-Mid engine Rear-Wheel drive Supercar, The 4S is surprisingly easy to drive. It is so easy to drive that you can drive it with only one finger.

Again, The purpose of this car is to make an enjoyable, easy and fast car to drive, which doesn’t require a lot of skill to push it to it’s limits.

Extra Shots of the car

The Stealth 4S is open for test drives if anyone interested.

Special thanks to @MBT808 for the base car!


[X] Express Delivery

TreadKillers at SEMA: Delivery in 2-3 workday

(Thanks @SilverRemix for the Aniki Banji)


AKUITY wheels, the Japanese wheel brand founded 1978, is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a line of 5 new lightweight rotary forged monoblock alloy wheels. We present to you the 5PiRiT line.

To show the diversity of our latest 5PiRiT lineup, we have 4 unique cars demonstrating all the applications that the wheels can thrive.

Closely related to the 5R0P racing wheel is the 5D0P performance wheel, a flower-spoke wheel filled with style and poise. It sits seamlessly on Lorenzo’s bagged 2017 Nohda Assent Revo. With a 2.3L turbocharged inline-4 taken from the Assent GTX and a NDHR front bumper, this MPV turns heads everywhere and has some kick to boot.

A retro design with a modern twist, the 5C0P is light yet transcends generations and looks good on almost anything you’ll put it on. Munro’s 1996 Erin Berlose is a true sheep in wolf’s clothing, and the 5C0P helps to hint at the true nature of this beast. It’s a rare sedan being a US-spec X-AllDrive model, but Munro still decided to have his way with the car. The engine was already very impressive for the times, producing upwards of 100 hp/l from its 3.8L V8. However, with new UKT independent throttle bodies, forged pistons and rods, and a complete N/A tuning transformation, this Berlose makes over 500 HP to the wheels.

The 5C2P wheel is our second retro design, with a very simple yet elegant design with a center cap. For Leo’s 1994 Baltazar Quark 1.7 GT, it’s clear that the contrast of the simple wheels and the eccentric Quark is one that manages to work out well. His setup is static and low, and under the hood lies an aftermarket BorkWarmer turbo kit and Magsonic exhaust. Polarized headlights, an early 00’s J-Tech body kit, and a unique wrap help distinguish this Quark from any other typical Baltazar.

The final wheel design shows the future of AKUITY’s lineups and encapsulates all of the designs that we have been known for. The 5RXR is a sharp, dynamic twist wheel which is only available in larger diameters but is still extremely lightweight. Here, it’s on a stock 2013 LMC Megalodon convertible.

Please consult your local AKUITY dealer for more information.

Big thanks to @Dorifto_Dorito, @DeusExMackia, @Leonardo9613, and @Chickenbiscuit for providing me with their cars to ruin modify.


Enso presents
An Ode to the Power of Deus

With an uprated Erin V8 using twin turbocharging, race-spec brakes, fully stripped interior, semislick tyres, an uprated TRANTEC manual... the Tauga is transformed into a raging beast capable of 200 miles per hour.

Many thanks to @DeusExMackia for both the car and the review.
Here’s the music to go with the post, just as promised:


TreadKillers at SEMA 2018

Who are TreadKillers?

TreadKillers are a 2017 established Tuning House based in Essen, Germany.
mostly specialized in Stage Tuning and custom tailored vehicle modifications.

TreadKillers Stage Tuning

Non-Performance Stage Tuning

This packs are more oriented for normal road uses. They do still boost the power of the vehicle but without compensating for comfort.

Stage Pack for : Zenshi Altrea GTS-34M

Modified :

Stage 1

-New Air Ride Suspension
-New Exhaust System
-New ECU

Stage 2
  • TUBATECH Turbo System boosting the engine to 630hp
  • Complete “TreadKillers” Bodykit

Stage Pack for: LMC Tempest

Modified Car:

Stage 1

-New Springs
-New Exhaust System
-New ECU
-New set of brakes

Stage 2
  • TUBATECH TwinTurbo System boosting the engine to 540hp
  • Complete “TreadKillers” Bodykit
  • “RicerLite” Underglow
  • New Gearbox tuning

Stage Pack for: FAAL Foreia VIII

Modfied Car :

Stage 1

-New Air Ride Suspension
-New Exhaust System
-New ECU

Stage 2
  • TUBATECH Turbo System boosting the engine to 340hp
  • Complete “TreadKillers” Bodykit

Stage Pack for: LMC Maladus 430

Modified Car:

Stage 1

-New Air Ride Suspension
-New Exhaust System
-New ECU

Stage 2
  • TUBATECH Turbo System boosting the engine to 570hp
  • Complete “TreadKillers” Bodykit

Performance Stage Tuning
This Stage packs are to boost your cars performance to the max.

Stage pack for : Keika Katana 2400

Modified Car:

Stage 1

-New Springs
-New Exhaust System
-New ECU
-New set of brakes

Stage 2

-New Cams
-New Intake
-New Head and Tail lights, bonnet and spoiler

Stage 3
  • TUBATECH TwinTurbo System boosting the engine to 300hp
  • Complete “TreadKillers” wide Bodykit
  • New Pistons
  • New Gearbox tuning

Stage pack for : Keika Katana S15

Modified Car:

Stage 1

-New Springs
-New Exhaust System
-New ECU
-New set of brakes

Stage 2

-New Cams
-New Intake
-New Head and Tail lights, bonnet and spoiler

Stage 3
  • TUBATECH TwinTurbo System boosting the engine to 510hp
  • Complete “TreadKillers” wide Bodykit
  • New Pistons
  • New Cams for the 10k Redline
  • New Gearbox tuning

Full custom builds.
These are fully custom, one of a kind builds for customers or the own portfolio

Complete Conversion for : Keika Katana I

Modified Car:

A complete new take on a old car. The car has been engine swapped with the LMC Tempest 3L Boxer 6.
The car also has been fitted with a AWD system. Another change (besides the big aero pack) is the up-to-date sport interior

Complete Conversion for : Zenshi Altaris GTS-24

Modified Car:

A true SuperVan. The car is fitted with a 5L Vega Furis V8 engine and fitting it with a TwinTurbo setup pushing the car to 1014 horsepower. Giving the car a 0-100 in 3.4sec and pulling 1.16g with the new Suspension parts and tuning.

Complete Conversion for : Aniki Yosemite

The “Yeetsemite” is a complete rebuild of the Aniki Yosemite. It was rebuild so much that the only stock parts are the firewall and chassis. Everything else was ether updates, swapped or complete rebuild.
The Yeetsemite is now running a AWD system with the same 5L 1000hp engine. The car is set up for Gymkana and will be at the next Gymkana Competiton.

For prices and questions please visit our website or email us!

( Thanks to @Grandea @Chickenbiscuit @Knightophonix @SilverRemix @BoostandEthanol and @Mr.Computah for letting me using their cars! Check out their stuff!)


Reminds me of the Mugen Honda Fit

KinJin Tuning

We have 4 cars on display, a Keika Katana (3rd generation), a 2nd generation TSR Kansai drag car, a TSR Comet Turbo 2 and a TSR Mont Royale Turbo R. Today, we’re showcasing the Keika Katana and the TSR Mont Royale Turbo R restomod. We hope you enjoy the cars showcased.

Keika Katana 3 2400

We have a range of products for the Keika available. The car showcased here is the Keika Katana with the mechanical package 3 and equipped with all the KinJin accessories.

Full LED headlight conversion (can be bought for $500)

17-inch 8-spoke magnesium rims (can be bought for $5000)

KinJin Downforce body-kit (can be bought for $2000 with the option of exposed carbon fibre or body coloured)

KinJin Angled Wing (can be bought for $1000)

Carbon-fibre mirrors (can be bought for $500)

KinJin Freeflow Exhaust (can be bought for $3000)
The exhaust makes your Keika louder, but it still street-legal thanks to a high-flow three-way catalytic converter that still passes emission test in most states designed by our R&D team.

KinJin ECU unit (for NA) (can be bought for $500)
With flex-fuel technology integrated in the ECU, the car can run on normal 91 RON pump gas to 100 RON race fuel to E85 Ethanol.

KinJIn Freeflow ITB (can be bought for $1000)
Our R&D team designed the ITBs to give as much throttle response as possible. Also derived from motorsports.

KinJin Freeflow Header (can be bought for $2000)
It is not compatible with the Twin-Turbo conversion package, but it still gives a lot of power to the Keika. It is dervied from motorsport with our R&D team to create as much airflow as possible.

KinJin Twin-Turbo conversion package (can be bought for $6000)
The Twin-Turbo conversion package comes with a new ECU specifically tuned for the Turbo set-up. The ECU is available with flexfuel technology as standard.

TSR Mont Royale Turbo R (Restomodded)
This is a TSR Mont Royale. But not just any Mont Royale, a special one-off custom-made by KinJin. The car was first found in an abandoned barn in Las Vegas in 2015. It was full of dirt and rust. It was also wrecked. The car was brought to a TSR restoration centre in California where the body panels were all taken off. The only thing left was the chassis. The rust was repaired and was given a coat of anti-corrosion. Then, the chassis was sent to Tokyo, Japan where it arrived in the KinJin Tuning workshop. They sourced a new engine from another TSR Mont Royale Turbo R in Canada. The engine was overhauled and was fitted with a new twin-turbo kit. The R&D was used for a year. By the time it finished, the turbo kit was installed and the result was 616HP from this beast. The engine was then installed into the car with no problem. The engine starts up with no problem. Then, new panels are sourced from TSR’s spare parts inventory. They created a new body-kit from the panels. They were fitted onto the car. The fender flares are also custom made to replace the old ones. New wheels from the TSR Comet was fitted into the car. The car runs and drive. So they took a test-drive. Suddenly, the engine exploded and the car was on fire. It was a disappointment for the team, but they didn’t give up. Another engine was found from another Turbo R again. They slapped on the turbo kit and strengthened the engine, then put it in the car again. The car was repaired from the fire damage. Almost 10 days before SEMA 2018, they start wrapping the car and now, here it is!

Thank you @BoostandEthanol for the car!

The next 2 cars will be showcased tomorrow. Thank you!


Today is the first public day of the 2018 SEMA Show!
At the end of the show, the famous racing game series, Dynamo, will be having a best-in-show vehicle vote that will be integrated into the current iteration of the game, Dynamo 4.

Only performance companies will be allowed to take part, and cars must be sufficiently modified (i.e. not simply cosmetic). No OEM companies will be admitted.


Track Regulated Tuning

We’re planning to haul several cars to Vegas - starting off with a pet project of the North American branch’s headquarters. They’ve been spending quite some time on this beast to serve as a flagship for our Fuji tuning parts, and every bit of it except the body is bespoke. More about this car will be revealed in the further days of the show, but we can hint that it no longer has the same engine as the original.

Nu series,revive the legends.

SEMA 2018
Last NA Warrior


Trantec R2-52500


• Vasco Gear Set - 1.62, 1.64 or 1.82 Ratio
• Custom Sun Gear for 1.1875 Input Shaft
• Custom Output Sun Gear Bushing
• Precision-balanced 4340 Carrier with 4340 Output (TH400 diameter)
• Custom Clutch Hub
• ATI SuperCase and Tailhousing
• 300M Input Shaft with full 1.1875” Diameter
• Custom Super Pump for 1.1875 Input
• Custom 10 Clutch Drum / Clutch Hub
• Premium Competition Friction Super Band
• HD 4140 Band Adjuster
• Wicked Quick Aluminum Billet Valve Body
• Billet Twin Seal Servo and Cover
• Deep Aluminum Cast Pan
• Lokar Direct Mount Dipstick
• Transmission Catch Can
• 6 AN Fittings Standard
• High Flow Filter System
• Multi Lever
• Roller Governor Support
• Bearing in Case for Output Shaft
• Case to Bell Stud Kit
• 100% New Transmission
• 100% Made in the USA

To Showcase the new transmission, Trantec has assembled a MEN 1260X powered by a supercharged ACA dynatorc V10, producing 1230 Horsepower @6000rpm, and 1430Lb/ft of torque @3700RPM.


(Special thanks to @Nicking_HC, @Dorifto_Dorito and @Nomade0013 for their cars and truck for this!)


Enso presents

Xavier Llobet’s Personal Passion Project

A 700 Horsepower, firebreathing, Erin Merna 200X, maintaining the stock engine, though little is left on the car that is stock. A 60mm BorkWarmer turbo, and a rally bred, 6 Speed Manual Sequential transmission, this Merna is now a supercar destroying monster.

Kyoki Motors Nu series

Kyoki Nu series is a special car series which renew a famous car within Kyoki Motors own brand,provides a performance kit for existing model,or customize models from other car brand.Today,Nu series will be the representative of Kyoki Motors in SEMA Show.

Atmospehere Nu

The first car we presents is the Atmosphere.Atmosphere once gained reputation from worldwide enthusiastics and have been remembered by the history.However,the disastrous successor of Atmosphere have sent this supercar series to its grave.But now,Atmosphere has been reborn!By the hands of Nu staffs,Atmosphere shall rise up and make history again!

The new Nu version has kept all the characteristics and traditions from the original!
First of all,this vehicle is powered by a naturally aspirated V10!The old engine form the 1990 have been completely rebuild in order to get pass the emission limit and more importantly,more power!This engine now has a slightly shorter stroke in order to rev highter.Now,it can roar to a mind-blowing 9500Rpm(Insert Over 9000 meme)while producing a whooping 658Hp!

The body work also changes a lot.The rear has been lengthen in order to have better drag performance,which is wide-known as Atmosphere’s weakness.Now she can reach 100km/h in 3 secs and can go up to 360km/h!But that is not the only thing!In order to get more downforce,Nu has a massive hole on her butt!With the new active duo-wing design,now she have over 500kg downforce when cornering,or only 125kg when you are aiming for top speed.Atmosphere Nu also has the newest infotainment system which guarantees excellent driving experience.Atmosphere Nu,the successor of the glory and king of track!

Car file:Atmosphere Nu - Trim 20.car (44.9 KB)


In cooperation with @strop, the latest new versions of the Prova for some added :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:
The motorsports version is coming soon.
Thanks to @Rk38 for the nutty car.

The Prova ST-2

Aiming to boost performance the Prova receives an overhaul of the interior (a change to 4 sport Reclaro bucket seats), significant engine overhauls (new camshaft profiles, an aftermarket NHI turbo with more boost, custom lightweight free-flowing exhaust system, uprated intercooler, a performance air intake and new ECU) as well as a new bodykit that produces more downforce together with Seebach coilover springs in addition to stiffer anti-roll bars. Tyres are also upgraded as are the brakes. The stock mechanical LSD and 6 speed manual is retained.

This results in 350hp, about 1450kg of weight, a total of 130kg of downforce.

The stage 2 package is sold as an add-on package to a stock Prova with an expected cost of approximately $5000.



That’s spicy & beautiful :weary: :ok_hand:


I’m really like the design, very bold and very stunning!

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I’m struggling to get any of my video presentations done in a timely fashion. Most of the models are ready and the tuning done, and it’d be a shame to let the deadline lapse without anything to show for it.

So as a preview:

The Gryphon Gear Lineup

brace yourself

From left to right: BMMA Narwhal Drift Sleeper, BMMA Narwhal GG Tune, Maesima Prova ST-R WTA, Sachiuri Sagitta WTA, Zacspeed A1GP “Project Unlimited”

  • BMMA Narwhal Drift Sleeper: It looks like a stock 2 ton luxury sedan. But it has a whole lot shove more under the hood– 1000 horses worth of it. Careful, all of that’s going to the rear wheels only… proving that even when “going easy” the GG crew can’t dial back the madness.
  • BMMA Narwhal GG “MAXIMUM SPAFF” Tune: Hang subtlety (and road legality), this Narwhal’s been stripped and charged to the maximum. The rest of the drivetrain has been completely replaced. The aero kit glues its sticky racing tyres to the ground and harnesses all 1960hp, one horse for every kilo, as per the GG way.
  • Maesima Prova ST-R World Time Attack Edition: Modified in accordance with the rules of WTAC, this has had every non-essential part taken out and legal panel replaced and of course a big fat aero kit. The engine has only had the turbo system upgraded. The result is 666hp on just 1 metric ton, and with just the front wheels powered that makes for a fat burnout well into 4th…
  • Sachiuri Sagitta World Time Attack Edition: The famed FR halo car of Sachiuri also gets the WTAC treatment, the turbo package being built around the 4.4L V8’s enormous capability without having to change a single part all the way to nearly 1000hp. With a hefty aero kit to match, in the hands of a skilled driver this is ready to tackle the circuits.
  • Zacspeed A1GP “Project Unlimited”: This is it. The most powerful race car ever you’ll see outside a drag strip. With nearly 3400hp powering under 1500kg, few would dare to drive it and fewer still to tune it to its maximum potential. Gryphon Gear dares. We can now announce that it set the all-time record at Nordschleife, lapping it in 5:17.392, and also completed Pikes Peak in 7:27.22. Now once the engine is rebuilt and we work out how to integrate DRS…

Footage to follow.

Credit to @NormanVauxhall for the BMMAs, @Rk38 for the Maesima and the Sachiuri, and @chiefzach2018 for the A1GP