Adenine Automotive [1978 Vindicator]


“Greatness is in our DNA”

Officially established in 1962, Adenine Automotive is an American automotive corporation headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Throughout its history, Adenine has differentiated itself from the big American manufacturers with a unique focus on efficiency and handling. Adenine made its big breakthrough in the wake of the 1970s oil crisis with the Valence family sedan, and has since become well known for blending traditional American comfort with remarkable efficiency and affordability.
The company has also maintained a longtime relationship with engine design group Inline Designs, which has played a large role in its history of turbocharged inline engines since 1975.

2016-17 LINEUP

Valence - Midsize Sedan

Cadence - Compact - 2016 Car of the Year

Ambience - Crossover

Clarence - Minivan

Reverence - Pickup

Essence - Sports Car

Full stats for each vehicle can be found in the 2016 Buyer’s Guide.


**Advent** - [1965](

Veranda - 1967 - 1975 - 1982 - 1995

Reverence - 1967 - 1975 - 1982 - 1995 - 2005

Vindicator - 1969 - 1972 Racecar - 1978

Valence - 1975 - 1985 - 1997 - 2007

Mist - 1985 - 1990 - 1995


1946: A group of engineers return home from the war and begin building custom cars in their garage in Pittsburgh.
1950s: The shop becomes locally known for building bespoke sports cars and luxury cars for wealthy individuals.
1962: Adenine Automotive is officially established.
1965: Adenine’s first car, the Advent, is released.
1967: Adenine releases the successful Veranda and mildly successful Reverence.
1969: Adenine releases its first sports car, the Vindicator.
1973: The oil crisis hits the US.
1975: The first Adenine Valence is released. Sales skyrocket and Adenine becomes nationally visible.
1980s: Expanding quickly, Adenine finds success in international markets with its Asante and Exceed.
1985: The Adenine Mist sports car is introduced.
1987: Adenine establishes a new luxury division, Pearlite Motors.
1990s: Adenine develops a slew of new technologies, but falls behind in the market due to lagging sales and high development costs.
2001: Adenine introduces a crossover, the Ambience, years late to the market.
2005: The Adenine Essence is introduced, replacing the Mist which was discontinued in 1999. The Adenine Clarence minivan is introduced.
2008: The global financial crisis hits the US automotive industry hard. While other companies go bankrupt, Adenine comes out ahead with its highly efficient lineup.
2010s: As sales recover, Adenine sees a revitalization with refreshed and highly acclaimed cars.

Big thanks to rk38 for designing the logo!


Compact, versatile, and comfortable - for any price point
Available in Sedan, Hatchback, Wagon, and Coupe body styles
Available with a range of 1.6T and 2.0T engines and AWD
Voted 2016 Car of the Year (Common category) by the Automation community!

Base Sedan - $15,500 (20% markup)

Key stats:
162hp 1.6L turbocharged inline-4
50 MPG (US)
0-62 in 8.5 seconds
$1649 running costs

The entry-level trim of the Adenine Cadence brings premium levels of comfort and drivability with a remarkable price. Coming standard with a single-clutch automated manual transmission and front-wheel drive, this trim boasts an unmatched, hybrid-like 50MPG fuel economy. There is simply no other car on the planet that can deliver this much efficiency - along with the requisite amount of performance and comfort - at this price point.

AWD Hatchback - $18,000 (30% markup)

Key stats:
203hp 2.0L turbocharged inline-4
46 MPG (US)
0-62 in 6.9 seconds
$1808 running costs

Representing a mid-level trim, this hatchback Cadence is fitted with a variety of options, including the 2.0T engine and AWD. With more power, more cargo space, and better off-road capability, these options are well-suited for buyers looking for a versatile car that can keep up with their adventurous lifestyle. Despite all those options, the Cadence remains supremely economical and affordable.

Premium Wagon - $27,500 (40% markup)

Key stats:
256hp 2.0L turbocharged inline-4
33 MPG (US)
0-62 in 6.9 seconds
$2510 running costs

The Premium branch of the Cadence family is for customers seeking outstanding comfort and refinement in a compact package. It comes standard with a retuned 2.0T engine, upgraded interior materials, and a luxurious 21-speaker infotainment system. This wagon is also optioned with the 7-speed automatic transmission and AWD.

Sport Coupe - $18,500 (30% markup)

Key stats:
265hp 2.0L turbocharged inline-4
34 MPG (US)
0-62 in 5.7 seconds
$2261 running costs

The Sport version of the Cadence doesn’t just have a different name - it’s an entirely different beast. It features the most powerful tune of the 2.0T engine and a 7-speed manual transmission paired with either FWD or AWD. (This example is fitted with FWD.) The aerodynamics have been improved with a unique front fascia and an active wing.

Touring Coupe - $33,000 (50% markup)

Key stats:
265hp 2.0L turbocharged inline-4
29 MPG (US)
0-62 in 5.8 seconds
$2814 running costs

The top-level trim of the Cadence is the limited edition Touring trim. Available in the coupe body style only, the Touring Coupe pairs the engine, aero, and suspension tuning of the Sport trim with the luxurious interior of the Premium trim. A 7-speed automated manual and AWD come standard. The special Active Sport suspension is exclusive to this trim.


Awesome, finally we see an Adenine thread :slight_smile:
The cadence is very similar to what I would buy in real life :stuck_out_tongue:
Although I want a sport coupe, I would probably end up with a base sedan. Also, that fuel economy :open_mouth:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

The Cadence Sport is also available in sedan and hatchback forms. Also, if you have a little more budget, you may want to have a look at the 2016 Valence when I post it :wink:

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With a Cadence for every occasion, buyers will surely snap them up in droves. But why does the base model use a single-clutch gearbox instead of a dual-clutch one?

So since there’s an Adenine…

…where’s Guanine Thymine? :laughing:

obligatory joke, I apologise

EDIT: don’t you hate it when you fudge the delivery???


I have updated the post with the markups I use. I’m following the markup guide that is used by the competitor cars: Paris Motor Show 2016 [Automation Edition]
So base trims are 20%, premium trims are 40%, and sport trims are 30%.

@abg7 single-clutch is significantly cheaper than dual-clutch.

@strop Isn’t Thymine the base pair of Adenine in DNA? :slight_smile:

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Lol yeah that one :sweat_smile:

…wow, I think I need to take a break from posting, I’m becoming more and more incoherent this month.


Thymine would make a pretty good brand name… If I wanted to be realistic I’d rebadge the premium variants under the Thymine name. But then I would also have to restyle it too, and I’ve spent enough time on one styling :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Essence of Driving
A sports car for any customer
Available with RWD or AWD

Base - $14,500 (20% markup)

Key stats:
162hp 1.6L turbocharged inline-4
51 MPG (US)
0-62 in 7.4 seconds
$1583 running costs

At Adenine, we believe that The Essence of Driving should be available to anyone, from a first-time driver to a seasoned veteran. The entry-level trim of the Essence is highly affordable, not only in its low starting price but also its long-term costs. Boasting a remarkable 51 MPG fuel economy, even eco-conscious drivers can enjoy some back-end fun while being free of guilt. It’s also a perfect car for a young driver with its low insurance costs ($392) and running costs ($1583). With a 7-speed manual and good old fashioned RWD, the base Essence delivers the classic sports car experience at an unbeatable price.

Light Sport - $18,000 (30% markup)

Key stats:
215hp 1.6L turbocharged inline-4
36 MPG (US)
0-62 in 5.7 seconds
$2140 running costs

The Light Sport trim builds upon the base trim with an upgraded 1.6T engine, stickier tires, revamped aero, and a retuned suspension. A geared LSD and semi-active dampers are also included for that extra flair. The redline of the engine has been extended to a soaring 8200RPM where it makes over 200 horsepower. Combined with the low weight of the Essence, this car is surprisingly quick. In addition, the aero and suspension improvements enable the Essence to handle over 1.2G of lateral acceleration. You’ll want to fling this car around the corners all day.

AWD Sport - $26,000 (40% markup)

Key stats:
378hp 3.0L turbocharged inline-6
29 MPG (US)
0-62 in 3.9 seconds
$2688 running costs

Agility and tossability not enough for you? Looking to embarrass some muscle cars at a stoplight? Then pair the 378hp straight-six engine with the available DCT and AWD. This combination can reach 62mph in under 4 seconds and pull a 12.3-second quarter mile. You can even add our advanced Active Sport suspension. With these options, you can transform the Essence from a light sports car into a sophisticated machine. We lapped the Green Hell in 8:10 with this configuration.

For the purists out there, you can also pair the 378hp I6 with the standard manual and RWD.

Touring - $34,500 (50% markup)

Key stats:
378hp 3.0L turbocharged inline-6
28 MPG (US)
0-62 in 4.1 seconds
$2989 running costs

Nope, we’re not done with variants yet! You can also opt for the premium leather interior and 21-speaker infotainment system to turn the Essence into a mini grand tourer. Handling, performance, comfort, efficiency - this car can do it all.

There is an Essence for every driver. Are you ready to choose yours?


Fuckin’ hell you’ve outdone us all once again. Those are some untouchable stats, as can be expected from you phale :smile: yup, a car like my Cierzo looks obsolete in front of a line up like this. Looks good, and goes good.

As a chemistry student, I find your name and badge absolutely glorious! Also your cars look amazing :slight_smile:

Stunning design there, the the fixtures look absolutley brilliant. And that certainly is a lot of car for the money! Erin’s board of directors are right to be concerned…

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You have the reaction of well over a half of Zavir’s board on the photo above…

@phale Seriously, how? 100 hp/l and ~50 MPG?


Turbo is your friend. Got similar numbers too

That is some solid lightweight sport car , lucky the Saminda CZS is dead if not it will be ashamed.


Rightly so! Maesima’s board of directors are also troubled by this as it hits very close to home for us! Not only does it look great but those stats are really amazing. Should be very clear why the current MRZ-3 is getting replaced by an all-new replacement design 2018! I wonder what Saminda make of this extreme eco performance without resorting to hybrid systems.


Sounds like I’ll be needing to keep that in mind as we go forward in time. That’s some damn impressive mileage and power…

Wait I thought you only launched it this year at the Paris Motorshow? Already planning its replacement in the wake of the Esseence’s arrival? :yum:

and just to say the Nardella is still being made and does still offer awesome features like all-aluminium construction and very good efficiency for ‘slightly’ more than this arguably much better competitor