MPV is “dead”, let’s try bringing it back. No particular reason, just thought it’d be fun.


Automation Rebadge Challenge 3

this is my first challenge please be gentle


What ever happened to MPVs?

Some say that they’re dead. That they’re out of fashion, that their sales keep plummeting, that SUVs or crossovers are more desirable and earn automakers more. That it’s insane that Delphinida, out of anyone, would make one as an entry-lever product of theirs, simply to prove that MPVs’ time hasn’t ended just yet. But here we are.

Meet the 2023 Delphinida Grand Banquet. A modern, premium people mover that provides exquisite comfort and luxury without being too expensive, at least for a Delphinida product. Now your family, too, can lean back and watch the envy on the eyes of their friends, coworkers, or neighbors, or just passerby on the street.

Don’t worry, they have a plan.

To conserve money and spare themselves from the headache of making an entire new platform, they’ve decided to work with an automaker to base the Grand Banquet on an already-established MPV, by changing a small part of the sheetmetal from the car it’s based on.

The Challenge

Build an MPV for the Grand Banquet to be based on, working on the specified areas as shown below.

Car here:
ARBC03_-[username]|attachment (255.5 KB)

Make sure you clone the car using this button first:


Taking inspiration from the two previous rounds, here are the rules:

  • Red marks areas that you’re free to change or add fixtures to. Red-painted fixtures can be removed or replaced. Though not painted red, this also includes the screens.

  • Blue marks areas that you can change and replace with other fixtures, but whatever replaces them has to serve the same purpose as the one replaced, nothing more. Except for adding ambient lighting, as long as they’re not on the seats.

  • Everything can be repainted, every fixture, every body section (maybe not the tires though). In case you want to paint a section of the body of your own choice, use of patches for this purpose is allowed.

  • You are free to put badges and letterings anywhere on the car.

  • You are free to change the wheels and suspensions, including the rims, tires, wheel size, ride height, etc. Keep in mind, though, this may affect the car’s appearance.

  • Ideally, the car engine model have to remain unchanged. Top speed/spacing and differentials can be adjusted, as well as moving sliders for the engine trim. Drivetrain is AWD by default, but this can be changed.

  • Allowed morphs: Key 2, Key 3, Key 4, Key 7. Advanced trim settings changes are allowed, specifically on the wheels, suspensions (under body), and engine noises (under engine).

  • Both the original car and the example shown below use 3D fixtures and body morphs to attain their shape. So if you wish to use them to realize your visions, go nuts. Just do it within the red-marked space.


Honda Odyssey (Car and Driver)

Toyota Sienna (Car and Driver)

Chrysler Pacifica (GM Authority)

Kia Carnival (AutoFun)

Wuling Jiachen (GM Authority)


some parts were unchanged because I’m lazy lol


The judging will be visual-only. The cars’ exterior will mainly be considered, while changes to the interior may help complement. Engineering changes will not be judged (mainly because I don’t know how); as long as they’re within the limits specified in the rules, they’ll be fine.

Also worth mentioning, the judging will be subjective, favoring the entry that manages to be unique/the best looking according to me.

  • Submissions are done through DM in the Automation forums.

  • Car and engine model name: ARBC03 - [username]. Car and engine trim names are free.
    Example: ARBC03 - azkaalfafa

  • Make sure you submit the clone of the .car file attached, not the original one.

  • Submission will open at 2023-08-20T17:00:00Z and closes at 2023-09-03T17:00:00Z.

  • Allowed changes on the Advanced trim settings, specifically for some sections

Previous round of ARBC

by Kotatsu Design Team


could we change wheel offset?

Just looked into this, turns out the wheel offset is maxed on the wheels tab. So yeah, I’d say go for it.

Edit: Now I’m thinking about making exceptions in the advanced trim settings, especially on the wheels part since you’re able to change the wheels freely anyways. I should list them later

and, can we add cladding/flares on top of the ones you made? i want to do black fenders but yours aren’t really suited for that with just changing colour.

Maybe not cladding or flares, since I couldn’t find any example of rebadged cars (especially MPVs) with cladding without the car it’s based on having cladding in the first place. I could be wrong, though




The Grand Banquet looks like an SUV, but is actually an MPV, so it all makes sense from the client’s context.

2023 Fujimi Shibuya L7


It’s very rich-soccer-mom-like, but DAMN does it look amazing




oh damn I'm late
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Also since we're nearing the end of submission period with only 2 entries, should I extend the submission period or just close it on time?

help how do I make a poll here

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Yeah you should extend it, not really as fun with only two entries


Found out its kinda hard to make a car when you’re at work lol.
trying to finish mine



Now closes at September 10, 2023 5:00 AM, slightly less than a week from now.

I might also be away from my computer in the meantime.

is anyone even going to read this? I guess I'll just put a spaceship here (_)(_)=====D~~

The 2023 GX99 series Satellite

By Halvson

Developed in partnership with Delphinida, the GX99 brings a new level of sophistication to the Satellite name.

Our new LED signature and DMP™ matrix LED headlights ensure the car is seen, as well as easy to see from.

The interior is trimmed with our stylish vegan leather, available in multiple colour options.

Visit us online at for more info


Just got home to say


Also bear with me, as this is my first challenge, reviews may take a while
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The Reviews

Delphinida HQ, September 2023

"Slow day, huh?"

An executive, coffee in hand, takes a seat besides another who’s reviewing the 3 badge engineering proposals for their MPV. “You know, I don’t get it. Why are we dabbling in a dead market, anyways? Clearly interest is almost nonexistent.”

The other executive chuckles, before getting up. “You know,” he says, “The kind of cars this company makes, most of the times aren’t made just to sell. Our earlier sports cars weren’t exactly hot in the market either in the beginning.” He walks to the glass window lining the meeting room, looking over an artificial river and the showroom across it.

“We make cars that we believe are good. Sure, SUVs typically have more power, are safer in collisions, look taller and more imposing… but most of that aren’t needed in daily use. And if we don’t show our customers that, how will they find out?” he says, as the first executive gets up to join him. “It’s a risk, I know, but we’ll let their word of mouth do the work. And besides, the Somnia and other cheaper cars of ours have been selling well, I’d say we’re better off.”

After a while, one of them calmly says “There they are,” as three show cars of the design entries pull up in front of the showroom, lining up in their full glory.

Fujimi Shibuya L7 @the-chowi


This entry looks to be aiming for a modern, sleek look, cleverly using body molding to create sharp lines that compliments front and back, while keeping it simple and clean. The black painted roof and parts above the taillight give it a more modern look. Also, I like the inclusion of a rear camera and what looks to be a front radar.


Moving to the interior, we have several neat changes that makes for a more modern, forward-thinking design: darker wood trim, new luxurious-looking seat patterns and colors, new fabric material on the door with its own pattern. Gone is the passenger display, and a new floating gauge cluster is placed in front of the driver seat. Also, a yoke steering wheel! Not to my tastes, but this one’s executed really well.

Yoshino August SLX @nate21


A more sensible, down-to-earth take with softer curves that still manages to retain the luxurious profile of the car. That’s not to say that this car doesn’t have its own sharp, modern touches too, especially on the lights. This is merely a nitpick, but with the roof and A-pillar painted black, I’d say painting the “spoiler” molding on the tailgate would complete the look.


Continuing the down-to-earth appearance in the interior, this entry sports similar materials on the seats and door trim with a new color combination and patterns. Aside from getting rid of the passenger display, it has also surprisingly ditched the ambient lighting and 2nd and 3rd row tables; sufficiently accommodating without anything too fancy. Also, I appreciate the intricate detail of individually placed glowing letters/numbers/symbols on the screens.

Halvson GX99 Satellite DX @lotto77


Lots of interesting choices with this one. The extremely flaked paint, the DRL that extends to the rear, the lack of any sort of cladding to continue the side ones, the massive headlights and taillights (and emblems); despite unusual for a modern car, I can actually see those elements work especially with the front and rear ends complimenting each other, though I’m not feeling strongly about it. It also lines up with the Halvson design language, which I appreciate. There is one truly questionable choice though… and that’s the lower half of the headlight bulbs turning on when reversing.


Inside, changes are only done on the materials (and emblem of course). The vegan leather is actually quite nice, dominating the seats and the interior in general. The green and yellow ambient lighting is, again, an interesting choice, which I suppose is configurable. The piano black trim replacing the wood, though might not have been the best idea with fingerprints and dust and whatnot, doesn’t seem disruptive to the design.

Final Standings

  1. Fujimi Shibuya L7 @the-chowi

  2. Yoshino August SLX @nate21

  3. Halvson GX99 Satellite DX @lotto77

Congratulations to the winner, and thank you to everyone for participating.

Also, this is really hard for me to say, but I might have been too optimistic about this challenge. Seeing the little interest it maintains, I’m not sure if it’s viable to even continue to the next round. But let me know what you think, should the next round still commence or should it just end here. Once more, thanks for taking your time participating or just reading through this challenge, and I hope you all have a nice day.

Thank you
from Kotatsu Design Team


Yeah, it seems the idea isn’t gaining that much traction, every round there’s fewer entries. Maybe a poll could be made.