Automation Airfield Power Lap Times

This is the leaderboard for the fastest cars around Automation’s Airfield/Top Gear replica test track, revised for B151221.

The general idea for this is that you send your car around the airfield test track, and then send me the track time. Eventually, this will be the go-to place for you to benchmark how fast your new cars are compared to other similar cars.


  1. Your car MUST of course have a reliability rating above 0 (by this, I mean the reliability rating in the final stage of the car designer, not the one in the engine designer).
  2. You MUST specify whether your car is intended to be sold as a production car, or if it’s a pure bred race car. Your lap time will then be placed on the appropriate board. (NOTE: Rules relating to these two classes of cars are listed below)
  3. You MUST send me a screenshot of your car as proof. Please, don’t be an arse. Be honest with your lap times, which means don’t photoshop them. If I see times that are… out of the ordinary, I will ask for your car files as proof. You MUST also tell me how much power and torque your car is making.

When applying, you MUST send me your cars or post them in this thread in the following format:
[ul]Name of car: (Manufacturer & Model name)
Intended use: (Production/Race Car)
Power & Torque ratings:
Price (prod. cars only):
Turbo or NA:
Format (MR, F-AWD etc.):
Picture of lap time:[/ul]
And finally, If you are submitting a [size=150]production car[/size], please specify which of the following classes suits your car the best (pick [size=150]ONE[/size]):
]Budget/economy hatchback/:m]
]Budget/economy coupe/:m]
]Budget/economy sedan/:m]
]Budget/economy estate/:m]
]Budget/economy SUV or crossover/:m]
]Hot hatch/:m]
]Sports coupe /:m]
]Sports sedan/:m]
]Sports SUV /:m]
]Sports estate /:m]
]Luxury coupe /:m]
]Luxury sedan /:m]
]Luxury SUV/:m]
]Ultra-luxury sedan /:m]
]Convertible coupe /:m]
]Convertible sedan /:m]
]Muscle /:m]
]Supercar /:m]
Production Car RULES:
[ul]]NO race tubular exhausts/]
]NO race intakes/]
]NO ultimate fuel/]
]Cars must have the regular fixtures like headlights, tail lights, handles, exhausts and so on. However, I’ll be pretty lenient on this one. I’ll also tell you if I think it isn’t enough./]
]Cars must be no newer than 2017/:m][/ul]

Race Car RULES:
[ul]]There are no rules here, besides the fact that you can’t use .lua modding./:m][/ul]

This is the leaderboard for the Airfield track ONLY. For those looking for a leaderboard for different tracks, here’s a list of the others:
Pleb’s Hockenheimring Lap Times (Heavily outdated)
Jakgoe’s Automation Default Track Lap Times (Heavily outdated)
Strop’s Green Hell Lap Times (Slightly outdated)
Pleb’s Brands Hatch Indy Lap Times (Heavily outdated)

[size=200]----Lap times----[/size]
[size=200]Production cars:[/size]

[size=150]1. 2015 Matoyama Motors “XL-2B Package A TURBO” - 1:04.78 - 1341HP, 1033 ft-lb
2. 2015 Chlumsky “F1B1C” - 1:06.97 - 1215HP, 1279 ft-lb
3. 2016 Gryphon Gear “Salamander” - 1:07.58 - 800HP, 553 ft-lb
4. 2015 Chlumsky “F1B1” - 1:07.75 - 1105HP, 1013 ft-lb
5. 2016 Kraft Haus Technik “Sepang Track Pack” - 1:08.56 - 955HP, 720 ft-lb
6. 1998 Griffin “Ddraig LMP Road Coupe” - 1:10.07 - 900hp, 699 ft-lb
7. 2016 Solstice “Hypernova” - 1:10.10 - 723HP, 543 ft-lb
8. 2016 Rennen “Kusanagi R” - 1:11.88 - 665HP, 444 ft-lb
9. 2010 DMS “Bronco Track Package” - 1:16.38 - 701 hp, 503 ft-lb
10. 2006 Meliora “Canto MM” - 1:16.67 - 507HP, 388 ft-lb
11. 2016 SME “Bakeneko SS” - 1:17.73 - 501HP, 470 ft-lb
12. 1995 Centauri “Banshee” - 1:18:89 - 493HP, 419 ft-lb
13. 2016 SpearMan “Verio RS 4.0 V6 AWD” - 1:18.95 - 432HP, 312 ft-lb
14. 2015 LO “115 Sport” - 1:18.97 - 652HP, 488 ft-lb
15. 1971 KSR - “SX1” - 1:19.58 - 414HP, 310 ft-lb
16. 2015 Needle Production Cars “kNife GTi” - 1:24.89 - 350HP, 323 ft-lb
17. 2015 Needle Production Cars “kNife iTec” - 1:43.27 - 136HP, 136 ft-lb[/size]

[size=200]Race cars:[/size]
[size=150]1. 2015 Gryphon Gear “Sleipnir” (mule) - 1:02:10 - 1089HP - 718 ft-lb
2. 2020 DXM “Gryphon IIS”- 1:03.08 - 1460HP, 976 ft-lb
3. 2015 Banks “Krtica” - 1:03.51 - 1319HP, 887 ft-lb
4. 2015 Lordred’s “Super Legit” - 1:03.89 - 766HP, 493 ft-lb
5. 2016 PAK “Crown Jewel Hyper Race Concept”- 1:05.95 - 1077HP, 957 ft-lb
6. 2016 MicroDesigns “Astro R” - 1:07.88 - 582HP, 490 ft-lb
7. 2016 Alcide Cars “Aurora WRC R” - 1:18.18 - 351HP, 346 ft-lb
8. 1969 Baker “Stingray” - 1:18.36 - 480HP - 343 ft-lb

Challenge Accepted

Might work better on automationhub

Very true, I’ll tell Wizzy.

Would be fun to implement a challenges tab on AutomationHub and implement it on there. So you can upload your car and a tester will write down the times and put them on a leaderboard.
As for now, I think best is to just put it on the forums here, as the website is long from being done and other things require more effort and attention first.

Can I ask for a second rule to be put in that will stop people from using cheated cars/engines (or at least put them in a different category). I can see people using 5 mile wide tyres and engines with a quality of over 9000 if you don’t stop this.

Also, I assume that the engine must have its MTBF measured with the cooling you use on the car, rather than the cooling you get in the engine designer sandbox

if you haven’t guessed i will also be giving this a go :slight_smile:

Cheated/edited cars are always frowned upon by the Automation community. I’m sure that they will not be counted.

This sounds like a great idea, however I think there should be two boards made. One for cars that actually belong to our manufacturers as production cars and then the silly concept cars that we make because non-production cars are not allowed on the lap board :stuck_out_tongue:!

What do you mean by “production cars”? Do you mean the cars in the car design forum.

Added that as a new rule, thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just realised this is my 69th post. Ahh how immature am I… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jakgoe, I believe Cheeseman means there should be a board for production cars as in the cars you will sell to the public, and then one for concept cars that are only built for that race. I like this concept, and I think we’ll see some very competitive cars in these next few days before the - possible - open beta release.

So a road-legal, production board, and a racing board. Sounds good :slight_smile:

I will add a board for non-road racing cars :slight_smile:
EDIT: Done, and I’ve added a new rule about specifying whether a car is a production car/racer.

What constitutes a race car though? Just attempts to keep in the spirit of things, or maybe specific parts (quite obviously race exhaust piping should be race car only)? Personally I’ll likely only be entering race cars, but just throwing that out there.

It’s just about what you intended your car to be. Whether it is road legal or not is down to you, but if there are big gulfs in the production car leaderboard in terms of times (If some times are unusually quick for a production car) then I may have to implement some sort of criteria. (Possibly a power limit)

This may be implemented as a rule in the future if it’s needed, yes.

Idk about power limits, I’d say fuel type no higher then super, unless ultimate is a lot more common worldwide then it is here.

Actually that’s a good idea, adding as a rule now. :slight_smile:

I would just do it like real racing. Power limit and such (Like in Forza/Granturismo) to keep it fair. Then it all comes down if your car is good at high-end/low-end, turbo settings, fuel mixture etc. etc.

If there is a huge gap between the slowest and quickest times on the production board, I may split it up into classes based on power, to make it fair on hatchbacks, estate cars etc…

I’m not sure how a rule could be implemented based on high-end/low-end performance though.