Challenge Idea - Journey of Ownership

First of all, I’m kinda sorry for this post, as this would have been an actual challenge post rather than an idea post, because for various reasons, which include: a) there’s a lot of issues about challenges in this place recently, b) I’m not in a mood for a challenge and, c) I have been way too busy these days due to work and stuff.

As we all know, people buy, own and sell cars every day (since the automobile was a thing) and each of them has a story to tell whether the experience on owning a car looks like.

With this idea, this is a mix of a personal story + CSR, which means that each round will have a different set of vehicle buying rules, with one twist: its all about a certain person, wants to buy a car within his/her life.

So the idea looks like this:

  1. Each round was split into several segments, which is hosted by the winner of the last challenge, describes a car ownership story of a certain person within different stages of life.

  2. The first round starts with a character, which is likely at the age when the person got his/her license and wants to get his/her first vehicle. As the segments passed by, new prompts can be made for the person as he/she is getting new vehicles for different eras of his/her life.

  3. At the end of the segment, a winner will be declared and will be given a chance to continue or move to another round. This is up to the winner to decide, if they can’t take over the next round the runner up will take it instead, and so on. (like usual CSR or any running challenge rules)

  4. The round ends whenever the character has hit the current year (since we can’t really predict the future + Automation year limitations), or the person has gone to the point where he decided to stop buying vehicles due to various reasons.

Well, if you have anything to expand, or need to comment, please kindly reply to this post.

If you want to or actually make a challenge like this, please make sure to mention me when you made it.


This is actually a great idea - looking back on someone’s car ownership history reveals a lot about their journey through life.


Excellent idea!


That could definitely be interesting…

This is a great idea! CSR But with more history behind it and more creative flow to it. Might actually do it as my first ever challenge to be honest, but i’d need to learn how to set up the whole thing and all that

A person’s journey of ownership could be split into two or more stages. Would it be possible for them to run in parallel to save time, rather than sequentially in chronological order? If so, and there is more than one winner for the round, there should be a tiebreaker to decide an overall winner for the round. However, as tempting as this idea is, I still prefer a sequential order for each stage in a round - it’s less confusing if you had to follow all the stages in a round one at a time, instead of all at once.

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Fact is, I have been thinking out a (hopefully) useful basic ruleset during this day. If not anybody will mind, I can host a pilot round in some days?


Yeah, sure, since this is just an idea thread lol.

Aaaaaand…the thread is now up in the challenge section. :relaxed: