CSR151 - 100 L2 -> L1 OC!


100 L2 → L1 OC!!

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Nice, France 1997
Séphora Lambert is a young up and coming rally driver, along with her best friend Esmée Garcia they have been dominating the local rally scene. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and a local sponsor is willing to pay the girls’ entry into the Monte Carlo rally for 1997 as privateers. The girls’ car however is not going to be up to the pace and a replacement is urgently needed.

The 1983 Knightwick Cosmopolitan is low power and lightweight making it easy to handle over the tarmac and gravel stages of the local rally stages.


Cars must be built in the open beta version of the game, LCV 4.2/UE 4.27. earlier versions will not work.

Some of these rules are real super 2000 rules, some are made by me to fit the game.

Engine Rules

  • Variant year 1996/97
  • Techpool: 30 points, no limits to individual areas
  • Engine capacitymaximum 2000cc
  • No forced induction
  • No magnesium or titanium components
  • No VVT or VVl
  • Max engine revolutions: 8500rpm
  • 95RON premium unleaded fuel (+/-0 on the octane rating slider too btw)
  • Compression ration max: 13:1
  • catalytic converter must be used
  • Exhaust must exit rear of vehicle
  • maximum noise level of 60

Trim Rules

  • Trim year 1996/97
  • Techpool: 50 points, no limits in individual areas
  • Max cost $30,000
  • No carbon fibre or glue aluminium
  • Body type must have four seat places minimium
  • The entry must use two front seats (obviously full size seats too. No fold out seats)
  • Comfort must be above 15
  • Minimum weight 1000kg
  • 2WD only
  • One front and one rear aero device. Only to be used to give neutral downforce
  • No active aero or cooling if that actually unlocks
  • No electronic differential
  • Sports tyres
  • FIA rules for super 2000 mandate 18"X8" wheels for tarmac rallies. I’m not going to force that but try and be somewhat near that bearing in mind brake disc sizes required.
  • Basic cassette minimum entertainment to simulate radios and navigation devices
  • No active suspension of any kind
  • Vehicle must be road legal in France, so all correct lights and French plates. One headlight per front side, one indicator per front side, one side repeater per side ahead of leading edge of front door, one tail light per rear side, one brake light per rear side, one rear fog light minimum on driver side rear, one reversing light minimum on passenger side rear, high level brake light above height of tail light unit.

Interior is required for this challenge, make it look like a rally car obviously. Liveries are not required however so don’t worry about that.

Realism is important here, I’m aware the rules are pretty prescriptive already so the cars should already be pretty true to life anyway.

car inspirations

citroen zx kit car

renault megane maxi

Interior Inspirations


:star: :star: :star: :star:

Design and realism - ngl a decent looking car is half the battle in any challenge. Especially here where the rules make them somewhat similar

Sportiness - it’s literally a car for sports.

Performance - The car needs to hit the ground running and last a full rally, so in that respect well rounded figures are needed

:star: :star: :star:

Safety - crashes are more common than anyone would like, the tight mountain roads in Monaco mean an off could be disastrous.

Reliability - breakdowns are no fun for anyone, the girls really afford a massive service team so a breakdown will be pretty much game over.

Driveability - be reasonable with this, don’t go sending in an advanced auto. Séphora is an advanced driver so ease of parking isn’t exactly a priority. This car will be driven right on the edge

:star: :star:

Comfort - Rally stages can be long, the car also has to be drive between stages so comfort is a slight requirement.

Fuel economy - rallies aren’t cheap to enter. Less fuel used the better.


Practicality - it’s a racing car not a car to pop to the shops in.

Purchase costs - max out the budget, service costs don’t matter either.

Prestige - entirely irrelevant.

Entry Rules

  • Model and Engine family name: CSR151 - (forum username)

  • Model Trim and Engine variant: whatever

  • Submissions open 01 December 2022 1200UTC, then close 01 January 2023 1200UTC

  • Rules are subject to change until then, i’m open to any questions or changes.

  • entries need to be sent through PM and a post with some info, and hopefully lore posted here.

  • I won’t be looking at entries until after the round closes so if you want to resubmit for any reason or if a game update breaks your entry then go ahead.

Countdown timer HERE


Added driveability requirement

added requirement for a post and PM entries

added some video inspirations

Clarified seat setup

Some notes on wheels sizes

Added aero and cooling notes

Added fuel octane rating note

bottom text


Is drivability a factor at all?

Yeah I guess it should be there. I just don’t want some maniac sending in an automatic rally car because driveability is a top priority

With the new adjustments, manuals doesn’t wreck driveability like they did before, though.

So do entries need to have two seats or at least four? Or are you saying the engineering needs a 4+ seating setup but we’re allowed to have just two seats in the design?
Seems that ruling should be clearer.

Yeah, I think the gist of it is:

  • Must have 2 seats, all other seat rows empty

  • Body must have 2 or more available seat rows

Yeah that’s right. So no 2 seat coupe bodies. I’ve updated the rules a tiny bit to make it hopefully clearer

This is the first CSR in a long time, and probably ever, that requires us to build an actual race/rally car trim of an existing road car, although the road-legal trim won’t be submitted.

3 Questions:

Race parts allowed?

Roll cage or no?

Related, is the interior supposed to be a fully stripped and race-prepped setup?

IOW are we building a race car here, or a car homologated to also race?

I’m feeling inspired I’m excited to join my first CSR! :slight_smile:

Another question, since I don’t have a clue and since checking it up is way more complicated than for standard cars - what was realistic tyre dimensions for a rally car back then?

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What about the price?

@Lanson race parts are allowed, keep an eye on sound levels. Also yes to the race model so stripped out interiors, roll cages and little switches and lights like you would get on the real interiors. The exterior needs the right touches to look the part too

@Knugcab I’m struggling a bit with tyre sizes as it depends on the type of rally surface. Tarmac like Monte Carlo is 18x8" in the fia rule book but I don’t want to make the already strict rules much stricter.

@alen.alic1983 the price limit is in the trim rules

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What is neutral down force???

I take that as “downforce levels of 0 or less on the front and rear”.

Yeah that’s right. If you look at the downforce graph every car makes lift as standard. So you can level that out to 0 or at least as close without going positive

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And I’ll just say that you need to watch the down force number with any change you do: in fixtures, suspension, weight distribution, quality or techpool shifts, etc. It can go from lift to positive downforce (or vice-versa) per side with each change, and definitely it affects brakes, suspension, top speed, and so on.

And just verifying that techpool in body gives newer body styles than 1997, so these bodies are legit, right?

Yeah anything that you can unlock with techpool is fair game as long as it doesn’t break any of the rules

That picture had me scared this was another prewar round for a sec, hah. Very compelling brief! Perhaps some QFC12 entries will return here, I’ll probably submit something based on my reference car for that one.

2 questions:
How do you see the “auto manual” gearbox in the game - as a proper sequential (which is realistic for this type of car) or road car “automated manual” (eww)?
And how do you judge fuel economy? The ingame calculated value doesn’t reflect a racing setting, but is fine for the getting around part.

The F2 regulations at the time were somewhat less restrictive than the later Super 2000. Bugalski winning both Rally Catalonia and Corsica in 1999 with the Xsara Kit Car (F2, 280hp@8750rpm, 960kg), ahead of the WRC big bois apparently ruffled some feathers, leading to the Super 2000 class. To keep the FWD peasants in their place costs down. Citroen returned with a vengeance with the Xsara WRC instead. Anyway, in the context of the challenge, the Super 2000 based ruleset seems perfectly fine.

The Automanual is a road car-type in game, and this is reflected in its, er, pretty crap stats. This might be one of those “I’m not telling you to use a manual, but, uh, use a manual” challenges, which tbh is fine.

I think the fuel economy is meant to just be a generic one, as fiddling with the various values in the fuel econ tab is a pain.