HNC2 : The King Wants His Crown Back [PART 1]

Am I able to use some extremely large engines for the competition? Like, I’ll probably use a 9.4L V10 engine in a car for the sake of the competition, but I’m afraid that such large engines could be considered “meme builds” because my car is not meant to be a meme build.

If its explained why the engine is that gigantic like, displacement upgrade or something in the lore, then yeah it’s fine

By lore, you mean like Automation Lore Wiki? Because I’m currently making some pages in that wiki, including one about the car specifically.

Edit: So, I’m guessing that lore is like an explanation when posting it, right?

By lore, i mean your own lore lol. You can make up one to explain why it has gigantic V10

Roamer Night Rider


An excerpt from Street Samurai Showdown #79’s headlining article:

Koya Hashimoto, 55, is a man with a sordid past. He earned a reputation for fast cars back during the legendary SSX competition under the KYOspeed brand, then pivoted towards semi-legal builds that are as fast as they are pretty under the supervision of HiPER MaX! Kits & Tuning. Despite the challenges faced by modern Japanese tuning culture, he among many others continues to strive for exellency and passion in everything he touches. Today, I’ve been lucky enough to get a short interview with him online.

INTERVIEWER: How did you get into tuning cars? What influenced you to become who you are today?

KOYA HASHIMOTO: My father and grandpa were really into rally back in the day. Between that and the farm they owned out near Mount Iwate, where I had to help drive the farm truck every so often, I started to gain an appreciation for driving. Especially on dirt. My parents bought a go-kart when we moved out to Tokyo, around the age of 14, and I loved to drive it around as often as possible. My parents noticed this and started bringing me to karting events–I turned out to be really good! We kept at it until I turned 19, and then…

INT: You had your accident, right?

KH: (sigh) Yeah, that was a real heartbreaker. I had a little money laying around from sponsorships but nothing new was coming in, so I decided to move out of my parent’s place and set up a little tuning shop out in Yamitani. I noticed there were some street races happening around the turnpike I was set up at, so I only did what came naturally to me. And thus, KYOspeed was born.

INT: Where did you find your big break? What was the first car you built?

KH: The first cars I touched, and the specialty that I still focus on to this day, were Hakaru Inoue’s sports cars. Their platforms are made to take on a lot more power, and it’s easy to extract it from their engines with little cash. The first car I really focused on was my ‘SpeedSix’–that one was really fun. I actually got in touch with some of the head engineers at Inoue for some of their race parts, albeit discretely. That’s around the time my little shop really picked up in service.

INT: Do you have any stories from your time at KYOspeed?

KH: Yeah, a few… one of my first employees was this woman, a few years younger than me, who headed the engine fabrication side of things. We got into this little organized race competition, and she turned out to be a damn fine driver. It was a shame we got knocked out in the first round… but still, the publicity meant people were lining up at the door for parts and services.

INT: Any other tales?

KH: Sorry, the rest is confidential information. (grins)

INT: (laughs) Fair enough. What happened that forced you to disband your tuning house? What happened afterwards?

KH: A few years after that competiton, there was another one held nearby where a few pedestrians got killed. That was a little bit of a hard pill to swallow. But the public increased their pressure on the government, and made it much harder for little tuning houses like ours to survive. I saw the writing on the wall, so before my hands were tied I got all my employees together for one last little party, helped them look for jobs elsewhere in the industry and moved out to Yokohama to work at HiPER MaX!, dealing with their packaging divison.

But the tuning bug was still deep inside me, so in my off-hours I took my cars into their garages and prepped them up for show. The executives found out and had me scared for a little bit, but they valued me too much to fire me. So I was allowed to keep working on things like that in my spare time, just as long as I didn’t get into any trouble. And there I remain until today, so far.

INT: What do you look for in a car to tune? What do you consider to be a good tuner?

KH: A good car is balanced and steady, something that has a framework to put as much spice on as you need to. The SunnySix was good because the I6 engine was shoved way in the back of the engine bay. The car I have now is good because the platform is AWD and has as much weight rearward and near the floor as possible. The car also has to be safe–I learned my lesson after my tuning house had to close, so now I aim for predictability and safety in all of my builds. It means I have to sacrifice a little bit of weight, or horsepower, but in modern times that’s no problem at all.

INT: What’s your current project about?

KH: It’s a 1992 Inoue Sirius GRM with a semi-custom HiPER MaX! body kit and a welded engine. We’ve swapped a lot of the existing bodywork for carbon fiber, and sourced a lot of parts like SERA tie rods, Proauto Performance brakes, RETECH valves and camshaft, Magneti Mareia electronics, and DUNLAP SportFine Semi-Slicks. But the real star of the show is the V8 engine–we sourced two base Sirius models and stripped their I4 engine blocks, cut them both off at the crankshaft level, fabricated a new oil resevoir and crank, then built them up with all the parts we could scrounge. It’s taken quite a lot of work, but I’d say it’s the one build I’m happiest with so far. It dynos somewhere in the ballpark of 770 horsepower, and at only 1480 kilos, it can move pretty damn quick. I’m taking it out to the HNC revival later this year. I’m not really expecting much other than cruising around, showing the build off and having fun, so if you wanna come take a look up-close, you know where to find me! (grins)


The Dawn from Phoenix Motors is the only surviving flat engine manufacturer in the modern world, here with upgraded pistons and conrods in a fully matte black paint job and carbon fibre diffusers and splitters, this bad boy can rip through the streets while being stable at high speeds. It’s a literal stealth machine.


are multiple entries allowed for this? ive been waiting for a challenge like this to come back up and have a few builds i would like to enter.

I would’ve thought this was obvious enough


So, to clarify, does realism also cover things like WES and noise, or do we just go flat out here, without any cat in sight? SVC is also not a priority at all?

Also not sure here, isn’t 95 RON Premium and 98 RON Super?

Same thing, also why would a street racing club cares about emission lol, there’s a reason why there’s no WES in the ruleset

As for svc, I forgor but it’s too late now eh




Launched in late 2023, the Kotatsu Margo FR is a front-engined, rear wheel-driven sports car known for its affordability and the driving excitement it offers. Its twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 provides 450 horsepowers to the rear wheels, and the limited slip differential makes it work with the 6-speed manual. The liftback design means easy access to the cargo space, and 2 seats means a comfortable amount of cabin space. A simple, affordable toy for the brave to have fun with is what it is, exactly how the customers want it.

Less popular is its all wheel-driven variant, simply titled the Margo. This is because of its considerable hike in price and loss of its “unique driving feel like its 2WD counterpart,” as some reviewers have noted. It does, however, open up the possibilities of realizing some crazy ideas…



The Rosemary is one such crazy idea. As the brainchild of the charismatic (and frankly insane) Kotatsu Motors CEO Shuichi Tamano and the genius minds of the MysteryWorks tuning house, it’s made part as a marketing stunt to boost the AWD Margo’s sales and part as the CEO’s personal passion project. For this car, MysteryWorks draws inspiration from works of other aftermarket companies such as Veilside and Abflug, while putting their own unique flair into it. The idea of its simple livery is that the car itself is a rose, beautiful yet prickly, with the silver stripes depicting its thorns.

Still donning the same 3.5L V6, the Rosemary is tuned to deliver 850 horsepowers to all four wheels. Stiffer active suspensions were set to adapt to track changes and quick driver inputs. A bodykit with enough aero trickery to provide adequate downforce while maintaining its look is installed. Semi slick tires (which aren’t cheap) are installed to keep the car on the road as much as possible. A rollcage is installed for the safety of the driver, which adds quite a bit of weight. Also do not look into the boot they did not install anything in the boot


by MysteryWorks


Eca All-In V8 MaxTrack
"Nur Fliegen ist schöner"


Who needs Turbos anyways?

Based on the 1998 Facelifted All-in, the “Nür Fliegen ist schöner”-crew managed to squeeze out every last horsepower from the 5.5L V8. Starting at 500hp this tuned version generates over 600hp moving this wedge of 80’s german engeering to 350 km/h.

Furthermore an aggreive bodykit was fitted to widen the stance of the car, and add new refined aero.

The NFIS crew specializes in german car in their garage. The All-in is their second crew-member car after a Bergmann Deich. The goal of the crew is to bring a piece of german Autobahn to the streets of Japan







EPIDEM custom Widebody
TASKS Diener 3-piece rims (16x315 / 16x355)
Custom Carbon panels
Custom Rollcage
Custom Infotainment setup
SPARKA Racing Seats
RKS Turbo & Engine Tune kit (700HP)
AORTA Titanium Exhaust kit
FREEZER Intercooler
Enfach Coilovers
BERGANO Slotted rotors + brake kit
FUJISAKI Pixy semislick tires
AUTOSTORESHINE LED Headlights + Brake lights


Stock Car:


For no reason, my game crashes when I put Ray Tracing settings on Medium. It didn’t happen before, and just today, I’ve experienced few crashes when attempting to take screenshots. I wonder if someone can take the screenshots of my car for me, because I don’t know why it keeps happening to me.

Edit: I’m trying to make a post about my car I’m gonna use in the competition, but it’s nearly to impossible for me to write a story without the screenshots that I can’t take.


Allure Chiroptera TSS awd

This is a revised version of the subpar performing Chiroptera TS from PAIN. Mistakes were made and lessons were learned. Here, we aim not to disappoint , but to excite.

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2020 Rusa Kunai - Meowgang Edition

List of Modifications

Engine, Intake & Exhaust:

  • Complete engine rebuild, including lightweight forged internals including conrods and pistons with a CNC billet crank, going from 7,500 redline to 10,000.
  • Remapped ECU profile, including much higher compression and using higher quality fuels including far greater fuel-air mixture.
  • Custom racing air intakes and softer valve springs and race ignition sparks.
  • Catalytic converter and exhaust delete, full custom titanium racing exhaust manifolds and straight pipe.
  • Custom cylinder head and block inspection, polishing and refinement.
  • Race air cooler system and race-swapped V-mounted radiator system with auxiliary cooling fans for brakes and engine bay compartment.


  • Rebuilt race internal clutch plates and gearing system.
  • Transmission housing polishing and refinement.
  • Complete differential rebuild and forged lightweight driveshaft swap, allowing greater torque send to the rear (from 70% to 75%).
  • Reworked transmission computer and gearing for greater top speed, higher gearing and shorter spread.

Wheels & Brakes:

  • Street-legal racing 680mm diameter semi-slick tires with higher-profile rims (from 21" to 19")
  • Extremely lightweight forged magnesium rims (from standard alloys)
  • Lightweight wheel offset plates for greater track width.
  • Racing carbon-ceramic disc brakes with 400mm-diameter and 6 pistons at front, and 380mm-diameter 1 piston at the rear (from standard vented iron discs).
  • Custom tuned braking balance for much more emphasis on front braking force.

Bodywork & Aerodynamics:

  • Custom molded carbon fiber bodywork parts, including roof, bonnet, front bumper, and rear bumper.
  • Complete rear body panel swap with custom-developed carbon fiber panel with rear wheel air exits, spoiler, and lower bumper delete for diffuser.
  • Full bonnet carbon fiber panel swap with integrated downforce air duct and air guide strakes with larger engine bay exhaust vents.
  • Complete semi-covered underbody rebuild with full carbon-fiber racing underbody venturi tunnels and air guides.
  • Front side body panel carbon fiber panel swap with custom-developed front wheel air extractor vents.
  • In-house developed rear diffuser bodywork in carbon fiber, developed in conjunction with racing underbody.
  • Front body panel swap with custom-developed carbon panel with larger lower side vents and larger underbody front opening for custom splitter.
  • Carbon fiber front lip splitter kit with side skirts and rear diffuser - custom molded and developed in-house by Meowgang.
  • Carbon fiber top wheel arch covers.
  • Carbon fiber wing mirror body housings, body-painted.
  • Carbon fiber swan-neck mounted rear wing with Meowgang logo on endplates.
  • Custom two-stripe white livery. Aftermarket sponsor stickers on sides.

Miscellaneous / Interior:

  • Alcantara-covered custom molded plush-padded carbon seats.
  • Alcantara clad steering wheel.
  • Rear seatbelt system delete.

Performance Results (in comparison with base model Rusa Kunai S)

  • 600HP Inline-6 NA (vs 270HP)
  • 2.3s 0-60mph (3.8s)
  • 225mph Top Speed (vs 195mph)
  • 9.3s 1/4mi (vs 12.2s)
  • 1.46G 20m cornering (vs 1.00G)
  • 1.67G 200m cornering (vs 0.93G)
  • 6:29.42 claimed Nurburgring Time (vs 8:18.26)
  • 1,111kg kerb weight (vs 1,311kg)
  • 75R/25F AWD torque distribution (vs 70R/30F)



Pics + Story

This 2009 Homada Boka 2.0 SE was originally built as a show car, but the owner was not letting this beast sit in his garage.

Having knowledge of the street racing scene due to having some friends involved, he decided to give it a shot as well.

And thanks to the extensive list of modifications, the owner found great success in these races - Leading the owner to search for greater competition.

Whispers of HNC started to surface as the owner climbed the ranks of street racing, and as such, that would be his next goal.

…And so, he set to work on joining the elite.



Just a Heads Up!

Just 2 more days untill the submission closed and so far i’ve received .car file from


For those who already sent .car file to me and didn’t get mentioned, just let me know! For those who didn’t, just a quick reminder for you guys :slight_smile: