[Main Quest] A game of chicken (Chicken Tax Challenge)

Ever wanted a truck in the USA but didn’t want to buy an American truck? Well too bad! Your old friend taxes stood in the way of that. Most of the time.

Welcome to the 1974 Chicken Tax Car challenge! In this challenge you will be making utility vehicles that would be under the so called “Chicken Tax”. For more info on the chicken tax, look here Chicken tax - Wikipedia. Thank you organizers for helping with this one again! These challenges wouldn’t be the same without you.

Your goal will be to create something as fast as you can in the rules like most challenges, and your car(s) will be tested in Beamng to see how they would (kind of) perform in the real world.

Now before we get to the rules, take a look at some inspirations to see what our goal is for cars in this challenge.


Ever heard of the Subaru BRAT? It came out in 1978, but its a great look at what you could do.

A more conventional example is the Chevrolet LUV. A rebadged Isuzu Faster.


The VW Bus, a classic. This one is a panel van!

Of if you want to be different, there is the Ford Falcon, an Australian ute.

Now, time for the rules!


RULE 1: Your car must be from 1974
RULE 2: Your car must be either a pickup, a ute or a van. Banned bodies are the E-type, the LM car and the Mini. (Banned bodies will be updated if anything unfair is found.)
RULE 3: The price limit is 12000. Messing with the quality is most likely needed to be competitive in this price limit, so the minimum is -5 and the maximum is +3. The max trim service cost is 600.
RULE 4: Your car must have either a ladder chassis or a light truck monocoque.
RULE 5: Your car can not have 4x4.
RULE 6: Your car must use 91 RON unleaded and 18 US mpg. (Lean fuel mixture and low cam profile are useful to get to the MPG minimum.)
RULE 7: Your car must be road legal/fit with the topic. This means at least basic 60s safety at 0 quality, at least 1 muffler (baffled or reverse flow), at least standard interior, at least 2 full seats and at least basic AM radio.
RULE 8: Your car must have either Utility, All terrain or Chunky Offroad tires. (Make a good choice, as we will be going both on-road and off-road.)
RULE 9: Your car must have a payload capacity of at least 500 kg.
RULE 10: Your car must have either an open diff or a manual diff locker.
RULE 11: Your engine can not have any stress.
RULE 12: Advanced trim settings are banned except for transmission tunnel, and engine placement.

This challenge is happening in 4.2 (Open alpha), if you need any help accessing it ask me.
NOTE: If you ask you might get exceptions to these rules.
NOTE 2: Catalytic converters were not required till 1975.

Visual modifications to your car are encouraged to give it more personality. Side of your van is empty? Put stickers on it! Have an empty truck bed? Put something cool in it! And so on. Personality is very important for this challenge, something boring will most likely not get a very high styling score. Just don’t go for a meme car or overdo it.
We will be going onroad and offroad, so it is important for you to make some choices on what you should do. Will you focus on track, on rally or will you try to fit in between?


The deadline for this challenge is the 16th of April at 2pm PST, this means that you have around 2 weeks to make your car and enter it.
When sending in cars you have a few choices. You can send me the car privately on discord (you can find me in this discord Brad Lee Garage), you can send the car in a private forum post or you can post the car publicly in the previously mentioned discord in the showroom section.
This challenge will be streamed on bradleegarage on Twitch (bradleegarage link). Also, let me clarify that i am not Brad, I’m just a challenge organizer and moderator.
The stream times are on the 17th of April at 2 pm PST, then the 24th at the same time for round 2 and possibly a third round which would have to be planned if we need it.
If you have any questions, please remember to ask them.

You are allowed to enter a max of 2 cars.

Oh yeah, i forgot a rule… Have fun!


Catalytic converters were not mandated until 1975 - hence the fact that their use is not required here.

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Ive made a slight change to the rules, i forgot to put in that you need at least 2 seats.

Verifying that Bodies can be newer than 74, just not the build?


No, the bodies have to be from 1974 or earlier.

Ahh ok sure thing.


Wow trickier than it seems! I had to scrap so many motors to get the mpg and price. Very interesting

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Yeah price is very low, no 8 or even 6 cylinder engines without negative quality

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What about a straight-four or even a flat-four? Surely it would be much easier to stay under budget with such an engine configuration - this is a budget light truck round, after all.

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I typically always start with a flat 4 or 6 because I like the power and TQ for displacement, but what I found was for 1974 the bodies that age and older are almost all incompatible with the engine type, unless it’s a big brute ute and then it is too heavy for that engine. Flat engines also cost more. I found a tiny straight 6 will work but I have to strangle the quality to meet the price point.

It’s not unrealistic, it’s just bottom drawer and I worry that one bump in beam and my wheels will literally fall off.

Edit…I avoid I4’s as much as possible, enough lawnmowers out there already.


Someone is using attempting to use a v12 and the other organizers said that they could manage to get a 3.9 V8 in the rules, so a lot should be possible.

18mpg on a 3.9v8? That’s quite a feat, can’t wait to see the submission!


Im not sure if the 3.9 will be entered, as it was a bit of test vehicle from retro. I did see him using the same body for his entry, so i am interested to see what it has when i have the .car file. V12 is being entered almost for sure though, im also interested in how hyperboloid will manage it

The 1974 Mars (Australia) Insurer 2400 Special. Modified with a bunch of small visual mods. Why not put stuff on the bed and in the bed? Well you can with this car!

I fell in love with this car while making it, might be my favorite car that i have ever made.
Here is the 5000 version, which is visually stock.


Is there any rules regarding naming convention?

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Super happy with this one.


Nope, you can call it whatever you want.

The one year difference makes me so conflicted. On one hand I want to do it to future proof my vehicle, but on the other, strangling a sixth of my horsepower and lowering my mpg will hurt my car in the challenge’s point of view

@Djadania Is it possible to have a short blurb about the inclusion of catalytic converters in the rules text to clear any possible confusion or misconceptions?


Sure, give me a bit.

Djadania, would it be possible to allow advanced trims settings for rim center offset and suspension height? Mainly I would like to give my car some deep dish rims and a forward rake for a more 70’s style.