Performance tuner Time attack 1995

“Rain again?! Dammit!”
“Yeah, looks like it”
“Why the hell do you choose to race Slicks??!!”
“We have a 1200hp car, do you wanted what? AWD wheel-spin?”
“We have a god dammit rally driver! He can figure it out!”
“Maybe he can figure out how to control this thing with this weather…”
“I hope so…”

I am consistently finishing in 5th place in the practice sessions, good thing there is some variability when it comes to qualifying and the actual event.

Somehow my car’s managed to finish above 110% every time so far…


Exactly what I wanted to write, so I don’t have to now :stuck_out_tongue: But at least I’m for the second time the fastest among the disqualified, that’s something :smile:

@ramthecowy See? And you complained so much about it :smiley:

Why is my mistake chance at 87? I’m quite sure my drivability is above 20…

Mistake chance is a random number that goes into the calculation as well as drivability. Squid explained that at some point.
(The name is misleading though)

Also, points for the sedan! :sunglasses:


i’m still amazed that my dual winged shitbox is top FWD.

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I’ve still got the fastest minivan. I think.


Actually I think Airjordan’s technical support truck has this honor.


Any ETA on event 5?

Or are you just killing us with suspence


Yep, I am.
Tomorrow first two rounds, and final on sunday.


Well that’s a fine turnout after the qualifying runs.


“We’ll get 'em next time!”
“With what?”
“Something. Anything. Maybe we’ll build up an original Envy, or we’ll turbo something unusual.”

I wouldn’t be mad if my driver would instead put up a sweet drift performance for the crowd!
DORIFTU! :smile:

my car’s chugging along without dropping over the 110% line, so i’m not complaining.

So, I think I’ve learned that taking a Puttzalong to a time attack is like a taking knife to a gun fight.

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We’ll be back next time with a scarier van, I’m sure of it.

You think?

Hey, I could’ve re-used my Dalnit-Bralka entry. That would have been even funnier :joy:


And we’re done here! ROLL CREDITS