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Born in Queens from Italian immigrant parents, Martin Rigore (ri-gor-ay) had picked up an interest in mechanics from a young age. In 1950 at the age of 22, Martin had founded Rigore Engineering and by the 1952 Corso di Fruinia had produced multiple Boxer-4 and Boxer-6 engines for racing. Many of the internationally lauded races of the era soon had public perception turned against them due to their poor safety and frequent accidents; Rigore’s business dwindled as did their profits. Action had to be taken on the brink of bankruptcy to keep the company afloat. In a rush of options, Martin consolidated whatever little money was left over from the engine business in order to develop the first Rigore vehicle; the Angeles. The original Angeles was a sleek 4-door sports saloon which amassed a large cult following. With a sporty and stylish demeanor, it swiftly solidified Rigore in the sports automobile market with over 4000 units sold in the first year and almost double the second year. It was praised for its precision handling, balanced flat-6 engine, but most of all putting an American twist on the typical European sports saloon. It was also a successful racing machine - the Angeles had won the Group 2 Open class at the 1970 Nürburgring 24h, cementing Rigore’s reputation as a performance company. it’s A more powerful, larger flat-6 would be used in the 1967 Rigore Mjölnir - Rigore’s second model. 5 years later, in 1972, there was a major revamp to the Angeles which split it into a 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan; both models were designed to stay true to the original sports coupe. This new Angeles would propel Rigore to the luxury car market.

The oil crisis’ of the 1970s were detrimental to all of America’s auto makers. Determined to adapt and overcome, Rigore responded quickly in 1974 by improving the Angeles with a more fuel-efficient engine and more comfortable suspension options. Sales remained steady, and Rigore would be able to release the larger Anubis in 1976, satisfying America’s desire for a larger model. As of 1980, Rigore was in the top 5 largest American car companies, and one of the few surviving American luxury car companies in Europe and Asia.

After the murkiness of the 1970’s, the 80’s was a breath of fresh air for Rigore. Different technological advancements from motorsport and public innovation would find their way into new Rigore models each year. Elaborate electronic driver aids transformed Rigore vehicles into class-leading cars in design, innovation, and driving dynamics. Revealed in 1982, the Elbrus SUV featured all of the power and prowess of other Rigore’s but with the addition of a luxuriously appointed interior and all-terrain capability. The 1982 Mjölnir introduced turbocharging to the Rigore lineup and officially introduced the “MT-R” nameplate to the scene, mating street legal cars and racing pedigree together.

The 1990’s continued to show a luxurious growth of the Rigore brand, with the ultra-luxury Nassau releasing in 1990 at the Geneva Motor Show. The Valhalla was the pinnacle of Rigore’s lineup with a high-tech interior including a touch-screen “Graphics Control Center.” The Apophis Coupe was released following 1990, combining the luxurious style of the Nassau with the sportiness found in Rigore’s “MT-R” lineup. The Angeles persisted as Rigore’s best selling model, accumulating over 150,000 global units in the year 1993. The new 1996 Angeles was named Motor Trend 's COTY, and Rigore remained a consistent visitor at Car and Driver’s 10 Best list.

Rigore, since it’s small roots in Queens, has sought out to elevate themselves constantly to an even higher quality standard. The compact sedan Caelum introduced in 2001, has become increasingly efficient, dynamic, and luxurious. In 2007, the first Seneca luxury crossover graced showroom floors. In 2014, the Elysian compact SUV hit the roads and became an immediate best-seller. 2016 marked the re-introduction of the Mjölnir nameplate after a 7 year hiatus, marking a true return to form of performance engineering. Rigore and Shromet entered the American Electic Vehicle Agreement (AEVA) in 2017 to fund and engineer all-new electric car platforms, initiating a new clean future for the companies; the Rigore Vulnair was the first Rigore product to come out of the agreement, released in late 2019. 2020 saw the release of the Lynesse sports-electric SUV. Today, all of our cars keep the soul made by the “Angel”, instilled with a natural poise and precision that found only in Rigore automobiles. Perfection in performance is promised with every Rigore.



new year, new Rennen

Over 50 years of racing pedigree, condensed into a premium package.

The latest in over a decade of the Caelum performance line, the 2020 Rigore Caelum MT-R is a true sports machine.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.


The latest Caelum MT-R is available with the most powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder Rigore has ever made; displacing 2.1 liters, this application of the engine churns out over 370 horsepower and 255 lb-ft. Revving out to 8600 rpm, endless thrills are to be had with this powertrain. Feel the rush of air past your windows as you floor the throttle and wait for just 4 seconds until the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission shifts the car to 62 mph. An electronically adjustable sports suspension setup and the groundbreaking SD platform combine for a truly unique driving experience. Steering is weighted to feel natural and linear, not artificially boosted. Dual electronic limited-slip differentials means that the rear-biased AWD system can send all power to and of the 4 driven wheels at any point in time. With roots tied into racing and cutting-edge technology, the Caelum transcends all expectations into a truly dynamic compact luxury car.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.

Exterior and Interior
The latest Caelum MT-R has the already stunning Caelum as a base design and gives it a sinister flair. With an aggressive front fascia and carbon-fibre accents, there’s no mistaking this for a standard Caelum. Both the front lip and rear spoiler help to develop downforce at high speed. Inside, sports bucket seats are standard with 12-way adjustment for both drivers and passengers along with lumbar support. Carbon-fiber inlays are optional and along with body color accenting combine for a modern, clean aesthetic. Overall, the latest Caelum MT-R perfectly balances every aspect of a sports car and a compact luxury vehicle, all in a perfectly stylish package.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.

Standard Features
Optional Extras


Exterior Color Palette

Opal White Pearl, Carbon Black Metallic, Monterrey Red Pearl, Machined Grey Gloss, Platinum Silver Metallic, Lazuli Ocean Metallic, Cavansite Cerulean Metallic, Blue Jay Metallic, Ragata Crimson Metallic, and Frozen Bancha Metallic, respectively.

Interior Color Palette and Trim Inserts

Jet Black Leather (with Sapphire Leather Inserts), Couverture Brown Leather (with Jet Black Inserts), Alpine White Leather, Sapphire Leather with Jet Black Inserts, and Golden Beige Leather (with Alpine White inserts), respectively.
Dark Bamboo, Bleached Beachwood, Aluminium, Piano Black/multi-color options (consult your dealer for more information), respectively.


Is this brand essentially Rennen by another name? Especially since it shares some of its model lines with that company you made earlier.

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Essentially, yes. I felt that Rennen needed a rebrand.

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Maximized performance. The Rigore Mjölnir.

After a 7 year hiatus, Rigore revived the beloved Mjölnir nameplate at the 2016 New York International Auto Show to commemorate the car’s 50th anniversary.

The symbiotic relationship of technology and soul.

The all-new Mjölnir has rethinks the supercar game from the ground up. The Mjölnir has a hand-built 3.8 L Boxer 6 that is specifically designed with unique components not found on any other Rigore Boxer 6. Supported by twin ball-bearing turbochargers, the Mjölnir is able to produce a monumental 678 HP and 446 lb-ft. Placed behind the driver and routing power to all 4 wheels using the latest electronically controlled torque-vectoring AWD and a 7-speed DCT, if you blink you’ll miss the Mjölnir rocket to 62 MPH in a scant 2.6 seconds. The Mjölnir is also a car that is surprisingly simple to control at all speeds. One of the Mjölnir’s main challenges was the balance of making the machine both easy to operate and gratifying to drive, no matter what the skill level; thus, with its double wishbone front suspension and pushrod rear suspension, the Mjölnir’s tenacious handling characteristics are easily approachable but remains satisfyingly analog. This is thanks to a completely reworked adaptive electronic power steering rack, electronically controlled springs and dampers, and the aforementioned torque-vectoring AWD. With lessons learned from the Apophis GT3 racer, the suspension tuning contributes to the mechanical harmony of the Mjölnir. Even though the interior remains as luxurious as in other Rigore models, the copious usage of aluminum and carbon fiber both help to reduce weight to a lithe 1539 kg dry. 50 years of racing pedigree, performance vehicles, and all-American engineering has led to the greatest sports car Rigore has ever produced.

The marriage of angelic styling and devilish details.

The styling of the Mjölnir, previewed by the 2013 Monticello Concept, demonstrates a seismic shift in the Rigore arsenal. Razor-sharp precision is present on every angle of the Mjölnir, from the reimagined “Angel Wing” headlights to the highly complex active rear diffuser. Design was inspired by artificial creations and nature in order to create a supercar that appears to be a living, breathing robot. The front end is dominated by sculpted grills, with a balance between positive and negative space harmoniously flowing into the scalloped sides of the car. The lines of the side are drawn out into the geometric rear treatment, where aggressive and polarizing styling was priority. The 16 colors that were chosen for the Mjölnir are all fine-tuned to accentuate the curves and edges of the body. Both the front and rear of the Mjölnir have active aero elements, providing over 350 lbs of downforce at top speed. Carbon fiber is proudly displayed on the roof, rear spoiler, and front end. Styling is paramount for the Mjölnir, and each and every element serves its purpose perfectly.

Luxury, injected with pure energy.

Make your way inside the Mjölnir and you may be intrigued by the level of luxury and comfort which greets you - indeed, despite the aggressive appearance, the interior is luxuriously appointed and highly customizable. Designed to emulate the functionality of living in your own personal space, the Mjölnir skimps on no creature comforts - dual zone climate control, a 9 inch infotainment screen with Apple Carplay© and Android Auto™, and an 11 speaker Bowers and Wilkins Audio system are all standard. With only the highest quality materials, the interior remains as uniquely Rigore as the exterior. A sculpted center console, flowing door cards, and aggressively shaped instrument cluster all contribute to an interior which is equally striking as the exterior. The sports bucket seats are adjustable 21 ways with 4-way lumbar support and are suitable even for cross-country driving. A front suspension lift system helps to avoid scraping the front end in any bumps, whilst front and rear parking sensors prevents you from giving the Mjölnir any accidental love taps. A luxurious interior complements the athletic exterior, providing a beautiful blend of performance and luxury to the 2017 Rigore Mjölnir.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.

Standard Features


Exterior Color Palette

Colors, by row: Ragata Crimson Metallic, Monterrey Red Pearl, Kilauea Orange Metallic, Vegas Gold Metallic.
Moroccan Yellow, Spark Green Pearl, Atlantic Emerald Metallic, Cavansite Cerulean Metallic.
Blue Jay Metallic, Lazuli Ocean Metallic, Ceres Indigo Pearl, Frozen Lavender Metallic.
Opal White Pearl, Platinum Silver Metallic, Machined Grey Gloss, Carbon Black Metallic…

Interior Color Palette and Trim Inserts

Jet Black, Couverture Brown, Alpine White, Montauk Beige, Sequoia Brown Leather, Midnight Blue, Ember Red, and Shiraz Red, respectively.
Carbon (Satin/Lacquered), Brushed Aluminium, Piano Black/multi-color options (consult your dealer for more information), and Black Bamboo, respectively.


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Now that right there is a Rigore.

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Prior to the unveiling of their unnamed new electric sports sedan at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, Rigore announces a change to their logo and brand identity for 2020 and beyond.

Curating a new theme “Elegant Dynamics”, Rigore’s new brand utilizes a more simplistic, flat version of the logo for a web-friendly appearance that can be converted into a range of different colors although the iconic gold and cerulean are here to stay. With this, an all-new font has also been created - Rigore Sans has a modern, unique flavor that signifies a sleek new style that pushes the brand into the future.


Elevated luxury and performance made practical.

Unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the third generation of Rigore’s original SUV is the ideal synergy of style, luxury, and performance.

Prestige 425 S4 in Lazuli Ocean Metallic shown.

Practical never felt so fun.

2 revised engines are available on the Taranis; a potent 3.0 L Boxer 6 and an assertive 4.2 L V8, both of which are strapped with two turbochargers and 8-speed automatics. When equipped with the V8, the Taranis is capable of thrusting to 62 MPH in only 5.2 seconds. The Taranis debuts the heavy-duty version of Rigore’s SQ platform which underpins models such as the Valhalla as well as the Anubis; being lent a talented platform from the start means that the Taranis is a naturally gifted performer on the road. Adaptive air suspension combined with smart steering means that the Taranis is just at home on back alleyways as any other Rigore sports sedan. Additionally, the adjustable ride height, hill descent control, and adaptive sway bars makes the Taranis capable off-road, providing safety and security no matter what the terrain may be. With all these abilities combined, the Taranis proves to have a well-rounded set of skills that should please any Rigore purist.

Prestige 425 S4 in Lazuli Ocean Metallic shown.

Elegant prowess, materialized.

Continuing the all-new design language introduced earlier in the year by the Angeles, the Taranis employs a fresh, innovative approach to Rigore’s crisp styling. A sculpted front end combines a cohesive, complex lower fascia that accentuates the overall aggressiveness of the face with an imposing, tall upper grille and rectilinear headlights; the synergy of the two blends effortlessly to create a streamlined, elegant front that’s distinctive and tasteful. As the viewer traverses around the sides to the rear, subtle chrome detailing emphasizes the Taranis’ long wheelbase - from the “winged” side indicators to the floating d-pillar, the attention to detail is present across the entirety of the SUV. Around the rear, the “wing” theme continues with streamlined taillights with intricate three-dimensional detailing. The reverse lights are integrated into the thin chrome strip that connects the taillights, creating a more cohesive design as a whole. Venture inside and you’ll be greeted with a cabin which is the peak that luxury can offer; Rigore uses only the highest material quality for the interior of the Taranis, lining each of the 7 (or optional 6) seats with sustainable sourced leather. There’s a choice of 3 different fine wood inlays, and ambient lighting is standard. REV2® is standard on all models, injecting some technology into the elegant interior. When one combines the sumptuousness of the interior and the dramatic visuals of the exterior, it’s easy to see why the Taranis has received such international acclaim.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.

Standard Features


Exterior Color Palette

Colors, by row: Ragata Crimson Metallic, Monterrey Red Pearl, Dark Vera Metallic, Malmo Blue Metallic.
Blue Jay Metallic, Lazuli Ocean Metallic, Espresso Metallic, Opal White Pearl.
Platinum Silver Metallic, Machined Grey Gloss, Hampton Gold Metallic, Carbon Black Metallic.

Interior Color Palette and Trim Inserts

Jet Black, Couverture Brown, Alpine White, Montauk Beige, Sequoia Brown Leather, and Shiraz Red, respectively.
Brushed Aluminium, Piano Black/multi-color options (consult your dealer for more information), Black Bamboo, Mahogany, Bird’s-Eye Maple, and Eucalyptus, respectively.


A thoroughbred Rigore, electrified.

The wraps were taken off of the first-ever 100% electric Rigore at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show; sporting the DNA of a true Rigore sports car, the Vulnair is a true game-changer.

530 Exclusive shown in Maldive Turquoise Metallic.

Effortless thrust, exceptional handling, endless fun.

Unafraid to take risks, the new Vulnair is Rigore’s first foray into the world of electric cars. A synchronous dual-motor AWD system is in place mated to a dual-speed transmission in the rear. With up to 530 horsepower on tap combined with the two-motor and two-speed synergy, the Vulnair is capable of shocking acceleration. Step on accelerator, take a deep breath, and after 3.5 seconds you’ll be at 62 mph. Keep on pushing through, and you’ll eventually hit a limited top speed of 149 mph. The lithium-ion battery options are mounted underneath the floor, staying true to the low center of gravity found in Rigore’s boxer engine models; thanks to an air-cutting design and other efficiency saving measures, the Vulnair is capable of travelling over 320 miles on a single charge with a 95.0 kWh battery. When the low center of gravity is combined with an all-aluminum construction for the body panel and chassis, advanced suspension setup, and fine-tuned steering by MT-R, the Vulnair’s steering precision gives way to high-control driving dynamics. The dual-motor system is able to modulate power between wheels through corners to provide maximum control to the Vulnair’s pilot, making the Vulnair a true driver’s car. The combination of sports-car handling, rapid acceleration, and impressive range all combine to make the first Rigore electric car not just a competent high-performance vehicle but a genuinely imperssive Rigore.

530 Exclusive shown in Maldive Turquoise Metallic.

Redefining electric car status through design.

Easily one of Rigore’s most innovative, pioneering designs, the Vulnair features a highly sculpted body shape with dramatic design elements that all represent a new era for the industry. The front end heavily derives from the Mjölnir supercar, with slender elements and a playful use of negative space to lead the eye around the solid-formed body. A strikingly low cowl and teased fender flares contribute to the aggressive motif. Travel towards the sides and an elegant treatment of detail preludes the shapes used on the rear end of the vehicle, where one will find an equally graceful approach to design. The varying widths of the taillights provide a contrast to the horizontal nature, whilst the pure treatment of the lower rear fascia keeps the design fresh. An optional all-glass roof provides a further dramatic symmetry to the body. Each aspect of the body exhibits Rigore’s three-dimensional approach to design, emphasizing minimalism and subtractive style that defines the Vulnair’s sleek allure.

530 Exclusive shown with Jet Black SynTact.

A symphony of the sustainable and indulgence.

The simple, emotional, and calculated exterior design is well-reflected on the forward-thinking interior. The elegant center stack wraps around the driver as a way to focus on the road ahead - controls are simple to operate, and a haptic-feedback screen has been developed in great detail to feel as if one were touching real metal buttons. The revised Rigore Electronic Vision 4 (REV4®) infotainment system has a clean, refreshing layout that’s made to be more natural to access, read, and navigate than ever before. The standard digital driver’s display is exclusively designed for future Rigore EV models, with a futuristic and accessible interface that is easily adjustable for all of your needs. Standard is the option of 5 seats, with a premium 4-seat layout optional on all models. In terms of the materials, the Vulnair is the first Rigore to have a specifically-developed vegan interior with no animal products; synthetic suede can be substituted for the standard leatherette materials, whilst interior trim options are either synthetic or sustainable veneer. A balanced design inside and out with the environment in mind, the Vulnair truly pushes Rigore into the next generation of electric vehicles.

530 Exclusive shown in Maldive Turquoise Metallic.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.

Standard Features


Exterior Color Palette

Colors, by row: Cinnabar Red Metallic, Dark Vera Metallic, Maldive Turquoise Metallic, Palm Beach Blue Metallic.
Morpho Blue Metallic, Espresso Metallic, Opal White Pearl, Platinum Silver Metallic.
Machined Grey Gloss, Hampton Gold Metallic, Igneous Silver Pearl, Carbon Black Metallic.

Interior Color Palette and Trim Inserts

Jet Black, Montauk Beige, Alpine White, and Shiraz Red, respectively.
Brushed Aluminium, Piano Black/multi-color options (consult your dealer for more information), Bird’s-Eye Maple, and Eucalyptus, respectively.


Gears in an electric car? Finally someone’s on board with the idea!

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Happy Holidays from Rigore!

2020 Rigore Vulnair 530 Exclusive in Morpho Blue Metallic.


The joy of pure sophistication.

Rigore’s 2018 facelift of the 8th generation Angeles impresses on all fronts.

Exclusive 320 S4 shown in Platinum Silver Metallic.

The legendary American sports sedan lives on.

320 HP
313 lb-ft
5.5 S*
Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
0 - 62 mph (BeamNG tested*)

The Angeles’ available 320 hp twin-turbocharged and direct injected boxer-6 provides refined, robust power in any situation. A standard 257 hp turbocharged and inter-cooled boxer-4 offers balanced daily driving capability and economy.

With an advanced high-strength steel chassis, the Angeles has the ability to carve through canyons without breaking a sweat. Fine-tuned suspension honed over decades of racing and practical experience leads to a perfectly balanced sports sedan.

Grip and agility go hand-in-hand with the Rigore’s lauded AWD system. Rigore Active Control (RAC®) torque-vectoring is standard on all AWD models and elevates the driver’s command on the open road.

Exclusive 320 S4 shown in Platinum Silver Metallic.

Effortless style makes a grand entrance.

An avante-garde take on traditional Rigore fare, the distinctive Angel Wing® headlight design bestows the signature appearance of the new Angeles.

The Angeles’ aggressive yet elegant design toes the fine line between athleticism and opulence. Angular elements interact seamlessly seductive sculpting for a completely harmonious design.

Sleek body lines and a flat undertray contribute to the Angeles’ low coefficient of drag, allowing for up to 37 EPA-rated highway MPG.

Exclusive 320 S4 shown with Jet Black/Couverture Brown Leather.

Making driving an invitation for luxury.

Rigore’s advanced infotainment, REV3®, hands over the vehicle’s navigation, entertainment, and other conveniences to you — the driver.

Integrating classic luxury with the future of occasion, the digital driver’s interface combines milled aluminum gauges with an HD 11.8-inch display.

With EDSIM Leather upholstery, machines aluminum pieces, and refined style, the Angeles’ offers next-level luxury.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.


Starting at $39,650

Base model trim with

  • 2.5 L Twin-Turbo Boxer 4
  • 11.8" Digital Driver’s Interface
  • Power Moonroof
  • 8-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 9.0" Full Color HD Touch Display and Controller
  • Full LED headlight and tailights
    AWD available
Starting at $44,350

Everything on Premier and:

  • EDSIM Leather Upholstery
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • Heads-Up Display
  • RigorePilot® Active Safety Suite
  • Quad-Zone Climate Control
    3.0 Twin Turbocharged Boxer 6 and AWD available
Starting at $55,850

Everything on Prestige and:

  • Rigore Intuitive AWD
  • 3.0 L Twin-Turbo Boxer 6
  • Adaptive cruise control with Traffic jam assist
  • 360° Parking Camera
  • 16-way adjustable front seats
  • 1100-Watt 15-speaker Bowers & Wilkins Audio System


Open for more options


Colors, by row: Vegas Red Metallic, Oslo Blue Pearl, Blue Jay Metallic.
Lazuli Ocean Metallic, Opal White Pearl, Machined Grey Gloss.
Igneous Silver Pearl, Black Pearl, Carbon Black Metallic.


Black, Beige, Alpine, Maroon, Chocolate, and Caramel, respectively.
Brushed Aluminium, Piano Black/multi-color options (consult your dealer for more information), Walnut Oak, Ash Wood, Eucalyptus, and Bird’s-Eye Maple, respectively.


Open for more information

Based off of Rigore Angeles Exclusive 320 S4 trim models.