The HD Remaster Challenge

Here’s the '92 AAA Crusader (a UE4 4.3 reimagining of my Kee-era Albury Crusader):

It’s much more detailed than the original, with a few extra touches to give it more presence. I also think it looks far better than before.

The small lip spoiler is meant to reference my CSR47 entry (although other trims had an actual wing instead).

Due to my refusal to download the legacy body set mod pack (which includes the 4th-gen F-body-esque coupe on which the original Crusader was based), and my acknowledgement of the limitations of the '89 Z15A/Z16A GTO/3000GT body set (too wide, with only one body style and two wheelbases), I have chosen the newly introduced '92 Evade body set in 2.53m fastback coupe configuration as the basis for the remake.

This time, I have shown the Crusader with its pop-up headlights deployed - previously, they were always shown in their retracted position due to the lack of a suitable fixture. It still resembles a 456/512 TR from the front, though.

The full-width reflector integrated into the taillight clusters (a nod to the NA1 NSX has also been retained, along with the fastback rear end (which takes the form of a single wraparound rear window).

Whereas we had to use our imaginations for interiors in the Kee era, we can now make them ourselves in the current UE4 release, so here they are.


Mechanically, the UE4 rendition of the Crusader is powered by a 6.0L all-aluminum/silicon OHV V8 delivering 350 bhp and 390 lb-ft of torque, sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox and helical LSD, with 18-inch forged alloy wheels wrapped in high-performance tires, and large ABS-assisted 4-wheel vented disc brakes, allied to a 4-wheel fully independent suspension (dual wishbones up front, multi-link in the rear) with adaptive dampers to help the car turn and stop on a dime. An advanced safety suite and premium interior/sound system (complete with CD player), along with variable-ratio hydraulic power steering and traction control, ensure a safe and comfortable drive for the two occupants.

Crucially, however, it’s lighter than its inspiration, due to not only being physically smaller, but also having partial aluminum bodywork on an AHS steel chassis. The CSR47 submission was the only major deviation from the basic recipe - it had a luxury interior and sound system, along with a 5-speed automatic transmission, to fit the brief for that challenge. Neither of them are present in the remaster, though, which is for the best considering its more overtly sporting nature - at least in this trim.


this is my second ever car i made 1.5 year ago for a challenge and first car i’m very proud of and i really like how it looks. although it’s a total mess performance wise and has very wide ass. so, not much of improvements to be made for it to be a HD remaster.

my first car wasn’t looking very good, which i made 3 years ago and all the evidences of it are gone. and other cars i made after these are pretty decent


Right, so here’s my first car, made in 2018.

This is the only picture I have of it.

My first challenge entry was made on modded body and that body no longer exists. Sure there are similar ones, but it felt like too big of a hassle.

It was probably called the Uranus CityVan or something like that. Uranus was a fun brand because it was from Europe. Where in Europe? God knows. It was just European.

And here is the remade version!

The 2002 Eltrè Whirl. I turned it into a hatchback because such a small van sounded stupid. (Screw you, Ford Fiest van!) It now also has more than ten fixtures (wow).

The rear lightbar was stupid, so it was replaced by a black plastic bar. I did use bit more creativity when designing the rear, but in my defense, have you ever seen an early 2000s French car with a big lightbar? And I refuse to count in the Citroen XM because the production of that started in 1989.

teehee French car


I just remembered, I have already remastered my first car in June of 2019. The original first car was made in November 2018.

This is the 2019 remaster

Yeah… It wasn’t good.


My First Car With Lore - Remastered

Before (made about 5 years ago)


The Compus La Vitesse is a large, ultra luxury sedan made to compete with the best of the best in terms of technology, and performance.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎New Left, Old Right

Old Left, New Right


Your 1st design looks light years ahead of my RECENT designs lol.

Real shit tho. Your designs are FIRE…IMO.


I still have my first ever Automation challenge car (it wasn’t a forums challenge, it was actually Failrace’s Autocross event) and even better, I still have the beam export for it, so I think I’ll do that

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Guess my exterior car design skills haven’t evolved too much since CSR135: "The new city" - #47 by AndiD (in contrast to the photography skills and my gfx card capabilities…)



(Technically, the GT79 Irena was the first challenge entry I worked on, but the CSR135 submission date is from a few days earlier, and it’s the same body iirc)


The Remake

I’m not gonna remake the whole ad because none of the old stats really apply anymore and I accidentally made it much higher end WHOOPS, so instead you get some pretty pictures and me yapping about the changes I made yayyyyyy! ! ! ! ! !

Anyway, I tried to keep the design as similar as possible while updating all of it, which honestly was probably a mistake because that thing wasn’t great and for someone that’s very stinky at modern cars for the most part it wasn’t easy.

(Really hate that I couldn’t make these photo scene colours match, idk what past me was up to.)

For starters, I did what past me would’ve hated and connected Aim’s signature separated lights, but sorry past lotto that really didn’t look great. also made it a bit angier and gave it DRLs, indicators, and lights themselves that actually made sense.

(yeah I stopped bothering to remake the old photos at this point, sue me, that colourable photo scene has piss poor lighting)

The back was more radical, that old one was just bad. If I’m remembering it right I kinda ran out of time (somehow, this was an update of a pre-existing car to CSR “quality” LOL) and rushed the original back, so I fleshed this one out much more.

Aim specific details like the black bar connecting the lights are much more pronounced, I added the lower black strip that was a design element I only came up with after I made the original car, then incorporated the reflectors and added fog lights into that strip, smartened up the brake lights, and made the fake diffuser less of a featureless void with an exhaust just hanging out at the top.

All in all I’d say I’ve improved a fair bit!

Even if I’m kicking myself for not doing that yellow SCE, 80’s shitboxes are my strong point, not modern shitboxes damn it.


My First Challenge Car - Zeria Californium / Super Drop City C Californium XRS

The Retro One

2018 Zeria Californium

This unfortunate brick is the first iteration of the Californium, made circa 2018 for Failrace’s autocross challenge. It’s got several problems, least of which being the stylistic inconsistency. It’s also branded as something I don’t use anymore (because the name was stupid and it suddenly became less acceptable to have a massive Z in the grille) and the drivetrain is a mess, so as I had a very good general idea for it for a very long time, I took the majority of the styling that was important to the appearance and ignored the rest, including the weird 2L turbocharged V8 and FWD 6 speed gearbox. Thankfully, it’s been significantly updated.

The Remastered One

1970 Super Drop City C Californium

This is the remastered Super Drop Californium, now built as a trim level as opposed to its own marque. The canted quad headlights return, with a matching taillight configuration replacing the 90s BMW lights. The paint has metallic flake and the gold is actually gold, while the drivetrain is what it should’ve been originally. A 7.2L quad carb V16 mated to a 5 speed manual drives the rear wheels now, giving it a sound to be feared and burnouts like nothing else. It even has custom badges that retain the wing motif, what else could you need?

Overall, I had a lot of fun remastering this, making the Californium a fully fleshed out car has been a thought in my head since February 2016, when I got the idea for the car from a WhyBeAre video. Now, over eight (!) years later, I get to go in and make it to the best of my abilities, such as they are. I don’t expect to win, I’m just in it for the fun


Also yes most of these photos were in BeamNG, I exported the original Californium and uploaded it to the beam repo when I made it back in 2018