TMCC25 - "Cyber" [RESULTS OUT]

TMCC25 - "Cyber"

With the resurgence of the genre in popular culture, TeleStream Studios is currently in the process of developing a dark and gritty cyberpunk-themed show.
Set in the year 2069 in a futuristic version of Los Angeles, it follows an as of yet unnamed protagonist - a working class guy who turns to a life of crime in order to pay off an insurmountable debt.
After years of mercenary work he is able to acquire a flashy car, which turns into an integral part of his on-screen characterization from the later half of the first season.

For this hero car, the studio is looking for the following:

  • Only design will be judged, not engineering.

  • A detailed interior is not necessary as it will not be judged.

  • The car must be sporty, be it a muscle car, grand tourer or a mid-engined supercar.

  • Body style cannot be an SUV, pick-up, van or MPV.

  • The design must reflect a “bad-ass” attitude, but more clasically beautiful lines can also work.

  • It should go without saying, but the cyberpunk theme must show in the design.

  • The design must be futuristic, it is encouraged that designers try to break free from real-life constraints, within reason.

  • Callbacks to design features from decades past is allowed, but they must be made to fit the aesthetic.

  • This universe still uses fossil fuels, so the car must have an exhaust and some form of opening for engine cooling.

  • Even though it’s a cyberpunk world, the protagonist is newly rich, so the car must be “clean”, as shown in the following drop-downs.

Prime inspirations

Bad examples

A bad cyberpunk design, as seen in the bad examples tab, is just adding stuff to an otherwise normal looking car, like lasers, random lights, turbos sticking out, nuclear reactors, mismatched rims, etc.
I’d say, for good inspiration, look at Cyberpunk 2077, they tend to implement futuristic elements like sensors, cameras, lack of windows and unconventional lighting into a grounded design.
While retrofuturism (mainly the 80s) does play a big part in cyberpunk designs, inspiration can also be drawn from current day design trends, such as aggressive vents and creases, LED lightbars and creative lighting signatures. You can also look at other modern examples of the aesthetic, like the car in BR 2049. The work of design school students can also serve as inspiration, a sort of look into what design could be if unconstrained. Asymmetry, if implemented tastefully, can also work. Again, 2077 does it very well, and could be used for inspiration

For submission:

  • Make an ad/post here.

  • .car files are to be sent via forum DMs only.

  • Model name: TMCC25 – [your forum name]

  • Engine family name: TMCC25 – [your forum name]

  • Trim and variant name: free

  • Rules are open for discussion until submissions open February 5, 2023 at midnight Mexico City time.

  • Submissions will close February 25, 2023 at 23:59 Mexico City time.

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For the producer’s consideration, we present the 2070 cyberfuturist FRF Ambiamo.

The car is packed with future features. The hero excels in the thrilling chase and pursuit scenes thanks to hyper-futuristic tech.

Exterior cameras and sensors have eliminated the need for mirrors and windscreens. The cabin windows can be made entirely opaque while inside the 360 HUD provides enhanced details about the car’s surroundings.

Hidden panels and bays conceal our hero’s hidden weapons and other devices.

For the ins and outs, a pair of wing and sliding doors guarantee no fiddling about in the scenes where our hero’s bod has more important angles to pull.

The audience will be amazed to see familiar tires replaced with light-weight dynamic nano-carbon wire-mesh wheels. Your writers would need to be more creative than giving this car a flat! This NASA Mars Mission technology allows the FRF Ambiamo to traverse rocky surfaces, sand, mud, maybe even a skyscraper in the later seasons!

Horizontal headlamp elements are the rage. The FRF Ambiamo takes it even further with striking fimbrations that titillate without trivilaizing the cyberpunk theme. Can the cars trim change color? Can the skin camouflage? In the future, why not?

This is the car that will keep eyes on your star! The newest member on cast, the 2070 FRF Ambiamo.

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you’re a bit early but it’s alright

Here’s the Cybercar 1K, a large 4 seater premium coupe that uses E85.
Even though it’s a 2-door coupe, it still is a practical daily driver in the 2070s.

  • Length: 5.10 m, Width: 2.15 m, Wheelbase: 3 m
  • 2.2-liter turbocharged 5 cylinder engine with 1,000 hp (not a huge amount of power in 2077)
  • Max power at 8,800 RPM, revs up to 10,000.
  • Engine block made out of magnesium
  • Chassis made out of carbon fibre
  • 10-speed dual-clutch transmission
  • All wheel drive with electronically controlled limited slip differentials on both axles
  • Pushrod suspension
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • 32-spoke magnesium wheels (325 / 25 / R24)

By 2020s standards, that would have been an enormous specific output for such a small engine, but leaving 1200 rpm between the redline and power peak may not make sense unless the power drops off very slowly in that part of the rev range.

Why am I inexctricably drawn to 1, 2 & 5 in the “Don’t for F&^K’s sake make one of these!!!”?

“Bad” examples 3 and 4 are actually in Cyberpunk, but they are Badlands modified vehicles, perhaps a good build option for a future competition.

The Shion Coyote (bad example #3) is actually a really interesting car.


yeah they’re nice cars, but they’re really only appropriate in a desert setting.

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Exactly and they certainly aren’t OEM. But like I say maybe a future competition we can go this route.

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I think the best way to describe the type of cars the-chowi wants here is “Cyberpunk cars minus the punk bits”. Cyberpunk inherently refers to the usual “High tech low life” type of stuff.

Only when you go for hyper and/or luxury cars is when you end up with the not-punk cars, which the host has asked for. Hence why the Aerondite from CP2077 is fine but the Desert special Mizutani Shion “Coyote” won’t be legal here.

Ps: I think I ran a TMCC once with the way Lanson is talking about, but it was more cyberpunk trucks and offroaders.

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You could say he’s wanting a Corpo ride.


'69 FMC Phoenix

Symbolic of the rebirth of FMC after the corporate collapse of '66, the Phoenix serves as the do-anything executive performance vehicle. The versatile Phoenix is made to order, thoroughly utilizing modern printing techniques to customize the car to the owner. This example is well-equipped:

  • Full AWD

  • High-compression 4.8L V10 running compressed gas, producing 515 HP

  • Active aero, including groundbreaking mag-lev componentry, which shifts downforce wherever needed and maintains the ideal ground-effect height for maximum efficiency. Auto-retracts upon parking to disembark.

  • Equipped with the latest in self-driving sensor-aided technology, allowing AI hands-free transport at speeds up to 168mph.

  • Top speed with AI-assisted stability control up to 205mph (on certified superways)

Mag-lev aero

Enjoy what the Phoenix can offer the esteemed and privileged of our generation. Custom orders take 48 hours to produce and deliver, with the Special Delivery package option.


Zephorus Autos


2069 Edition

Available in select colours
Or made to order
Marble White

Montasio Yellow

Dusk Blue

Tuscany Red

Formating sucks, here's a video for more shots

TMCC25 - YouTube

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Top trim model shown, actual model may change in final submission.
Collectible!|attachment (141.6 KB)




prosperus (latin, adj.): (1) prosperous, successful (2) favorable, propitious

The year was 2066. The people at Delphinida released the fruit of every dream (and nightmare) of theirs from the two years of its development. The Prospera was the culmination of everything the brand has tried in the last few decades and more, from the high-performing V8 motor with FUMETECH™ keeping it compliant to modern regulations, AI and mobile app integration, to the most trivial things like replacing windshield wipers with pressurized air nozzles. A set of things was in mind upon its conception: going fast, being loud, and evoking feelings while at it.

tritium (n.): (1) A radioactive isotope of the element hydrogen (symbol T or 31H) having one proton and two neutrons (2) An atom of this isotope

The year is 2067. Some nutjobs in Delphinida decided to establish a trim of existing vehicles focusing on modifications to further push their limits. For an undisclosed reason, the name “Tritium” was chosen for this trim. And what better way to showcase what it may offer in future products than making one based on the most spectacular road speedster they’ve made? The Prospera Tritium has some of its components stripped (e.g. speakers) or replaced (e.g. seats, steering wheel, brakes) for lightness, modifications to improve its downforce and grip, and even a 4-wheel steering system. There’s also a red button that says “ESC,” wonder what that does…

The Prospera Tritium starts at just $10,000 above its standard version. For the first 3 months, purchase comes with a 2-months warranty and $0 service fees at licensed service centers. Contact your local dealership for further details.


It’s actually very difficult to discern which body set you used for the Prospera - so which one did you use exactly? Besides, given the setting for this TMCC, ESC should stand for “Escape”, just as it does on a PC keyboard.

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It was this one, probably hard to notice since the Prospera is 100% fixtures. As for the ESC button… let the consumers figure that one out


Your choice of the Mako body set makes perfect sense - it lends itself well to extensive sculpting through various means.

Well, this is turning out to be a rather sick challenge


Just a reminder, submissions will close in about 34 hours.
I’m still missing a .car file from @mh1 , it must be submitted by then.