Zero Expectations Racing Cup (COMPLETE)

:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: SUBMISSIONS OPEN :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

let the descent into madness begin


For those who want to submit two cars, can both of them be in the same category (either 2 Road Rage entries, or 2 Track Attack entries), or must they be from different categories (1 Road Rage entry + 1 Track Attack entry)?

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they can both be from different classes, or they can both be from the same one

Troll time

my two entries, MR with a standart V8 and SEILA with a high revving V6

  • Open wheel bodies aren’t banned
  • No loudness limit for race cars
My reaction to that information

They’re back.

Remember these two? They acquitted themselves well in PAIN… and I loved every minute of it.

The blue TSC Thunderwolf now develops 550bhp and weighs under 1200kg. All in all, it focuses on brute force over finesse, but it’s now a more track-focused machine than before.

The red LVC LS35 now has a less powerful 400bhp 3.5L V8, but it’s now in a lighter, grippier car. After all, adding lightness makes cars faster everywhere, and it’s definitely true here.

Both of them are road legal (if only just), just like their past selves were.

What are you waiting for? Step in, buckle up, and hit the gas to find out!


Was having some issues with exporting one of my entries, I removed all the fixtures (apart from aero) and now the exporter doesn’t crash. Just wondering the legality of this?

I also now have issues with this:

I steer one way, the outer wheel won’t follow, I steer the other way and it stays pointing where it was. I’ve tried switching from pushrod to DWB but that doesn’t seem to have fixed anything.

technichallly legal, but i’m judging aesthetics as the car looks in automation, so if you submit it fixtureless it will get a 0

and god damnit more exporter bugs i don’t know how to fix :skull:
i only had that bug on earlier exporter versions with cars that have the front wheels moved alot with advanced trim, don’t know what to say

My Re-Submissions:

Zerc Road Rage Car

Zerc Track Attack Car


Good luck driving the working lego car

!ev!: allowed since the torque curves don’t suck and range anxiety isn’t a concern anymore. Still, make sure to properly tune the gears for Beam, since this is still an experimental

How did you tune the gears in beam if i only give you the car file, do you man tune it in automation

They mean to export the vehicle into BeamNG yourself and make sure it works well, before sending it in.

Are all the races raced at daytime?


Styling - Basically if a modern-day AMC Gremlin went rally racing.
Engineering - Basically if a modern-day AMC Gremlin went rally racing.



That Cricket looks like a rocket in rally trim! Judging by its overall shape, it seems you took one of the Indicator body sets as a base, and made it relevant for the modern age (2020 onwards) with the right fixture choices. It even looks cute without its aero bits - and feisty with them attached!

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Thanks! It’s pushing around 800 hp, so I guess feisty is a good word for it lol.

Pingu Zorg


My Dakar Recreation.

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