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2017 Tokyo Motor Show


@squidhead I now feel really bad, but @ramthecowy was the one who designed the Rizun for me. I knew I had forgotten to mention something when revealing the car.


Kudos to Ramthecowy then! The design is great


Some very nice looking cars in this show, well done everyone!

And a big thanks to @DeusExMackia for kindly reviewing my car as well!



Welcome to the first round of voting for the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 awards. In this initial round, we will be voting for the best car in each category, with the winners going on to the second round of voting which will decide the ‘Best In Show’ winner.

In the event of a tie, the adjudicator (myself) will choose a winner to go though to the Best In Show round, though both cars will be awarded Best In Category.

This vote will only consist of brand new cars that have been revealed at the show.

One car per manufacturer per category, one vote per person per category, you can vote for your own cars, and that’s that. Best of luck to everyone!

Not every car has been included in here, either because there weren’t enough similar vehicles for it to fall into a category or because the company released a large number of vehicles and only a few were selected. Without further ado, let us begin!

Best Sports/GT/Super Car

Best Compact (A- to C-Segment) Car

Best Saloon (D-Segment and larger) Car

Best Concept Car



Final Round-Up
With the public now viewing the show and all the latest the automotive world has to offer, it’s time for one last update. Make sure to vote in the polls too, I know I will be…

Monolith made room for the N270 Pro-G 4x4, which sounds more like a video card rather than a car. It’s a new trim for their N-series pickup and can’t seem to be able decide how many headlights it needs. Still though, it’s pretty good with the looks and Monolith are even selling it with an LPG-capable engine in Japan only.

Montes showed us how good their counting was revealing the successor to the M200 sports car, the M300! Zenshi might want to have a world with the Spanish marque about that front end styling, whilst the rear takes cues from their other new car, the RSX-6. Producing nearly 500 hp, it’s certainly very fast and comes in at a price of 70k Euros, certainly giving it a competitive price tag. You’ll have to wait for a roadtest to see if it offers any value for money, however…

Saminda have either a) forgotten the name of the car they were releasing at the show or b) had a very quick last minute title change. Whatever happened, the sports SuperDynamic Concept is aimed to be the worlds first electric enthusiasts car, with such incredible accolades as “the lowest height electric sports car in the market”. Mmmmm, that’s gonna sound good down the pub isn’t it.

But come on. Saminda, please. “Autonomous is the future”.

No, autonomous is the future for people who don’t care about driving, for people who only have a car because they have to have one for commuting or traveling, not because they car. And it seriously worries me when the main feature of a sports car is that it can drive it self. One logically questions what the point of it being a “sports” car is in that case. Still, at least the electric sports car is getting closer and closer - I for one am looking forward to that, but I’d just prefer to drive it myself.

Before we go though, there’s one more review to be done - the AL Tetra get’s a road test!

And that’s yer lot! Make sure to vote in the polls and look out for the next show I’ll be attending. Time to hit the Tokyo streets and see whether British pick up lines work over here in Japan.

- Gavin Anderson

Thanks to @11alualhati for the car!


Thanks for reviewing the car @DeusExMackia !


Yet another case of a car that promises so much on paper and underperforms in practice. Cut the costs, bin the active suspension (to replace it with a well-sorted passive system) and it could be a winner.


Guess who realized that they didn’t finalize the voting?

Best In Show




Congratulations to @Leonardo9613 for winning best in-show for Tokyo with the Bonham Fleming and Fleming GTE!!

Sorry for the delays, I promise Los Angeles will move much faster.


Thank you to everyone who voted for the Bonham, and congratulations to all other finalists.