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Car Company Directory


Name of Car Company: Aerio Motors
Owner of Company: On3CherryShake
Website or Forum thread: Not yet.
Established: 1974
Company ID: #1974106


Name of Car Company: TSR Automotive
Owner of company: Aaron.W
Website or Forum thread: TSR Automotive
Established: 20 January 1949
Company ID: #1949523


Name of Car Company: HA
Name of the Sport Division of the HA Brand:Neil Sport Design
Catchword: Performance Is Our Passion
Owner of company: David59635
Company ID : #2017693
Etablished:1st january


Name of Car Company: Dortmund Automobilfabrik AG
Owner of Company: NiuYorqCiti
Website or Forum thread: Dortmund Automobilfabrik AG (DAAG)
Established: 1949
Company ID: #1949888


Name of Car Company:Ferrain
Owner of company:Lorenztype
Website or Forum thread: - (I will create when generations will start in 1998 year)
Estabilished: 1998
Company ID: #1998425


Name of Car Company: Caliban Kit Cars
Owner of Company: MrComputah
Website or Forum thread: Caliban Kit Cars - In love with the track
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946-267