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Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018 (Mondial de l'Automobile Paris)




Based on Brent's mid-engined Flagship, the Vela 440C, 3HOUND makes a 800 gnarling horses while keeping it comfortable for the driver! ladies and gentlemen of Mondial, we announce the Vela Supersport 800TT

The requester specifically asked the car to strike the balance between performance, ride quality, and comfort. From the engine, 3HOUND tuned the 4.2L V8 flatplane (codenamed TELOS8-800T) by installing a turbocharger & adding exhaust cutout valves so it won't be a nuisance for the neighbors.

For the gearbox we replace the original one for higher power tolerance, while retaining the 7-Speed DCT RWD configuration. Electric LSD is also used from base car's Torsen LSD. We replaced the tires with semi-slicks and replacing the rims with carbon-fiber material with Enlarged carbon-ceramic 4-piston all wheel disc brakes. Downforce undertray, active wings, and cooling flaps are also used

We keep the original interior & entertainment, power steering & driving assists, and also safety features. Suspension is made stiffer for better ride quality when pushed to the max. Unfortunately, due to requests of pertinent person, we currently cannot disclose the costs & price.


Engine : Glazovich “Telos” FHV 4.2L Ti tuned by 3HOUND, V8 flatplane twin turbo, 800hp@8700RPM, 518ft/lb@7300RPM (98 RON required)
Drivetrain : Mid Longitudinal RWD 7-speed DCT with Electric LSD
Tires : 255/40ZR20F-325/30ZR20R Semi-Slicks
Brakes : 4 Piston 375F/305R Carbon Ceramic
Aerodynamics : Downforce Underpanel, Active Wing, and Cooling Flaps
Interior : Sport with Premium Infotainment
Assists : Variable Electric Power Steering and Stability + Launch Control
Suspension : Active Sport springs, Semi Active Dampers, and Passive Swaybars


Top Speed : 355km/h
0-100km/h : 3.2s
80-120km/h : 1.2s
Quarter mile : 10.39s
Standing km : 18.18s
20m cornering : 1.32g
200m cornering : 1.33g
Roll angle : 4.1 degs
100-0km/h Braking : 28.9m
Frontal Area & CD : 0.853m2 & 0.372
Downforce : 27.9kg F/ 29.2kg R
Weight & Distribution : 1386.8kg & 39.6F/60.4R
MSRP : currently undisclosed


@cygnus how fast is it?? 0t60 1/4??


for more information you can re-check my post


The new 2019 TSR Natsukashi

This is the brand-new TSR Natsukashi, TSR’s first mid-size sedan. It uses the same chassis as the TSR Ute-tility, but uses a new aluminium body to keep its weight low. It uses the same 3 litre V6 shared from the TSR Ute-tility again. Of course, since it is targeted for the premium market, all of them have premium-quality leather. It also uses the new body language designed in-house in the TSR design department.

Trims and prices

TSR Natsukashi Smart

This is the base model with a 3 litre turbocharged V6 producing 222HP. It only has RWD. It can do 38.2 mpg. The MSRP is $34499.

TSR Natsukashi Style

This is a more comfortable version of the Smart. The engine is the same 3 litre turbocharged V6, but now producing 240HP. It now has AWD as standard. It can now do 36.9 mpg. The MSRP is $37806.

TSR Natsukashi Bussiness

This is the most luxurious version of the Natsukashi. The engine produces the same amount as the Style. It can do 37.4 mpg because of the 4 seats instead of 5 seats like the other models. The MSRP is $40837.

TSR Natsukashi Sport

This is the sportiest version for now. It is made to compete with the Kia Stinger GT. The engine now produces 376HP. It can go from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. It can do 1.16 g. The MSRP is $49458.

NR5 models will be confirmed, stay tuned…

Test drives are welcome. If you’re interested, PM us before Thursday, 4 October, 2018 and we’ll give you the keys to the trim level that you chose. Other than that, thank you!


Of course, the Orwell Silverstone is not all from Bonham.

When we say sporty, premium and desirable, we mean it.

Which is why the company comissioned a brand-new Concept Car.

Meet the Bonham Vision 2020

Following on from the Bonham Vision GT shown last year at Goodwood, and that ended up inflencing the Fleming released in Tokyo, is Bonham’s vision for performance for the next decade.

However, instead of it being another connect, electric, shared and autonomous car, this time Bonham has opted to display what will be the pinnacle of ICE, before electricity takes over.

The engine, therefore, is a twin-turbo charged 6.0 V12 unit, with just over 1000 hp. Enough to take this AWD car from 0-60 in under 3 seconds and onto a top speed of over 200 mph.

This is a one-off car, but much like the Vision GT influenced the Fleming, design elements of this vehicle might be seen in future Bonhams.



Montes Excelsior

The most-emblematic model from the brand receives an update, and it comes many new features, to continue to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The most notorious in this update is its new exterior design. Preserves the master lines of the previous version, but doors, tailgate, fins, bonnet and bumpers are new, as well as the optical groups, providing a more modern line, as well as sophisticated.

In the technological section, it includes assistants such as autonomous level 4 driving, front glass with augmented reality (it is able to show, for example, a line to indicate the safety distance, speed … Fully customizable). Digital matrix laser lights are also available (can show on the road things such as safety distance, for example), as well as taillights composed of LCD screens, also capable of projecting information to the ground, such as an imminent collision warning , and thus alert the cars behind.

The hydro-pneumatic suspension has also been improved, both in reliability and adjustments, being even softer.

The interior has also been completely changed, with more modern lines and better materials, as well as new personalization options: exotic materials for moldings are included, such as Carrara marble, Dioptase, ceramics, Amatanto wood, as well as new types of upholstery, such as wool or silk.

Another great change are the engines, which become all turbocharged with SCHI technology, available in 5.8 V12 with 570hp (only available with AWD), as well as a 5.1 V8 with 487hp. They are so efficient, that despite weighing the car more than 2350kg, they get really low consumption figures (8.9L / 100km in the case of the V12), as well as some really low emissions, and all this, with a delivery of torque and high power from low turns, together with a great softness, and it complies with the strict Euro 6d-temp regulation, without the need for a particle filter, thanks to the water injection, and the studied design of the injectors and combustion chamber.

The previous 8-speed automatic gearbox has been replaced by a 9-speed gearbox, developed by Montes, together with Aisin, which improves both the gearshift times (now it is done in 0.20s), greater smoothness, greater response, and of course, greater efficiency.

Prices start from $146,987 for the V8 version, equipped with rear-wheel drive, and $172,285 for the V12 version. There is no planned MRP version, but soon, a 4.0T inline 6 hybrid version is planned, as well a V16.

Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving

2019 Erin Berlose Coupe

Erin Berlose 400X-Turbo

Erin have revealed two new version of the Berlose at this year’s Paris motorshow, continuing to evolve their world-famous full-size saloon by with variants that offer two completely new and unique ownership experiences.

The Berlose Coupe is stunningly graceful vision of entry-level luxury motoring, with elegant styling, a wealth of options and superb performance.

The Berlose 400X-Turbo is the most powerful version of the car ever made, introducing a loud, brutish, barely tamed member to the X Tune family.

Pricing and specs can be found here.


Click for larger.

Berlose Coupe

Berlose 400X-Turbo


Merciel @ Paris 2018

Since 1912, Merciel have been the face of the French automotive industry, with models such as the 1949 Modele 49, 1968 Merciel 112 and the 1975 Mericel 312. To celebrate three special models from our current lineup, the Verona, Pixi and Corsaire.

Verona JR3 "Mirage"

An unapologetically fast version of the Verona JR3 Sedan. Featuring a 557hp 3.5L i6 turbocharged engine lifted from the Corsaire.

Pixi GTi "Mercure"

A tuned up version of the Pixi GTi, featuring a 1.4L i3 turbo pushing out 238hp while revving to 9,300 RPM.

Corsaire "Rafale"

The embodiment of Merciel’s motto “Automobiles Perfectionnées”. The Corsaire Rafale has been tuned to handle like no other car before with a 557hp 3.5L i6.

Find more information about them on the Merciel thread later.


2019 Keika Katana R-GT.

Starting from the 2019 season, Keika will be selling prebuilt and prehomologated Katanas for the R-GT category rallies.

Based on the twin turbo V6 version of the Katana Turbo, making 314hp and weighing in at 1069KG, making full use of the 3.4kg/hp power to weight ratio limit of R-GT. Also featuring adjustable suspension and final drive ratio.

Featuring four powerful foglights and new radio/communication systems, this car is fully ready to take on any rally.

Keika Automotive - Sports Cars at Their Finest

Totally rushed this but it's fine


IMP has yet again modified their Opera sedan, now going into its 4th year of production, time for the first major facelift.

Engines: Hardly changed, 3.3 to 7.0L, six or eight cylinders, petrol and diesel, 245-820hp, all available with a manual transmission and cloth seats with three exceptions. Two of them: the Opera Velocitas, which was presented at Paris in 2016 and is already revised for the second time. Whereas the original 2016-2018 model featured a 6.4L Twin-Turbo V8 with 820hp, the more sporting 2018 model used a 5.8L with similar performance and a simpler, less tech heavy suspension setup. Due to unsatisfying sales and the ever increasing need for increased economy the high-strung 5.8L has been confined to the history books, replaced by a stroked 7.0L V8, with smaller turbochargers and less boost. Power remains at 820, while torque is up to 1340Nm. The 8-speed transmission has been upgraded due to accounts of premature failures related to the high torque. The modifications combined improve real world performance while also improving fuel economy to an impressive 9,7L/100km.

Also in the name of efficiency IMP has launched yet another high performance Diesel, a 40 Valve, Twin-Turbo Straight 8 unit displacing 5.5L and producing 500hp and 1050Nm. This engine makes the car capable of 200mph while consuming 6,9L/100km. In our newfound strive to reduce complexity the D50 is devoid of many features some consider to be essential for a modern luxury car, although those can still be ordered as options. It also heralds a new direction for our naming system, now only displaying fuel type (B/D) and hp divided by ten (50)


By the 2020 model year, the Zenshi Kamata will be no more.

The Kamata originated as the RWD counterpart to the FWD Nimessa Tri 3-Door hatchback. After racers and drifters drove the car and found it’s true potential, the car came to be Japan’s one and true modern-day RWD sports hatch over the coming years.

The final generation of the Kamata, which started in 2017, while lacking the already defunct Kamata GTR variant with AWD and a turbocharged I6 motor, still possesses great potential in drivability and performance overall.

To celebrate the coming farewell of the model, ZMD stepped in to be to one in charge of developing a special model: the ZMD Limited.

Sharing similar designwork with the new Kuma, the Kamata ZMD Limited was also given a more aggressive front and rear to give off the usual sporty demeanor that Zenshi is known to have.

Thin LEDs adorn the taillights and help give off a language on the rear that other people on the road would know what exactly is being driven here. 18-inch wheels from WEDSSPORT are equipped, and are lined with high-grade Yokohama ADVAN tires. Project-Mu ventilated disc brakes are used on both the front and the rear to enhance braking prowess.

Being a limited model, the ZMD Limited is planned to be released within a limit of 2400 units, meaning which, there will be 300 cars of each colour available, which is 8.

Powering the car is an extensively tuned variant of the QS25-GDAII engine, courtesy of ZMD themselves. It pumps out a hearty 288 HP, making this engine the most powerful naturally aspirated production Inline-4 out in the market right now. All models will be mated to a short-throw 6-Speed Manual transmission.

On the inside, the car is equipped with the Zenshi-Fujitsu infotainment system, AIGCS, and original ZMD front sport bucket seats, with black cloth and ramune blue striping.

Things must come to an end someday, but memories can stay forever.

Japanese Specification Shown


Alaris GT-Cup400X. Made for track use. 400HP Turbocharged 2.5L Inline 4

New 2019 HX-2. Base model With 132HP and 43MPG with a manual transmission

*We still have cars not presented like the durbi HS and BQX-4


2018 Alternative Energy & Future Fuels Display

Part 2: Evoker

The Evoker Automobile Company are a small start-up based just outside of San Diego, California. Their mission is to find ways to create economical cars without the use of Hybrid or Electric systems. The Final result was the Evoker Slipspace

The Slipspace takes a small Inline 3 motor, and pairs it to an extremely aerodynamic chassis and body. This results in a fuel economy of 2.8L/100km combined. The Slipspace is designed for low fuel consumption at every speed. This vehicle is still being tested and improved, and may become a production reality soon.

Extra Angles

Part 3: Conqueror

With the ICE on the decline, Conqueror has begun to look elsewhere for things to power their cars. This is the first step to their newest breakthrough. Conqueror have designed the New Andermatt Small Crossover, and replaced the traditional i4 at the front with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell system.

This HFC system is currently prepared for use in other Conqueror and KHI models. The HFC Andermatt will begin limited production testing and distribution through California and Japan in mid-2019 through to 2020.

Extra Angles



2018 Armada Motors Ultima Turbo

I know it’s after the 3rd in most places. Please let me post, I just got back from 7 consecutive 13 hour shifts and I couldn’t do this any sooner

Armada Motors have mixed it up in the European Motorsport scene since its founding in the early 1950s. But Arthur “Ableman” Herrington’s most ambitious dream was to enter the heady world of Group B. Already on the back foot, they did not have the money for development, a suitable chassis, or the right motor. Thus, they borrowed a bit from the company’s new venture, their first hot hatch, and borrowed another bit from across the channel in a small, revvy aluminium V8. Thus the legend of the EVO was born, and despite never racing in Group B, did end up representing at several levels of rallycross and hillclimb. But it was an incomplete legacy in every sense of the word.

With the ongoing success of Armada’s mainstay, the Fore, and particularly its latest and most capable 5th generation in 2017, Armada are finally ready to revive and fulfill the spirit of Arthur’s dream. They combined the finest parts of Armada legend: the turbo inline-six, reminiscient of the mad Talon of the 70s. All-wheel drive, like the aspiring EVO. Midship, like their most dedicated racers of old. As a result, the Ultima is the most focused, most complete expression of what Armada strive for as a company: lightweight, engaging and above all fast.

But in this day and age, while dedicating this model to the visceral thrill of the petrol engine, Armada have also embraced a growing awareness of environmental responsibility. Therefore, this model is also their most efficient yet, returning an impressive 5.2L/100km on sports tyres. And, with the rigors of the modern market, it’s also their most accessible, being pliant and civilised, with early and steady boost and multi-mode stability control, including a “Rally” mode for those who have the desire and the will to tackle the Ultima’s playful, sideways attitude.

Rumor also has it that if interest is strong enough, the Ultima may also get a version for the true purists: continuing the philosophy of the Superlite line, with manual-only, naturally aspirated, rear-wheel drive just as the enthusiast ordered.

The Ultima Turbo is currently being forwarded to journalists for test drives. We are confident they’ll find it the most fun they’ve had in a car!

Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)
FITE ME Part 3: Modern Hypercar (postponed due to UE4 changes. RERUN PENDING)


Grip Magazine has attended the Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018, to show the novelties that have brought the main manufacturers of the world, as well requested some cars to do a test drive for the #1 issue.

LLA released the MK6 Condor, a coupe available with AWD and 250hp in the S version, as well as the restyling of the S-Pop, and the second generation of the two-seater G-Pop, with an interesting V6 available.

The all new SFB Sciacci makes debut in this hall, and at the moment is only available as a compact sedan, and it offers a 1.0 3-cylinder turbo engine, with 100 or 125hp, and it promises a great gas mileage, and soon, it will be available with 4 cylinder engines. Rumours are saying that a hatch version will be released soon.

FAAL has presented the eighth generation of the emblematic Foreia, which celebrates the 70th anniversary of its launch. And it does it with 2 Diesel variants, with 150 or 200hp, and a petrol one, with 250hp. We requested the 20TFE Iridium to do a review.
It also presents the restyled Coupe MK X, available with a 1.5 3-cylinder turbo and 205hp now, or a 2.5 inline-5 with 310hp.

EVE presents an electric prototype, the AEDV1, which features 100% electric propulsion and autonomous driving, and with simple, but modern lines. And is currently being tested on Zolder, Spa Francorchamps and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

And here, other concept that comes from the Japanese manufacturer Daito, and is called Alissa 3.6 Turbo Hybrid Concept, developed by DRI. It features a unspecified 3.6 turbo hybrid engine that develops 569HP, and it sends that power to the four wheels via an “Intelligent electric AWD system”. And looking the car design, is more closer to a production version than a concept car. Will be see that model soon on the streets?

The local manufacturer Gabatron has presented the sports version of the G4 Cross: the G4 Cross by Gabatron Sport. Now it features the well-known 2.0 turbo powerplant from Montes, developing 230hp, that propel the front wheels, in addition to a sports aesthetic, which still preserves the peculiar design of the normal G4 Cross. We requested a test unit.

Holts I think that by mistake he read Mondial Paris Motor Show 1998, because his second generation of Delavan it looks very outdated, but is capable to carry 7 or 8 passengers, and it features two practical rear sliding doors. No more information has been released.

Rennen has presented us with the third of the four prototypes he has been presenting since NAIAS 2018, called LEC-X. In this case, we find the LEC Debonair, a very elegant compact and with a very modern design, which applies the future design language that the brand will use in its future models. It has a generous 300hp engine, associated with an 8-speed automatic transmission and AWD, which together with the two electric motors of 75hp, delivers a total power of 385hp, as well as autonomous driving level 4, and an interior chaired by a huge 50 inch screen.

And the Spanish brand Contendiente shows us a very interesting prototype, with cyberpunk aesthetics: the Estrato Origins Concept. Based on the MK1 Estrato, it changes all the steel panels to a lightweight aluminium ones, it has 5 seats and an updated infortaintment system, and the most interesting part is under the bonnet: a 1.2 liter naturally aspirated 3-cylinder with 110hp, capable to reach an astonishing 10.000RPM, that only requires 5.6L/100km, and is capable to accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 7.7 seconds. Simply amazing!

Ökul released the new S97, a beautiful hardtop sportscar, but sadly he has not published more information than the photos, and a poem.

TSR, despite cancelling the Ultra project, released the MK3 Tora, and it comes with a carbon fibre body and chassis. But the most interesting is the engine: a biturbo 5.0L V10, with powers between 620hp for the S, to 744hp for the RS.
These characteristics, together with the AWD, promise to make the Tora a very effective supercar, and we requested a test drive to try to confirm that.

And the fourth-gen Ceder Aspera is here!
The mid-size liftback saloon it receives the latest iteration of Ceder design language, and the second-phase Opensky engines: a 2.0 4-cylinder with 200hp, and a 2.5 5-cylinder with 262hp or 300hp, which replaces the previous 3.5 V6. and it could be coupled to a manual gearbox, or a 6-speed dual clutch transmission.
It is available in 4 trims, but the price has not yet been announced.

Shromet under the “We Break Records, we redefine ourselves”, showing the Shromet Interval Hillclimb and the Shromet Dragon VGT, presented the all-electric Shromet Radiant, with an EPA estimated 180 Miles of range. We think this autonomy is scarce, so we only see logic in its purchase, if it is not possible to prove it, as a second car, or for urban journeys.

LC presents its compact segment C, but does not give any information, except that it is called Tartar. It’s going to be difficult in this hard-fought sector, if it does not offer strong reasons.

The British car manufacturer Evgenis launches the new generation of Nemean, and it looks very good! With a coquettish design, at the same time as sporty, it presents an update of design language, more equipment, such as Full LED headlights (in option in the access versions), and new rims.
Under the bonnet, we can choose five different fuelling choices (Diesel, petrol, hybrid, electric and gas), but currently we have only the Diesel and petrol option. From a 1.2 3-cylinder turbo with 90 or 110 bhp, to a 200bhp 1.6 turbo inline 4 for the ES trim. On the Diesel side, we have the 1.5L with 95 bhp (like the 90 1.2 petrol engine, that Diesel engine is not offered in the USA). And you can choose a 6-speed manual gearbox, or a 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. The prices for Europe starts from €15,495 for the standard trim, up to €20,995 for the ES.

The Atlas Carbon V.R.T Concept with its racing engine, and a gearbox used on the LM189 race car, along with that aerodynamics, promises to be a very fast car on the track. And in spite of not having an acceleration or a maximum speed that calls the attention, yes it does its value of Gs, of 1.31.
Oh, and not least. Meets the FIA safety standards.

Oh! Look at that beauty beast! The Japanese manufacturer Zenshi returns with the GTR/A denomination on the Grandea, and that means something serious, because if the GTR is a beast, that it means that is more beasty: is a track-focused version!
It has only two seats, and rollcage in the place of the rear seats, specific air intakes, Rays Volk Racing tires (accompanied by specific Yokohama Advan tires), carbon-ceramic brakes … And an injection of 60hp extra, compared to the GTR normal, going to have 660hp. And to the delight of those who love driving, it can only be associated with a 6-speed manual gearbox.
It is advertised at a price of ¥ 11,440,000 ($ 100,421).

Haapala showed two crazy models: the 2018 StreetCruiser, and the 2018 DesertStorm.
The StreetCruiser is a retro 2-seater sportscar, with not much amenities, to enjoy driving. Is powered by a 2.6L NA inline 6, with 296hp. And of course, is RWD and has a 6-speed manual gearbox. A pure sportscar with any doubt. And is cheap! Prices starts from 27.000$! Preorders are available, and production will start soon.
And, on the other hand, we have the DesertStorm. An strange hybrid between a 4x4 and a sportscar. Is powered by a powerful V10 (500hp), and opposed to the StreetCruiser, it has AWD, sequential gearbox, active suspensions, and amenities. And like the other model, is cheap: only $30.000!!!

WOOOOOW! Here we have the Holts HS724: It could have a bit weird design, but the performance is really astonishing: 5.5L V8 with 724hp (in a unknown layout), 0-100km/h in 2.3s, 1/4 mile in 9.7s, and 337km/h of top speed. It gets that, thanks to be a lightweight car (1273kg), and the AWD. The price was not announced.

And the British manufacturer Bonham, after a time without releasing a new model, released its new sporty compact premium SUV, and it looks really nice! The Orwell Silverstone.
It comes with a DCT, AWD, and now, its 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder engine has 325hp, and of course, to be able to master that power, it comes with revised suspension, brake and tyres. It do the 0-100km/h in just 5.7s, and it’s top speed is 260km/h.
Is powerful and sporty, but is comfortable! It comes with a great quality interior, a modern infortaintment system, virtual cockpit, and voice commands.
The Bonham Orwell Silverstone will be on sale from February 2018, and the prices starts from $45.200.

And again, Holts released other high performance car, but in that case, in 4-door saloon flavour: the HMS HS. It comes with a massive 6.2L biturbo V8, with 630hp, and a massive 1035Nm! Ready to break the asphalt. And it sends that torque to the four wheels.
The car can reach 312 km/h, it does the 0-100km/h in 3.2s, and the 1/4 mile in 11.35s.
Special features are the black paint and moldings, bigger wheels, and carbon ceramic brakes.
The price and release date was not unveiled.

Ohhhh!!! ACA finally released the Apache GT, a beautiful 2-seater supercar, built in aluminum and carbon fiber. Is powered by an interesting 3.6L BlueBoost V6, with 606hp and 665Nm, coupled to a 6-speed DCT gearbox and electronic differential. It does the 0-100km/h in just 3 seconds. Prices starts from $205.150.
And also, the GTE Apache was shown, but for obvious reasons, the specifications are secret.

WTF IS THIS? It resembles to a frog with wheels! Anyways, the Vela 440C. It has a classic layout that we can find nowadays on a supercar: rear mid-engined, a biturbo V8, and a 7-speed DCT gearbox. It has a top speed of 355km/h, and it does the 0-100km/h in 3.2s. Price and availability wasn’t announced.

TSR presented the brand-new Natsuki… Natsukashi, yes, Natshuashi, which is the first mid-size sedan from the brand. The body is made in aluminium, and it uses 3.0 V6 biturbo engines, so, it looks very promising… Until you see that the base trim it has only 222hp, but at least, you get a great mileage. If you want power, you can get the top trim: the Natsukashi Sport, with 376HP, and it can do the 0-100km/h in 4.5s.
Price starts from $37.806 for the Smart trim, up to $49.458 for the Sport trim.

And if you loved the Bonham Orwell Silverstone, you will love more the Bonham Vision 2020. A beautiful 2-seater supercar concept, with sculpted and clean lines, that provides a very harmonic set. Is powered by a 6.0 V12 with more than 1000hp, is AWD, and it does the 0-100 in less than 3s, and has a maximum top speed over 321km/h. Simply, beautiful.

And Montes released the second restyling of the current-gen Excelsior, the flagship iconic model of the brand. It comes with a sleek and more fresh design, that adopts the new brand design language, as well more equipment and customization options.
It has new engines (the 5.1 V8 and the 5.8 V12, both biturbo, with SCHI technology), and is coupled to a brand-new 9-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. Prices starts from $146.987 for the V8, up to $172.285 for the V12. Two more versions are planned as well.

(part 4 soon. Apologies for doing it in pieces, but due to the little time I have, I need to do like this.


then you probably downloaded the wrong .car file because this one has no DLs "^^


Our press booth is a little different than what’s traditional.

The VR 2020 Concept is on display. Look, but don’t touch!

@titleguy1 gave me permission, I know it’s late. I mixed up the dates, sorry!

And, on that note...

Thank you everyone for your participation in this auto show. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA); a page will be opened early next month.

Please do not unveil any more cars.


I presented 2 models: Lusitania and Tartar
Lusitania specs are on LC topic