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North American International Auto Show 2019


2019 Studio di design Fiorentino TURBINA II Concept

The Turbina II is an evolution of the original Turbina concept released in 1966. 53 Years later, Studio di design Fiorentino have created an evolution to the original unique concept.

Using a Biofuel Turbine to charge an Electric drive system, this concept brings the unique and original decisions of using Turbine systems, and mating them to a modern electric system.

The Turbina II takes the modern sleek designs of the era and creates a unique and interesting design around it.

The 2019 Turbina II is expected to have different version of different spec created throughout 2019 and into 2020.

Studio di design Fiorentino

It’s Nicholas Justinian, back after the first day of the NAIAS to give you the low down on all the new reveals! As always, be sure to check Our Page because we do reviews and more news! Without further ado, lets get into the reveals!

The Ursula F7 is here! And they’ve been sure to highlight the failed 2007 concept that never actually made it to production. Because failure sure makes me want to spend a ton of money on a luxury sedan! There’s a bunch of models ranging from a hybrid V6 all the way up to a V10. They claim to have best in class interior, but I really have no clue how that’s judged. Seems like something anybody can just make up. It’s got all the latest gadgets apparently, but no word on pricing for this “best in class interior.” I’d certainly be interested to see when it hits production this winter.

There’s more at their stand too… something about a concept by Studio di design Fiorentino, which, granted, looks far better than the F7 we’re getting in production, but apparently a touch screen replaces all the hard buttons. That just means I can’t use gloves to turn on the heat when it gets cold. Lovely design. Hope that part doesn’t make it to production.

and lastly an LMP1 Prototype. Alright. Hard to get excited about something when you don’t reveal the specs. If you’re trying to keep the specs hush hush, fair enough, but I then fire back, why reveal it at all?

AL Autos had a presentation so long I needed to crack open a book. And apparently IREV doesn’t actually mean EV. Cool. that’s not confusing at all. Also I wonder how they managed to fit double wishbone suspension to a FWD car…

a larger Quaestus performance sedan/wagon. But dear god is it heavy, especially for a midsize sedan! How is this supposed to be a fun driver’s car, men?

Evgenis (Spelt correctly this time), surprise suprise, it’s a crossover… yaaaaaaaaay. Looks good, it will drive predictably and plenty of people will buy it. It’s cruelty-free, vegan friendly and personality free as well! Apparently it comes with level 2 autonomy as well, which is some actually stimulating news. Also at 31,000$ USD starting price I don’t exactly know what it’s supposed to compete with? It’s too expensive for C segment regular crossovers but too cheap for the premium stuff. Thus is the curse of selling European cars in America I suppose… There’s also a hybrid planned later in the year.

Huangdou was actually the most pleasant surprise thus far. I mean, I know we’re supposed to hate cars being remade as crossovers, but the CC was always a crummy cheap little Chinese hatchback, and this new CC crossover actually seems to have some mass market appeal, I even daresay looks athletic and nice. Maybe if they took themselves more seriously and stopped trying to be “hip” with pop culture refrences and making the navigation anime girls we’d actually have a serious Chinese threat here in America. But starting at 15,000$USD, Which is less than B segment crossovers, I’m willing to bet it’s going to be cheap and terrible to drive. Maybe if they took themselves more seriously we’d actually have a mass market Chinese threat.
They also have a new SC, which, uh, doesn’t look as good. But it’s trying to move upmarket so good luck with that.

Here’s Harada’s whole new fleet. Truck, Crossover and sports car. The truck is a truck. I don’t like the look of this one, the headlights are too small and wierd looking, and what’s the point of a truck with a DCT and can only get 11MPG? I’d stick to the base model personally, at 33,000$, it seems like a good deal, if that’s a crew cab.
There’s a new Topisa, which I thought was the one styled by Luceat, because this thing looks surprisingly good for a Harada, and it can be had for 30,000$ or thereabouts. Like the Sphinx, it’s a European crossover brought to America and sold at an odd price. I think the Evgenis is more stylish and luxurious to my tastes but let me know what you’d take!
And lastly are two sports coupes which, uh, seem to be priced exactly the same? Are you competing with yourself there Harada? Not the best marketing strategy. The sports coupe segment has pretty dwindling sales as is, and it’s hard to see how dividing your sales twice can be sustainable…

And Lastly… Studio di design Fiorentino made a concept car. apparently it’s bio-fuel and E-drive? Huh. That’s a cool concept… I don’t like the look, but show me something that moves and I’ll be officially impressed.


Fuji Motorworks Press Event I

Eurobeat starts playing as the stage lights up with dark red LEDs. The growl of a modern six cylinder, accompanied by the brief flutter of a blowoff valve, announce the arrival of the main attraction. Fuji’s first mid-engine car since the discontinuation of the RRS in 1997 - and one that will define the brand’s design language for the foreseeable future.

2019 Fuji Sceptre

shown: sceptre gt-st

Sceptre GT-ST

Featuring the 2.5 liter 6 cylinder powerplant that will also appear in the new Clarity, the GT-ST produces 449 horsepower from the mid-mounted engine, going through a 7-speed DCT or 7-speed manual to the rear wheels. 0-60 is, then, achieved in less than 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 200 mph easily reached in this $35,000 pocket rocket - with the adjustable wing retracted. With the wings deployed, the GT-ST will easily pull upwards of 1.2G on the skidpad thanks to its active pushrod suspension, and stop in 102 ft thanks to its massive brakes. All this while still returning an EPA estimated 31 mpg average, the new Sceptre is sure to please. At just $34,695, dealerships will begin to get the Sceptre one-by-one, with limited allocations divided throughout the network anually.

Sceptre RS-ST

With the same engine as the GT-ST, the RS-ST doesn’t have straight line performance as its target. Nor just a time on the track - the RS-ST is made to be an occasion. With over 500 lbs of downforce on each end, the RS-ST can pull over 1.4G on the skid pad, and costs the same as the GT-ST at the expense of comfort. Replacing the sports compound tires are slicks, the radio is gone, and centerlock wheels take the place of the GT-ST’s 5 lugs. This racing-inspired package is just $34,950, although only 1,500 will be produced. Deliveries will begin in mid-March.



Ermm… F3 with 600 HP? I don’t remember having that in my presentation.


@DoctorNarfy The F3 is mine, not @11alualhati 's.



As smoke begins to fill the room, a lone businessman walks on to the stage.

For nearly 40 years, the Corsica Cheetah has been one of the best-selling muscle cars in the US. Hopefully, today’s announcement will keep that streak running.

After the short speech, a car with a velvet cover slowly drives up to the presenter. He steps in front of it and pulls off the sheets to reveal the 2019 Corsica Cheetah.

2019 Corsica Cheetah

Sleeker, faster, better - The all-new Corsica Cheetah delivers an unmatched package of style, speed and power.

For 2019, the Cheetah has been carefully optimized to make it the best driving and most fun Corsica ever made. The sleek character of the driving experience has been combined with an all-new range of engines and great gearboxes that will keep you on the road with a smile on your face.

For 2019, three (3) engine choices are available. The flagship 5.0 V8, a 3.6 V6 and, for the first time in a Corsica Cheetah, an Inline-4 engine can be chosen.

All engines come standard with a 6-speed manual, a 7-speed Dual Clutch automatic is available at no extra costs.

When it comes to design, the Cheetah includes the latest in technology and design innovations. The side profile is characterized by a smooth and powerful line running from the front to the rear, making sure to give the car a muscular look.

In the rear, there are two distinctive light strips going from side to side, forming the gorgeous new rear-lights. Moving down from the lights is a visible rear diffuser connected to each rear exhaust.

The V8 models can be easily identified by the unique grille design, featuring a hexagonical design.


2.2 I4 | SC Turqouise IV

Horsepower: 204hp @ 7400 RPM
Torque: 218 Nm @ 4800 RPM
Top Speed: 234km/h
0-100km/h: 7 seconds
Fuel Economy: 32.5 MPG
Gearbox: 6-speed manual
Price: Starting from $26000

3.5 V6 | SC Quadtron Super

Horsepower: 315hp @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 357 Nm @ 4900 RPM
Top Speed: 250km/h (electronically limited)
0-100km/h: 5 seconds
Fuel Economy: 30 MPG
Gearbox: 7-speed Dual Clutch
Price: Starting from $29750

5.0 V8 | SC Wildbeast NA

Horsepower: 453hp @ 7400 RPM
Torque: 503 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Top Speed: 250km/h (electronically limited)
0-100km/h: 4.5 seconds
Fuel Economy: 27.8 mpg
Gearbox: 7-speed Dual Clutch
Price: Starting from $33000

2.2 Corsa

3.5 Sport

5.0 Supersport

Thank you for visiting the Corsica section at this years Detroit Auto Show. 2019 is going to be a big year for us, and we can’t wait to show you what we have lined up for you all this year. Thanks.


Ökul Motorcars AS. Home of Ökul, Leo Khan, Opus and Geoff Martins

HighresScreenshot00597 Tanaka is here at the NAIAS 2019!

For 7 generations, the Tanaka Aventus has been our luxury model since 1970. So naturally, our customers have always high expectations for the latest generation. So, we reveal the 8th generation 2019 Tanaka Aventus.

The all-new 2019 Tanaka Aventus

Tanaka Aventus 3.5 L shown

New for 2019, the Tanaka Aventus has its luxurious, prestigious and comfortable principles even more refined. Unlike the other generations, this new one has a hatchback body style, making it even more beautiful.

Tanaka Aventus 3.5 L shown

2 engine choices are now available, both standard with the EarthBoost technology. The 3.5 litre V6 and the 5.0 litre V8.

The G and L versions is equipped with an 7-speed advanced automatic transmission, both available with optional AWD system while the S versions is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission standard with AWD.

Tanaka Aventus 5.0 L shown

Let’s talk about the exterior shall we?

The big grille makes a bold statement. It connects to the side grilles which was designed to have some depth. The headlights were carefully designed to be as beautiful as it can be and also as technologically advanced with Matrix LED Lights. Laser lights are optional. Going to the rims, the shapes are carefully shaped and was make sure to blend in with the car. The side vents were also shaped to give the car a distinct look. The door handles still open traditionally, but modernized to give its beautiful shape. The rear lights were shaped and were all red. The reverse lights are placed on the rear bar to not disrupt the red theme of the rear lights. All of the design compared together and you get this distinct handsome look to it.

Tanaka Aventus 5.0 S shown

The S versions have a sportier bumpers, with a small rear lip molded on the trunk. The angular front lip and the vents beside the side vents helps to keep its agressiveness. These S-only rims are 21 inches, wrapped inside Tyrelli Sport Tires.


G and L versions acceleration times are not with AWD…

3.5 G
Power (Horsepower): 354HP
Fuel Economy (MPG US): 27.3 mpg
MSRP: $48104

3.5 L
Power (Horsepower): 354HP
Fuel Economy (MPG US): 27.7 mpg
MSRP: $53022

3.5 S
Power (Horsepower): 400HP
Fuel Economy (MPG US): 26.0 mpg
MSRP: $57426

5.0 G
Power (Horsepower): 395HP
Fuel Economy (MPG US): 25.4 mpg
MSRP: $53780

5.0 L
Power (Horsepower): 395HP
Fuel Economy (MPG US): 25.6 mpg
MSRP: $58787

5.0 S
Power (Horsepower): 460HP
Fuel Economy (MPG US): 24.5 mpg
MSRP: $62509

Option list will be shown in the Tanaka Website…

Test drives are welcome!
Thank you very much for taking the time to visit the Tanaka booth. 2019 is exciting! Stay tuned for more models. Goodbye!

Tanaka Heavy Industries (田中重工業) | OLD VERSION!

You have just made a potential Ursula F7 competitor.


I forgot to say, the Rakuda is sold in China, South Korea, Middle East, North America, Australia, and the UK. The Sereva is sold in Japan and Southeast Asia, and stuff is exactly same because they are sibling cars. Sorry!


The future of urban mobility by Gabatron

Sustainability, small footprint and agility are the 3 pillars on which the VillE has been designed.


With a footprint of only 2.6 m², you can move with any inconvenience around the city, and park easily.


Things like the EV propulsion system (23kW motor+10kWh Li-Ion battery), body and chassis panels made in recycled glass and carbon fiber, make this car respectful with the environment.

You can charge the car into a normal Schuko plug (220v) in 4h, and if you want to charge quickly (up to 80%. Not recommended method) in 15 minutes.


In less than 2.5m long, It can carry two persons, and it has two luggage compartments: one on the front, and other on the rear. And if you want more space, you can fold the rear seat.

And thanks to it’s reduced turning radius (<8m) and reduced size, you can maneuver easily in any circunstance.

Do you want to drive outside the city? Thanks to the (limited) 80km/h top speed, you can travel between two cities.


It could be a small car, but we invested a lot of money and time to get a high safety standard.

The car has a front, rear and side absorption zones, and a reinforced cell, thanks to using composite materials combined with AHS steel. And of course, seatbelts, front airbag, and sidebags.


You can choose two modes of purchase: paying the full car (9963€), or pay the car alone, and a monthly fee for batteries during 12, 24, 36 or 48 months, equivalent to 4000€.

And thanks to be an electric car, the running costs are pretty reduced.

What’s next?

Depending with the public reaction about this car, probably we can design a bigger model, with 4 seats, but with the same concepts.

Test drive

If you want to test drive the car, we have brought a few units in the auto show, so visitors and media can try it out. Click here to book your test drive.

NOTE: is a pre-production model, so some things could’t correspond with the final version. Any feedback is welcome.


Huangdou be like:






You can drive in narrow streets, tight corners easily…



That is not what that means

We’ve been planning this for a while.
Hearing the name “Hokuto” probably calls to mind a car that you know as reliable. A tough car, that can go long miles, while still having fun. A car that put a smile on your face. It could’ve been your first car back in the 90s, with a 1.8L Levara that you took on your trip to college. Your first love, your first road trip by yourself in high school. Sure it wasn’t fast, but it was fun to drive, it was comfortable, and it never gave you any trouble. It was a very lovable car, with a ton of character worn into the fabric of the seats.

“Capable of Anything” by Ben Folds begins playing.

However, the name Hokuto doesn’t necessarily mean ‘luxury’ or ‘premium.’ With cars getting more and more competitive, budgets rising and the quality of materials going up on low end cars, we feel like we have more to give you. Let’s be honest, no one is buying a Futaba CLE for the luxury experience, for the smooth engine and high tech infotainment.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t play ball in that segment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s our pleasure to reveal to you the all new Axuma SF and DSF!

When we said “something big,” you expected the size of the vehicles to be quite large. You couldn’t have been more wrong… we meant a whole new brand and a whole new market!

Where are we planning to take this? Well, look at the exterior… the quality of panel fitment and the quality of the fixtures. Look at the interior, and notice the bespoke attention to detail found only in vehicles that command a much higher price tag than a Hokuto Excella CXE, or an Aria SR.

Japanese luxury cars, until this point, are really only great in some areas. You can have fantastic design and legendary reliability, but not really the side of sportiness many people would like with their cup of comfort tea. Or you can have cool design, and a great powertrain, but the infotainment is awful. Axuma aims to best the Germans once and for all, by providing you the wonderful convenience, tech, and driving pleasure of the competition from Deutschland, but the distinct Japanese interior and exterior, along with the bulletproof durability we’ve become known for.

Now at this point, you all know Axuma is going to be the luxury sibling to Hokuto. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the two will be very different from one other. The SF and DSF sit on the Hokuto Global Luxury (HGL) platform, shared with no other car in the markets it will be sold. Now how about the cars?

The Axuma SF

Suck it 540i

The Axuma SF is a premium E-Segment vehicle. It sits on a 116.5 inch wheelbase, which is among the very longest of its class. Don’t let that scare you however, as the entire car is only 191 inches long, making it the shortest, and without compromising interior room.

As for materials, the HGL architecture utilizes glued aluminium alloy, making it both very light and very durable. Double wishbones are tucked into either corner in the front, and are complemented by 5-link suspension in the rear.

Under the carbon fibre hood lies 2 engine choices. A twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 powers the SF 6t, seen here in the Crystal Merlot red color. It offers up 325 horsepower and 358 lb-ft of torque. This may not be the most power, but it delivers best in class 6-cylinder fuel economy, as it’s rated at 23 city and 33 highway MPG.

If you prefer your engines naturally aspirated, you may like the award-winning Farox 5.0L V8 we have stored in the SF 8s, shown here in Matte Chrome silver. It makes 400 horsepower and 360 lb-ft of torque. This engine has the capability to shove you to 60 mph in under 5.5 seconds. All engines are paired to an 8-speed automatic sourced from Farox, meaning best in the business. Proven reliable, smooth and quick shifts, and very responsive to the touch.

Inside sits 5 seats, with a traditional analog gauge cluster and analog clock gracing the center stack. The goal here was traditional luxury, with a modern flare - it still offers all the modern safety and convenience tech you’d find in the competitors. It has an 8-inch screen between the silver-backed gauges, and a 10.8 inch AxuMedia screen laying landscape in the dashboard. Real buttons are used for your HVAC and climatized seats. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard across the range, as is Bluetooth connectivity. The car even comes with a 1-year subscription to SiriusXM radio. Blind spot monitoring, 360o camera, parking sensors, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, you name it. If it’s a feature to keep your car on the road and as safe as possible, it’s here in your Axuma.

The Axuma DSF

Audi Q7 who?

What would a luxury brand these days be like without an SUV? The DSF sits on the same HGL architecture as its sedan sister. It utilizes the exact same engine and transmission options, with the DSF 6t and DSF 8s, displayed in Star White and Pitch Black respectively. The wheelbase has been shortened to allow better for better maneuvering at lower speeds, to help make up for the greater total vehicle length compared to the Axuma SF.

The new AxuMedia user interface is here on the same 10.8-inch screen as the SF, along with all of the equipment you expect. The only difference is that the DSF is wrapped in a more utilitarian package.

Future Plans for Axuma

The first Axuma models will go on sale in late 2019 for the 2020 model year. The factories are currently being built, and are expected to be done by the fall. We have 3 more models that we will be showing in the future, and a full lineup can be expected as well. As far as dealerships go, we will be expanding half of our current Hokuto showrooms to include the Axuma nameplate. A more upscale appearance will follow.

Thank you for joining us tonight, it’s been nearly six years in the making to plan this and we could not be happier. The cars will be up here on display for the rest of the show, and reviewers are more than welcome to schedule test drives with our pre-production models.

Happy driving!

The Old 'Kuto Thread
Axuma Automotive - SF Executive Sedan *Reboot*
The 2020 Shromet Strasser is here.

Five doors that are open to any adventure. With a new, dynamic design and a new generation of efficient, turbocharged engines. With outstanding digital connectivity that brings the whole world into the cockpit. With versatility, quality and new cutting-edge driver assistance systems that offer both driver and passengers extraordinary comfort.

All of our most advanced safety feature are standard with Shromet Vision. Because there is simply nothing more important than you, your passengers, and those around you. Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection (PCS w/PD), Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA), Automatic High Beams (AHB), and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), all standard.

All models come as standard with leather upholstery and a large panoramic sunroof, with optional heated steering wheel, armrests, and rear seats, to create a premium atmosphere befitting of a luxury driver. New for 2020 is our 10.5" digital instrument cluster, with the ability to display important driver information such as navigation and night vision.

Standard is the Shromet Modular 3L inline 5 Cylinder engine, with power ranging from 340 horsepower to 380 horsepower, as well as our 3.6L Inline 6, with power ranging from 430 horsepower to 530 horsepower.

Pricing starts from $45,000, visit the shromet website or your local dealer for more information on the 2020 Shromet Strasser.


Murasaki Automotive is proud to introduce its first international model on this special ocassion.
So far keeping most of their cars on their home land, with exception of few models that are also sold in europe, this will be a big step for MA.

The company plans to reveal more information when everything is ready, but for what we know now, the model, called Akari will make its debut with style.

We already have specs of this “Akari”.
Power comes from a five-litre naturally aspirated V10 made by the company’s engine division SNB JidōKo. It will make 580 horsepower at the wheels. Thanks to this power unit, Akari gets to 60 mph in 2,8 seconds, and its top speed is estimated between 190 and 195 miles per hour.

What however makes Akari special is its drivetrain layout, a Mid Transverse mounted engine sending power to all four wheels.
Before Murasaki makes its official big reveal, enjoy a little tease of what is coming.

Introducing Kyoki Pandora,a brand new supercar from Kyoki Motorsports!

Kyoki Pandora will be Kyoki Motorsports production model starting from 2019.And today,we will introduce her to our fellow car enthusiasts!

Kyoki Pandora is powered by a Turbo-charged 4.5L V8 which produces 690Hp and 750Nm Maximum.This allows Pandora to be lightling fast in speed!Pandora also uses the same transmission and AWD system as the Raider X.You can set it to RWD for ultimate excitement or automatic power distribution to set records on different track around the world or have a wonderful and comfortable driving experience!

Pandora also features extreme aerodynamics!The giant lip at the front,massive diffuser at the rear and active wing can either achieve excellent corning and smooth drag.Pandora also uses a lot of vents in order to cool down the beast insides.Vents at the top of the car also generates more downforce,if needed.

Finally,massive use of carbon fibre and further improvement of suspension tuning allowing Pandora weighs only 1413kg while still offering quality interior!10 high-end speaker,voice-controlled infotainment system,50mb built in wifi connection,14-inch touch screen,etc.No corners are cut!We offered best of the best for our customers!

Price of Pandora starts from $175000.You can order now at our website.First Pandora is excepted to be ship out around September this year.A milder version is excepted to come out later with less Hp and more comfortable suspension tuning.Stay tuned!