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CSR 141- Corporate Schmorporate (Winner announced, finals out)

CSR Rules & Previous Round

CSR 141- Corporate Schmorporate

Full Briefing

Biocryst Pharmaceuticals HQ, Seattle, February 2018

Things have been going well for Biocryst, having just received approval for their new wonder drug, alecienumab. Now getting ready to ramp up marketing, the sales team have come to Biocryst executives with one little problem; the current crop of company cars aren’t up to scratch. After a quick meeting, the executives agreed to launch a small pilot of all-new company cars with the first round of profits from their new drug’s approval. They’ve asked the top three members of the local sales team to go out and find a selection of replacement vehicles for their aging fleet.

And that’s where you come in. The executives at Biocryst want to replace 5 of their existing company cars with something that’s new. The sales team want something that’s more efficient, more practical, and better represents the company in this new era.


  • Trim/Variant Year- 2018

  • Maximum Engine ET- 135ET

  • Maximum Trim ET- 130ET

  • The Executives have put aside $175,000 for 5 cars total, or $35,000 per car. If they can afford more than 5 cars, then they’ll use whatever remaining money there is to buy another car. (note: you don’t need to make 5 cars or send 5 in, just make sure that your car doesn’t exceed $35,000.)

  • At least 5 full seats and 4 doors minimum. The people who will be driving these cars are permitted to use them as personal vehicles as well, so a coupe won’t cut it here. These must also be closed designs. Trucks and convertibles will be swiftly binned.

  • 95 RON/90 AKI fuel maximum. You may use lower grade fuel, but it offers no benefit in judging.

  • A 3-way catalytic converter and at least one muffler is also required.

  • 2.6m minimum wheelbase, maximum 2.8m wheelbase. Standard rounding rules apply.

  • No race parts allowed.

  • ESC is required.


:star: :star: :star:

  • Practicality. These cars need to work both for the sales team’s personal lives, and their work lives. Being good at just one or the other isn’t good enough.

  • Drivability. Try not to make a deathtrap.

  • Efficiency. The sales team covers several cities and they do a lot of driving, having a car that doesn’t drink fuel like it’s water is greatly appreciated.

  • Reliability. This goes hand in hand with efficiency, having a car that won’t break down every other stop is also greatly appreciated.

:star: :star:

  • Styling. Ugly cars aren’t great for Biocryst’s image. It doesn’t need to be the prettiest thing ever, just needs to be palatable.

  • Service Costs. Servicing is paid for by Biocryst, but the executives don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on a simple service visit.


  • Comfort. While the sales team doesn’t expect luxury car level comfort, that doesn’t mean they want a car that leaves them cramped up after a long day of driving.

  • Safety. Again, try not to make a deathtrap.


  • With the coming 4.2 update, cars/engines will be rendered incompatible with the new version of the game. That said, if the update drops during this round, I’ll remain on stable until it’s conclusion.

  • Value is of some importance. If the executives can afford to purchase more than the 5 cars they need, they will, but don’t make your car so cheap that it puts you at a disadvantage.

  • Standard CSR realism is expected here. Anything too minmaxxed or outside of the scope of what’s expected will be binned without question.



  • Submissions will be taken over the forums only. Submissions over Discord will not be accepted.

  • Submissions open on Thursday, September 23rd at 12:00pm PDT. Until then, the ruleset is open to deliberation and subject to change.

  • Submissions close 1 week later, on Thursday, September 30th at 12:00pm PDT.

  • An advertisement of some kind is required. (doesn’t have to be detailed, just a couple photos and the name of your car will suffice.)

  • There will be no resubmissions, and all results are final.

The naming scheme is as follows;
Model/Engine Family: CSR141- (your username)
Trim/Engine Variant: whatever you’d like

Countdown Timer

Beyond that, good luck, and may the best car win.


Alrighty then!

Is there any specific body type you’d prefer, or is anything viable?

Sedans or hatchbacks are preferred. Wagons are permitted as well.

Aight, thanks. Need to get rid of all my minivan ideas, then. ):

I guess by the examples that this is happening on the American market?


are my calculations correct in that the limit for offering six cars instead of five is 29100AMU?

That would be correct, yes.

What about SUVs? Allowed?

I would prefer if you stuck to what I outlined above.


Are retro designs something the executives would consider?

No. They want something that looks modern and fresh.

Will environmental resistance be factored into final scoring? Also, is a detailed interior required?

Environmental resistance isn’t a priority here, and a detailed interior is appreciated, but not required.

OK, then. What about prestige? Given that our client is a major pharmaceutical company, surely they would want a more prestigious offering to garner more recognition among customers for their products?

With no brand prestige in the sandbox that would basically require making an inefficient and/or overspecced car to make a significant difference.

do you judge transverse engines diffrent compare to long, bc service costs are very different between these two?

Not that I can answer for Vero now, but my 2 cents, why should you? The game gives you the total service costs after all.


bc there are 100 plus $ differents