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2007 Honda NSX-R GT1 Road Car

What if Honda built a homologated GT1 car.


It’s barely recognizable as an NSX (specifically, the later NA2), but the idea is sound. And from what I’ve seen so far, you used one of the '80 Group C body sets and disguised it with 3D fixtures to get the desired shape.

Dead thread

Such insight

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Not yet - at least, not if I have anything to say about it. Here’s a test mule I cooked up to prove the viability of QFC41, and also to answer the question that’s been on my mind ever since I started work on it: “What would I have submitted for QFC41 if I’d been an entrant instead of the host?”

This would have been my most likely option - a 100bhp mid-engined sports coupe weighing just 750kg, powered by an all-alloy 1.6L DOHC 8v fuel-injected I4. It sits right on the $15k budget cap (no doubt due to generous use of quality points in key areas, such as the engine, though this is mainly for reliability), but I reckon our client would still have gotten a lot for his money if he’d picked it over the rest.

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That looks nicee, it also kinda reminds me of the Lotus Carlton

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Hey look, it’s my profile header (2024 Atlas Lightning)

It’s a very fast


1922 Ventnor Series II Speedster

Also very fast, though by early 1920s standards.