Sports/Supercar Design Thread

Makes me happy that even though I am not involved in the automation community much anymore, a bit of my legacy continues in the form of this thread. So pleased to see it still going.


The 2024 Amolina Culebre, the companies first foray into the supercar market in almost 30 years. Please ignore the lack of wing mirrors, I forgot them.

Front view
Rear view

The first Amolina in almost 50 years to not be powered by an Amolina designed and built engine, the Culebre instead gets its power from a 5.1 litre V10 created by taking 2 2.4 litre inline 5’s from a cancelled entry level sports car by Koumori, boring them up to 2.55 and then connecting them with a custom built crankshaft. The resulting V10 hits 533 horsepower at 6800 RPM and drops a grand total of 16 horses on the way to its 8500 RPM redline. This gets the all wheel drive Culebre from 0-60 in just 3.3 seconds and keeps it going all the way to a top speed of 229 miles per hour - not bad for a car with an MSRP of just 45000.