TMCC14: Great Balls of Fire (completed, results posted)

TMCC14: Great Balls of Fire

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Important note: Given that any cars made in the open beta build (4.2) won’t be compatible with the latest stable build (4.1), I will be using the current stable release for this challenge.


April 1995 - After several years of negotiation, filming of Fireball III: To Hell And Back, the long-awaited third film in the Fireball Tour film series, is finally underway. Its premise is about a winner-takes-all, no-holds-barred, cross-country open-road race from Los Angeles to New York and back for a $10 million dollar prize. There is just one small problem: the main character, T.L. Palmer, doesn’t even have a car assigned to him yet. Not only that, but it should be a fast and stylish two-seater that can also handle the turns. And it should also be the right size as well – not too big or small. Another consideration is that Mr. Palmer has a generous, but limited budget, and on top of that, his car should look mechanically stock. The filmmakers’ list of priorities for the star car is as follows:

Major Importance :star::star::star:

  • Aesthetics and Prestige - Generally, if a car looks right, then it is right, and a flashier car will also make the film more attractive to any potential viewers.

  • Performance - The car definitely has to be fast enough for Mr. Palmer’s needs, not just in terms of acceleration, but also top speed.

  • Handling - The car must also be agile in the corners - an asset when performing tricky maneuvers - and capable of stopping quickly from a certain speed. Not only that, but the brakes must not have too much fade, which can be detrimental to overall performance.

Moderate Importance :star::star:

  • Drivability - The film crew has hired some highly skilled stunt drivers to handle whatever cars will be evaluated, but won’t accept anything that’s too much of a handful.

  • Safety and Reliability - With so much potential for disaster if things go wrong, the last thing the film producers want is a deathtrap, nor do they want too many breakdowns on set.

  • Comfort - The stunt drivers will be spending lots of time in each car, and they don’t want to climb out feeling too exhausted - this is essentially a fast-paced road trip movie, after all.

Minor Importance :star:

  • Offroad, Utility, Practicality - Mr. Palmer will be driving almost entirely on paved roads, and won’t have to carry much stuff or more than one person with him.

  • Fuel Economy - This was not a strong point of sports cars for the era; even so, make sure the fuel consumption figure isn’t too excessive.

Trim and Engine Requirements

  • Trim and variant year must both be set to 1995 (model and family years can be older)
  • 2-door coupe (not convertible) body style required (this includes 2-door sedans and 3-door liftbacks).
  • 2-seater, 2+2 or 4 full seats only (although the director prefers the former). Additionally, the seating arrangement should be appropriate for the body choice.
  • No race car bodies permitted (i.e. open-wheeler, Le Mans Prototype, or NASCAR bodies). The EV1, Speeddemon_CCP or RuCmpct90s mod bodies are also banned for being too slippery, out of place, and generally broken, respectively. No meme cars either.
  • Wheelbase must be between 2.45m and 2.75m inclusive.
  • No cross-ply, off-road or semi-slick tires.
  • Speaking of tires, their width (not diameter or profile) must not be exactly divisible by 10 (i.e, the last digit must be 5).
  • Longitudinal front- or rear-engined, or mid-engined (either transverse or longitudinal) RWD configuration, with manual transmission only.
  • Except for partial or full carbon fiber panels (or chassis), any part that reduces production efficiency is fair game.
  • At least standard 90s safety required (to reflect the fact that a driver’s side airbag was mandatory for all US-market cars in 1995).
  • Maximum ET: 135 (trim), 180 (engine).
  • Maximum price: $60,000 AMU (soft limit), $65,000 (hard limit).
  • Three-way catalytic converter required.
  • Fuel must be unleaded, with a maximum grade of 95 RON (premium).
  • No race intake or headers.
  • Maximum loudness of 45.
  • No V16 engines (I don’t have a key).


  • Be sensible and realistic with your design and engineering. Anything that isn’t period-correct for the era (or is min-maxed) will be treated with at least some suspicion at best, and instabinned at worst.
  • A detailed interior is highly recommended, though not required.
  • Traction control is allowed; however, the stunt drivers will turn it off for some of the driving sequences.
  • The director prefers naturally aspirated engines for their superior throttle response, but knows a good turbocharged engine when he sees one. In other words, you can use turbos, but you don’t have (or want) to go crazy with them.
  • Given that service costs for a mid- or rear-engined car are much higher than those for a front-engined one, I have decided not to factor service costs into the judging criteria.
  • A coupe that’s been made to look like a convertible (or targa) will not be treated as a coupe - a solid roof will be necessary for mounting cameras during some action sequences.
  • Increased brake size is not the only way to reduce brake fade - you can also increase the brake cooling slider value in the aerodynamics tab.
  • If a cheaper car can do the same job as a more expensive one, it will be looked upon more favorably. Try not to go too far under budget, though.

Submission guidelines
Model and engine family names: TMCC14 - your forum username
Trim name: your car’s name
Variant name: your engine’s name
I will only accept submissions via DM on the forums (not Discord).

If everybody is OK with the rule set, submissions will open on midnight AEST, December 28, 2021 and close on midnight AEST, January 7, 2022.

As always, good luck and have fun!


OK, a couple of concerns.
Just to confirm, this round is going to be in 4.1, correct? The way you have phrased the rules make that somewhat unclear.
Why only longitudinal mounted engines? Quite a few sports cars used a traverse mounted mid engine, including one that you have used for inspiration.
Lastly, only a week for submissions? Is this not rather short?

Can a body that allows for a second row be used if there is only one row of seats installed?

Does this include convertibles or is a solid roof required?

The challenge will definitely be in 4.1, not 4.2 as is the case with CSR 144.

As for engine orientation: I will make an exception for mid-engined cars - they may now have transversely mounted engines (although longitudinally mounted ones are still preferred).

And regarding the deadline: Yes, it is somewhat short, so I am considering extending it by three more days.

Yes, of course. There are many two-door bodies within the wheelbase limits that work just fine with one row of two seats.

I am insisting on the car being a coupe, given that some scenes will be filmed with cameras attached to the cars’ roofs.

And as a further amendment to the rules, I will require that tire width (not profile) must not be divisible exactly by 10 (i.e., the last digit must be a 5).

I almost forgot: the last time I hosted a TMCC, I was surprised to find that some of the entries had more brake fade than was desirable. With that in mind, I will update the priorities accordingly.

And regarding parts that reduce production efficiency in any way, many of the real-life cars I listed as inspiration used them, so feel free to do so (except for full or partial carbon fiber panels or chassis - that’s now off-limits).

Also, I forgot to mention that I don’t have a V16 key, which means V16s are not permitted either - I have revised the OP to reflect this.

And since I have not received any more comments or questions…

Submissions are now open!

Just to be clear, the challenge will be held on 4.1, not 4.2. The rule set has been finalized, so make sure to read the OP again to see the changes I made based on other users’ feedback.


1995 Schnell LS32 LSi Evolution
It has a 3.2L DOHC Turbocharged Inline-6 cylinder engine. A limited slip differential for the optimal performance, and a mix of premium and sports car. And the ideal suspension. And 333HP, A 0-62 of 5.3S, 62-0 in just a superb 33.2M. Made for the track. It has the Evolution-exclusive 6-speed manual. Just under $29500 AMU.


I’m rather confused considering a bunch of the inspirations are a 2+2 configuration: Porsche 993, Aston DB7, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, Mercedes SL600, E36 M3 and Nissan 300ZX. I feel this should be changed to allow for a 2+2 or 4 full seats to allow for true GT cars too.


Basically a grave mistake, realising my entry is a sports car with 4-full seats, assuming the E36 M3 shown in the inspirations is a 5-seater Coupé like most E36 variants that aren’t M cars

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It seems to me like a pretty weak competitor for a race across the whole of America. Besides, it’s not real life but game life, so once again your car won’t make it to the finish line first. If it’s any good for the track, it’s as a sports car for the average driver, but not a stunt driver.
Where is the top speed, where is the acceleration?
As long as the car will be rushing on a deserted track, it should be able to go 160 mph.
Where is the dynamics and ride?
So far, your sports car resembles a 1969 Ford GT40 in its stuffing cake, but its body is much more adapted to high speeds.
And after checking with the technical specification, you decided to make LS32 LSi Evolution?
I didn’t say that your car is bad, but it is initially very weak for such purposes. And besides, it has an unimpressive appearance.

Most of the advertising is PR Stuff, the car’s topspeed is approx. 160-170MPH. It gives in a brief explanation to what the car is about. Then again, i am not expecting to win, nor host the next TMCC Series.

Unless you are the host, which you are not I wouldn’t worry about judging other people’s cars.


Avantii Antifa Sports V8


Noted. I will therefore allow the use of a 2+2 or 4 full seats (and have updated the OP accordingly) - but regardless of the seating configuration, you should still make it appropriate for the body choice. The director still prefers two-seaters, though, but knows a good 2+2 or 4-seater when he sees one.


Introducing a new generation of the widow for 1995. Denison Motor Company is taking on the sports car scene with style with the new widow, that America’s everyday person could obtain.

The Promo Package.

(Poster’s note: this is all IC fluff to read and get immersed or whatever idk.)

(-A branded package with artwork and stickers from DMC promotional offices to studios for some product placement.-)
(-the package is filled with product fluff and papers, posters and all that jazz with stapled papers filled with stats and business jargon. popping the VHS contains a 2 hour of footage filled to the brim from factory tours test track racing and the main feature, The interstate 40 stunt.-)

(-Fast forward to the main event, the music kicks on. showing this monster of a car racing down the interstate blowing past NMHP with one of the cops heard in the distance saying ‘holy s***’ with the distinct sharp bleep as he runs to his car. the scenes keep changing to a helicopter’s view and a built in dash-cam inside the widow taking corners with raw engine sounds, jumping off the interstate to race down the former route 66 with onlookers gawk at the car do doughnuts at some dusty decaying town as car journalists take their photos of the car skidding off yet again as the cops raced forward. more shenanigans arise here and there but the chase after a wild hour and some odd minutes, the car zooms off to Arizona, leaving the scene and area.-)

(-Finally as the ending credits rolled, in the style of night-walk with the car’s dash-cam filming in Chicago cruising around cutting to on foot footage of people standing near the car taking photos with the text slowly drifts upwards. the photo seen was at the end of the bottom of the box under the legal documents.-)

More Photos


Will colors be judged?

MY95 Haukenhauser 380 Special


Yes, exterior color will be factored into the aesthetic scoring.

Hmmm. I wonder how my hippie blue will do…

What? This means the same as “like all other LS32” as the double negatives cancel each other out. Is this some sort of weird advertising thing?

Again,Weirder advertising. I do forget, considering I do not make trim levels for my cars. Then again it mostly implied that trim was the only trim to have 6 speed manual