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Weekend Warrior B-Spec

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A year ago, Laura became independent and since then she has wanted to replace her old car with something more exciting. The old hatchback is reliable and efficient, but it’s also a depressing shitbox. She wants something faster and with soul, a car that she can take to the track and push to the limit.

Having two cars is not an option, so the new vehicle has to be reliable, efficient and fun to drive on the road or on the track.



  • Model year: Free, Trim year: 2020
  • Car has to be road legal: Wipers, headlights, tail lights, brake lights, indicators, reversing lights, mirrors and a rear plate are required
  • Interiors: Won’t be judged
  • Tyres: Semi-slicks will have a $500 SVC penalty
  • All other racing parts are banned
  • Dowforce: Maximum 30kg combined front and rear on the performance screen (negative downforce will be ignored)
  • Seats: At least 2 full seats, but more would be appreciated
  • ESC is mandatory
  • Legacy and open wheel bodies are banned
  • Advanced settings are allowed but be sensible
  • Max SVC $2500 (Soft rule, but you better have a good reason if you break it)
  • Max price: $25,000


  • Family year: Free, Variant year: 2020
  • Fuel: Unleaded 95 or Unleaded 98 (5% SVC penalty)
  • Loudness: 55 maximum
  • Emissions must pass WES11
  • No racing parts
  • No V16 engines


  • Techpool: everything at +5
  • Even though the trim year is 2020 that doesn’t mean you have to make a modern car, that rule is there to give everyone access to the same technology
  • CSR level realism is not necessary, but make something that could exist. I will punish cars that cheese too hard.
  • If you have any doubts feel free to ask either in the thread or my DMs.


A track car needs good performance. This will take into consideration airfield lap time, 0-100km/h acceleration and cornering Gs.

This is mostly sportiness, but uniqueness and coolness will boost it.

Running Costs
Since this car is also going to be Laura’s daily, it should be cheap to service and have good fuel economy.

If the car breaks, she will be left without a car until it gets repaired.

Not the ingame stat. How many seats does it have?, how much stuff can you fit in?

A good looking car is always better. It has to look sporty but not like a supercar.

Laura is going to spend a lot of time in this car, and back pains aren’t fun.

She wants to save some money if possible, but if a car is interesting enough she will use the whole budget.

Modern safety standards are expected.

Don’t make it undrivable and you should be fine. ESC should take care of it.

Enviromental Resistance
Rust isn’t a big issue where she lives, but some basic protection is expected.


Mazda MX-5

Toyota GT86

Renault Megane RS

BMW 335i

Nissan 350Z

Porsche Cayman


  • Model name: WWB - your username
  • Trim name: Free
  • Family name: WWB - your username
  • Variant name: Free
  • Submissions will open on Monday, 11th December at 00:00 CET
  • Submissions will close on Friday, 29th December at 20:00 CET
  • You need to submit your .car file to me via forum DMs and post an ad in this thread.
  • One resubmission is allowed.

The reason this one is called B-Spec is that it focuses on the affordable track-ready sports car segment, whereas the original Weekend Warrior focused on the premium end of that market.

Ooh, this will be fun for my first challenge!

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Good luck to you! Hope it all goes well

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Oh, I like this one! :slight_smile:
starts making a 200sx spiritual successor :slight_smile:

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looking forward to it

Submissions Open

I will tell you if your car is illegal so you can resubmit if necessary.


What does SVC mean? (SerVice Costs…? I’m still new to challenges)

Yes, good guess.

Testing underway :wink:


The 2020 Primus Stratum GT300

No fancy DCT or active suspension. It´s about you, the car, and the road!

Primus. Die erste Wahl.


2020 Llud Elene T230

Improving upon the 2017 Elene redesign, the 2020 model switches to a German-sourced 2.0 turbocharged engine, producing 230 bhp in T230 trim. As part of that same package, there is stiffer suspension, bigger brakes and a redesigned exterior for better aerodynamics and cooling, all of which improves track performance and driving fun. As before, two tiers of comfort packages, as well as driving assists, are available in order to make the experience as liveable and enjoyable as customers might want, without sacrificing the lightweight sportscar experience.



Roamer Art 3600N


Since the new update changed some things, @the-chowi and @Mausil are allowed an extra resubmission.

I also have to check everything still works fine, I’ve heard techpool is bugged rn but it shouldn’t affect this challenge.

My photomode is bugged (crashes to desktop every time), but can’t see any other major issues - hopefully fixed soon!

2020 Hanekawa Mocha S 120

your favorite car to get stuck in traffic with


Gosh darnit I was gonna make an Elise clone!


Do YOU bruh.

2019 Nardo Halcon RS

Fun without compromise.



Zephorus Autos