2020 Automation EOTY Awards


Welcome to the fifth annual Automation End Of The Year Awards!

The Automation EOTY Awards is a community-driven awards ceremony which selects the best moments from the passing year. Now running in its fifth consecutive year, the event will continue as it has in the past, despite the new look (hope you like it btw).

If you’re new to the awards, the community members - that’s you - get to nominate categories and candidates. After selecting your contestants, you then get to vote for your favorite subject in its respective group.

There will be a round of category voting. Once this round is up and categories have been selected, we will proceed with contestant nominations. After this, there will be two rounds of voting - the first round will be with all the available contestants, and the second will be a deal breaker head-to-head against the top 2 chosen (if there are any ties they will be included in the final voting.)
  1. First, categories will be chosen. You will choose to eliminate 5 categories from 2 different themes; cars and community.
  2. Next, people will nominate their favorite contestants within a category.
  3. Voters afterwards will vote for their 2 favorite contestants in the category.
  4. Finally, voters will choose their favorite contestant in a given category.

Category voting will begin at 9:00 PM EST November 30th and close 9:00 PM EST, December 4th.
Contestant nominations will begin at 9:00 PM EST December 5th and close 9:00 EST, December 11th 14th.
Primary voting will begin at 9:00 PM EST December 15th and close at 9:00 EST, December 18th.
Final voting will begin at 9:00 PM EST December 19th and close at 9:00 EST, December 23rd.

Results will be posted on December 24th.


You may not nominate yourself in any categories. Thank you.
We wish you all happy holidays!
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If I may ask, what is the Golden Cock Award?


Basically the fuck up of the year award.


I think, this will be really interesting!

Tho i really cant decide for which one i will vote for, (too many options for me lol) so i will just sit here and wait, i guess.

Due to the low turnout of the nomination round, I will be extending nominations for 2 more days, until the 14th. The dates for primary and secondary voting will be changed accordingly.

I forgot to mention this, but anything you can’t think of a nomination for - please leave it blank!

The primary voting round has been released. Please click the link below.

Primaries have ended.

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guess who forgot to put a category in the nominations lol that's right it's ME because I'M the IDIOT

Please wait until finals to vote for Luxury Car Company of the year.


It’s really hard to make a choice as I have to look up every company and car to make my choice… it would be so nice if there was picture at least for the cars.


It’s a lot of effort to go to finding pictures of said cars, good ones atleast, some people may not be on the forums and the like. but -

It does make the choices a lot easier when voting since you could compare the cars or threads yourself.

The only thing i could see being an issue is formatting. Maybe having the images at the side as you scroll down would be a good solution, or just links to the relevant things, that comes back to is the person on the forums and have they created a post / thread for that thing again though.

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Unfortunately don’t think I’m able to do this without removing all of the current votes.

I will include photos of the cars for the final voting round.

I’m not intelligent enough to figure out if I can format things differently so for now the structure for photos will be the same as what was used for the photo of the year.


Just posting a link should suffice, but photos are much more preferred.

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image links for reference

Car of the Year (Overall)

Car of the Year (Standard)

Car of the Year (Luxury)

Car of the Year (Performance)

Concept Car of the Year

Retro Car of the Year

Classic Car of the Year

Racecar of the Year

Truck of the Year

SUV of the Year

Design of the Year

Most Impressive Car

some i literally couldn’t find so i’m sorry but there you go, all in order (i think)


Wow thanks very much
Also for the BAM I meant the one from the Nurburgring BRC not the british brc

24 hours left for the primaries! Don't forget to vote!
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This is your last chance to vote in anything!

Finals have ended. Thank you for participating.

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Remember that you do not have to vote for every category.

Just under 24 hours left for the finals! This is your last chance to vote!

Welcome to the results of the 2020 End Of The Year Awards!

Car Company Awards
Car Company of the Year (Overall)

Winning their first-ever end of the year award, please give a big round of appluase to…
@Tzuyu_main with Seikatsu Motion Dynamics Company!

Car Company of the Year (Standard)

Last year’s champion comes back to defend his title! Give it up for…
@CorsicaUnknown with Corsica Motor Company!

Car Company of the Year (Luxury)

Another veteran manages to keep his honor against stiff competition!
@ProfessorP3PP3R with Silver-York Motor Corporation!

Car Company of the Year (Performance)

A well-deserved new face triumphs the Performance category this year!
@Xepy with Automobili Tristella!

Car Of The Year Awards
Car of the Year (Overall)

One of the largest collaborations seen on the forums, there’s a few winners here! Give it up for…
@variationofvariables, @66mazda, @Falling_Comet, and @Tzuyu_Main with the 1988 Sendo GT!

Car of the Year (Standard)

This year, this sedan edged out the 2019 Kadett Club as standard car of the year. Let’s hear it for…
@titleguy1 and the 2022 Kimura Auriga!

Car of the Year (Luxury)

With only 3 more votes than the 1959 Elwood Iroquois Deluxe, your luxury car of the year is…
@ProfessorP3PP3R and the 2021 Silver-York Margrave Signature Edition!

Car of the Year (Performance)

Taking the honors for both performance company of the year and performance car of the year, give it up for…
@Xepy and the 2019 Tristella Corvus!

Concept Car of the Year

Snatching his third award this year, the concept car of the year goes to…
@Xepy and the Tristella Fenice Vision Automation Turismo!

Retro Car of the Year (1970s-2000s)

Winning it’s second award this awards show, give it up for…
@variationofvariables, @66mazda, @Falling_Comet, and @Tzuyu_Main with the 1988 Sendo GT!

Classic Car of the Year (Pre-1970s)

In another close race to the finish, give yet another big round of applause for the classic car of the year winner!
@Xepy and the 1966 Tristella Aquilla A400 Spider!

Race Car of the Year

With only 3 votes separating the winner this category, let’s congratulate…
@Falling_Comet and the Suisei Tengai Fuji G8 Shojo no Yume #77 Senshado Pacific Racing Team!

Truck of the Year

In a surprise upset, this year’s Truck Of The Year winner goes to…
@Mat1476 and the 2020 Warren XLT!

SUV of the Year

With nearly 50% of all the votes, the SUV of the Year is awarded to…
@yangx2 and the 2014 Jinhe Luohu!

Design of the Year

You voted this sedan for the Design of the Year! Congrats to…
@titleguy1 and the 2022 Kimura Auriga!

Superlative Vehicle Awards
Most Impressive Car

Another victory for this mega-collab of a machine! Congrats to…
@variationofvariables, @66mazda, @Falling_Comet, and @Tzuyu_Main with the 1988 Sendo GT!

Most Dedicated Car Company

With the effort put into this company, it’s no surprise it won this award!
@ProfessorP3PP3R with Silver-York Motor Corporation!

Best New Car Company

Grabbing 90% of the votes this year, give it up for…
@66mazda and Kaizen Corporation!

Most Realistic Car Company

With great lengths spent to make this company as realistic as possible, congratulations to…
@CorsicaUnknown and Sisten Motor Company!

Best Car Advertisement

1985 Sisten EXC TV Advert - YouTube

This year, you voted this amazing video as the advertisement of the year!
@CorsicaUnknown and The 1985 Sisten EXC!

Community Awards
Best Car Designer (Individual)

The hallowed award for best car designer goes to…

Most Improved Designer (Individual)

Showing great growth throughout the year, this year’s well-deserved most improved is…

Best Car Creator/Engineer (Individual)

Winning his second award today among numerous nominations and challenge wins, let’s give a hand to…

Friendliest/Most Helpful Member

As a wonderful general human being person thing, let’s all thank - and applaud - this guy as most helpful and friendliest!

Most Underrated Designer

A consistent underdog who’s always killing it, this person is our most Underrated Designer!

Most Creative Designer

With this new category comes one of the forum’s most well-known creatives!

Best New Member

Coming in as both best new company and new member, give it up for…

Best Modder

One of the year’s most prolific modders, let’s congratulate this member for all of their hard work!

Best Community Artist

Best Community Member Vehicle

I don’t think he’s even aware that he was nominated for this but the winner for our favorite community member vehicle is…

Best Challenge/Competition

With two racing-themed challenges dueling to the end, only one came out victorious!
@Der_Bayer and BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h!

Best Car Company Thread

A sleek, stylish presentation got this company the boost it needed to come out on top!
@CorsicaUnknown and Sisten Motor Company!

Best Automation Photo

This awesome photo was the favorite artistic piece on the forums this year!
@chiefzach2018 and @XenoYparxi and the Zacspeed Fenfir Vision Automation Turismo Concept!

The “Golden Cock” Award

Thank you to everyone this year who participated in the End Of The Year awards! This was by far the largest one yet, with a total of 69 (lol) unique voters across the 4 different voting schedules. I hope everyone has a happy holidays, happy new year, and stay safe especially during these difficult times! See you next year!

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