Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)

Most people are familiar with that car manufacturers let highly skilled race drivers take some of their cars around a racetrack and boast with performance numbers. This test is different though.

The purpose of this test is to give a general measure of how driveable a car is in the hands of an average driver. The main focus is driveability but performance is also taken into account in some situations.

Also, take these evaluations with a grain of salt. It’s for fun really, the intention isn’t to bash your cars or be rude.



The test works by you providing a car you’d like to evaluate and I’ll drive it in BeamNG. I will use a Logitech G29 racing wheel and gear shifter and drive it around the Automation test track and do three laps. This will happen with the “Time Trial” option in BeamNG and on the “Race Track Circuit”. After every lap, I will evaluate the experience based on a few basic heuristics:

  • Ease of use: for example, Is it easy to familiarize oneself with? Can I throw it around corners right of the bat or do I need to be gentle with it to not die? Will my life insurance cost go up by just getting into the car or will I feel safe driving it?
  • Learning curve: Does the car even have a learning curve? Is the learning curve steep? Is it possible to master it?
  • Handling: is the handling predictable? Are the brakes good? Will the car kill me of I hit the throttle a bit too much?

So for example, a car that is very unpredictable, has poor handling such as a slippy rear end and that spins out if you hit the throttle a tiny bit too hard will not be considered not very easy to drive.

If I crash a car, it will be noted down and it won’t impact the judgement if it’s 100% my fault. If the car for example spins out because the brakes lock up suddenly below a certain speed, it will be noted as a negative thing. I will however restart the lap if I end up crashing the car too hard. A small bump or so won’t lead to a restart.

Performance is evaluated in varying amounts. If it is clearly a performance car, it will have a bigger impact whereas an economic commuter capsule will not have its performance measured too much.

Pricing information, interior quality and anything like that is disregarded in this evaluation. Only driveability and performance is evaluated here, from the view of an average driver. No hard data.

The evaluation will include a summary at the end with positives and negatives as well as a final veredict of how driveable it is.


I am a long time Automation player. Been here before the Steam release but I fully forgot all the login details of my original account. Email, account name, password, everything. I have many years of driving experience in real life but I ain’t no race car driver. I’m an average driver.


Because it’s not the Stig who will drive your car. It will be people with varying degrees of driving skill and experience that will drive it. So if a peasant like me can master your expensive car, most people should be able to do that as well.


This is solely focused on driveability and a bit on performance seen from the eyes of an average driver. Cars from any year are accepted and from any segment.


Since the idea of the evaluation is that an average person drives a car and evaluates driveability, primarily I would like production cars (including limited production) from any model year. Concept cars are okay as well but discouraged.




Either could be because I get very busy occasionally with work, university and whatnot. Or it could be because you sent multiple messages in the same “private message thread”, pushing it back in the queue. I go through the submissions based on how they’re sorted in the inbox, and they’re sorted based on latest activity. So only send one message per “message thread” to be sure your spot in the queue is kept.


It means a yokel like me can master your fuel guzzling beast without ending up in a coffin or intensive care unit. It’s certified to work for your average person!


To show the concept of this evaluation. Please refer to THIS post. TL;DR is the lap times show that it’s not all about power. It’s about how well an average person can put down that power on the road and how driveability impacts lap times. As you can also see on the lap times table, a fast lap time doesn’t mean it’s a driveable car, since having a fast lap time doesn’t automatically mean it’s APDT Approved.


Simple. Send in a car file for BeamNG via PM. Include marketing material (= post for the car in question in your car company thread) or if you don’t have a thread, include a short description of the car. That’s all. The idea here is I’m going in blind or just based on the marketing material since your average car buyer wouldn’t look up what the final drive ratio is for the gearing or the AF mixture.


We will have a scoreboard in the original post to see which car is the most peasant-friendly (best lap posted).

APDT lap times. How yokel friendly is your overboosted abomination of a suicide machine car?


Here’s an example evaluation of one of my own cars, the Teko Diplomat Special. A V12 luxury car from the 50s. You can read about it here: Empire Motors (subsidiary of Teko Maskinteknik) - #3 by falukorven

Lap attempt #1 (crashed)
Like I sometimes like to do at red lights in the city with my own car, I floor it and damn that wheelspin is intense. It spins its wheels through entire first gear and at this point, I’m just waiting for the car to kill me since the traction on this thing is more non existent then my social life. This thing feels heavy around the corners. Loads of understeer and the brakes are worse then a hangover after cheap whiskey. Now those brakes…they suddnely lock up under a certain speed and this caused this barge of a car to spin out and crash.

Lap #1
After a shot of vodka and getting a new car delivered by the manufacturer, I try this again. I stomp the accelerator and release it a bit to get the wheel spin to go away and the retarded slushbox automatic shifts into second, depriving me of those sweet horsies. I’m a bit more ready for the brakes but still scared of them so I brake early since it takes this thing a decade to stop. Don’t want to spin out because of the brakes. I manage without crashing and finish 03:01.109.

Lap #2
Feeling a bit more familiar with the handling characteristics and the slushbox of a gearbox. And I found the car doesn’t want to corner above 35-40ish mp/h. You really need to be gentle with the throttle on this thing. Treat it like a princess or the car will get revenge on you. Just before the finish line, the unpredictable shitheaps of brakes suddenly lock up and the the car spins out. That’s why I only got 03:01.095 this lap. Zero improvement really.

Lap #3
Cornering feels safer now that I know the limits of the car but the brakes…Spin out at the exact same location #%!#¤!!! So this lap goes worse, at 03:02.006


  • No need to shift gears.
  • Throttle easy to master.
  • Handling somewhat easy to get the hang of


  • Unpredictable brakes that rape the handling & performance.
  • Kind of scary to drive fast. My insurance premium has gone up after driving this thing…
  • Too much wheelspin makes full throttle impossible.
  • Awful brake performance. Only thing worse then this is having no brakes.

Final verdict: If it had better brakes, it would be a slightly driveable car. Now, it’s an unpredictable mess because of the brakes.

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First car is in! The Velo 445C, a hypercar by user @cygnus

Attempt #1 (crash)
Right off the bat, this machine is crazy fast. Lightning fast shifting and I don’t even have to shift! Mashed the accelerator down and no wheelspin! Brakes are crazy good and even a light tap of the brake pedal slows the car down quick. Feels very stable and safe…a bit too safe. Got too daring and spun out and crashed by accelerating out of a corner.

Lap #1
Now I got the hang of it. I know what to watch out for. I hope…Amazing handling and all the electronic mumbo jumbo helps it stay stable. Corners easily over 50 mp/h. However, the car seems to have a massive “I want to kill you when you accelerate out of a corner”-fetish. The rear end once again gets a count of attempted murder but I was ready for it this time. First lap ends in 02:16.876.

Lap #2
Feels good to floor it and it doesn’t spin its wheels. Must me AWD or something. Great gearbox. Notice instability at high speeds. Over 100mp/h in fast corners, the car again wishes I wasn’t alive by letting the rear end live a life of its own. Even a small pull on the steering wheel causes instability at this speed. At this point, I believe my sphincter malfunctioned as it feels wet in my undies and a stench of fresh human excrement is filling the cabin of the car (I ain’t paying cleaning fees). Lap ends at 02:11.313

Lap #3
Getting better and better at it but the rear end must have ADHD or something. It keeps wanting to spin out in corners and high speed. 02:10.977

Best lap: 02:10.977 (Lap #3)


  • No wheel spin at full throttle.
  • I don’t have to shift!!
  • Great cornering.
  • Easy learning curve & easy to get the hang off.
  • Extremely fast & great gearbox.


  • Rear end has a mild case of ADHD. Wants to spin out if you accelerate too enthusiastically out of corners.
  • Scary instability at 100mp/h+ in high speed corners.
  • High speed instability will make you loose control of your bowels.

Final verdict: A bit of a learning curve but easy to get the hang of. Highly controllable, great cornering. A very driveable car! APDT Approved!


We have TWO new cars from manufacturer Kasai Motor Co. The Kasai Inou (going by car filenames, please correct us if we’re wrong) and an actual hillclimb car. Kasai was crazy enough polite enough to give us the honor to drive the Kasai Calibri 1.8, a real hillclimbing car. And boy was that an expensive story for Kasai…

Starting with the Kasai Inou. What appears to be a sports coupe thing.

Lap #1

I was initially scared of turbo lag and torque steer but no, it’s very tame but still packs a punch. I can actually floor this thing and feel safe doing so. Right off the bat, it handles very well. Very easy to handle. Goes above 100mp/h and remains extremely stable. I can floor it out of corners and not die (woohoo!). Lap time 02:35.430

Lap #2
Second lap and surprisingly enough, this car doesn’t want to kill me. I do notice I need to often shift to first in tight corners to get them horsies from the turbo. Can safely do fast corners over 60mp/h. Getting much better with 02:30.730

Lap #3
Now this is the first time it spun out but entirely my mistake because I got too confident in this Japanese pocket rocket. So back to the starting line and retrying the lap. The car has a very easy learning curve and for every lap, I get better at it. 02:27.634.

Best lap: 02:27.634 (Lap #3)


  • Easy to handle and learn.
  • Very tame and predictable handling.
  • Superb brakes that don’t wobble or spin the car out.
  • A yokel like me can easily haul ass in this thing.


  • Need to shift to first to get power out of tight corners.
  • There’s nothing to make fun of with this car.

Final verdict: Perfectly tame and easy to learn. I would dare to say it’s not too hard to master either. An extremely driveable car. APDT Approved!

Next up is Kasai’s hillclimber, the Calibri 1.8. Kasai must hate their finances department a lot by letting us play with such an expensive machine. We won’t say no, since we ain’t liable for any damage caused. The car got smashed up twice. Kasai will be getting an invoice for fence repairs on our racing circuit.

Attempt #1 (minor but disabling crash)

So the gearbox. It’s extremely obvious this isn’t a road car. Those long gears and that massive turbolag take a while to get used to. Luckily the car doesn’t behave like it has taken synthetic cannabinoids when you accelerate. However, there was a minor incident while trying to get the hang of this thing. Steering was knocked out from the impact so regroup at the starting line.

Lap #1

Enter lap number one. Finally things go well but the car becomes extremely wobbly when you hit the brakes. Not shit your pants scary but definitely not fun. The car seems to have a cognitive disability since it cannot do two things at once. If you mash the accelerator within the range of the turbo to spool fully, while turning, there’s massive understeer. Despite this, it handles quite well if you’re gentle with the throttle and know your shit. 02:09.655.

Lap #2

The danger with this car is it invities you to drive above your skill level. It is as if it’s pulling a knife on you and threatening to stab you if you don’t behave like a complete baboon behind the wheel. At this point, I’m getting a hang of that weird gearbox and turbolag. 02:07.064.

Attempt #2 (another minor but disabling crash)

Remember how I said the car will stab you if you don’t behave like a baboon behind the wheel? Well, this resulted in another, uh, fender bender. Expensive fender bender. It disabled the car and damaged the body work.

Lap #3

This time, I won’t let the car intimidate me into driving like a hyperactive kid on cocaine. And it definitely helped a lot since now I got the hang of the car and actually felt like Ken Block flying across the circuit in this thing. It’s really well planted to the ground through corners. 02:04.541.

Best lap: 02:04.541 (Lap #3).


  • It’s a hillclimb car. That’s cool!
  • Great in corners and predictable.
  • Great traction.
  • Once you get driving, the car always stays in high enough revs to spool the turbo.


  • Long gears & turbolag means you need to wait for power.
  • A bit too steep learning curve.
  • Wobbly during braking.
  • Gearbox takes a while to get used to.
  • Massive understeer when accelerating out of corners.

Final verdict: is not meant for your everyday yokel to drive but not impossible to learn. Has a bit of a learning curve. Turbo lag and weird long gears takes time to get used to. Not APDT Approved.


Uh I have another question that’s not in the FAQ and that is:
Is your computer powerful enough that you don’t have issues with turbo’d cars?

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It indeed is! Got exactly zero lags in BeamNG
i7 7800X (six cores) @ 3.5GHz
16GB of DDR4 RAM
GTX 780Ti

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Thank you very much for your valuable reviews!
I really thought that the Calibri would be easy enough to drive using a steering wheel since I can handle it just fine on a controller, but apparently that is untrue!


thank you for your time mate!

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Thanks for letting us demolish test out your cars! And the most powerful car our test driver has driven, until now, is a turbodiesel Volvo with 150hp. In other words, an average yokel from the depths of the mysterious Swedish countryside. Legend says that this test driver measures engine power in moose power, not horsepower or kW. In other words, a superfancy hillclimbing car is a different animal that he’s not used to. With lots of moose power. I mean horsepower.

No worries <3


We thank @MetalPretzel for letting us drive these cars!

And we have some new cars to test. Today we have a V16 exotic car in two flavors: vintage and modern.

Shameless copypaste about the two cars we’re testing:

Starting with the classic Jararaca Sedici…

Lap #1 (02:49.550)
Right off the bat, this drives like a classic supercar with the rear being drifty. Well, that’s how they feel in Assetto Corsa. The rear end of this car has a life of its own and tries to run away more then a politician tries to run away from responsibility. The rear end makes corners a bit of a challenge and I don’t dare going over 45-50mp/h. Long gears mean I need to shift to first to get power out of sharp corners.

Lap #2 (02:33.141)
This thing is extremely stable above 100mp/h. Can do the fast corner over 100mp/h with zero issues. The car needs to be treated with respect though or it will end in a disaster. Flooring it in second gear or above is very controllable. Has quite the learning curve as can be seen by the lap times. Major improvement this time.

Lap #3 (02:30.525)
Now I’m starting to make friends with the car. Driving this car properly and getting to know it is like pornography. It’s incredibly pleasuring. I now feel confident taking medium corners at 55mp/h.

Best lap: 02:30.525 (Lap #3)


  • It has a god damn V16.
  • It’s incredibly satisfying to learn this car.
  • Great brakes that don’t spin out the car.
  • Great stability at high speed.


  • Has quite a big learning curve. Not maybe steep but big.
  • Slippery rear end.
  • Stability issues when cornering too fast. Shifts from understeer to oversteer fast.
  • Needs to be treated with respect or else it will eat your soul.

Final verdict: Immensely pleasurable to drive it properly. Due to the cornering behavior and learning curve, it’s not a driveable enough car. While I love it, it is not APDT Approved :frowning:

Next up is the Sedici Model 2. A modern reincarnation of the classic Sedic featuring a bigger V16 and lethal amounts of power.

Attempt #1 (spin out & minor disabling crash)
First impression is that this must be a creation of Lucifer. If the classic Sedici had a slippy rear end, this thing is harder to control then a sociopath high on bath salts. It’s just so hard to control that I spun out and crashed it after the first bend. The rear end is spastic and just doesn’t want to stay in place.

Lap #1 (02:20.305)
Let’s try that again… The handling is awful awful awful. No amount of electronic magic tricks can help this thing. Floor it and it spins its wheels. Floor it in any gear and you can feel it want to change direction. It’s so overboosted with the turbo that it’s not possible to floor it and use all the power. Worst of all is I almost spun out over 100mp/h. Just a slight adjustment of the wheel caused the rear end to loose traction, WITHOUT EVEN PRESSING THE ACCELERATOR! Luckily I wore a diaper this time after the first attempt.

Lap #2 (02:21.014)
Since the rear wants to go AWOL as soon as I press the accelerator a bit too hard, I need to almost feather the throttle. It seems to be fine around 50% throttle. And why in the world did they stick a manual in this thing? It starts spinning its wheels between every shift. It also uses quite long gears needing a shift down to 1st to get any power. Cornering is pretty bad above 50-ish mp/h in medium corners. Now I spun out this lap but without demolishing the car.

Lap #3 (02:14.360)
It’s so unstable at high speeds that I don’t dare to drive it fast. Still being gentle with the throttle. This lap I scraped the thing quite bad. Extremely low ground clearance would make it hard to use in your average city unless you can afford expensive repairs.

Best lap: 02:14.360 (Lap #3)


  • Once you know what you’re doing, it’s crazy fast. reached over 150mp/h on straightaways.


  • Spastic rear end that’s high on bath salts, crack cocaine and synthetic cannabis at the same time.
  • Full throttle is basically unusable for your average yokel.
  • Extremely difficult to drive.
  • Wheelspin when floored.
  • Changes direction by itself when you accelerate too much.
  • Wheelspin between gear changes.

Final verdict: An overboosted, excessively powerful demon. It’s so powerful yet most of the power is lost since it can’t put it down on the road. Poor handling. As far away from driveable as you can get (so far). Not APDT approved.


This looks interesting. Is the focus mainly on performance cars or would cars focused on other segments and markets be just as ‘‘valid’’?

Asking mainly in terms of the lap time leaderboard, since it kinda puts focus on all-out performance.

The lap times are not as a form of performance measure. It’s more to underline the concept of this evaluation.

Take for example the Sedici Model 2 that I tested. It was extremely powerful with a huge V16 and turbo’d. Probably far over 1000hp. Yet the (I think) less powerful Velo 445C and Kasai Calibri 1.8 got better lap times.

The Sedici Model 2 was barely driveable and thus performed worse with my driving skill then it would have in for example the test driving mechanism inside Automation. Whereas the Calibri and 445C were tame and easy to drive.

Another example is how some of my own creations vary in driveabilty. The example evaluation car took 03:02.006 around the circuit while another smaller car (from the same era) with a 5L V8 with far less power got around the circuit in 2:50-something because it was far more driveable.

TL;DR: The lap times aren’t really for performance. It’s to show how driveablity affects lap times in the hands of an average driver.

Thanks to @Dorifto_Dorito for trying to kill our test driver letting us test this pink abomination!

We got to drive the Nohda Super Strato 3, a pink little abomination with way too much power. The creator of this thing told us “good luck”…Our legal department took that as a threat and have given our team of radioactive gorillas the task to investigate whether or not legal action can be taken. Anyways, back to the evaluation

Lap #1 (02:24.976)
First off, this thing is all over the place. It just doesn’t want to stay still. You accelerate and it wants to pull to either the left or right. It’s like a rebellious teen. I tell it to go straight, it gets angsty and says “NO, I DON’T WANNA”. But it’s a rebellious teen that’s as buff as a bison on steroids. This thing is like the spastic kid in school who you’re always scared will at some point snap and just stab someone.

Lap #2 (02:23.265)
Flooring it is not possible. 20-25% throttle is all that’s possible if you want to keep it in a straight line. Wheelspin between shifting. Now this thing tries to spacker out and I do a 180 in a bend, hence the non existent improvement in lap time.

Lap #3 (02:32.982)
It has become clear that the car is angry that it hasn’t murdered me yet so it tries to do it. Twice. By spinning out. This time during down shifts and those are brutally punishing if you mess it up even the slightest. It’s downright brutal and I question that this thing would ever be legal to drive anywhere. It does however corner decently if you let go of the throttle. Feels quite nimble somehow.

Best lap: 02:23.265 (Lap #2).


  • I survived.
  • I didn’t crash.
  • Corners decently if you do it right.
  • Fun way to commit suicide.


  • All the power is virtually useless due to poor handling.
  • Is spastic and murderous.
  • Doesn’t want to go in a straight line if you use more then 20-25% throttle.
  • Unpredictable behavior during shifting.
  • Wheelspin between shifting.

Final verdict: This would be a fun way to commit suicide. It’s worse then the Sedici and the worst driveability so far. Not APDT approved.


You’re not the first to have PTSD after driving that little bugger. Dispensing with any false modesty, I’m a pretty fast sim driver and I couldn’t stop swapping ends in the SS3 the moment I entered the power band without a hefty retune :joy:


Thank you @strop at Armada Motors for letting us play with this car! <3

Anyways…Let’s end today’s testing with a sports car from Armada Motors. The Ultima Turbo! They said it’s a sports car that’s meant to be accessible to peasants like me. It’s supposed to hold 388 turbo’d ponies. Question now is…is their marketing material speaking the truth, a civilized and accessible sports car, or should we report them to the police for false advertising?

Their marketing material can be found HERE.

Lap #1 (02:13.144)
So it’s another turbo car. However, this one isn’t scary. It has some electronic dark magic in there to keep it on the road. Now this thing is fast. It has a paddle shifter which makes shifting easy (OOC: or so I think since I don’t hear gears grinding when I shift without the clutch + it only shifts into 1st with the H shifter). And damn is this thing predictable handling wise. No weird spastic behavior. This car is actually sober and doesn’t have mental issues.

Lap #2 (02:09.592)
It hasn’t even spun out of control yet. And it’s incredibly inviting to push it to the limits. All the microchip magic reassures you that it will be fine. The car basically pats your head and says “shh, enjoy the ride, let me handle traction stuffs”. But it also screams at you like a menstruating woman. “DRIVE ME! DRIVE ME LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. HARDER! FASTER! DON’T YOU DARE USE THE BRAKES”. But… Do not dare setting the traction control to sport since this thing gets extremely floaty over 90-100mp/h in normal mode. You will die without the traction control.

Lap #3 (02:07.166)
It has a very pleasant learning curve. It’s not too hard but also rewarding when you pull of insane stuff. The gearing is very nice. Rarely have to go lower then second gear. Takes medium corners like a champ at 65-70mp/h. Can even do sharp corners, depending on how well I nail it, between 25-40mp/h.

Best lap: 02:07.166 (Lap #3).


  • Very tame thanks to microchip voodoo magic.
  • Great gearbox.
  • Superb cornering abilities. Sharp corners in 35-40mp/h are possible even for yokels like me.
  • Goes in a straight line and listens to my commands.
  • You can actually floor it and not die.


  • Gets dangerously floaty over 90-100mp/h. Traction control works overtime to keep it on the road.
  • There’s nothing much to make fun of with this thing

Final verdict: The marketing material didn’t lie. The manufacturer didn’t lie in their electronic letter to us. It’s an accessible sports car. It is easy to learn. It’s rewarding to learn it. It corners like a champ. Electro magic keeps you safe. It won’t kill you, however, be careful over 90-100mp/h and DO NOT TURN OFF STABILITY CONTROL. A very very driveable car. APDT Approved!


Heh, A fair assessment of the Sedici line. Thanks!

Update: Those responsible for the 2018 Model have been sacked…

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Thank you for the testing and the feedback; that’s exactly what I thought. I haven’t yet found (and don’t know if I ever will) the way to make it tamer on the road but from what I recently learned about Beam car behaviour, a redo of the rear aero fixtures may actually help. We’ll look into it. All I can advise at this point is that at speeds of over 100mph, don’t try to take corners with the throttle pinned as the rear seems to lose too much traction, which makes for extremely scary shenanigans at 150mph in the Slingshot. Lifting off partially and gently actually corrects this.

For reference the Automation time was 2:06.4 from a standing start or something like that so you’re actually not far off the benchmark. I’d like to think this speaks to just how accessible the car is. As the one who made and tuned the car I was putting in (EDIT: typo) 2:03 from a standing start (and with the driving aids off), so mastery of the car does yield significant rewards!

p.s. it’s a sequential transmission, yes. Paddle shifter.

EDIT: found the issue. We’ve worked out the difference between Beam aero and Automation aero in that the lift from the fixtures and the body in Automation are value and slider dependent, but in Beam it is actually mesh area dependent. Consequently at speed the rear body actually generates lift whereas the front generates a lot of downforce. No wonder the rear loses traction at speed! We can rectify this without too much trouble.



A Bridgell wagon is due to testing. This should give you a rest from the killer cars you’ve been testing.

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Can I just say how much I love these reviews you wrote, because they have some of the funniest analogies I’ve read recently. Keep it up my friend!


I think that says all that needs to be said, if an average-ish driver can get that close (like less than one percent off the in game test track time) then that speaks volumes about both the driver and the car. I think strop knows how much I like the Ultima (especially that rear :smirk:) and also how much I appreciate the things we’ve learned about Beam aero. Anyway, great work @falukorven :smile: