Airborne Motor Group (Kee) (Ultimately closed and outdated)

#Current lineup:
Airborne Automotive
2016 Haiyan
2016 Knossos
2016 Lambda
2016 Phobos
2016 S310
2016 Xy
2017 Alpha RS
2017 Cherry
2017 Mimas
2017 Mimas S
2017 Omega
2017 Centenario

Ray Automobiles
2016 Senpai

#List of cars (discontinued):
Airborne Automotive
1947 Type 1
1952 Tornado
1955 Monocoque
1955 Worker
1956 Mirage
1961 Beta
1961 Cherry
1965 LM65
1965 Omicron
1966 Beta 1000
1970 Beta Supercoupe
1971 Imperator
1972 Valetta (below)
1975 A27
1976 Hades
1976 S200
1978 Mercury
1980 Xy
1982 Cossarini
1982 Persephone
1984 Morrowind Group Automation Prototype
1984 S220
1987 GSX
1988 Omicron
1989 Synth
1990 Arthemis
1990 F90
1991 Evoluzione
1991 S240
1993 Ganimedes
1994 Seishi SR
1998 Synth GT1 Stradale
2003 S270
2006 Deimos
2009 Orbit
2014 Alpha
2014 Haiyan
2015 Alpha S
2015 Chimera
2015 Cerberus Concept
2015 Cherry
2015 Lambda
2015 Radiance Concept
2015 Xy
2016 Cerberus
2016 Chimera II
2016 Coeus
2016 Mimas Concept
2016 Rea
2016 S310
2016 Xy Speed 6

Ray Automobiles/Ray Corporation (to 2005)
2001 Shibasaki

Komodo Motoring
1956 Ashisuanto

Haight Industries
1959 Grandeur Mk1

RZ Automobili
1967 Hrvatska Sport
2015 Aranaut

##Cooperations and tuned/special/one-off cars
1990 Airborne F90 Stage II
2001 ND4SPD Concept (by Airborne Automotive)
2015 F15 Patricia (made by Airborne Racing)
2015 Haiyan Supersport (one-off by Airborne Automotive)
2015 Xy GT Sport (with Battalion Tuning Team)
2015 Xy Spec-S2 (with Battalion Tuning Team)
2015 Xy Spec-R (with Battalion Tuning Team)
2016 CZ7 Concept (Airborne’s version of eventual Saminda CZ6’s successor)
2016 Megi Twin Turbo (by Airborne Speed Division)

##Actual first post from 2015

Hello! I’m Oskiinus, the current CEO of Airborne Automotive and Airborne Motor Group (but these brands I will show later :smiley:)

About the brand - well, it’s a polish brand originated in 1948. Basicly, the story will be revealed with coming cars, I guess it’s best option. However, I can write that polish guy originated the brand, but it got established in USA. In 1954, it got a factory in Spain, then in US in 1964 and more factories in Poland in 1989, after getting independence from communist politics of USSR. Nevermind, the story will continue; Now I want to present you one of more historical cars, from 1972.

1972 Airborne Valetta
This car was created in 1972 due to popularity of sports cars such like Mazda Cosmo, Datsuns: 240Z and 260Z, Porsche 914 and Lotus Europa, for example. So CEO of Airborne Automotive decided to build car like that. It was WIP from 1969, however first 1970 prototypes could be spotted on the street.
For it’s times, it was very modern. It featured 2997cc Inline 6 engine producing 197 PS of power and 221 Nm of torque. With combination of 851 kilos curb weight, RWD and Manual gearbox with 5 gears it was superb combination. The car reaches first 100 km/h in time of 7.7 seconds. It’s top speed is 192 km/h and in today’s times it lapped Airfield Track with time of 1:38.18 and on 1/4 straight it made time of 15.54 s at 153 km/h on the finish line. I can’t tell if it’s very fast or slow, your opinion. It has gas mileage of 13 l/100 km.
The only disadvantage of the car was, that the materials used were very modern, it costed 9.105 $ without tax and importing stuff. It was available in three colors: White, Black and Sea Blue.

Please give me the opinions about the car; I want to design more of them, but I want to know how do you think of them :smiley:

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Next car!

2015 Airborne Chimera
Well, some things aren’t matched so good. Like Chimera, an monstrous create from greek mythology with head of lion and body of goat. Same goes for our Chimera - It is GT, but only for those who don’t care very much about the luxury.

The Chimera is aimed to compete with Super GT’s here and cars such as Mercedes-AMG GT and Bentley Continental and it replaced Airborne C12 model from 2007.

The engine is 15V8F32TT - which stands for 3.2 litre twin-turbocharged flatplane V8 made in 2015. Trust me, it’s powerful enough. It generates 713 PS and makes the car reach 301 km/h top speed and, combined with it’s installed AWD, 3.6 seconds time from 0 to 100 km/h. The engine has an VERY AGGRESSIVE ignition timing (around 100) and agressive working turbos that are launching from somewhere around 3000 RPM. If you get the turbos, You must get the cooling to them. We chose large water intercooler and it works well.

The front. Here you can’t spot anything special, but we guess our designers did a good job. The car is cooled by some huge vents. On hood there’s also a vent, also to cool the engine. We don’t want to blow it up :smiley:

Side view includes some flaws, just like Ferrari F12, side exhaust and 20" 5-spoke rims with sporty wide tires. There’s also one classical element. Golf GTI is still a 2-door hatchback, Camaro looks retro, so Airborne still has one retro thing: the side light, and we guess you will like it :slight_smile:

Well, the rear is combination of classical style (look: lights) and futuristic simple flaws (the square design) I guess our designers did also good job here, and thanks to large space below bumper, wherever you live, you can attach ridicously big license plate if it helps you :smiley:

We want also to mention some other things, such as…
…Airfield Track time: 1:23.92
…Price you need to pay for it: 452 872 $ without tax and import fee
…Weight: 1294 kilos
…Gas mileage: 20 litres per 100 km ._.’

Stay tuned for more!

Nice clean designs.
Although why does your car have side AND rear exhausts?

Would be cool to see your stats.

[quote=“utopian201”]Nice clean designs.
Although why does your car have side AND rear exhausts?

Would be cool to see your stats.[/quote]

About side exhaust - not really exhaust, this thing is supposed to be somewhat vent to cool the brakes :stuck_out_tongue:
About stats - if you understand polish, I can give them to you :stuck_out_tongue:

New car!
And Chimera stats will come later, now just FRAPS got fu… I won’t continue :stuck_out_tongue:

1970 Airborne Beta Supercoupe
This is one wild european muscle car. Yeah, you can also use this term to Alfa Romeo Montreal, but this is REALLY a muscle car. Powered by crossplane V8 it generates 402 PS of power and whooping 572 Nm of torque. Yeah, it makes the car kinda slow to 100 km/h (8.3 seconds - for example, average Chevelle done this time in somewhere around 6 seconds), but Beta in terms of top speed could even compete with cars like Plymouth Superbird with top speed that got limited to 242 km/h. Yeah, the car could go more than 250 km/h, but our engineers noticed back then it is extremely unstable at these speeds.

The car looks pretty european, it can even resemble 60’s exotics in some ways. With this performance and looks, the car also got (maybe too high) decent price tag for a premium muscle car - 10.420 $. Sadly, the model lasted in offer only for few months and was cut for a more economical sports car due to fuel crisis. There are only 135 Supercoupes ever made.

Anyway, grab photos and leave your opinion!

There’s also coming surprise to compete with AMW Tiger sedan :smiley:


Well, time to post some new cars:

2009 Airborne Orbit
This car was, and is, because it’s in production, sedan oriented for poorest people. It costs only 15.980 $ and I guess it’s reasonably priced. The stats are kinda poor, but the 100 PS 4-cylinder 1998cc turbo charged engine does it’s work well. The only problem with the engine is that is sounds like a vacuum cleaner :confused:
The design didn’t came from Airborne Automotive central, it came from an RZ Motors dealer of the brand in Croatia with pleasure of making the car possibly cheap, safe and not snaily. We did splendid job, as we think.

2014 Airborne Alpha
Here the car comes in three variants: Luxury, Standard and Sport.

The Standard variant offers standard equipment, but kinda powerful. It produces 260 PS and has RWD, just like Luxury Variant. I’m curious why Airborne Designers made this car less chromed than Orbit despite it’s in larger segment… Nah. That’s no problem! :smiley:
You can use this family to make your family going in comfort through the road you’re going with kinda high, but not ridiculous fuel milage of 13 litres per 100 km. The price of standard variant is 37.390 $.

The Luxury variant is pretty much the same as normal Alpha, with exception of more luxury stuff and AWD. You can find leather seats and advanced technology in it’s interior and engine. The car costs 44.860 $.

Sport variant is TBA, we’re still testing it in Dunsfold Airport, Nurburgring and want to adjust it’s prototype best we could.
About Chimera stats, we can’t publish them because the model is still fine tuned.

Leave your opinions; You can criticize, but in some positive way if you could :laughing:

Hello! Here’s the very big amount of new cars coming; up-coming to market and some classical ones. Let’s start from the weakest :wink:

1980 Airborne Xy
Again three variants: Standard, Sport and GTI/GT.
NOTE: Standard colors for all variants were: white, gray and black. You could however order other colors like red etc.

Well, let’s get started: Xy was a supermini made in late 70’s. CEO wanted this car to be some kind of sporty even in this standard/stock variant. It produced 63.7 PS of power and 100 Nm of torque making this car grippy. It was, unlike most of it’s competitors, not FWD, but RWD like Fiat 126p due to longitudial engine placing. The same thing also happened on Sport and GTI variants. To make this car as balanced as it’s can, it has it’s engine placed in front of the car, like other variants. Nevermind, the Standard variant, despite being less sportish than GTI/GT and Sport variants, is lighter than them.
Price of this variant was placed at 4.100 $ without tax and various fees and was produced in years 1980-91.

Sport variant was just powered up Xy with sport-tuned suspension that could be found also in Xy GTI/GT. The engine got powered up to almost 80 PS and little increase of torque to 104 Nm. “Sport” got also higher placed redline from 4900 to 5800 RPM in comparison to stock Xy. It’s base color was grey or silver. It costed 5.000 $.

And now, here comes the Xy GTI/GT! I used two acronyms for model, because in 1987, due to problems with Volkswagen AG and their Golf’s naming. Anyway, this car is much stronger than it’s main competitor (Mk1 and Mk2 GTI Golfs). This car produces insane amount of power for a supermini, which is 128 PS and 158 Nm of torque. Basic color of it was black and was only Xy in the lineup to feature turbocharged engine, however the intercooler was that big, so it was sticking of out grille, which had to have a hole. Due to this reason, Xy GT was ceased very early due to no ways to fix this intercooler placing. There are 5380 units made, while “stock” Xy and Sport ones had 34 thousand and 8 thousand units made for both. Cost of this thing was 6.240 $.
BTW. Please don’t care about different power numbers on exterior and engine pics. Engine had to be updated after taking exterior pics due to problems with compression.

As always, please give me feedback and opinions :smiley:

I’m proud to present you production version of 2015 Alpha Sport. Those hours spent on Nurburgring, Dunsfold and our Test Track and streets of Poland and US were worthy. We created mid-size sedan that can be pretty fun to drive :slight_smile:
It’s powered by naturally aspirated Inline 6 tuned up to 290 PS and 300 Nm of torque. The car itself reaches 269 km/h and doesn’t feature stupid 250 km/h lock like it’s competitors from Germany (hear that, AMG?). It also has great 0-100 time of below 7 seconds. The car isn’t very comfortable, but if your family isn’t that restrictional, you can take kids to school in it :smiley:

Plus the car is RWD and features magnesium rims in racing-inspired style. It’s also reliable with 73.6 out of 100 ranking.

Next car for today!

1976 Airborne S200
This car is just mid-size entry-level sports car made to compete with newly introduced Mazda RX-7 and Porsche 924. In terms of hierarchy in manufacturer this car replaced the '72 Valetta, because CEO needed car that was less expensive to do and that has more modern look.
Car itself is FWD and it’s powered by 2.0 I6 with turbo that generates 165 HP (less than in Valetta), but comes with 231 Nm of torque which launches the car to 100 km/h in 8.6 s. It reaches 199 km/h officially, however first prototypes were going 210 km/h (maybe less equipment and the camo was lighter than actual body?). Anyway, the car in it’s time was offered in three colors: Airborne Snow White, Olive and Dark Red. S200 started dynasty of “S” line cars that was continued until late 2000s and (almost) always these cars used I6 engines.
The price was 8.279 $ and there weren’t other variants.

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Some pretty nifty cars you have here. Seems like your turbos might be less than optimal, however. Full-spool at nearly 5k rpm and redlines under 6k rpm? You should work on those some more. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know I should work :smiley:
However it’s also quite difficult to adjust turbo working properly to the era. But for next cars I’ll work on them more :wink:

Look at the size of the exhaust housing, it looks like a large truck turbo.

Yeah, on S220 it went pretty big… But you’re quite late, fixed it after screens when I noticed it.

:wink: I really like your body designs.Love the fairlady inspiration and amount of detail put into them. Maybe a little of engine tweaking for efficiency (hp/l per kmh)

Well, another car to show you!

1952 Airborne Tornado
As you probably know, Airborne Automotive started in 1946 (or you don’t know?). Anyway, to 1952 we didn’t had proper 2-door luxury car like it was in the US, which was main Airborne’s market. So The Founder (I can’t tell real name, copyright & personality stuff, sry :frowning: ) decided to produce huge Coupe in american style combined with european style. So that’s how the Tornado was born.

For it’s time it could be fastest street car that typical american could afford, because it reached 226 km/h. Sadly, according to the huge weight, it was over 10 second slower in 0-100 sprint than it’s competitors, but it made it keep up with european sports cars. The car when we are looking today isn’t easy to control and wasn’t sportish in any way, but hey, it was extremely safe for it’s era and usable thankfully to huge passenger cabin and trunk, which was possible to carry over 1000 dm3 of capacity! It was flagship of luxury of Airborne Motors (the name of the company 'till 1973) until 1955 revolution, when banished ladder chassis (on which Tornado is built also) got banned and production of all models with this chassis type were stopped due to new type of chassis: Monocoque.

The car wasn’t very chromed except few details, bumpers and most noticeable mark on this car, which were the intakes on the hood. Sadly, the car looked strange and wasn’t very popular. It also featured 308 PS smooth working V8 engine with ridiculous amount of torque, which was enough for it’s era and post-war world combined with RWD and modern (for it’s times) 4-gear manual gearbox. It was available in white, bottle green and sea blue, as presented on the screens.
The model that passed the track was lighter, because there was less fuel tanked, hehe.

You could afford this car at the price of 5,120 $ in 1952.

Tell your opinions! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Oskiinus”] until 1955 revolution, when banished ladder chassis (on which Tornado is built also) got banned and production of all models with this chassis type were stopped due to new type of chassis: Monocoque.


Uh, Ladder chassis was in pickups until just recently.

Uh, it’s his story, let him tell it! Maybe in the country where Airborne Motors resided, ladder chassis were outlawed.

Nice designs and really nice body jobs keep the good work up :wink:

Uh, Ladder chassis was in pickups until just recently.[/quote]

The OP is clearly an “English is second language” poster so I suspect he meant that the company stopped all ladder chassis models when Monocoque became available. :smiley: If he meant anything different then good for him! It’s his story so he gets to write the narrative!!! :laughing:

On Topic: Nice cars Oskiinus, keep the models coming and don’t forget the backstory :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Uh, Ladder chassis was in pickups until just recently.[/quote]

But it’s my in-company revolution in car building. :stuck_out_tongue:
@Cobalt - No, the company where Airborne originated was Poland, but thanks to Russia (hey, Polish People Republic!), it stayed as polish manufacturer but headquarters and factories were in the US.

@OctaneLove - I write this backstory when I have an idea, and my company was known (in backstory thing) that it introduced Monocoques very early :smiley:

@Octane and Corbanx - Thanks! :slight_smile: